Buckle Card

by Kelly Westlund (kellywestlund@yahoo.com)
Supplies: 1 8" x 4" piece of colored cardstock 1 4 ¼" x 4 ¼" piece of coordinating cardstock 1 4" x ¾" piece of white cardstock 1 2 ¼" x 3" piece of coordinating cardstock 1 2" x 2 ¾" piece of white cardstock 1 7 ¼" x ¾" strip of cardstock or coordinating cardstock Ribbon Button (optional) Exacto knife 1/8" or smaller hole punch Adhesive and 1 glue dot if using button Scissors Directions: 1. Fold a 8" x 4" piece of cardstock in half for a 4" x 4" card.

2. On the right side of the front panel ONLY, cut ½" off up to the fold. Discard this piece.

3. Stamp the small white strip and glue onto the right edge of the inside of the card. This will show when the card is closed.

4. Stamp on a small panel of white cardstock and layer onto the slightly larger piece of coordinating cardstock. I tied a piece of ribbon around mine before layering. Attach this layered piece to the front of your card.

5. Next decide where you want your belt/buckle to be on the front of the card. Score the 7 ¼" x ¾" strip at 4 inches. Glue the 4" part to the back side of your card. The shorter end will fold over the front of the card.

6. Cut two slits in the front of the card about ½" inch apart. This is where your belt will slide through so make sure it lines up with where the strip folds around the card. (Tip: if you have a very tiny hole punch, punch a hole at the top and bottom of each slit - this will help to make it easier to slide that strip through.)

7. You can attach a coordinating button over the "buckle" portion between the slits in the card.

8. Slide the belt through the two slits and your card is finished! Another sample:

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