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Location: United Kingdom Mobile:
+44(0) 7553088713

Date of Birth : 20th of Home Address:

July1984 17, Dexter Avenue,
Nationality : Indian Milton Keynes, BUCKS,
Place of Birth : Madurai, TN UK – MK6 2HF.
Marital Status : Single

HSMP approved candidate. Visa/Work Permit Processing Not

Willing to Relocate.

 Software Professional with about 4.5 years of experience in all stages of

SDLC of software application projects in Abbey, Ericsson and Flextronics.
 Extensive hands on experience in C++ in various stages of project including
development, Code Debugging and Bug Fixing.
 Extensive hands on experience in STL, Templates, BOOST, Socket
Programming, Qt, Multithreading (POSIX) and Messaging in C++,
implemented in a Commercial Telecom product called MINSAT.
 Knowledge on .NET(C#) Platform by porting WIN32 apps into CLR
 Exposure to Networking in TCP/IP protocols mainly in TCP, UDP and RPC.
 Exposure to Scripting in Shell (AWK, SED), Perl, PHP in creating various
performance optimizing and development aiding tools.
 Hands on experience in databases like Oracle, Sybase with the scripting
languages like SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL.
 Well versed in Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), UML, Design
 Hands on development in all Windows, Solaris and UNIX environment.
 Hands on experience using configuration management tools such as Clear case,
CVS, Perforce.
 Expertise in Document preparation (SRS, LLD, HLD, UTP and
Traceability Matrix).
 Hands on experience in following Agile (Scrum) methodologies for product
 Exposure to XML technologies like XSD, XPATH which was used as message
 Exposure on Debugging tools like GDB, DDD for the purpose of debugging and
fixing the issues in the software products.

• Oct’2009-Present Abbey
United Kingdom
IT Consultant
Working on C++, Oracle, C#, XML, GUI, UML, Windows and Visual

• Mar’2009- Oct’2009 Microtest

United Kingdom
Software Developer
Worked on C++, QT, mysql, XML, GUI, UML and GDB.

• Feb’2007- Jan’2009 Ericsson

Sweden, Ireland & India
Software Designer
Worked on C++, C, Sybase, T-SQL, Shell Script, XSD, Java, and

• Jun’2005-Feb’2007 Aricent / Motorola

Bangalore, India
Software Engineer/Consultant
Worked on C, SIP, IMS, XML, XPATH, Oracle, Purify, PureCov, GDB.


 Programming C++, STL, Boost, Multithreading, C, C#, XML, XSD, T-SQL,
Languages Pl/Sql, Pro*c.
 User Interface Visual, Studio, Ecllipse, Crystal Reports, CDR Editor, Visio.
 Protocols TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, LDAP
 Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP, Sun Solaris (SPARC & x86), Unix, Linux.
 Scripting languages Shell, Perl, PHP Scripting.
 Databases Oracle, Sybase, Postgresql.
 Version Control Clearcase, CVS, Perforce.
 Software
Development Waterfall, AGILE(Scrum).


o XPB ( C++, TCP/IP, Oracle)

XPB is a large scale framework developed for Fund Management, that
handles Fund allocation & all it’s process flows.
Team Size: 50
 Got ramped up on the product by going through
the documentation and the Visual C++
source code.
 Worked in LLD for the module called
LogIPAddress and prepared an IP
(Implementation Proposal) document.
 It’s windows service, that logs all the system
details to the server through socket connection
to audit server.
 Worked on re-writing the application from
WIN32 envirionment to .NET(c#) platform(CLR).

The various technologies, tools using are C++ (Sockets), XML, SQL,
Oracle, Agile.

o Evolution ( C++, Qt, mysql)

Evolution is a large scale application developed for NHS, that maintains
patient data and handles all demographic details.
Team Size: 80
 Got ramped up on the product by going through
the documentation and the C++(QT) source
 Worked in Feature Development(FD) for the
product and prepared an IP (Implementation
Proposal) document.
 Implemented the features and attended code
review and document review with technical
 Solved so many bugs raised by testing team on
the features developed and which is managed in

The various technologies, tools using are C++ (QT, STL’s, Sockets), XML,
SQL, Sybase, Agile.

o MINSAT ( C++, Shell, XML, Sybase)

Minsat is one of the 7 Nodes in Ericsson Mobile charging system .Minsat is the
service administration tool used to administer the charging system (GSM,
CDMA) service for Telecom operators, which is implemented in C++ utilizing
Agile(Scrum) process.
This system got divided into several modules like Framework, Admin-
Screen, Multi-Currency Support, MVNO, A/C Records, Statistical

Roles: Team
Size: 110 across globe.
 Worked in Product Customization (PC)
description document and prepared an IP
(Implementation Proposal) document.
 Implemented the features and attended code
review and document review with technical
 Solved so many TR’s(Trouble Reports) from
customers on the developed PC, Standard
product and released back to them as patches.
 Handled a new development team, which was
responsible for changing the architecture for
MINSAT product.
 The complete C Code was rewritten in C++
language with optimized performance results in
the product.
 Coordinated with testing team on clarifying the
product details and issues they face in the
process of testing.
 Used several debugging tools like GDB, DDD for
debugging the bugs and providing the fix for

The various technologies, tools used are C++ (STL’s, Sockets), XML, XSD,
T-SQL, Shell Scripting, Sybase, Agile.
o IMS App Server / PTT (C, SIP, IMS, Oracle, Bash,
Voice Tool, GDB) Flextronics
This project involves a development of an application server for IMS network
that replace over traditional GSM & CDMA networks. This was developed
using C language with Softswitch (3Gpp) as an architecture base, with SIP
protocol. This application server provides several supplementary services to
the user like Call Transfer, Call Forward, Call Barring, Online & Offline
charging services, PTT etc.

Team Size: 50
 Designed and Developed the Online and Offline
Charging services in Application Server.
 Designed and Developed Call Barring Service,
which is a service used to bar a call depending
on the barring list that a particular subscriber has
activated. This service has variety of flavors, like
ACB (Administrative Call Barring), OCB (Outgoing
Call Barring), ICB (Incoming Call Barring), and
OCS (Outgoing Call Screening).
 Designed and Developed Call Forwarding and
Call Transfer services that have been
implemented as supplementary services in the
IMS network. There is a module called FIM
(Feature Interaction Module), which
communicates with services.
 A module used for provisioning of subscribers to
PTT (Push To Talk) services in GSM network.
Account Management, Call Management,
Authorization, Web Portal Access for Subscribers,
Profiles Management are the most important
features of this product using Servlets.

The various technologies, tools used are C, SIP, IMS, XML, XPATH, UML,
Oracle, and GDB.


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer & MBA – Project Management

Science Alagappa University (2005 – 2007)
Anna University ( 2001 – 2005 ) Graduated date: May 2007
Graduated date: May 2005 Percentage : 75 %
Percentage : 82.5 %