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School Of Business
Summer 2013

Project Fakruddin Biryani & Restaurant

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Course name Introduction to Business

Course code - BUS 101
Section - 23

Submitted to Tasnim Rezoana Tanim

Submitted by:
Rajdip Das
Md. Asif Jahangir
Rashed Bin Abdullah
Muhammad Moshiur Rahman
Hossain Md Abusalahin
Ishrat zaman pranti
Iftekhar Ibne Mahmood

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Submission date - 24th August, 2013

Ms. Tasnim Rezoana Tanim (TRT)
BBA Department
North South University
Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka.
Dear Madam,
Enclosed is a copy of the group project on the business analysis of FAKRUDDIN BIRYANI &
RESTAURANT and the detailed profile of the organization. This file includes all the necessary
information and evaluation. This project was assigned to us by you in Monday 14 June 2013. We
completed the project on schedule and met all our required objectives within the allotted
limitations. This project will work as a partial fulfillment of our BUS 101 course for Summer
Semester 2013.
This project includes everything as per the outline. This overall report also includes an
assessment of the business and recommendations. We took a face-to-face interview of the
entrepreneurs son and gathered all other information from trustworthy and reliable sources.
If you have any questions and/or comments regarding the interpretation of this project please feel
free to contact us. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to work as a team for this
interesting project. We look forward to working under your guidance again in the near future.
Thanking you,

Iftekhar Ibne Mahmood Ishrat zaman pranti Hossain Md Abusalahin Md. Asif Jahangir

Muhammad Moshiur Rahman Rashed Bin Abdullah

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Rajdip Das

First and foremost, we would like to thank the Almighty GOD for giving us the
moral integrity, devotion, patience, and the ability to carry out this comprehensive
research oriented project.
We are greatly indebted to our course instructor, Ms. Tasnim Rezoana Tanim, for
her direction, assistance, encouragement, and guidance. Her suggestions, in
particular, have been invaluable for the improvement of this project.
We are also greatly thankful to Late Haji MD. Fakruddins son, Haji MD. Rafiq
who was kind enough to share with us important information about their company.
Without him, the completion of this project could not have been possible.
Special thanks to:
Mr. Parvez, Manger, Fakruddin Foods LTD.
Md. Abid Hossain, 2nd son of Md. Rafiq.
Mr. Rupon Dhor, worker of Fakruddin restaurent

We are also genuinely thankful to all our friends and class mates, who have been
co-operative in every aspect. It was indeed pleasurable working in the friendly

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary. ....................................................................6
Introduction & Background.....................................................................8
How the present Business got started......................................................9
Business Overview..................................................................................10
Departments of Fakruddin Restaurant .........................................11-16
SWOT Analysis....................................................................................17
Recommendations .....19

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Fakruddin Biryani & Restaurant is a very famous Biryani house in Bangladesh

whereas Fakruddin was the most famous Bangladeshi Chef. The house is well
known because of its line of quality product. If people think to have Biryani then
Fakruddins Biryani comes into their mind at first.

It is one of the oldest and famous Biryani restaurants in Bangladesh. It is

maintaining its consistency till today where no wadays there are varieties of
products available for food lovers. Still people want to go to Fakruddin Foods
Ltd. only to have Biryani. The company faces intense competition from other
established brands but it has successfully able to create competitive advantage to
sustain in the competitive environment. Thats why this shop never lacks in

Fakruddin Biryani & Restaurant was started by Late Haji MD. Fakruddin in a
very simple and smaller way. But, gradually his son and then grandson are
expanding the same business after him. Their business is like chain business. One
person had started and his next generation is continuing the fathers business as a
trend. In case of Fakruddin the next generation did not expand the product line
where as they expand their business through expanding their outlets with the
traditional products. First generations target was to serve customers in selected
zone, second generations goal was to reach all big cities in Bangladesh and third
generations target is to become international food chain. By these ways the new
generation took the fathers food business to a new hike with their own strategy of
running business.

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Meeting a competent and busy individual such as MD. Rafiq and knowing ab out
his well established business was not an easy task for us. However, we were
extremely lucky because was able to meet us in his office and gave us his precious
45 minutes. We tried to utilize the time as much as possible but it was his manager
who helped us with our questionnaires. Talking to the owner as well as an
employee helped us lot gathering information and seeing things from different
We interviewed MD. Rafiq but we did not have specific set of formal questions
prepared for him rather we had a casual conversation. Our conversation was very
interactive but unfortunately did not last long as he is a very busy man. Later, we
interviewed some of the employee who were present in the office.

