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ECSA Romania Newsletter

The Romanian Association
of International Relations
and European Studies
(ARRISE)/ ECSA Romania was established in 2010.
It is composed by specialists
academics and practitioners
and it defines itself as a professional organization within
the International Relations and
European Studies (IRES) field.
ARRISE was created in order
to set up a functional and
effective partnership with
public authorities and with
private legal persons that are

Ioana Borcan
Ph.D. Candidate
Adviser to the President of

interested in this academic

field. The scope of the association is to enhance knowledge
about and to promote intrinsic
values belonging to the area
of IRES academic study and
research, not only in Romania,
but also in Europe and worldwide.

(European Community Studies Association), ARRISE became a full member of ECSA

network, along with over 50
other national and regional
academic associations who
are interested in boosting
teaching and research on
European integration.

In November 2012, following

a spring Bucharest-based
evaluation visit conducted
by Professor Enrique Banus,
Ph.D, ECSA President

INVITATION: International Conference and the Annual Reunion

of ARRISE/ ECSA Romania

1-3 April 2015

Inside this issue:

CfP: Conference organized

by ARRISE/ ECSA Romania

Presentation: Centre for

European Studies, Iasi ,

CfA: Visegrad and Romania


CfP: New issue of Europolity 5

CfP: EURINT International
Conference, Iasi Romania

CfP: 13th Conference

European Culture, ClujNapoca, Romania

Call for ARRISE/ ECSA Roma- 9

nia Membership


and the Centre for European Studies on Human
Migrations from the National University of Political Studies and Public
Administration (NUSPSA)
have the pleasure to invite you to the International Conference The
implications of EU policies
for the social, economic
and political integration
of immigrants that aims
to raise awareness upon
the subject of immigrants
integration and upon the
need of developing a
more efficient strategy in
order to create real
premises for their social
and economic integration.
The international event
will be followed by the
Annual Reunion of ARRISE/ ECSA Romania and the

launch of the Centre for

European Studies on Human
The conference is organized within the Jean Monnet project Contributing to
the development of the EU
immigration and mobility
field of study from a multidisciplinary approach. Support for the Romanian Association of International Relations and European Studies / CDEUS. The project
manager is Jean Monnet
CHAIR, Professor Iordan
Gh. BRBULESCU, President of ARRISE/ ECSA Romania.
The Call for Papers is now
open until the 20th of February, 2015the deadline
of the abstract submissions.
More information are available on the following page.
The event will take place in

Bucharest, at the National

University of Political
Studies and Public Administration. Address: 30 A
Expozitiei Street, sector 1,
4th floor.
Members of ARRISE and
other participants are
requested to confirm
their attendance until
February, the 20th, on
the following e-mail address:

For further details regarding the schedule and

not only, please follow us
on Facebook or access
our website:

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Call for Papers

International Conference
The implications of EU policies for the social, economic and political
integration of immigrants
1 3 April 2015, Bucharest, Romania
This Conference intends to raise awareness upon the subject of immigrants integration and upon the need of developing a more efficient strategy in order to create real premises for their social and economic integration. In 2012, the estimated
number of immigrants in EU-27 was of 1.7 million, and another 1.7 million people
that were previously residing in one EU Member State migrated to another Member
State. Not only should the magnitude of this phenomenon draw attention to it, but
also its implications and consequences.
The event aims at encouraging a multi-disciplinary debate between scholars
and practitioners from different fields of study, such as European studies and public
policies. On the other hand, this conference represents a good opportunity for
young researchers to promote their academic work and to interact with representatives of the public administration and civil society.
Specific topics include, but are not confined to:
determinants, patterns, and consequences of migration
implications of social policies towards the integration of immigrants
evaluation of policies that address the integration of immigrants
labor market impact
long-term effects and path dependencies
policy reactions and impact on the political evolutions
multiculturalism and interculturalism
European citizenship and European culture
transformation of values and attitudes
the security dimension of the immigration phenomenon
return migration
integration policies and examples of good practices
demographic and economic aspects of human migrations
How to apply?
Submissions to and (in PDF format)
should include: a 300 word abstract, name of the authors, affiliation and e-mail
addresses. The abstracts will be double blind peer reviewed. The authors of the
selected papers will receive a notification by e-mail until the 28th of February,
2015. The conference languages are English and Romanian.

