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1. Acne: ......................................................................................................................................................31
2. Acute or Short temper. ..........................................................................................................................32
3. Addiction: ..............................................................................................................................................33
a) Alcoholism .........................................................................................................................................33
b. Drugs:.................................................................................................................................................34
c) Smoking: ............................................................................................................................................35
4. Allergy ....................................................................................................................................................35
5. Asthma:..................................................................................................................................................37
6. Arthritis ..................................................................................................................................................38
7. Anaemia: ................................................................................................................................................40
8. Appendicitis: ..........................................................................................................................................41
9. Backache: ...............................................................................................................................................42
10. Bed Wetting .........................................................................................................................................44
11. Blood pressure ....................................................................................................................................45
a) High B.P or hypertension: ..................................................................................................................46
b) Low B.P: .............................................................................................................................................46
12. Bronchitis .............................................................................................................................................46
13. Cancer: .................................................................................................................................................47
14. Colitis ...................................................................................................................................................49
15. Common Cold ......................................................................................................................................50
16. Constipation........................................................................................................................................52
17. Cystitis .................................................................................................................................................53
18. Dental Problems: .................................................................................................................................54
Type of Tooth and associated organs: ...................................................................................................54
19. Depression ...........................................................................................................................................56
20. Dermatitis ............................................................................................................................................57
21. Diabetes Mellitus .................................................................................................................................58
22. Ears: .....................................................................................................................................................59
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 30

23. Epilepsy (Fits) .......................................................................................................................................60

24. Eyes .....................................................................................................................................................62
25. Fatigue: ................................................................................................................................................63
26. Gall stones (Cholo cystitis) ...................................................................................................................64
27. Gastritis:...............................................................................................................................................65
28. Hairlessness (Baldness) ........................................................................................................................66
29. Headache .............................................................................................................................................66
30. Hernia ..................................................................................................................................................67
31. Hysteria ................................................................................................................................................68
32. Influenza (‘Flu) .....................................................................................................................................70
33. Jaundice ...............................................................................................................................................71
34. Kidney stones ......................................................................................................................................72
35. Knee-problems ....................................................................................................................................73
36. Legs-problems .....................................................................................................................................74
37. Leukoderma .........................................................................................................................................74
38. Mental problems ...............................................................................................................................75
39. Nephritis ..............................................................................................................................................76
40. Obesity .................................................................................................................................................77
41. Piles (Haemorrhoids) ...........................................................................................................................78
42. Psoriasis ...............................................................................................................................................79
43. Rheumatism ........................................................................................................................................80
44. Sciatica .................................................................................................................................................81
45. Sinusitis ................................................................................................................................................82
46. Sleeplessness (Insomnia) .....................................................................................................................83
47. Spinal Cord Disorders (Spondylitis)......................................................................................................84
49. Tonsillitis ..............................................................................................................................................86
50. Tuberculosis (TB) .................................................................................................................................87
51. Urinary problems. ................................................................................................................................88
1) Kidney disorder..................................................................................................................................88
2) Urinary tract infection (UTI): .............................................................................................................89
52. Varicose Veins......................................................................................................................................90
53. Whooping Cough (Pertrusis) ...............................................................................................................90
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 31


Since many of the Reiki practitioners are not doctors, nor have much medical knowledge, this chapter will
help them to understand the nature and causes of some common diseases, the organs and the physiology
involved, and how to treat them. The practitioner should remember that the patient should continue his
usual medication and treatment, and that Reiki will aid and complement the treatment. Further, with
experience the healer will find the right way of treating and giving Reiki to different conditions and
diseases. As stated earlier, the intention to heal is important, along with the full-hearted and co-operative
attitude of the patient.

Each disease is explained as simply as possible in the following way: the symptoms, causes, areas affected,
reflex areas, general treatment, diet, and Reiki treatment, are all presented. Further, the metaphysical
reasons for the disease are also given, since most diseases are caused by the attitude of the patient
towards life, or his reaction to certain events. The type of advice that the Reiki practitioner should give
the patient is also mentioned, and this will help the patient deal with the psychological problems that led
to the affliction, and his/her cure will be enhanced by a change of attitude. The diseases are given in
alphabetical order. However the list is not exhaustive, and there are still many diseases that are not
covered here. The healer will get a general idea about how to treat the common diseases, and soon with
experience, will know intuitively how to handle other situations and conditions.


1. ACNE:
Acne is a chronic inflammation of the oil glands and hair follicles of the skin. It is characterised by purple
and black heads on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders, and is caused by bacterial action. It appears
mostly during puberty as the skin is connected to the sexual glands that start functioning at that time, and
to the Sacral Chakra (Hara).
Symptoms: Red pimples or rash appears on the face of the young people. These can be with or without
pus, yellow crusts on cheek and chin, pustules leaving blue scars, herpes on face, small boils, blistering
around the mouth, and certain amount of tension is felt by the patient.
Causes: The main causes for the increased production of fats can be attributed to stress, over working,
emotional, psychological factors, and glandular dysfunction. Over indulgence in drugs to which some are
allergic/sensitive, sugar or its products, drinks, constipation, nervous tension, insecurity, irregular monthly
periods among women, anaemia, liver problems, wrong feeding habits, eating improper, unhygienic,
starchy, fatty food, and eating at odd hours, are other factors leading to acne.
Reflex Area: The reflex areas are solar plexus/diaphragm, chest/lungs, thyroid, pituitary, intestines,
kidneys, adrenals and liver.
Reiki Treatment: The following treatment should be offered for a minimum period of five minutes, on a
long-term basis: Whole body treatment for two minutes.
Forehead (Ajna), back of the head, left and right shoulder blades, Solar plexus, lower abdomen, kidneys,
sacrum, and feet.
General Treatment: The main emphasis is on diet, and certain water applications. The patient should be
told to take warm water enema daily to eliminate constipation (to cleanse the bowels). Vitamins A and E
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 32

should be taken (to prevent scarring from acne, and removing old scars). Sun and air baths, i.e. exposure
of the whole body to the sun and air, produces good results.
The patient should be told that application of cucumber or creamed carrot on the affected portions has
proven to be beneficial. Orange peel pounded with water, if applied on the affected areas, will heal acne.
Application of lemon daily will remove pimples. A teaspoonful of coriander juice, with a pinch of turmeric
powder, is another effective treatment for pimples, and blackheads. The juice of raw potatoes will remove
skin blemishes. A hot Epsom salt bath, taken twice a week, will also be beneficial.
Diet: The patient should adhere to regular fruit and vegetable diet. She/he should start with all fruit diet
initially and switch on to wholesome balanced food and this has been shown to be a sure method of
treatment of acne. Fresh fruit juices, fruits like apple, grapes, grape fruit, and pine apple, grated
cucumber, a teaspoonful of honey in a glass of warm water early in the morning, raw vegetables, raw
nuts, unsweetened lemon, plain hot/cold water, sprouted seeds, raw garlic, are all recommended.
The patient should avoid citrus fruit, bananas, dried stale tinned foods, sugar and its products, strong
beverages (coffee, tea), meat, processed foods, drinks, candies, products of white flour (maida).
Metaphysical: Suffering from acne is a sign that something inside the patient is being suppressed out of
fear, insecurity or shame; and this is trying to break through and become visible. It is a sign of unconscious
resistance to close contact with others, even if this is what the native is yearning for.
The patient should be advised to overcome the boundaries set up by the ego, and to find someone he can
be close to. He should be advised to accept the forces and changes going on within, as well as to open up
and find himself to be a very special person.


In the modern world people always live under stress and strain; hence they would like to relieve
themselves of their emotions by any means. Short temper is one such method. There will be sudden
outbursts, mostly unintentional, even on flimsy grounds.
Symptoms: Getting irritated at each and every event, shouting at persons without any cause, finding fault
only to take action people, and emotional body reaction, are the symptoms of acute short temper.
Causes: The causes for short temper may be various: such as high BP, toxification, pride, and feeling of
inferiority, depression, metabolic diseases, hammaeroids, difficulty in admitting feelings, maniac
depression, environmental stress, ego, etc.
Reflex Areas: Reflex areas include liver, gallbladder, solar plexus, digestive system, sacral, heart, forehead
(Ajna) and base root chakra.
Reiki Treatment: Reiki should be offered at the following parts for about three minutes each:
o On the wrists, on the top of the feet (4" or 100 mm above the ankle).

o Root Chakra and solar plexus, Ajna and the heart chakras.

o One palm on the lower rib on the right side and other below the navel.

o One palm above and other below the navel.

o Hands on both the shoulders.

o One hand across the sacral plate and other vertically below.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 33

General treatment: There is no general treatment. The native must develop control over his temper on his
own. The person must practice meditation and relaxation. A common method is to count from 1 to 10
slowly, to reduce the mental pressure.
Diet: The patient should avoid hot drinks, meat, and spices.
Metaphysical: It represents weakness or lack of confidence during some situations and the native loses
temper to cover his weakness. The person should be told to face the problem with confidence.

Addiction is a chronic disorder in which a native is unable to refrain from frequent and excessive
consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, etc. There are physical or psychological reasons for addiction. Some
addictions have contributed to some of the most deadly diseases in the modern world. It is very essential
to understand the basis for addiction, and treatment has to be given accordingly. Some of the major
types of addiction, and their treatment are given below:

A ) ALCOHOLISM : This refers to addiction to beverages like alcohols - whisky, brandy, etc. and has
become one of the most serious social problems affecting the entire society. It often brings leads to a
certain amount of crime, unhappiness in married life, broken homes, poverty, and traffic accidents and
degrades the native completely. It affects every part of the body (especially brain and liver), adversely.
Alcohol enters the alimentary canal directly. It is absorbed in the blood. Alcoholism can be described as a
compulsive behavioural pattern leading to abuse of alcoholic substances.
Symptoms: Puffy face with blood shot eyes, hoarse voice and rapid voice can be detected in the patient.
The addict is suspicious, over emotional, with vomiting, delirium, disturbed sleep, impaired judgment, or
premature greying of hair. There can be tremor of the hands, feet and tongue, mental clouding,
perspiration, affliction of liver, disorders of the stomach and bowels, leading to a weak and flabby heart.
Causes: A weak-minded person tries to console himself by resorting to alcohols, drugs or smoking. By this
he simply tries to escape the situation rather than face it boldly. Some resort to drinking to enliven their
social status, to overcome anxiety or to induce sleep. They may resort to heavy drinking due their
maladaptive ways of dealing with life’s stress.
Reflex areas: Solar plexus, chest, bronchial, heart, and brain are the reflex areas of this condition.
Reiki treatment- Reiki should be channelled to the following areas:
o Whole body treatment for physical and mental detoxification.

o Reiki on Ajna and chest,

o Hands in a parallel position to the right and left of the nose from fore head to the top

o Hands cupping the front portion without touching,

o One hand on the lowest ribs on the right side, the other hand directly below,

o One hand above the navel and the other below the navel,

o Hands on the left side of the body on either side of the navel,

o Hands between the shoulder and the shoulder blades,

Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 34

o Hands on the lower ribs above the kidney.

