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Call for Papers
The 2010 International Conference on Business and Digital
Enterprises (ICBDE2010)
July 22-24, 2010
Gopalan Educational Society, Bangalore, India
The world is becoming more and more 'digital'. The digital technology has transformed the entire world to a new
reality. Almost all sectors like journalism, banking, finance, manufacturing, health care, education, entertainment
etc are influenced by digital revolution. It is essential to examine a variety of business, technical, legal and all
other related issues and seek to identify the opportunities and challenges in the movement toward being digital.
We also look and understand how a number of enterprises spawned by digital technology to learn about how they
function. he digital revolution. The research on digital enterprises and technology will lead us in the next
generation and to have a perception on how and where digital technology is heading. The proposed conference
will foresee such future.

This conference (ICBDE 2010) will include presentations of contributed papers and state-of-the-art lectures by
invited keynote speakers. This conference welcomes papers address on, but not limited to, the following research
E-Business Internet payment systems
Consumer Electronics E-Logistics
Digital Libraries E-Government
Digital Economy E-Procurement
Digital Data Mining E-Services
Digital Enterprises Business-oriented E-Commerce
E-Commerce Technology Consumer-oriented E-Commerce
E-Business Applications and Software Web advertising and Web Publishing
E-Commerce in developing countries Mobile Commerce
Global E-Commerce Supply Chain Management & E-Fulfillment
Infrastructure for E-Commerce E-Communities
Marketing on the Web Regulatory/Policy Issues
Barriers to E-Business Adoption Social Issues in E-Commerce
Cryptography for enabling E-Commerce The Regulatory Environment of E-Commerce
e-Commerce Strategy & Implementation Trust & Security Issues in E-Commerce
Important Dates:
Submission Date February 1, 2010 April 1, 2010
Notification of acceptance April 20 , 2010
Camera Ready submission May 10, 2010
Registration May 15, 2010
Conference date July 22-24, 2010
See for further details:
ICBDE 2010 will be organized by Gopalan Educational Society, Bangalore, India in cooperation with the Digital Information
Research Foundation (DIRF) located in India. All the activities of the conference will take place in India.