The selected papers can be published in a new issue of the Romanian Journal of
International Relations and European Studies (RoJIRES). For more information
about the Journal, please go to:
Important dates:
20th February 2015 deadline for abstract submissions
28th February 2015 notification of accepted abstracts
15th March 2015 deadline for full paper submissions
For any further information, please go to or write to the
following e-mail addresses:;



(Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi)
The Centre for European Studies (CES) within Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
is located in one of the easternmost locations of the European Union, an important university
centre in Romania and also a cradle of Romanian culture and history. CES was founded in
the year of 2000, after the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi took part in the project
PHARE RO 9706-01-02 "Establishment of Centre of Excellence in European Studies". Later
on, in 2009, CES acquired the status of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.
CES's mission is to contribute to the development of the European dimension of education, to promote research and consultancy, information, documentation in the area of European Studies. Furthermore, CES is looking to scientifically exploit the potential brought by
the placement at the eastern edge of the EU by establishing a bridge between East and
West, bringing its neighbours from Eastern Europe closer to their goal of European integration. For its valuable results, in 2012 CES received the Award of Excellence for Research
and Training in European Affairs from the European Institute of Romania. Also, CES is affiliated to different associations, like Regional Studies Associations, Academic Association for
Contemporary European Studies and The Partnership for Peace Consortium.
CES is offering 2 Master Programmes (European Studies and Regional Development)
and various Lifelong Learning Programmes (European Economic Integration, European Business Environment, European Integration for students in real/technical sciences, Project manager
training, Trainer of trainers etc.) looking to provide a better knowledge and understanding
of the process of integration, in its different aspects, of the standards for Romania's participation in this process and of the place and role of the European Union in the world. Starting
with 2015, in order to further promote the international dimension of education and research, CES will organise the Master Programme in European Studies and the EU Eastern
Neighbourhood, in English language.
The scientific activities of CES Research Department cover fundamental and applied
research areas, as the topics of interest are adapted to the strategic research priorities established at regional, national and European levels, being focused on regional development
and EUs Eastern Neighbourhood.
CESs publications represent a support for sharing ideas, theoretical and empirical
analysis in an inter- and multidisciplinary perspective of the wider European thematic studies:
- Eastern - Journal of European Studies, our main publication, has already managed
to attract studies from wide known authors in the field of economic and political studies
(currently under evaluation for Thomson ISI indexation);
- CES Working Papers is addressing young researchers, giving them the opportunity
to publish their research results, to receive feedback from other researchers in order to improve their methodology and validate their results;
- The Excellence Book Collection in European Studies, in order to promote the most
representative works in the field.
For achieving its mission, CES organises various scientific events in European thematic
studies, consisting of conferences, seminars, communication sessions, debates, roundtables
etc.. The annual conference EURINT usually organised with the occasion of Europe Day,
represents our reference event. Since we have begun, we have always been concerned with
providing top academic events and involving numerous experts from Romania and abroad.
Being interested in strengthening our role as an active regional player, we aim to
disseminate the results of our research projects by outlining some directions of economic and
political action. To this end, we engage in conducting our projects along with other universities, centres or institutes from Romania and abroad, but also with local and national administration.

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Call for papers | International conference | 22-23

May | Iasi, Romania
and integration. New chal-

economic, social and politi-

lenges for the EU (May 22-

cal context, to draw togeth-

23 May, 2015).

er scholars, researchers,
experts, civil society activists

Regional development and

integration. New challenges
for the EU

The event is part of

the EURINT conference se-

and to encourage an exchange of views.

ries which was successfully

22-23 May, 2015
Alexandru Ioan Cuza Uni-

launched in 2013 in the

frame of the Jean Monnet

versity of Iai | Centre for

Life Long Learning Pro-

European Studies, Romania

gramme. Since 2013 the

EURINT conference series has

We are pleased to announce

you that the Centre for European Studies from
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, or-

ganizes the EURINT

2015 international conference: Regional development

established itself as a visible

academic event in field of
European Studies and in this
regard we aim at develop-

Please find more information

in the attached document
and also on the conference
website: http://
If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to
contact the organising committee
at eurint.conference@gmail.

ing it into a traditional con-

ference series. The two day

conference aims to transmit
knowledge about the EU

CfA 2015: Postdoctoral fellowships at the Research College

The Transformative Power of Europe

Fellowships: 4 postdoctoral fellowships

Date/duration: 12 month
fellowships starting October 2015
Deadline for Applications:
1 April 2015 (Successful
candidates will be informed in early May
The Research College
The Transfomative Power
of Europe. The European
Union and the Diffusion of
Ideas, directed by Profs.
Tanja A. Brzel and

Thomas Risse, advertises

up to 4 postdoctoral fellowships. We particularly
encourage applications
on projects located in the
field of comparative regionalism. We are especially interested in the
following topics:

Regional cooperation
and integration in
Latin America, Africa,
Asia, and the Middle

Adaptation of and
resistance to European institutional models

and policies in other

parts of the world

Diffusion of institutions
and policies from other parts of the world
to Europe and the EU
including historical

For more information,

please access this link.