Every point has to be treated about 2-3 minutes daily. This helps in detoxification.
General treatment:
Major decision must be taken by the native to give up drinking with immediate effect.
The patient should be put on a cleansing juice fast for about ten days, with orange juice or vegetable juice
taken every two hours. After ten days fast, whole grains, cereal, nuts, sprouted seeds and vegetables must
be given to the patient. During the ten day fast the native may crave for drinks. Fresh fruit juice with
honey or candy or snacks should be given instead. This alternative will make him forget the craving for
drinks and will remove the addiction. Plenty of rest, and out door exercises, are essential.
The patient should drink plenty of water. Hot fermentation on the stomach and abdomen, and wet girdle
pack between the applications are effective water treatments for alcoholism.
Diet: The patients should consume fruits like apples, fresh fruit juices, and several small meals at
reasonable intervals rather than a single heavy meal. Smoking, strong condiments like pepper and chillies
must be avoided.
Advice: The patient must never drink when he gets the craving. If he takes a drink, he should sip slowly,
spacing the drink over at least 30 minutes. He should also record his intakes. He should not eat on empty
stomach, and should dilute the drinks. He should stop drinking during lunch, dinner, fatigue, or during sex,
stimulation, boredom, frustration, and bedtime. Nor should he drink to escape discomfort; or drink in the
morning to get over hangover.
Metaphysical: It shows that the patient is running away from himself. Not knowing how to love himself,
he experiences a feeling of futility, inferiority and guilt. He should be advised to learn to love himself with
all his shortcomings and weaknesses, and accept the above facts. Reiki along with meditation will help
him to over come this problem, and give him strength to solve these problems.

B. DRUGS: Drug addiction is some times a symptom of mental illness like anxiety, nervousness,
depression, personality disorder, psychological trauma during childhood or infancy, disturbed parent-child
relationship, or broken affairs. It is also resorted to, to obtain a sense of well being or euphoria. Physical
and psychological dependence or the craving for drugs is to obtain relief from mental anguish. Nowadays
young people are being lured into taking drugs by unscrupulous dealers and by other addicts.
Symptoms: Mental illness like anxiety, neurosis, depression, acute brain syndrome, with the patient
showing signs of deterioration of moral, ethical sense – are all symptoms of drug addiction. Indulgence in
anti social and criminal activities, and non-specific personality changes, is also common. At the same time
psychological and physiological withdrawal symptoms occur when patient abstains from the drugs.
Deterioration of the patient’s physical and mental health and the consequent symptoms also adversely
affects the family and society.
Causes: include parental disharmony, psychological trauma during childhood due the relationship with
parents, insecurity, depression, and disappointments in love affairs
Reflex areas: Solar plexus, heart, thyroid, and all toes with emphasis on pituitary, brain, pancreas, liver,
kidney, adrenals, neck, thymus, lymph, chest lymph, and groin – are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Reiki must be offered to the whole body for about three minutes, with intense Reiki to
solar plexus, chest, and sacral chakras for more than three minutes daily. Also Reiki healing attunement
should be offered on alternate days.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 35

General treatment: Breathing exercises, walking, jogging, yoga, and meditation are recommended.
Diet: The patient should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, but avoid spices, cool
Meta physical: The patient in search of fulfilment, and is not able to achieve it with his own strength,
turns to a substitute such as drugs like heroin, marijuana, etc. He hopes to blunt the hardness of life. An
excessive use of the drugs reflects a search for kicks and expansion of consciousness. The patient should
be advised to try to find out what he has been searching for. Reiki and meditation will help to achieve
whatever he has been trying to find with the help of drugs.

C) S MOKING: Smoking is another harmful addiction and is the single avoidable menace to good health.
This can be called Nicotine drugging from the nicotine that occurs naturally in tobacco leaf. In higher
dosage like other addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin, it is a poison. It has a powerful effect on the
nervous system and the brain. It increases heart beat rate and also breathing rate, causing heavy work on
the heart. Smoking kills more people yearly than all the drugs and alcohol put together. The risk is more in
people who start young. Even non-smokers are exposed and suffer from second hand smoking. India
ranks third in deaths due to smoking.
Symptoms: Excessive cough, traces of nicotine on the lips and fingers, sore throat, affected lungs, throat.
T.B. cancer, respiratory problems, excess gas in chest, stomach and intestines, characterise a smoker. It
leads to affliction of liver, and loss of weight.
Causes: People start smoking initially to give company to an intimate party and slowly make it a habit,
and succumb to it. They feel it a social status. Depression, tension, broken affairs, or failure in life, forces
such weak minds to resort to smoking.
Reflex areas: Solar plexus/diaphragm, neck, all toes, cervical, adrenal, lymph neck and chest, thymus –
are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Treatment requires detoxification of the entire body system. Whole body treatment
should be given, as well as the same type of treatment as given for alcoholism.
General treatment: The smoker must have a strong will to quit smoking in one stroke and not slowly or
step by step.
He must drink lots of water, fruit juice and herbal tea, and always keep busy. When the urge to smoke
hits, he should take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds and exhale. Regular pranayama, breathing
exercise, walking are recommended. When inclined to smoke, he should eat small snacks or cloves or
cardamom. Hot water mixed with handful of powdered pepper, used for a footbath for fifteen minutes is
Diet: The patient should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, with small meals
instead heavy meal at regular intervals. Spices and condiments should however be avoided.
Metaphysical: The patient should be asked to symbolise the concept of freedom and communication
what he is trying to conjure up by smoking. He should be told to become aware of what he really wants,
and have the courage to communicate with life whole-heartedly, then he will be able to live things out
more easily. Reiki and meditation will help.

Allergy can be seen as a perfectly defensive immune system over reacting to specific substances like food
materials, scents, pollens and other things, which the body does not tolerate for various reasons. A wide
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 36

range of substances and conditions, as well as physical agents like sunlight, cold, heat, or fruits, etc. cause
allergies. People may also be allergic to animals such as dogs and cats, or to strong odours.
Certain categories of allergy are hereditary and others are acquired during the course of the lifetime. The
body builds special anti-bodies against these allergies and makes the individual sensitive to the foreign
bodies. On a renewed contact with the same substance, the body becomes defensive and doesn't want to
embody the same, within his or her being. Any part of the body can be affected, though they are generally
the nose, eyes, skin, chest, intestines and ears.
Symptoms: The symptoms vary according to the substance causing reaction. These include recurring
headache, migraine, dizziness, nervousness, depression, neuralgia, sneezing, conjunctivitis, diabetes,
eczema, heartburn, hay fever, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, gastric ulcer, asthma, obesity, a stuffy
or running nose, high BP, chest pain, heart attacks, breathlessness, swelling of face and eyes, etc. Many
allergies are of multiple natures, with various symptoms.
Causes: Allergy is an indication of lower resistance and internal disharmony, caused by dietic error, and
faulty style of living, consumption of processed foods (contains many chemical ingredients), refined sugar
and its products (cause of blood sugar irregularities), or vitamins and minerals. Emotional and
psychological stresses, or any chronic stress may also cause allergy. Sensitivity to common food, or fumes
of petrol, gas, dust, cosmetics, oranges, milk, eggs, wheat, fish, chocolates, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes,
strawberry, cockroaches, hair of animals, unwanted persons, environment, etc, are other causes.
Reflex Areas: are brain, nose, and eyes.
Reiki Treatment: Reiki has to be offered for at least six weeks, for about 4 minutes every day to the
following areas: Forehead (Ajna), back of head, ears, throat, skullcap, Solar plexus to the navel, pelvic,
sacrum, kidneys, and soles of the feet.
General Treatment: The basic need to identify the source of allergy and then work on its elimination. It is
essential for the patient to build up general health and resistance to establish immunity, as well as to
identify the foods or substances that are causing the allergy, by trail and error method, and then to avoid
them as far as possible. The patient should start with complete fruit diet for about four or five days to
improve resistance, and other items of food to be added slowly every week. Protein foods can be given
after a month. The body needs alkaline reserves i.e. so the patient must consume alkali-forming foods.
Vitamin C and vitamin E possesses effective anti-allergic properties.
A simple treatment suggested by an Indian Physician is to mix five drops of castor oil in a little juice or
water and taken on an empty stomach in the morning. This has been found to be very effective in case of
allergies of the intestinal tract, skin, and nasal passage.
Relaxation, exercise, meditation, and mind control methods, do help to remove the stress and hence
reaction due to allergy. Yogasanas also assist in this regard.
Diet: The patient should consume alkali-providing foods - carrots, grapes, apples, etc., but should avoid
coffee, chocolates, cool drinks, alcohol, sugar sweets, refined cereals, meat, chicken, tobacco, milk,
cheese, butter, pickles, smoked and salted foods, and canned foods which contain preservatives. These
cause toxic accumulation and overstrain the adrenal glands, and drain the pancreas, thereby upsetting the
blood sugar balance.
Metaphysical: It has been stated earlier, that allergy is an over reaction of body's immune system to a
substance. It denotes an aspect of the individual that it is fighting against being rejected or repressed.
Fighting a self-created enemy is always an act of aggression, an unconscious fight against an area of life.
The individual is afraid of and does not want to let it into his life. He must take a conscious look at the
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 37

things he is unconsciously afraid of and observe his resistance to them, as well as all his fears and inner
aggression. He must make peace with himself, and the world. He must integrate all the aspects so far
avoided. This is part of love and Reiki.

Asthma is one of the most dreaded diseases of the world. It has spread throughout the population of the
world, and so far there has been no medicine that has given a permanent cure to the patient. It is
characterised by severe gasping for breath or bronchial spasm. It can also be caused by irritation of
hypersensitive bronchial tubes, i.e. by psychological factors, allergies, infections, TB, and disorders of the
nervous system. It is expressed through various breathing difficulties such as wheezing and coughing.
Symptoms: The asthmatic patient appears to be gasping for breath, more while exhaling than inhaling,
and especially during sleep at night. The onset of asthma is either gradual (due to respiratory infection), or
sudden, succeeded by a spell of coughing, with itching of the chin. The patient feels restless and fatigued,
with tightness of chest, profuse sweating, vomiting, abdominal pain, wheezing sound during exhaling,
sneezing, flatulence, and drowsiness, irritability, and seeks fresh air for relief. There is also increase in
heartbeats due to several attacks of asthma.
Causes: When bronchial tubes in lungs get constricted, it causes the inhaled air to be trapped in the tiny
air sacs at the end of the tubes thereby exhaling becomes difficult. Allergic conditions due to the reaction
of the body system to weather (foggy, dusty, etc.), foods, drugs, and scents other irritants like insects,
animal hair, and some pollen can cause this condition. The body reaction to defective muscular action
within the lungs, due to the enzymes may also cause asthma. Emotional tension, air pollution, infections,
hereditary factors, respiratory infections (bacterial/non-bacterial), inhaling of dust, feathers of birds, fish,
eggs, milk, drugs, sudden weather changes, psychological stress ranging from pleasurable excitement in
children, depression, TB, allergies, disorder of nervous system, are other causes that give rise to asthma.
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus/diaphragm, chest/lung, shoulder/arm, neck, bronchus, sinuses, ileoceal valve,
intestines, adrenals and reproductive gland are the reflex areas for asthma.
Reiki Treatment: This treatment requires the personal participation of the patient. Reiki to be offered to
the following areas on a long-term basis, for a period of 4 minutes each.
o Soles of feet, the ears, shoulder blades, Solar plexus, spleen, kidney, sacrum, back of the
head, heart chakra, and throat chakra.

o The healer should hold on to a thumb of the patient with one hand and treat the same
side of the chest with the other hand. This to be repeated with the other thumb on the
other side of chest.

o Psychological treatment to be given, involving the patient.