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Fakruddin Biryani & Restaurant is a very famous Biryani house in Bangladesh. It is also one of
the oldest and famous Biryani restaurants in Bangladesh. It is maintaining its consistency till
today where nowadays there are varieties of products available for food lovers.

Late Haji MD. Fakruddin ws born and raised in Patna, India. He migrated to Bangladesh in the
year 1952. At that time Bangladesh was called East-Bengal. He settled and started living
somewhere in Chittagong with his wife, 5 sons and 3 daughters. After few years he came to
Dhaka with his whole family. At that time his son Rafiq (8years) decided to be a hawker to help
his father supporting the family. He even used to do house hold works in many homes. In 1965
MD. Fakruddin got a permanent job in Viqarunnisa Noon School as a guard.
Late Haji MD. Fakruddin was the guard of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College. But he was
always willing to cook food. It was his passion. While he was doing his guard duty in front of
Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, he was planning to sale his snacks at the same time as
there were lots of parents use to sit before the school gate. Thats why he used to cook some
snacks and bring it with him in the tiffin boxes. At that time he made Shingara, Shamuc ha and
sold it to the parents. His food was not only tasty but also hygienic. The parents who were the
main customers that time liked it very much.

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Then all the parents went to the principal of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College to
recommend Fakruddin for selling his food items into the canteen of Viqarunnisa. The principal
of Viqarunnisa tasted his food and was very much impressed by his Shingara, Shamucha. So, she
gave him the permission for selling his food items into the canteen. It was 1966 when he
officially started his food business. He sold foods in both morning and day shifts. Fakruddin did
a monopoly business in Viquarunnisas canteen. From 1966 till today Viquarunnisas canteen
depends on Fakruddins food.

How the present Business got started

Before Hamid Ali became the principal of Viqarunnisa, Fakruddin was only doing business in
Viqarunnisas canteen and selling Biryani in orderly basis in a very limited amount. But, his
main expansion started at the time of Hamid Ali. That time, all his foods were served in every
events of Viqarunnisa such as Farewell, Rag Day, Annual Milad Mahafil, Pohela baishak
Program, Silver Jubilee etc. For the first time he started to take big orders and for Annual Milad
Mahofil he gave sweets, Shingara, Nimki in boxes for all the students and teachers. This trend is
still going on in Viqarunnisa. Any food inside Viqarunnisa means Fakruddins food.
MD. Fakruddin opened his first outlet in Moghbazar after achieving large amount of profit from
the business in Viqarunnisa. Within one year he established a restaurant. In his restaurant the
core item was Biryani but there were lots of other food items that were also available. For
example Kattchi Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Beef Tehari, Chicken Roast, Jali Kabab, Borhani,
Chicken Rezala, Polao Rice, Korma, Muttun Curry, Beef Rezala, varieties of Kabab ( Beef
Shammi Kabab, Beef Jali Kabab, Beef Tikka Kabab) etc. At that time he served approximately
200 customers daily. He died in the year 1995.

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In his lifestyle he refused to fall for the trappings of the rich although by then he was a rich man,
but most importantly he passed on his sense of self dignity to his children who also shared his
ideals of being true to their roots.

Business Overview

Vision Statement
One day our local food would become world renowned

To sell delicious and remarkable Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Beef Tehari, Chicken Roast, Jali
Kabab, Various types of Kabab etc. That the foods we sell meets the highest standards of quality,
freshness and seasonality and combines both modern-creative and traditional styles of cooking.
To consistently provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth and
integrity in our work. To create and maintain a restaurant that is comprehensive and exceptional
in its attention to every detail of operation. To provide all who work with us a friendly,
cooperative and rewarding environment this encourages long- term, satisfying, growth

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Departments Of Fakruddin Restaurant :

Fakruddin Restaurent
Finance Manager

Head Chef

Managing Director
Restaurent and

Assistant Head

Restaurant Outlet

Assistant for



Assistant Waiters

Dish Washers And


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Manager for
overseas Outlet

Catering , Decorating

Chairman Fakruddin Restaurant :

Mr. Rafiq is the chairman of fakruddin restaurant. He is son of Mr. Fakruddin. He is the
highest officer of fakruddin restaurant. He makes major decisions such as whether to
introduce new food items, spreads out new items to all other branches home and abroad .
He manages overall operations. He establishes business plan by surveying restaurant
demand , conferring with other employees of the restaurant. He also keeps his employees
motivated and focused own their own jobs.

Managing Director, Restaurant and Event management :

Mr. Abdul Khaleq is the managing director of fakruddin restaurant. He is son of Mr.
Rafiq and grandson of Mr. Fakruddin.
The activities of managing director of fakruddin restaurant :
1)Taking responsibility for the business performance of the restaurant.
2)Analysing and planning restaurant sales levels profitability.
3)Organising marketing activities, such as promotional events and discount schemes.
4)Coordinating the entire operation of the restaurant during scheduled shifts.
5)Managing staff and providing them with feedback
6)Maintaining high standards of quality control , hygiene , health and safety.
7)Recruiting , training and motivating staff.
Finance Manager :
Financial manager is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and
colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. He also responsible for
business elements of restaurant including accounting , insurance and banking.
The tasks of financial manager :
1)Providing and interpreting financial information.
2)Monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends.
3)Formulating strategic and long term business plans.
4)Analysing competitors and market trends.
5)Developing financial management mechanisms that minimise financial risks.

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Restaurant Outlet Manager :

The restaurant outlet manager ensures that all colleagues adhere to and support the
restaurant quality management system. He manages the training, develpoment and
motivation of staff and ensures that the outlets are staffed with the necessary numbers
and calibre of staff to meet its objective and that all staff is encouraged to maximize
capability and contribution to the restaurant. He manages and controls all aspects of stock
management within the outlets.

Manager For Overseas Outlet Management :

Fakruddin restaurant has many branches outside the country like Malaysia branche ,
Singapore branche. The manager for overseas outlet management maintains the
management department of abroad branches of fakruddin restaurant . He ensures that
restaurant operate efficiently and profitably while maintaining its reputation and ethos in
abroad branches. He always aware to maintain the same quality of foods like local
branches in abroad branches .

Manager ( catering and decorating ) :

The manager of catering and decorating section has many tasks to do . The restaurant is
decorated according to his advice to attract the clients . The restaurant is also decorated
according to event types. If any event is organized in restaurant , he will run the catering
facility during the event. He is responsible for the overall operation of a catering facility
and handles all the preparation before the event and after as well . he works closely with
clients to ensure their event is a success .

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Supervisor :
The supervisor schedules all activities for restaurant staff according to guidelines and
ensure proper uniform of staff at all times provide assist to all guest and administer all
requirements for meals. He supervises all kitchen and dining room activities and ensure
optimal quality of all production and coordinate with guests to maintain optimal level of
customer satisfaction and analyze all customer requirements and provide efficient
response. He collaborate with manager to review all employee performance and provide
training to increase all performance and monitor all guest requests efficiently to achieve
all customer objectives and maintain knowledge on all liquor regulations.

Head Chef :
Head chef has a huge range of duties and responsibilities within the kitchen. The most
important responsibility is to ensure that quality culinary dishes are served on schedule
and to see that any problems that arise are rectified. He is the commander of the
kitchen. He coordinates the kitchen staff and manages the preparation of meals. He plans
menus, creates daily and weekly specials, and determines portion sizes. He maximizes the
productivity of kitchen staff.

Assistant Head Chefs :

Assistant head chef aids head chef with skilled food preparation and cooking. He may
help train subordinate chefs and supervise their work. Assistant head chef may also be
responsible for reviewing kitchen inventory and estimating what foods are needed. He
also oversees the storage and disposal of leftover food products and helps to make sure
that the kitchen is clean. Assistant head chef helps head chef develop and test new
recipes and maintain records of what food has been prepared and what ingredients were
used. In addition to , he may be responsible for running the kitchen in the head chefs

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Assistant For Ingredient Processing :

He is responsible for the processing activities of fakruddin restaurant. He intrigates all

research projects within the overall schedule and operations management. He is responsible
for the instruction and supervision of staff in the proper processing and cleaning
protocols required for the production of the restaurant

Waiters :
The waiters of fakruddin restaurant are very smart. They maintain a good attitude. They
keep dining areas clean. They take care of customer and make sure to give expert
service to the guests. They are very attentive and not over talkative.

Assistant Waiters :
Assistant waiters set tables and assist waiters and clear away dirty dishes. They provide
assistance and support to assigned team waiters while working in the dining room to
ensure efficient and seamless service delivery of all meals to guests. They arrange
settings on the tables. They maintain assigned station including table pieces , side stands
and chairs. They observe guests to anticipate their needs and respond to any additional
requests and to determine when the food and beverage service has been completed.

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Dish washers and cleaners :

Dish washers sort and rinse dirty dishes , glass, tableware and other cooking materials.
They sort and stack clean dishes and carry them to cooks line and other proper storage
areas. They rewash soiled dishes before delivering. The cleaners keep restaurant neat and
clean. They sweep out trash around exterior of restaurant garbage dumpster. They wipe
up any spills to ensure restaurant floors remain dry.

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SWOT Analysis
High quality food.
A set of permanent and loyal
Hygienic Kitchen in restaurants.
Good Behavior with customers helps
create customer relation.
A single family runs the whole
Owners spend their time in the
working place as a employee not as a
Own fleet of covered vans.
Maintaining strong ethics.
Brand Image.
Full surveillance system in the
kitchen to prevent adulteration.

Traditional ingredients that make
foods rich in cholesterol, fat etc.
Problems in attracting and holding
back new customers due to lack of
advertising and promotion.
The main office where the food is
cooked for catering service is not
enough hygienic.

Expansion to Chittagong.
Establishing outlets in Australia and
some other countries.
Developing a catering system for
special occasions.
Developing home service facilities.
Expansion of the menu and items.
Using wider advertising media
instead of depending mostly on wordof-mouth.
Move to a healthier menu: create a
vegetarian menu, and use fewer
dairies in the regular items.

Aggressive marketing strategies by
other competitors, for ex: - Hazir
Biryani and Rasoi are leading to
decrease in sales.
Volatile political situations.
Rise in sales of competitors products
as more substitutes are open to
Increasing price of raw materials.
Threats of and corruption done by
Threat of law suit: increasing obesity.

Since Fakruddin Foods Ltd is entirely a family business we can find no one at Top management
of the company. Mr. Hazi Muhammad Rafique and Mr. Abdul Khaleque are ones running this
huge business. Under them they have hired some supervisors who take care of their catering
service and a few managers who looks after the restaurants. The rest are low level workers.

Top Level Management (MD.

Rafiq, MD. Abdul Khaleq and
Md. Abid Hossain)
Middle Management
(Mr. Parvez, Md.
Khokon, Mujibur
Rahman etc.)
Operational Level
Management (Supervisors,
chefs, helpers)

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The ingredients used in the foods that Fakruddin Foods LTD serve are not at liked by
health conscious people so it would be better if they would change their ingredients or
extend the menu with healthy foods with less cholesterol, fat etc.
More emphasis should be given to research and development, by hiring chefs from
abroad since this restaurant sells mostly foreign dishes.
The company uses no promotional activities or advertising which could help them
building up a greater customer attraction.
The authority should research required to determine optimal number of dishes for
each branch because of high demand of dishes of fakruddin , many customer dont
get their desired one.
Branches in Dhaka should have formal western uniforms for waiters , while the
uniform should be traditional Bangladeshi for branches in Chittagong and Sylhet.
Sometimes waiters want some extra money to customers for their service which
doesnt go with their ethics . So the manner of waiters should be maintained
through continual training and their speed of service should be improved.
Customers cant enjoy their dishes perfectly as the condition of chairs arent so
good and very uncomfortable. So the restaurant authority should concern about the
comfortness of chairs immediately .

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All these things are the evidence of the popularity of Fakruddin Biryani & Restaurant in
Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh. Its market demand is increasing day by day. It is becoming
more diversified with its product line. In every era of its expansion is has gained a remarkable
success which can be predicted through its popularity. Its increasing outlet proved that it is
escalating its profit every year by making the restaurant internationalized. Therefore, from the
beginning to the whole expansion it has achieved positive market reaction from its customers.

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