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CfP: 13th Conference European Culture 2015, ClujNapoca, Romania

The European Studies Insti-

core of the Conference struc-

following online form be-

tute of the University of Piu-

ture. Therefore, in line with

fore March 31, 2015:

ra (Peru) and the Babe-

the previous editions of the

Online form for applica-

Bolyai University, Cluj-

European Culture Confer-


Napoca (Romania) invite

ence, you are invited to en-

you to the 13th European

rich its content with your

Culture Conference, which

paper which will be included

will take place in Cluj-

in Modelling New Europe

Napoca, Romania between

Journal (indexed in EBSCO,

the 29th and the 31th of

ProQuest, CEEOL, DOAJ,

October 2015 at the Faculty

Scipio, DRJI, Index Coperni-

of European Studies (Babe-

cus, Ulrich) and in the online

Bolyai University). The dia-

Conference Proceedings.

logue between academics,

The call for papers is now

experienced lecturers and


young researchers is at the

For any further information,

please contact the Organising Committee
at conference@euro.ubbcluj.
For more information, please
go to: http://

Send your abstract using the

12 scholarships for doctoral candidates - Bamberg

Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS)
The Bamberg Graduate
School of Social Sciences
(BAGSS) invites applications for up to
*12 scholarships for doctoral candidates*
These scholarships are
available from October
1st, 2015, initially for two
years (subject to a satisfactory progress review
after 12 months). An extension to a third year is
subject to the availability
of funds and a satisfactory review. Specialised research agendas have been
grouped into four thematic

Pillar 1: Education, personal
development and learning
from early childhood to
Pillar 2: Education and social inequality across the
entire life course
Pillar 3: Changes in human
capital, labour markets and
demographic structures and
their impact on social inequality in modern societies
Pillar 4: Governance, institutional change and political
A detailed list of topics that
will be supervised by professors in our four pillars

can be found

For further information,

please visit the website at
bagss/application> The
deadline for the submission
applications is Tuesday,
March 31st, 2015.

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Conference The founding fathers of the European Union

genesis, values and developments

Thursday, December 11,


The Department of
International Relations
and European Integration through the Cen-

ter for European Studies (from the National

University of Political
Studies and Public
AdministrationNUSPSA) ;
Jean Monnet Association from France;
The Romanian Association of International Relations and European Integration
ECSA Romania.

The theme of the event is

related to the genesis of
the European Union and its
future evolution. The lecture was held in English by
the Director of the Jean
Monnet Association, from

France, Mr. Philippe Le

Guen. Expert consultant
on European projects financed by the European
Social Fund, public policy
evaluator and lecturer on
topics related to the origins of the European Union and values of the
founding fathers, Philippe
Le Guen is the Director pf
the French Jean Monnet
Association since 2010.
The headquarters of the
Association are situated
within the memorial House
of Jean Monnet in France,
which is also an European
museum (acquired in
1982 by the European

Special programme on security, society and the state

research scholarships

The Gerda Henkel Foundation invites proposals

for its special programme
on security, society and
the state. This targets new
security-related issues
that are prime examples
of the post-Cold-War era
but have been largely
neglected in mainstream
research. The programme
is intended to encourage
junior scholars to pursue
unconventional research
agendas that are nonetheless crucial, while

providing scholars with

the opportunity to focus
intensively on work in progress for a limited period.
challenges of new
public administration
and human security;
patterns of conflict
resolution between
the state and traditional actors;
actors as partners
and contenders of the
security strategies
between doctrine
formation and implementation.
Applicants must be postdocs or scholars with post-

doctoral lecture qualification. The call is directed to

individual investigators
who will work on a specific project on their own.
PhD scholarships are only
granted in connection with
a research project.
The funding period is
generally between one
and 24 months. Scholarships include a monthly
stipend of up to 2,700
depending on experience,
travel- and material expenses plus a family
grant award.
Closing date 04 Dec 15
For more information,
please go to: http://

Images from last years ARRISE/ ECSA Romania Annual


Administrative office:
30A, Bd. Expozitiei, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania,
4th floor
Phone: +40 371 445 076


We are looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest

for the Annual Reunion of ARRISE/ ECSA Romania
and for the International Conference The implications of EU policies for the social, economic and
political integration of immigrants .
Also, do not forget about the Call for Papers.
Please, feel free to disseminate it to all interested
For more information and the events agenda, follow our webpage and Facebook page:

Call for ARRISE/ ECSA Romania

We invite researchers and practitioners from the
field of International Relations and European Studies to become part of ARRISE/ ECSA Romania, by
filling in the form available on our website. All applications that will be sent before the Annual Reunion will be put to the vote on the 27th of March,