General treatment: The natural cure consists of stimulating the functioning of the slack excretory,
circulatory system organs, adopting suitable diet patterns to eliminate morbid matter, and reconstruct the
body. Yogasanas, breathing exercises, pranayama to permit proper assimilation of food and to strengthen
the lungs, the digestive system and circulatory organs are all very helpful in the cure of asthma. Enema to
the patient to clear the colons, and prevent autointoxication, and letting the patient fast for a few days on
lemon juice and honey, and starting food with limited carbohydrates, are other forms of treatment. Pure
honey (one-year-old) is an effective treatment for asthma.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 38

The back should be massaged with a mixture of mustard oil and camphor, to loosen the phlegm. Inhaling
of steam from boiling water mixed with caraway seeds (ajwain) to dilate the bronchial passage is also
beneficial. To treat the early stages of asthma, the patient should eat garlic and cloves daily, after boiling
them in milk. Turmeric with milk is also good.
Regular fasting once a week, and occasional enema, breathing exercises in fresh air, light exercises, and
correct postures will help in treating this disease. The patient should be told to avoid tensions and
worries, and feel that he is not an asthmatic patient, and live a normal life.
Diet: Diet should consist of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, liberal quantities of alkaline producing food
i.e. fresh fruits, green vegetables and germinated grains. The patient should be advised to eat less, and
chew the food slowly and properly. He should drink at least ten glasses of water daily, but avoid drinking
water during meals.
Also he should avoid beverages i.e. coffee, tea, spices, condiments, and pickles, and avoid eating during
the attacks.
Metaphysical: The patient should be counselled in this way, “Life has given you everything and is present
in you. Your fear of not getting enough is separating you from this knowledge. Be liberal. Be aware of
what you have rejected so far. Accept and integrate life in its completeness, and you will realise that there
are no more enemies and all that existed was your imagination. You will get assistance only when you
express your helplessness and inferiority complex. This will make you breathe freely.”

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints, and is a chronic disease. In the early stages the whole body is
generally involved and one or two joints may become completely deformed, leaving the patient
handicapped and weakened. Inflammation is the main feature of arthritis, which is a reaction of the joint
tissues to some form of damage or injury.
There are two main category of arthritis – Osteo arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Other types develop
due to different problems, such as Rheumatic fever, endocrine malfunctioning, allergy and joint pain. They
1. Osteo-arthritis: It denotes the degenerating joint diseases attributed to old age, causing structural
damage in the cartilage of the joints, specially the weight bearing ones, i.e. knees, and spine.
Symptoms: Pain and stiffness in the joints, which increase after exercises, watery eyes, dry neck, leg
cramps, allergies, impairment in the functioning of gall bladder, and liver disturbances are the general
symptoms of this disease.
Causes: Malnutrition, continued physical stress, obesity, insufficient glandular activities, lack of calcium,
and shortage of hydrochloric acid are the chief causes.
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is also termed as Crooked Foot Disease. It usually develops gradually over a
long period, with persistent pain and stiffness in one or more joints. This is a serious disease, which affects
not only fingers, wrists, hips, knees, and feet, but also muscles, tendons, and other tissues of the body.
Ultimately, the whole body is affected.
Symptoms: Anaemia, colitis, constipation, gall-bladder disturbances, low BP, deformed hands and feet are
the main symptoms of this disease.
Causes: Hormonal imbalance, physical and emotional stress, infection, severe fright, shock and injury and
hereditary factors are the main causes of the disease.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 39

3. Degenerative arthritis: is hereditary. Joints involved are weight-bearing joints of fingers, and big toes.
4. Ineffective arthritis: Here the joints are swollen, red, and immovable affecting knees, hips, wrists,
shoulders, and spine.
5. Traumatic arthritis: Swelling after injury, restricted movements are characteristic.
6. Neuro-arthritis: Diabetes, leprosy, nerve joint, spinal cord, tensions are the main causes.
7. Arthritis with blood diseases: Large haemorrhage effusion following minor trauma with leukaemia is
experienced in this disease.
8. Hypersensitive arthritis (Allergic): Reaction is due to administration of penicillin, or Sulphinal. Other
causes are urthacarial rashes, drugs, or abdominal pain.
9. Connective tissue disease: is caused by Ulcerative colitis, skin or pulmonary lesions.
10. Arthritis due to metabolic and endocrine diseases (Gout): This is caused by mono-sodium urate or
uric acid crystals deposit from the body fluids. It affects the metatarsal phalange joints of the big toe
initially, and later spreads to feet, ankles, knees, hands, and elbows. Pain is also felt in the thighs.
Symptoms: Severe morning stiffness, fatigue, weight loss, pleurisy with fever, inflammation of joints, knee
pain, and pain in the back are common symptoms of this disease. Other areas affected are knees, wrists,
joints, hands, feet, and bones, cervical spine, nervous system, limbs, and shoulders.
Causes: The general cause for arthritis can be: Rheumatic fever, degenerative joint diseases, association
with infectious diseases like TB, metabolic or bio-chemical or endocrine abnormalities (gout), traumatic
muscle swelling, neutropathic, blood pressure, and exposure to cold and hereditary factors.
Reflex Areas: Entire foot, with emphasis on spine, parathyroid, solar plexus/diaphragm, kidneys, adrenals,
are the reflexes for afflicted areas.
Reiki Treatment: Reiki to be applied to whole body. Also apply Reiki locally, to treat solar plexus, heart,
liver, kidney, bladder, and soles of feet and thymus.
The following hand positions to be applied:
o One palm above the navel and the other hand below it.

o Hands on the shoulder blades.

o Hands on the back near lower ribs, above the kidneys.

o Palms covering the toes, and extending up to centre of the feet.

General Treatment: The patient should take rest, both physical and mental, with blood transfusions if
required, or wear a copper ring or bracelet to overcome the pain. Luke warm water enema for a few days
can be taken to cleanse the bowels. Steam bath, hot foot bath, application of knee cap for an hour daily in
the night, sea bathing since iodine in sea water is beneficial, are other remedies. Light exercises like
walking, hiking, swimming are helpful, also Yogasanas.
The patient should avoid being constipated, and not take cold-water bath or cold sprays. Joints should
not be tightly bandage as this reduces and interferes with free blood circulation.
Diet: The patient should be put on raw vegetable therapy for about a week. Raw potato juice therapy is
considered one of the biological treatments, applicable to both categories of arthritis. Raw vegetable
salads, carrots, cucumbers, onion, radish, tomatoes, should be consumed. Cooked vegetables can include
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 40

beets, cauliflowers, carrots, and brinjals, mushrooms, peas, beans, turnips, etc. Fresh pineapple juice
(enzyme) reduces the inflammation of the joints.
The patient is advised to drink water kept overnight in a copper vessel, first thing in the morning, for
strengthening the muscles, and also to drink daily green gram soup, mixed with crushed garlic cloves, and
a teaspoonful of powdered fenugreek seeds in water. In general, control and planning of diet is very
essential. The diet should be of alkaline type, and include fruits and vegetables for protection, and
proteins and carbohydrates for energy.
Metaphysical: This refers to the over activity on a physical level, and being rigid, hard-headed and
stubborn inwardly. The patient is recommended to face up to this fact with honesty, and be friendly,
loving and understanding with himself, and then his attitude will be the same for others. Hence they will
also treat him in the same way, i.e. if he must be free and grant others the same right of freedom.
Feelings of being unloved, resentment, and criticism are not good for the body.

Anaemia means lack of redness in blood, i.e. there is a sharp reduction in the number of red corpuscles, or
haemoglobin in the blood. This is one of the most common diseases of modern life. The most common
form of anaemia is iron-deficiency anaemia. Each normal person has 100% haemoglobin, or about 15 gms
or 100 cc of blood, and a blood count of 5 million red cells per mm. Drop in blood count results in
anaemia, and hence reduces the capacity of blood to carry oxygen to the tissues. It is easier to prevent
anaemia than to cure it.
Symptoms: A haggard look, with lines of strain, pale skin, low energy, fatigue, restlessness, tiredness,
premature wrinkles, breathlessness after exertion, fainting, poor memory, dizziness, dull and tired look in
the eyes, weakness, depression, pale finger nails, lips and ear lobes, abdominal complaints, cold,
circulatory complaints, and sneezing are the common symptoms of anaemia.
Causes: The two categories of anaemia are 1) reduced or low formation of red blood cells due to defective
bone marrow, and 2) inadequate intake of iron, vitamins and proteins. Lack of hydrochloric acid needed
for digestion of iron and proteins may also cause anaemia. Chronic diseases like TB, when accompanied by
haemorrhage, emotional strains, anxiety and worry, cause fall in hydrochloric acid production in the body,
and hence anaemia. Parasites like worms - hook worms, tapeworms, pin and round worms in the
intestines feed on the food supply as well as on the vitamins. Loss of blood through haemorrhage, disease
or damage in the bone marrow when cells are produced, malignancy, infection, endocrine disorders, renal
diseases, hidden bleeding, iron deficiency are other causes. Incorrect eating, lack of oxygen in the blood,
shock or constipation, drugs, medicines, malaria can also lead to anaemia.
Reflex Areas: Thyroid, heart, spleen, liver, intestines, stomach, gall bladder, brain, extended spinal cord,
and forehead are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Reiki to be channelled to the whole body. Apply hand positions as follows:
o Cup your hands on the back of the head, the fingers placed along the central line of the
head to the neck, (half way to the hard bone).

o One hand on the lowest ribs on the right side, and the other hand directly below.

o One hand on the lower rib on the left side, and other hand directly below.

o Reiki on the top of the head (do not place hands on the top of the head)
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 41

o Reiki on the spleen.

o Whole body treatment through the soles of the feet.

General treatment: The patient should observe cleanliness after cleaning worms. Yogasanas, deep
breathing, light exercises like walking, and massaging also helps in treating anaemia. Cold-water bath,
twice a day is a curative measure. Sunbaths, steam bath, hot Epsom salt bath, are also recommended.
Diet: Diet plays a vital role in the treatment of anaemia, i.e. nutrients needed for the production of red
cells, haemoglobin and enzymes for their synthesis. During the developmental years, liberal consumption
of iron will prevent iron deficiency. Vitamin B 12, Soya beans, beets, brewery yeast, citrus fruits, and acid
rich fruits should be taken daily. Garlic can help to rid intestinal parasites. Fresh papaya, grated carrots
also help to remove parasites.
The patient must take one glass of orange, rich in Vitamin C, with a light breakfast of cereal, boiled egg
and tomatoes. Grapes, lettuce, cabbage, gooseberry beans, spinach, green leafy vegetables, garlic, wheat
and its products, apples, berries, carrots, raisins, figs, milk; peanuts and cheese should be consumed. But
refined food like white bread, polished rice, sugar and its products must be avoided.
Metaphysical: Represents lack of joy and strength, and a non-dynamic approach to life. The patient should
realise that he must open himself up and see that things like strength, energy and joy are available to
everyone. Reiki will change his internal attitude to a wholehearted positive attitude.

Appendicitis is the most common of all serious intestinal disorders, and presents itself in acute and
chronic form, affecting both sexes. It refers to the inflammation of the vermiform appendix (a small tube
with a length of 8-10 cms located at the end of the caecum, the first part of the large intestine). Its
function is to neutralise the irritating waste material generated in the body.
Symptoms: It usually begins with sudden pain at the centre of the abdomen later shifting to the lower
right side. This will be preceded by discomfort in abdomen, indigestion, diarrhoea, or constipation; with
body temperature varying from 100 to 102°F. Nausea is common. Vomiting may occur once or twice. The
right hand side muscles of the abdomen become tense and rigid. The patient comforts himself by drawing
up the right leg. The pain increases on the right side on pressing the left of abdomen. When sneezing or
coughing, the pain increases. In extreme cases, the patient will suffer from recurring pain in the right
lower abdomen, with constipation, loss of appetite and mild nausea. If this inflammation is not treated in
time, the appendix will rupture and discharge its pus into the abdominal cavity, causing a serious state,
leading to rise in temperature. The patient becomes pale. At this stage operation of the appendix is
Testing for appendicitis:
Make the patient lie on his stomach. Bend the right leg at the knee; pull up the foot towards the buttocks
lifting the thighs off the bed. If the pain is worse, it is appendicitis. If it is the same, it is inflammation in
the colon, or the sacral area.
Causes: It is caused by a toxic bowel condition due to accumulation of excessive poisonous waste material
in the caecum, thereby irritating that portion, and causing its inflammation. This could be due to constant
usage of aspirants, drugs, or the presence of certain germs in the intestinal tract, overloading of the colon,
and constipation.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 42

Reflex Areas: These include solar plexus/diaphragm, appendix illecreal valve intestines, duodenum, and
Reiki Treatment: It is better to take the advice of a physician to assess the severity of the disease. Reiki
must be offered to the whole body, especially concentrating on local application for about 3 to 4 minutes
The hand positions to be adopted for treatment are:
o Hands on the left lower ribs and directly below.

o Hands on the right lower ribs, and directly below. .

o One hand across thymus and other hand at right angles, below between the breasts.

o Place the bottom portion of the thumbs on the ridges of the pelvic bones, the tips of the
hands close to each other to form a "V" at the pubic bone.

o Place one hand across the sacral plate (bone plate above the fold of the buttocks), the
other vertically below, with a little more pressure.

o Place hands on the soles of the feet, with the big toe covered and hands extending up to
the middle of the feet.

o Treat Ajna Chakra and balance with base Chakra.

o Apply Reiki to leg portions between knee and the ankle.

General Treatment: The patient must be advised complete rest at the first symptom. Put him on fast and
give only water. Give warm water enema daily to clear the bowels. Apply abdominal pack, consisting of a
strip of wet sheet covered with a dry flannel tied to the abdomen. This shou1d be applied continuously
until the symptoms subside. Abdominal massage also helps to reduce the pain. Surgical operation shall be
resorted to only when the appendicitis has been abscessed (pus is formed).
Diet: In chronic cases, full milk diet for 2-3 weeks at intervals of 2-3 hours, slowly increasing the quantity is
helpful. This may be followed by well balanced diet, with emphasis on fresh fruits, and green leafy
Regular drinking of tea made from fenugreek seeds can act as a remedy. Seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables,
fruit juices, vegetable juices like that of carrot, in combination with juice of beet, and cucumber, and milk,
may be given later.
Metaphysical: This indicates that there is an urgent, acute problem, which is blocking the flow of life
frequently, coupled with a fear of life itself. Advise the patient to stop stemming himself against things
that happened, but to observe and accept them and let life take its course. Reiki can help in achieving this

Backache is widely prevalent in modern life, as a result of a sedentary style of living, hazardous working
systems, or emotional stress, resulting in the spasm of the back muscles. Backache may also be the result
of wrong sitting postures for a long time in working places, sudden bending of the waist, diseases of the
vertebral column, tumour, sacracillis, arthritis, congenital malformation, sacralisation of the 5th lumbar
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 43

vertebra, spondilitis, or malignant deposits. Since the backbone bears the entire body weight, it is
necessary to take care of it by adapting and adopting proper postures, and bending during lifting or
placing heavy things.

Symptoms: In most cases the back pain is felt either in the middle or low down in the back, spreading to
both sides of the waist and hips. If the pain is too much, the patient will be unable to move, and is bed
About 90% of the patients suffer from lumbar or cervical spondylytis, i.e. degenerative disorders, causing
the backbone to become soft and lose its shape, thereby making the spine lose its flexibility.
Causes: Muscular tension, joint strain, poor posture, incorrect nutrition, lack of exercise, acute/chronic
kidney or prostrate problems, female disorders, flu, and arthritis result in back ache. Sitting for a long
time, improper method adopted during weight lifting, high heels, emotional problems, muscular cramps,
poor posture in soft chairs and couches, sleeping on too soft mattresses, improper neck and back
positions cause tensions, head ache, and pain in upper or lower back. An easy life leading to obesity puts
great strain on the back.
Diseases of spinal cord, trauma, infection, neoplasm, dengue fever, soft tissues, pancreas tumour,
depression, cancer of the rectum, sacral ills, malignant deposits, gynaecological tumours, lymph nodes
etc. are other causes of back ache.
Soft tissue involvement - lumbago, muscle fibres, ligaments, dengue fever, and acute infection of
influenza could also lead to back ache.
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus/diaphragm, spine, shoulder, arm, neck, sciatic, hip, mid-back, cervical and
thoracic, spine, lower back, lumbar, coccyx, knee, legs, toes are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment:
Reiki must be applied to whole body. The back must be treated completely, i.e. spine, base, back sacral,
back of heart, and back of solar. Apply hand positions as follows:
o Palms on the eyes covering the forehead, the eyebrows, and temples.

o Place hands on the shoulder blades.

o Place hands above the back of the knees.

o Place hands covering the soles of feet, from tip of toes to middle of the foot.

o Place one hand on the back of the neck, with front of neck covered with the other palm.

o Give local treatment for a longer time on the affected parts, with right palm on the front,
and left palm on the back of the part.

General Treatment: The most important measure to cure backache is doing light exercises, which improve
the supply of nutrients to the spinal discs, i.e. walking, swimming, and cycling. Reduction of weight also
helps, as well as complete bed rest for some time.
For persons engaged in sedentary occupations, it is advisable to stand for short intervals, or change
positions often. Another remedial measure is to sleep on a hard mattress, on one side with knees bent at
right angles to the torso. While lifting weights, one must not bend from the waist down, but squat close to
the object, bending the knees and keeping the back straight. Then stand slowly with the weight.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 44

Hot fomentation of the back will relieve the back pain. Take proteins, vitamins C and D, calcium,
phosphorus, and minerals.
Diet: Raw vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, cabbages, cucumber, radish, lettuce should be consumed. Lightly
cooked vegetables like cauliflower, cabbages, and plenty of fruits, fruit juice, and sprouted grains can be
taken. Fatty, spicy and fried foods are to be avoided, as also curds, sweet meats, sugar, condiments, teas,
coffee, smoking alcoholic drinks, processed and canned foods.
Metaphysical: Back stands for support and rectitude. So backache indicates that there is an urgent, acute
problem, which is blocking the flow of life frequently coupled with a fear of life itself. The patient must be
overburdened, and not willing to admit this. Also he may feel that he is not supported enough. Complaints
affecting upper portion, suggest that there is lack of emotional support, resulting in lack of internal
stability, and also withholding of love and affection. Lower back pains indicate financial and material
worries, and fear of the future regarding money.
Advise him to open up instead of always relying on his small and limited ego, and to give love and trust
freely to others. He should remember that the power, which has created the Universe and supports it,
also gives it to him and maintains him on all levels of existence. This change in attitude will lead him to
receive both love, and support as per the Law of Affinity. Let him observe, and accept them and let life
take its course. Reiki will help.


Bed wetting by children beyond the age of 5 to 6 years, when control of urinary bladder should have been
acquired, could be due to delay in maturing, or of psychological reflex, so bladder control is not achieved.
Majority of the children achieve voluntary control of bladder between 15-18 months. Heavy sleepers may
not have control.

Symptoms: urinating in the bed without being aware of it.

Causes: Delay in establishment of bladder control due to mental deficiency, inadequate and improper
training or constitutional make up. Some other causes may be post operative, constipation, septic tonsils,
hyper sensitivity to the material of bedding, sudden fright, thread worm, irritating bladder, endocrine
polyuria in diabetes mellitus, neurological epilepsy, urinary TB, congenital malformation and chronic
Reflex organs: Solar plexus/ diaphragm, spine (or lumbar), brain, bladder, urethra, kidney, adrenals are
reflex areas of this condition.
Reiki Treatment: Apply Reiki hand positions as follows:
o Place the hands to cover the front of the neck.

o Place one hand above the navel and the other below it.

o Place the balls of the thumb on the ridges of the pelvic bones, the tips of the hands close
to each other at the pubic bones to form ‘V’.

o Place the hands between the shoulders and shoulder blades.

o Place the hands on the lower ribs below the kidney.

o Give whole body treatment for about 3-5minutes.

Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 45

o Treat bladder.

o Exercise the sphincter muscle

General Advice:
Tell parents to avoid scolding and punishing the child, but to give it confidence, and to train the child to
empty bladder before going to bed. If necessary they should waken the child after 2 to 3 hours of sleep,
and make him evacuate his bladder. Liquids should be restricted in later part of the day. There is no diet
restriction but only in feed timings.
Metaphysical: During night a child by wetting his bed, lets off what he didn’t dare to let go during the day
i.e., the pressure exerted by his parents, school etc. He thus relieves his tension. Parents should relieve
the child of untoward pressure, and give him more love and understanding.


Blood pressure or B.P. denotes that there is increased pressure by the blood on the vessel’s walls. It
increases with age and body weight. Worry and anxiety also contribute to B.P.
The blood circulating in our body supplies every cell with nourishment and oxygen. The force exerted by
the heart while pumping blood into large arteries within them is called B.P. When the pressure becomes
too high, it results in hypertension or high B.P. Normal pressure should be 120 /70. It may go up to 140
/90, though lower reading is better. 140/90 to 160/95 is considered to be border area. 160/96 to 180/114
is moderate B.P., while 180/115 is taken as severe. The higher the pressure, the greater the danger
caused to the walls of the blood vessels of the body.
Symptoms: Organic or emotional illness accompanies B.P. Pain towards the back of the head and neck
may appear on waking in the morning which soon disappears, dizziness, aches and pain in the arm-
shoulder region, leg, back etc., and palpitation, pain in the heart region, frequent urination, nervous
tension, fatigue, emotional ups and downs, tiredness and wakefulness. The patient cannot do serious
work; feels tired and out of moods all the time, with breathing difficulty. If not eliminated in time, it may
lead to heart attack, stroke, detachment of retina, and other serious conditions.
Causes: Stress, faulty style of living, smoking, intake of intoxicants, beverages, cool drinks, prevention of
expulsion of waste and poisonous matters, slackening of arteries and veins, hardening of arteries, obesity,
diabetes, severe constipation, too much use of pain killers, common table salt, food allergies, high fat
food, low fibre diet, processed food are all causes of high B.P.
Kidneys when secreted with excess resin, a natural chemical leading to an increase in circulating blood,
causes B.P. Recurrence of infections and inflammations in the kidney also result in B.P. Worries, tension,
anger and haste are other causes of B.P.
Reflex areas: Solar plexus, sacral, kidneys, root, chest, lungs, spine, heart, thyroid, pituitary and adrenal,
and brain are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Treat the following for long duration-
o Ajna/fore head,

o Back of head with medulla oblongata,

o Both sides of neck – one hand in the front of throat and the other on the nape on the
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 46

o Solar plexus, kidneys, soles of the feet.

o For excessive B.P, and congestion in the head region, treat solar plexus and
sole of feet for longer period, but never the head portion.

For high B.P, apply hand positions as follows –

o One hand on the lowest rib on the right side, the other hand directly below,

o The hands should cover the front of the throat but do not touch the neck,

o Place the palms on the feet covering the big toes.

For low B.P., apply Reiki as follows:

o Place hands between the shoulders and the shoulder blades,

o Then place hands on the shoulder blades,

o One hand across the sacral plate (bone plate above the fold of the buttocks) and the other
hand vertically below with a little more pressure.

o The hands on the soles of the feet; the big toes must be covered from the tips.

General treatment: It is essential to first root out the basic cause i.e., to remove all toxic material from
the body. The patient must be told about the condition of his B.P and advised to be under constant
Advise him to avoid excess mental and physical strain, avoid excess eating and smoking/drinking but to
eat a well balanced diet Regular exercises, walking, cycling, swimming, and jogging should be taken up,
after improvement in B.P. levels.
Water treatment: prolonged bath at 90-95 F, with cold compress on head during bath, is beneficial, also
hot foot or leg bath. The patient must avoid over straining and get good rest.
Diet: Balanced diet, fruits, fruit and vegetable juice, but restricted salt for high B.P.
A) HIGH B.P OR HYPERTENSION : The patient does not express his thoughts and emotions over a long
period of time. Advise him to take a good look at the problems and what ever else is annoying him. Ask
him to feel his way into the problems, and live them out with out holding on to any thing. Convince him
that Reiki will help.
B) LOW B.P: The patient lacks vital energy, stamina and cannot assert himself. It can also indicate an
attempt to avoid sexuality. Ask him to take a deep look at the forces at work within, without passing any
judgment, and to just observe what is happening and accept himself with all his weaknesses. Reiki will
assist him in this.

Bronchitis refers to an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the bronchus and bronchial tubes in
the chest. It is a breathing disorder affecting expiratory functions. This may also be due to some infection
of nose and throat, or endemic disease, due to cold and wet climate.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 47

It may be acute or chronic. Chronic cases are more serious than acute forms, as they may cause a
permanent change in lungs, thus interfering in its normal functioning. Chronic bronchitis is more common
in males than in females, and hence mortality in males will be more.
Symptoms: Affliction or inflammation of the larynx, respiratory tract, and bronchial tubes causes the
tissues to swell due to irritation. Large quantities of mucous are secreted and poured into the windpipe,
to protect the inflamed mucous membrane. The phlegm is found to be acidic, and purulent when
expelled. This may cause fever, pain in chest, deep chest cough, hoarseness, loss of appetite, difficulty in
breathing. This will continue till the inflammation subsides and mucous is cleared
Causes: Main cause is in wrong feeding habits, i.e. use of refined foods, such as refined sugar, refined
cereals, white flour products, and as a result in the accumulation of morbid matter in the system, and
collection of toxic wastes in the bronchial tubes.
Excessive smoking causes irritation in bronchial tubes and lowers their resistance to the germs breathed
in from the atmosphere. Stuffy working environments also cause bronchitis. Usage of drugs to suppress
earlier diseases, hereditary factors, and change of weather are also causes for this disease
Reflex Areas: The larynx, tracts and bronchial tubes, chest, nose, throat, and lungs are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment Channel Reiki to the throat, chest, Ajna (forehead), feet, solar plexus, basic, and thymus.
General Treatment: A hot poultice when applied on both front and back of chest, relieves the pain, dilates
the surface vessels, reduces BP, and acts as a stimulant for the heart. The process must be repeated by
changing the poultice often, so as not to hamper respiration. Rubbing of turpentine on the front and back
of chest also gives relief. An Epsom salt bath on alternative days will also be beneficial during bronchial
attacks. Fresh air exercises, long walks, yogasanas, will help the patient and also deep breathing
Diet: The patient should control his diet; drink more water till the acute symptoms subside. He should be
put on all fruit juice diet, at the beginning for about a week, followed by well balanced diet of seeds, nuts,
grains, vegetables, and fruits. He must drink unsweetened lemon juice, or cold or hot water.
He must take a teaspoonful of turmeric powder, with a glass of milk 2-3 times a day. Also drinking a
mixture of ginger powder, pepper, and long pepper in equal quantities, with honey or tea, helps to tone
up the membrane and deals with the fever.
One teaspoonful of raw onion juice must be consumed first thing in the morning, to liquefy phlegm and
prevent its recurrence. Fruits, fruit juices, balanced diet milk, honey, and vegetables should be consumed.
But he should avoid meat, sugar, tea, coffee, condiments, pickles, refined and processed foods, soft
drinks, candies, ice cream, sweets made of sugar and flour.
Metaphysical: Reflects the acute conflict and anger or upset in the family, or one’s immediate
environment. It also suggests that something is troubling the patient or making him angry that he
unconsciously wants to get rid of. He should be advised to accept that each person must adapt or adjust
his life, and to make peace with himself, live in joy, and make his life a joyful one.

Cancer is the most dreaded of all diseases, and refers to all malignant tumours, caused by the abnormal
growth of body cells, or a group of cells. This is the second largest killer, next only to heart problems. It
can occur in any part of the body. The most affected portions in the body are skin, larynx, mouth, breast,
lungs, stomach, uterus, rectum, bone etc. In males it usually affects intestines, prostrate, lungs and
stomach, while in women it occurs mostly in breast tissue, uterus, gall bladder and thyroid. These
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 48

malignant cells consume the food supply of other normal and useful cells, thereby causing their
Cancer is named differently for different regions affected – leukaemia for blood cancer, carcinoma for skin
and glands, sarcoma for bone and muscle, etc. It is neither contagious, nor communicable.
Symptoms: Symptoms vary according to the affected part. Some wounds that do not heal, change in
bowel and bladder habits, unusual bleeding or discharge, thickening of lumps in breasts or elsewhere,
difficulty in swallowing, indigestion, obvious change in wart or mole, persistent and nagging cough or
hoarseness, sudden loss of weight, change of skin colour, change of menstrual periods, especially bleeding
between periods, and lack of pain in lumps, are some of the symptoms associated with cancer
Causes: Though the exact cause of cancer is still unknown, 80% of cancers are due to environmental
factors. 40% of the cancer in our country is due to tobacco (a cancer agent). Eating pan with betel nut,
slaked lime with tobacco, causes cancer of the tongue, lips, mouth and throat. Smoking is known to
causes lung and throat cancer. Heavy consumption of alcohol can cause stomach and liver cancer.
Occupational hazards due to industrial pollution, i.e. asbestos, nickel, tar, soot, and air pollution especially
from diesel fumes, also lead to cancer. Heavy doses of X-rays cause skin cancer, lung cancer and
leukaemia. Others like viral infection, trauma, imbalance of hormones, and malnutrition, are also factors
that induce this disease. Faulty diet is a major cause, and it has been established that meat eating is an
important source of this disease.
Reflex Area: Any part of the body, i.e. bones, skin, prostrate, blood, breasts, stomach, liver, can be the
reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Since this is a very potent disease, it needs great Reiki energy for treatment. A single
source of energy will not be sufficient. A group of Reiki Masters and Channels should direct their energies
together, and treat the patient. If it is in the initial stages, the disease can be controlled.
Offer Reiki to the whole body regularly, and channel it to the afflicted portions if they are known, for 5-15
minutes, depending on the intensity of the disease. Channel on heart Chakra, and balance the other
chakras. Apply the hand positions as detailed below:
o Place one hand across the thymus, the other hand at right angles below it between the

o Place one hand across the sacral plate (bone plane above the fold of the buttocks), the
other hand below it vertically, with some light pressure.

o Place hands on the soles of the feet, covering the big toe, from the tips, with the fingers
extending up to the centre of the foot.

o Place the hands on the ankles about 100 mm above them on the legs.

o Place the thumbs on the ridges of the pelvic bones, the tips of the fingers close to each
other on the pubic bone to form a “V”.

o Offer Reiki on the sacral, base, heart and solar plexus, besides Ajna

General treatment: The main necessity for the treatment of cancer is a pure environment, consumption
of natural foods, relief from constipation, thereby cleansing of skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels. Warm
water enema is a must, at intervals.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 49

Plenty of rest, freedom from worries and mental stress, plenty of pure air, also assist in combating cancer.
Cobalt therapy will help in the initial periods
Diet: Fresh fruits and vegetable juices (orange, lemon, grapes, apple, pineapple,) alkaline based diet, raw
foods like carrots, leafy vegetables, beet, tomatoes, proteins from almonds, sesame seeds, sprouted
seeds and grains should be taken.
The patient is advised to fast for 2-3 days to enable the body to adjust for change of diet. He should eat
grapes at regular intervals of two hours for about two to three weeks, depending on the progress.
Fresh vegetables and fruits and their juice will assist in the treatment of cancer. Fresh wheat grass drink
has been found to be effective in treatment of leukaemia. Vitamin C and vitamin A are found to be
effective for treatment of skin cancer. Liberal use of green and yellow vegetables can fight stomach, lung
and other cancers. Consumption of carrot, dried fruits, salads, tomatoes, melons, and garlic also helps to
fight cancer
Metaphysical: A ruthless expansionist and a predominant pursuit of self-centred interest in any field, i.e.
politics, economy, religious, or private life is the main characteristic, i.e. trying to strengthen their own
position in life in order to achieve further egoistic ideas and goals.
The patient must accept himself with all his strength and weakness, and everything that happens to him,
both positive and negative, and integrate it into his consciousness. He must open himself up to life as a
whole, and begin to experience that wonderful state where everything is a part of his life. Reiki as well as
any other method of healing will help to expand consciousness, and will be of enormous help in this

Colitis is the inflammation of the large intestine and colon, and is of two types – mucous and ulcerative.
Both are the results of prolonged irritation of the delicate membrane that forms the wall of the colon.
The colon stores waste material until most of the liquids have been eliminated, to enable well-formed
stools. Mucous colitis causes discomfort and irregular bowel habits, while ulcerative is a sever prolonged
inflammation of the colon, in which ulcers form on the walls of the colon, resulting in passing of bloody
stools with pus and mucous.
Symptoms: Increased urgency to move bowels, followed by cramping pain in the abdomen, and bloody
mucous in the stools. It usually begins in the lower part of the bowels, and moves upwards, which results
in the stools becoming watery, and more frequent, with rectal straining. The patient becomes weak due
to these losses. It may also cause fever, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and anaemia.
The patient may develop a bloated feeling as the gas is absorbed, or expelled normally. He may suffer
from constipation between loose motions, or diarrhoea, and may suffer from insomnia and loss of weight.
If the patient with ulcerative colitis experiences severe pain, it may lead to nutritional problems, and
deficiency diseases due to improper assimilation of food due to the inflammatory condition. This will
result in nervous irritability, exhaustion, and depression and in extreme cases, suicidal tendencies.
Causes: Chronic constipation, regular usage of purgatives, allergy to some foods, especially milk, wheat,
eggs, intake of antibiotics that spoil the bacterial flora in the intestines, and interfere with proper
digestion, are some of the causes of colitis. Severe stress also produces ulcerative colitis, over flowing of
the adrenal hormones, cause destruction of body protein, and the eating away of the walls of the
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 50

Reflex areas: Intestine, liver, stomach, solar plexus, duodenum, adrenals, gall bladder and lower spine are
the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Channel Reiki on the following positions for at least 3-5 minutes:
o Ajna, base, solar plexus, sacral. Balance Ajna and solar plexus chakras.

o Place the hands parallel to the nose on either side, with the eyes covered and the fingers
reaching the top of the mouth. With the palms cup the back of the head, the fingers
placed on the soft spot along the middle line of the head to the neck (medulla oblongata).

o Place the hands on either side of the navel, i.e. one palm above the navel and the other
below it.

o Place the thumbs on the ridges of the pelvic bones, the tips of fingers close to each other
on the pubic bone, forming a “V”.

o Place one hand across the sacral plate, i.e. bone plate above the fold of the buttocks, and
the other hand vertically below with a little pressure.

o Hands on the lower ribs above the kidneys, on the back.

o Whole body treatment will be highly beneficial.

General Treatment: The patient should be advised not to use suppressive medicines, as they will only
push the toxic matter back into the system. Germs do not cause the disease, and the suppressive
medicine will cause recurrence of the disease, which may turn chronic.
Instead if the patient uses olive oil with warm water to wash the accumulation, it will soften and remove
the hardened matter sticking to the walls of the colon. Also he should avoid straining of the stools, but
take warm water enema daily, till the bowels are clear. Complete bed rest and avoiding tension, are also
Diet: Advise the patient to drink fruit juices, yoghurt, tender coconut water, and plenty of water, and eat
fruits like bananas, papaya, whole bread, sprouted seeds, and cereals, raw vegetables and cheese.
He should avoid white flour products, white sugar, white bread, highly salted foods, beverages hot and
cold, and food cooked in aluminium vessels.
Metaphysical: The patient probably must have had very exacting and strict parents, and experienced a lot
of repression, and humiliation, with the result that he is afraid of unfolding his own personality, and often
plays a role to please others. He needs too much affection, and hence attaches himself to others with a
hope of getting affection. This forces him to live for the sake of others, and not for himself. Tell him to
accept and love himself. This will free him from dependency on others.


The common cold is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and is caused by virus infection. Cold
is the simplest and the easiest method of expulsion of toxic wastes accumulated in the body system. The
duration of cold depends on the accumulated amount of the poison and the rapidity with which they are
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 51

Symptoms: Symptoms include a feeling of soreness of the throat, and congestion of the nasal passage,
running nose, sneezing, temperature, headache, chill, body aches and pains, loss of appetite, irritability,
and soreness of skin around the nose.
Causes: Exposure to a virus, lowered vitality, allergic disorders of the nose and the throat, lack of sleep,
depression, chilling of the blood, fatigue, factors like weather changes, dust, inhaling of irritating
substances, paints, can cause the common cold.
Wrong feeding habits like excessive intake of carbohydrates, starch, proteins, and other acid forming
foods can also lead to cold. Being close to a person suffering from cold, is also a factor for catching cold,
as it is highly contagious
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus, chest, bronchial, thyroid, thymus, shoulder/arms, eye/ear, neck, oesophagus,
all toes, pituitary, spleen, stomach, iloeceal valve, intestine, duodenum, adrenals, liver, and nose are the
reflex areas
Reiki treatment: Offer whole body treatment first. Channel Reiki to Ajna, thymus, heart, and base.
Balance the Ajna and base chakras. Treat as follows:
o Place your hands in a parallel position, parallel to the nose from forehead, to the top of
the mouth.

o Place the hands to cover, the front portion of the neck (without touching the neck) to
treat thyroid, parathyroid glands, larynx, vocal cords, lymph nodes, throat Chakra.

o Place one hand across thymus, the other at right angles to it between the breasts (to form
a T).

o Place one hand on the lowest ribs, at the right side of the body, and the other exactly

o Place one hand on the left lower rib, and the other hand exactly below.

o Place one hand on the pelvic bone ridges the tips of the hands close to each other at the
pelvic bone a “V”.

o Place the hands on the lower ribs above the kidneys, on the back.

o Cover the toes with the palms and place the hands to reach up to the centre of the feet.

General Treatment: Although general suppressive drugs like aspirin may provide a temporary relief by
forcing the toxic material back into the tissues, it may lead to serious trouble in the future due to
continuous accumulation of this phlegm, which will flow back to inflame the reflex parts. A teaspoonful of
turmeric powder boiled slowly in water until it emits fumes, if inhaled, will clear the nasal passage.
Turmeric powder with milk and honey if taken will clear mucous in the nose and chest.
Diet: Fruits like apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, melons, peaches, or any juicy fruit,
must be eaten. Citrus fruits with honey, green leafy vegetables, sprouted cereals like Bengal and green
grams, seeds nuts and grains are particularly good for a cold. Vitamin C (lime juice with honey in warm
water), garlic with onion juice diluted in warm water is a good remedy for cold. Decoction of ginger
pieces boiled in water with half teaspoonful of sugar is also beneficial. Tinned fruit, meat, fish, eggs,
cheese, and starchy foods should be avoided for a few days.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 52

Metaphysical: It shows that the patient wants to retreat into himself because he cannot stand the smell of
other things any more. He is trying to avoid the things that have become too much for him. It reveals that
the conflict within the individual is beginning to loosen up and that some blocked channels are ready to
flow again. Tell him to grant himself peace and rest, and allow himself to be away from other people and
problems, and to gain new strength.

Constipation is a common disturbance of the digestive tract i.e. the bowels do not move regularly or are
not completely emptied. This is the chief cause for producing the toxins and allowing them to enter the
blood, and hence weaken vital organs. Chronic constipation may give rise to appendicitis, rheumatism,
arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, and cataract, to state a few. The number of motions may vary from
person to person. For comfort and health, at least one clear bowel movement a day is essential and
considered as normal.
Symptoms: Infrequency, irregularity, difficulty of elimination of faecal matter, coated tongue, foul breath,
loss of appetite, heads ache, dizziness, dark circles under the eyes, depression, nausea, pimples on the
face, ulcer in the mouth, constant fullness of the abdomen, diarrhoea alternating with constipation,
varicose veins, pain in lumber portion, acidity, heart burn and insomnia, are some of the symptoms of this
Cause: includes wrong diet and faulty style of living, Consumption of refined and rich food lacking in
vitamins and minerals, insufficient intake of water, excessive use of strong coffee and tea, are other
reasons for this condition. Insufficient chewing, over eating, irregular and faulty habit of eating and
drinking, frequent use of purgatives, weak abdominal muscles due to sedentary habits, lack of physical
activity, emotional stress and strain, tumours, hyper acidity, disease of rectum and colon, uterine,
diseases, diabetes, abnormal condition of lower spine, and enlargement of prostate glands are other
Reflex areas: include intestines, gall bladder, liver, digestive organs, sciatica, root Chakra, solar plexus,
heart Chakra.
Reiki treatment:
o Give whole body treatment for 3-5 minutes

o Place one hand below the navel and the other on the nape of the neck

o Place the hands cupping the back of the head, with the fingertips placed on the medulla
oblongata (soft spot along the mid line of the head and neck).

o Place one hand on the lowest ribs on the right side, the other below it directly.

o Place one hand above the navel, the other below it,

o Place the balls of the thumb on the ridges off the pelvic bone, the tips of the hand close to
each other at pubic bone, forming a ‘V’,

o Place hands on the shoulder blades,

o Place one hand across the sacral plate (bone plate the fold of the buttocks), the other
hand vertically below with a little more pressure.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 53

o Place hands around the ankles.

General treatment: Advise the patient as follows: He should not have hurried meals at odd hours, but
chew food properly. He must drink lots of water regularly (about 6-8 glasses per day) a half-hour before
meals, or one hour after meals, but not during meals. Cold bath has to be daily taken in the morning.
Other remedial measures are to do abdominal exercises, manual mechanical vibratory massage, go out in
fresh air, participate in out door games, walking, swimming etc. Yogasanas like bhujangasna,
shalabhasana, pranayama also helps to avoid constipation.
Diet: Advise the patient to have a simple diet consisting of unrefined food of whole grains and cereals,
bran, honey, green and leafy vegetables like French beans, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, carrot,
beets, mangoes, grape fruits, dry fruits, figs, guava and oranges. He can eat all fruits, except banana and
Bael and guava help in the evacuation of the bowels. He should soak black dry raisins in water for a period
of 24-48 hours and eat them in the morning along with that water. Drinking hot water with sour lime juice
with ¼ tablespoon of salt will also help. Drinking water kept in copper vessels overnight is also good. If he
takes one teaspoon of linseed with water before each meal, it gives good lubricant if it is a difficult case of
To avoid: sugar and sugar products, white flour and its product like cakes, biscuits, rice, fleshy food, white
sugar, hard boiled eggs.
Metaphysical: It is a striking manifestation of a psychological problem on the physical plane. It has got to
with greediness and wanting to hold onto some materialistic things. The patient must have difficulty in
letting go of old ideas and have some repressed problems. Tell him to allow life to flow through
generously, which will allow him to find security and satisfaction within himself.

Cystitis refers to the inflammation of the bladder and is very common amongst females, and is caused by
bacteria. The bacteria normally inhabits the colon and travels via rectum up to the urethra and finally into
the bladder. Though not dangerous it may lead to kidney problems. Kidney and bladder are the two
principal organs of the urinary system.
Symptoms: Great discomfort, frequency and burning on urination, feeling of pain in pelvis and lower
abdomen, thick dark and stingy urine with unpleasant smell that may contain pus and blood, and also rise
in temperature in acute stage are the main symptoms. The scalding sensation on passing urine indicates
that the inflammation has spread to the urethra.
Causes: Wrong treatment with suppressive drugs, infection in adjacent parts like kidney, urethra, vagina,
and presence of stones in the kidney or bladder are the main causes of cystitis. Childbirth injuries, major
surgical procedures in the pelvic zone, which lowers the resistance of bladder, entry of germs into the
bladder, calcium and lime deposits in the wall of the bladder, are other reasons for this disease.
Reflex area: Solar plexus, chest, bronchitis with special emphasis on lumber, bladder, urethra, kidney,
Adrenal, abdominal (sacral) are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Offer Reiki for 2-3 minutes at the following hand positions;
o Cup the hands on the back of the head, the fingertips placed on the medulla oblongata.

o Place the hands on the ridge of the pelvic bones, the tips of the hands close to each other
at the pubic bone forming a V.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 54

o Treat base and sacral charkas.

o Place hands between the shoulder blades.

o Place one palm across the sacral plate and the other vertically below.

o Place the hands around the ankles.

General treatment: Hot water baths or covering hips and abdomen with a towel wrung out in hot water is
helpful. Apply vegetable oil on the body to avoid reddening. To relieve pelvic congestion, cold-water
compress on abdomen is beneficial.
Diet: Advise the patient to stop all solid foods. In case of fever tender coconut water must be consumed.
If there is no fever, raw vegetable juices especially carrot juice diluted with water can be given every 2-3
hours, keeping the patient warm during this time. Fruits like apples, melons pears, and peaches, should be
consumed initially, and then there should be a gradual switchover to a balanced diet. Fruits and
vegetables diet should be continued even after recovery for some days.
Metaphysical: The patient must accept her wish to rest and spend as much quiet time as possible. Also
she must try to deal with her conflicts by observing and accepting them. This will strengthen her health.


Teeth have an active part to break the food in the mouth for easier transportation to the stomach for
digestion. Hence teeth have to be clean and strong. Any dirt in the teeth will cause problems when they
mix with other substances. Oral and dental hygiene are the initial steps for a healthy body. “A clean
tooth never decays.” Unless they are kept healthy, they form the gateway to diseases into the body, and
their infection can spread to other areas like the alimentary canal, eyes, blood and all other organs of the
It will be useful to know how each tooth is energetically connected with some system, as they are the first
organs or region of the body to be infected. This is shown below:
Type of Tooth: Associated organ
Incisor: Big toe, kidney and bladder, meridian, ears, nasal, frontal sinus,
adrenals, coccyx, root Chakra, and uro-genital system.
Canines: Liver, gallbladder, meridian, eyes, hips, thoracic, spine,
pituitary glands, knees, palate and tonsils.
Anterior (Upper right) molars: Lungs, large intestines, meridian, nose, 3 toe, nasal, sinus,
bronchial tubes, hands, shoulders, knees, upper portion of
spine, pituitary and thymus glands.
Anterior (Lower and left) molars: Larynx, mammary glands, pharynx, gonads, lymph vessels,
knees, jaws, maxillary sinus.
Anterior (Lower and right) molars: Pancreas, stomach.
Anterior (Upper left) molars: Spleen, stomach, meridian.
Molars: Upper right and left Jaw, maxillary sinus, knees, thyroid gland, parathyroid, and
mammary glands.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 55

Upper right Pancreas, stomach.

Upper left Spleen and stomach meridian.
Lower right and left- Lungs, large intestine, meridian, nose, circulation and veins,
nasal, sinus, bronchial tubes.
Wisdom teeth: Heart, small intensities, meridian, middle ear, shoulder, elbow
Central nervous system, duodenum.
Upper right & left: Lower section of small intestine, jejunum
Upper right: Heart, small intestines, meridian, shoulders, elbows, middle
Upper left: ear.

Lower left & right: Lower section of intestines.

Lower right: Jejunum

Lower left:
From the above we see that any tooth affected will have an effect on the corresponding organ or region.
Symptoms: Formation of bacterial plaque underneath the gums and around the teeth surface, dental
caries (tooth decay), periodontal disease (gum disease), foul mouth and odour are the symptoms.
Causes: Betel chewing, tobacco chewing, smoking, pan masalas, non-brushing of teeth, excess eating of
chocolates, negligence of oral hygiene, taking soft diet, poor in fibre content and rich in refined
carbohydrates (refined sugar), bacterial plaques, are the main causes of dental diseases.
Reflex Areas: All toes, lymph, neck, throat, teeth, and gums, upper and lower jaws, mouth, and tongue are
the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki on sacrum, from beneath coccyx to perineum, prominent cervical vertebrae,
at the shoulder, to the front, foot, and sole tips to middle of foot.
o Place the palms across the eyes covering the temples, forehead parallel to the nose up to
the teeth.

o Place the palms across the shoulder blades.

o One hand placed across the sacral plate (bone plate above the fold of the buttocks), and
the other vertically below, giving slight pressure.

o Treat the specific reflex areas stated above with Reiki regularly. Treat Ajna and Basic

o Place one hand on the right lower rib area and the other below it.

General Treatment: Oral health depends on proper nutrition. A balanced diet assists in maintaining dental
health. Regular gargling will clean the particles in the teeth, and clean the odour of the mouth. The
following advice should be given to the patient:
o The gums should be massaged daily, and tongue cleaned regularly. The proper method of
brushing i.e. upper teeth downward, and lower teeth upwards from the gums, with
rotation of the brush, preferably a soft brush is recommended.

o A toothpick must be used to clean the cavities between the teeth.

Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 56

o Dentist should be visited at least once in six months for a check up.

o Application of natural honey on the gums at regular intervals is helpful,

o Warm water enema at regular intervals is also suggested.

Diet: The patient should eat fresh chewy fruits like apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, pineapples,
melon, green salads and green vegetables rich in calcium, fluorides, phosphorus, and fibrous diet, drink
milk, and eat cheese, nuts, and properly cooked vegetables. Warm water with a teaspoonful of honey can
also be consumed.
Metaphysical: Teeth indicate the ability to assert oneself during crisis. Bad teeth are an indication of the
patient’s difficulty in expressing his aggressive and assertive side. It indicates that he does not want to
admit this, or that he is unable to do so. He has difficulty in making decisions, and suppresses natural
aggression for fear of losing love, and recognition. Encourage the patient to accept aggression, without
condemning it. He should be honest with himself, and achieve goals by adopting a positive, and
constructive course.

Depression comprises of cases of emotional disorders ranging from slight sadness to misery and dejection.
It is far more difficult to cope with this condition, than any other physical ailment. The complexity of
modern life with its stress and strain in the monotonous, and drudgery of daily life causes depression.
Suicide is the major risk in extreme cases of depression.
Symptoms: This cannot be diagnosed clinically. Acute sense of loss, inexplicable sadness, energy loss, and
feeling of tiredness, lack of interest in world around, frequent sleep disturbances, restlessness, and
nightmares are experienced. The patient suffers from guilt, feeling of worthlessness or oppressive
feelings, self absorption, loss of appetite, giddiness, itching, nausea, agitation, irritability, frigidity or
impotence, body pains, loss of weight, lack of interest in eating or over eating, gain in weight, low
temperatures, low B.P., and cries to help relieve the tormented mind.
Causes: Depleted functioning of the adrenal glands is one of the main causes of mental depression,
irregular diet habits, indigestion due to assimilation of fats due to excess of fats causing gas to compress
the diaphragm in region of liver and chest (heart). This restricts the supply of oxygen to the tissues,
thereby enhancing the carbon dioxide level causing depression. Indiscriminate use of drugs like aspirin, as
well as diabetes, low blood-sugar, weakness of liver, use of refined food, fried food stuffs, self pity,
disappointments, non fulfilment of work schedules, failure in ventures, failure in life are all factors that
can trigger off depression in people.
Reflex areas: The reflex areas include liver, adrenal glands, heart, solar plexus, chest, neck, parathyroid,
toes, brain, pituitary glands, shoulders, pancreas, thymus, gall bladder, and large intestines.
Reiki treatment: Give whole body treatment.
o Offer Reiki for 2-3 minutes for each of ajna, (fore head), heart, and base.

o Treat the portions behind the head,

o Hands on the mid line of the back of neck

o Treat the portion between the pelvic bones and the Pubic bone with the hands forming a
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 57

o Place the hands on the soles of the feet covering the big toes.

General Treatment: The patient should be put on a regulated diet, and made to take up exercises with
relaxation techniques such as meditation. He should be told to keep his mind engaged in some creative or
other useful activities. Long walks, yogasanas like pranayama, savasana, and halasana should be done.
Spinal bath twice daily and abdominal packs at night are also suggested to lower depression.
Diet: The patient should consume whole-wheat chapattis, steamed vegetables, buttermilk, sprouted
grains and cereals and foods rich in vitamin B. He should avoid beverages, chocolates, soft drinks, all
white flour products, spices, sour juice, salt, and condiments.
Metaphysical: A state of severe oppression in which the patient tortures himself with self-reproach and
feels guilty. Outwardly directed aggression makes the person feel unconsciously guilty and therefore he
directs it back to himself instead. It is a form of shirking responsibility.
Ask the patient to look at the aspect of life that is causing the depression. Counsel him to feel his way into
it and come to terms with it. Reiki can help.

Dermatitis refers to an inflammation of the skin, both internal and external, causing redness, swelling,
heat and general pain and itching. Any part of the body may be affected especially genital area, and
exposed parts like eyelids, forearms, face and neck. The elasticity of the surface layer of skin varies with
the water content, which can be reduced by evaporation, use of irritants and decreasing agents like soaps.
When used frequently over a short period, these will cause dryness, redness, fissuring and irritation of the
Symptoms: The appearance of dermatitis varies according to the seriousness and the stage of evolution.
Redness appears first, followed by swelling of the skin. Excessive fluid retention, vesicles, may appear
later. In case of the rupture of vesicles, serum exudes (weeping dermatitis), and this dries up to form
crusts. In some cases, the disease does not leave any mark on the skin
Causes: Chemical substitution, extended contact with mineral irritants, certain drugs, carbolic acids,
iodine, mercury, tars, penicillin, sulphonamide, sulphur, and turpentine cause dermatitis. Hair dyes,
bleaches, skin tonics, nail polish, perfumes, wool, silk, floor wax, detergents, lack of Vitamin A, nervous
and emotional stress and wrong diet are other reasons for this condition.
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus, thyroid, pituitary, intestines, kidneys, adrenals, reproductive glands, face,
forehead, gall bladder, sacral, pancreas, spleen, and basic Chakra are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer whole body treatment. Treat the affected parts. Apply hand positions for at least
two or three minutes in each area as follows:
o Place your hands on the eyes, covering the Ajna area, pituitary gland.

o With the hands cup the back of the head with fingertips placed on the medulla (soft spot
along the middle line of the head to the neck).

o One hand on neck portion.

o One hand above the navel and another below it.

o Place thumbs on the ridges of the pelvic bones, the tips of the hands close to each other
at pubic bone, forming a “V”.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 58

o Treat solar, sacral, Ajna and basic Chakra

General Treatment: The basic trouble is constitutional, arising from internal causes. Start the patient on
an all fruit diet for a week, with fresh fruit juices of orange, apples, etc. at intervals of five hours. He
should then take restricted diet of raisins, figs, dates, for about ten days, to be followed by a regular well
balanced diet. Fasting at intervals will also help in controlling the disease.
The affected parts must be bathed in hot water with Epsom salt dissolved in it, and olive oil applied after
bathing. No medicine should be taken; the most effective treatment for any external trouble is to apply a
mixture of olive oil with baking soda. Exercises, physical and mental rest, fresh air are also recommended.
The patient should avoid exposure to cold, and regulate his hours of eating and sleeping.
Diet: Fresh fruits, and fresh fruit juices, like orange, grapes, pineapple, papaya, raw salads of seasonal
vegetables, with raisins, figs, dates, steamed vegetables like cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, new nuts can be
consumed. But he should avoid milk puddings, jellies, jams, pastries, or condiments, white sugar, white
wheat and their products, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks, refined carbohydrates, and denatured foods.
Metaphysical: The patient should be counselled to ask himself the following questions: Is he able to
contact others? Is he able to give or receive tenderness? Does he restrict his limits?
The full Reiki treatment will help him to break the boundaries between himself and the world.


Diabetes mellitus is a nutritional disorder characterised by abnormally elevated level of blood glucose,
and by excretion of excess glucose in the urine. Diabetes is caused when the body is unable to burn up its
intake of sugar, starch, and other carbohydrates because of absence of insulin. Insulin is produced in the
pancreas, and helps in metabolism of proteins and fat. Due to non-production of insulin in the pancreas,
there will be excess flow of urine containing sugar; thus the sugar and insulin disorder in blood causes this
In the modern age of stress and strain, this dreadful disease has taken toll of many people of all ages in a
stealthy way. Its trait of slow killing has become a nightmare. Though easy to control and overcome,
people do not get it treated early at its onset.
Symptoms: The common symptom is the frequent urination. Intense thirst, weight loss, feeling of
hunger, weakness, leg cramps, crops of boils, loss of libido, impotence in middle aged male, blurring of
vision occasionally also occur. Early menopause, reduction of fertility, complications in pregnancy,
miscarriages, paleness, constipation, weakness and fatigue, intense itching around the genital region,
palpitation, drowsiness, low sex urge than a normal person, are other symptoms.
Causes: The main cause is systematic overeating and consequent obesity. Grief, worry anxiety,
influences on metabolism can also cause sugar in urine. Cancer, TB, cerebral problems and hereditary
diseases are other causes. The body when unable to burn up its intake of sugar, starch, and other
carbohydrates, because of lack of insulin in the body, causes diabetes. The insulin is produced in the islet
cells of the pancreas.
Reflex areas: Reflex area are the pancreas, solar plexus/diaphragm, liver, thyroid, heart, pituitary and
adrenals, gall bladder, kidneys, basic and sacrum.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki on empty stomach for at least ten minutes daily on:
o Pancreas (left side of body, near stomach),

o Forehead (Ajna), Sacrum (Hara), Thymus/ Heart, Solar plexus/Liver, Base, Soles of the feet.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 59

o The hand positions for the above will be:

o Hands parallel to the right and left sides of the nose, covering the eyes, forehead up to the

o One palm placed on the lower ribs, on the left side, and the other palm directly below.

o One palm placed across the thymus, and the other perpendicular below and in between
the breasts.

o Palms on the soles of the feet, the big toes must be covered from the tips to the centre of
the feet.

o Hands on the elbows.

General Treatment: Diet plays an important role in treatment. Patient must be strict, lacto-vegetarian
and take low calorie and low fat diet, and alkaline diet of high quality, natural foods, with intake of juice of
4 or 5 fruits on empty stomach.
Exercises, yogasanas, eliminate minor worries from daily life, are recommended. Also the patient should
be easy going and not easily worked up by stress and strain.
Diet: Fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole meal bread, and dairy products to be taken in raw condition, with two
or three meals a day. Fresh lemon juice, salads of raw vegetables, cucumber, sting beans, onion, garlic,
skin of green beans, bitter gourd (karela), jambol fruit, citrus fruits, the outer covering of nuts, grains, and
the green leaves of edible plants should be consumed. Other nutrients of special value are zinc, B
complex, vitamins, and poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Fats and oils should be taken sparingly, as they are
apt to lower the tolerance for proteins, and starches. The patient need not hesitate to eat fresh fruits and
vegetables that contain sugar and starch. Fresh fruits contain fructose, which does not need insulin for its
metabolism, and well tolerated by diabetics.
But he should avoid starchy foods like bananas, meat, coffee, tea, cocoa, white bread, white flour
preparations, sugar, tinned food and fruits, sweets, chocolates, pastries, puddings, refined cereals, and
alcoholic drinks
Metaphysical: At the base of this disease, lies the wish for love, paired at the same time with inability to
let oneself be loved. The patient lacks sweetness of life and yearns for love, which he is unable to give.
Advise the patient to let go of the past, and accept that fun, love, games and affection are fundamental
basis of life.

22. E ARS:
The ears are vital organs of hearing in a human, are also often used by the body as a convenient
receptacle to throw away toxic matter.
Symptoms: Pain in the ear, pus flowing out of ear causing the patient to scream with pain. There are
different kinds of deafness i.e., they can cause brain tumours, encephalitis, and meningitis. Ears must be
taken care of properly as they are close to the brain and hence need great care. Diseases of the ear
include the following:
1. Conductive deafness- where sound cannot pass through the outer or middle ear.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 60

2. Sensor neural deafness - where the cause of deafness is in the hearing nerve. It often reduces the
quality of sound as well as loudness due to damage to tiny hair cells.
3. Blockage in the external canal of the ear.
4. Otitis media infection and inflammation of the middle ear, blockage of the tube preventing air from
reaching the middle ear. Fluid fills forming thick glue there by reducing the hearing.
5. Perforated ear drum
6. Pain in the ear, pus flowing out of ears, screaming with pain
7. Vertigo- dizziness
Causes: mumps, strong antibiotics, exposure to loud sounds for a long time, noisy work place, serious
head injury with a skull fracture, old age, mother having difficult labour, mother had measles during her
pregnancy are the most frequent causes of ear troubles. Accumulation of pus behind the ear or gathering
of pus, flossy teeth, tonsillitis, and bacterial infection of ear are other causes of ear diseases.
Reflex area: Solar plexus, /diaphragm, all toes, cervical, adrenals, thymus, lymph, neck/chest, inner ears,
throat, upper and lower jaws are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Offer Reiki to the following hand positions for 2-3 minutes each:
o Whole body treatment

o Place your hands in a parallel position to the left and right of the nose from forehead to
the region of the top of teeth,

o The hands on the ears,

o Place your hands on the front section of the neck without touching the neck,

o Channel Reiki into the inside of the feet in the region between the big toe and the arch of
the feet.

General treatment: A syringe wash may be necessary to remove dust/toxic material

let the family and friends know about the native’s hearing loss and support him. Consult ENT specialist for
correct assessment and treatment.
Use castor oil soaked warm cotton pad in the ear to avoid cols and dust and reduction of pain (do not use
coconut oil.) This will soften the wax adhering to the eardrum.
Diet: Patient can take normal food.
Metaphysical: Ear problems are caused by a conflict that is not being lived out it is obedience. The patient
does not want to hear things and in the areas in which he is lacking. He has to unconsciously invite eternal
situations and persons who teach him exactly what he does not want to learn himself. Tell the patient to
listen and learn, as it may be useful. He should also listen to his inner voice and obey it.


Epilepsy refers to a chronic condition in which fits or attacks of unconsciousness occur with or without
convulsions. This is a serious disorder of the central nervous system, and affects persons of all ages. It is
highly unpredictable to specify the frequency or the time of attack. It is characterised by a disturbance in
the normal rhythm of the cells in the brain. It is recognised by recurrent sudden attacks at irregular
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 61

Symptoms: Patients twitch convulsively and fall unconscious to the ground during the attacks, causing
tremendous nervous upheaval. One type is of short duration with slight jerks, and convulsions, with
momentary loss of consciousness. Another is of a violent type with contraction of arms, legs, and body,
accompanied by sudden unconsciousness. Some may feel strange sensations like flow of air and water
over them, noises, odours, and flashes of light. Patient cries, falls to the ground, loses consciousness, and
develops convulsions. The attack may last several minutes, followed by deep sleep. The patient may not
remember what has happened. He may be unresponsive for some time. There may be abrupt stoppages
of all the activities. His eyes may also tilt up.
Causes: Malfunctioning within the brain cells of some inherited abnormality, digestive disturbances,
intestinal toxic, strained nervous system, heredity influence, serious shocks, pain, trauma, meningitis,
typhoid, and other diseases, with prolonged temperatures, emotional disturbances, noise, starvation,
hypo-glaucoma, extreme fatigue, allergic reaction due to certain food substances (in form of protein
meat), circulatory disorders i.e. hardening of arteries leading to brain (mostly with old age), alcoholism,
steroids, drugs, lead poisoning, drug habits, mental conflict, low blood sugar, lack of calcium, and
magnesium pre-menstrual state, high fever, head injuries, respiratory disorders, mental retardation, are
all causes of epilepsy.
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus/diaphragm, spine, neck, throat, thyroid, all toes. Emphasis on brain and
pituitary, pancreas, ilacceal valve, intestines, adrenals, blood, brain abscess, BP, medulla oblongata --
extended spinal cord, large intestine, gall bladder are the chief reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki before and after the attack. Treat Ajna, throat, heart, sacral, solar plexus,
and the sole of the feet. Offer Reiki with the following hand positions:
o With the hand cup the back of the head, the fingertips placed on the medulla oblongata. (The
soft spot you can feel when you pass the fingers along the midline of the head to neck about half
way the hard bone ends, and changes into soft depression).

o The hands covering the front section of the neck.

o One hand placed above the navel, the other below it.

o Allow the energy to flow into the wrists and the section of the spine between the shoulder

General Treatment: Strict diet, complete relaxation, optimum light exercises in the open air, adherence
to simple and correct natural light are prescribed. Provide an iron object in the hands of the patient - this
will reduce the attacks. