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Míriam Alba i Víctor Rodríguez BATX 1 – C 07/02/2010


• The British Museum is a museum
of human history and culture situated
in North of London, in Bloomsbury’s
neighbourhood. Its collection, which
has more than seven million objects, is
one of the largest and most
comprehensive in the world and
originates from all continents,
illustrating and documenting the story
of human culture from its beginning to the present. We can find everything from
prehistoric bones and Parthenon’s shards to exhibition halls like Assyrian
palaces and golden jewels.

• The British Museum was founded in 1753, was mainly based on the
collections of the physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane and it was the first
national public museum in the world. The visitor has never had to pay to get in.
Visitor numbers have grown around 5,000 a
year in the eighteenth century to nearly 6
million today.

• Some objects in the collection, like the
Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, are the
objects of intense controversy and calls for
restitution to their countries of origin.

Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, the largest covered square
in Europe, surrounding the original Reading Room.

• Departments:
o Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan
o Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities
o Department of the Middle East
o Department of Prints and Drawings
o Department of Asia
o Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
o Department of Coins and Medals
o Department of Prehistory and Europe


Documentation and Science o Libraries and Archives Panorama of the circular Reading Room • Some outstanding collections and pieces: . two explicit sexual acts between men. which has been the inspiration for many manufacturers of glass and porcelain from the early eighteenth century onwards. .Míriam Alba i Víctor Rodríguez BATX 1 – C 07/02/2010 o Department of Conservation. The collection represents more than half of the decorative sculptures of the Parthenon. The Portland Vase: Is a Roman vase built in the first century. It is unique because it is decorated with homoerotic representations. 2 . The Elgin Marbles: an extensive collection of Greek marbles from the Parthenon. of great artistic quality. Warren Cup: Is a Roman silver cup. .

Rosetta Stone: It contains a text in three types of writing and it is important because it has been the key to decipher the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians. before 2600 BC.Míriam Alba i Víctor Rodríguez BATX 1 – C 07/02/2010 . WC2 3 . Ur Royal Game is probably the oldest board game set found. • How to get to the British Museum: Tottenham Court Road (300m): Central line and Northern line (Charing Cross branch) By underground Holborn (500m): Central line and Piccadilly line Russell Square (800m): Piccadilly line Goodge Street (800m): Northern line (Charing Cross branch) Location Great Russell Street. Royal Game of Ur: It refers to two games found on the Royal Tombs of Ur by Sir Leonard Woolley in the 1920s. The two tablets date from the First Dynasty of Ur. .