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A New Approach to

Changing your Life! reminder that we are the embodiment

of the power we seek.
by Rita Soman PSYCH-K is a simple and power-

ou've done the talk therapy. ful process that engages the 90% of the
You've done affirmations, mind many transformational processes
positive thinking, and read all the entirely ignore; it even affects the way
self-help books. Willpower too often DNA expresses itself.
seems like 'won't power.' You're still
not where you want to be. How Does PSYCH-K Work?
The only thing left out is your sub- While our birthright is the natural
conscious: the part of your mind that ability to operate simultaneously out
stores the beliefs programmed during of both sides of brain, life experiences
your childhood. Beliefs that may be often trigger a dominance of one side
imprisoning you as an adult. over the other when responding to
Our lives run on autopilot, we specific situations. The more emotion-
automatically repeat the same habitual ally charged the experience (usually
patterns every day. From health to phobias, traumatic), the more likely it will be
from relationships to career, recovery from stored for future reference, and more
addictions or athletic performance, our likely it will automatically over identify
lives are running on out-dated beliefs and
perceptions. As a result of past negative ”If we did all the things that
programming, we often think and behave we are capable of doing,
in self-defeating ways. mind desires a goal the subconscious
You possess the power to make mind disagrees with, guess which mind we’ll literally astound our-
your dreams come true. This power to usually wins the contest! selves.” –Thomas Edison
create and make wishes come true lies The latest mind/body research
in the powerful subconscious mind. shows that beliefs can be toxic in a with only one hemisphere of the brain
Your conscious mind is directive, but similar way that certain foods and when faced with similar life experi-
not creative. It has limited power. Its chemicals can. There is a direct con- ence in the future. Using PSYCH-K
primary function is to express your de- nection between your thoughts and techniques, a kind of "mental keyboard"
sires...your wishes to the subconscious your body’s chemistry. As we transform to your own brain, you can increase
mind. Your subconscious mind is where the disharmonious programming within "cross talk" between the two brain
most of the action takes place. What- our thoughts and mind, our body then hemispheres, thereby achieving a more
ever idea you put into the subconscious produces the healing chemistry that "whole-brained" state, which is ideal
and hold to be true will manifest itself matches our beliefs and we move into for changing subconscious beliefs.
as an experience in your life. life-affirming experiences. Researchers say that true creativity actu-
ally occurs when both sides of the brain
The ‘Real Secret’ Reprogram your are working in collaboration.
Studies in neuroscience show that we Subconscious Mind PSYCH-K is a powerful tool for
set goals using approximately 5 percent There is a process called PSYCH-K® “moving” ideas from the conscious
of our consciousness, while the subcon- (psychological, having to do with the mind to the subconscious mind where
scious mind, which makes up around psyche: mind, soul, spirit and kinesiolo- they can become new habits of thought
95 percent of our consciousness, gy) where you can learn how to unleash and behavior. It isn’t about choosing for
houses outdated beliefs that can sabo- the power within you and create a life people what to believe, but rather help-
tage our goals. The processing capaci- that reflects the very best you. PSYCH-K ing them to congruently believe what
ties of the conscious mind is at 40 bits is an amazingly efficient and effective they choose. When the conscious and
of information per second, compared method to re-program the subconscious subconscious minds are in agreement,
to the 40 million bits per second of the mind. It is a process of personal awak- magic happens!
subconscious mind. If the conscious ening and spiritual discovery...a gentle
Rita Soman, MA, CADC III, is a PSYCH-
Beliefs control our biology; we are the masters, not vic- K Instructor & Facilitator. She has been
working as a private therapist in Port-
tims, of our miraculous biology. - Bruce Lipton, Cellular land for over 20 years, and believes that
Biologist, Author of best selling book ‘Biology of Belief’ PSYCH-K is the best technique. For more
information, visit
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