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Northwestern Lehigh School District

6493 Rte. 309, New Tripoli PA 18066
District Administrative Conference Room
Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 7:30 p.m.

Finance Committee Meeting of the Board
5:00 to 7:15PM
A. Agenda
1. Call to Order

2. Opening Exercises

3. Roll Call
Roll Call Camille Bartlett Todd Hernandez Sally Schoffstall
Pr/Ab Willard Dellicker Donald Link Gregory Snyder
*arrived late Paul Fisher, Jr. Darryl Schafer William Towne

4. Approval of Agenda

Moved: Seconded: Vote: Aye, Nay

5. President will welcome guests and provide for comments
• FLIC Student presentation on trips abroad

6. Personnel action, as attached

Moved: Seconded: Vote: Aye, Nay

7. Presentation of CLIU 21 Budget for 2010-2011

Approval of Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 Budget and Resolution for
the Operations and Programs Services Budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2010
to June 30, 2011 with a District contribution of $37,488. This represents an
increase of $1,057 or 2.9% over the 2009/2010 amount.

Moved: Seconded: Vote: Aye, Nay

B. Curriculum/Building Issues
1. Update on Standards Aligned System

2. Presentation of enhanced District communication tools in conjunction with a
Graduation Project

C. Policies
1. First reading of Policies 210.1, 216.1, 218.1, 218.2, 219, 221, 810

D. Facilities
1. Presentation and approval of construction option t remedy boiler exhaust odor
at Weisenberg Elementary School

Moved: Seconded: Vote: Aye, Nay

Nay H. Additional Information  Included in Board Member Packet . 16-Mar. 2010 in the amount of $1125 Moved: Seconded: Vote: Aye. Other Reports 1. Sm Conf Rm Buildings & Grounds. for two performances for WEIS grades K-5 on May 12. Report from Superintendent Meixsell a. New Business 3. Sm Conf Rm CANCELLED Personnel. Brd Rm Public Relations. 2010 with an initial deposit of $6200 Moved: Seconded: Vote: Aye. Communications/Notes for the Board from Paul Fisher. Secretary 5. 23. President will offer courtesy of the floor for public comment 4. 2/17/10 @4pm. 2010 in the amount of $691. 2010 to view the movie “Oceans” not to exceed $1732.65 • Sadecky’s Puppets. Tarentum PA. p 2 E. Committee Meetings— Policy. 2/10/10 @5pm & 2/16/10 @5pm. Administrative/Building Sharing b. 2010 $275. Approval of the following contracts/agreements: • Rave Motion Pictures for 7th grade fieldtrip to Allentown Rave Theater on April 23. 2/1/10 @7am. 2/10/10 @5pm. Nay 3. Approval of agreement with Lehigh University for use of Stabler Center for Commencement ceremonies on June 12. Sm Conf Rm CANCELLED Finance.50 • DaVinci Science Center for WEIS 2nd grade fieldtrip on April 30. District Finances 1.00 Feb.2/10/10 BD Agenda. Adjournment Moved: Seconded: vote: Aye. Approval of contracts for Community Education classes for Spring 2010 as listed: Name of Instructor Class Being Taught Contract Amount Dates Heather Browning Zumba $220. Old Business 2. Report on budget development process for 2010-2011 F. 2/10/10 @6pm. Nay 4. Brd Rm G. Nay 2.00 April 6-June 1. 2010 Moved: Seconded: Vote: Aye. Board Member Sharing c.

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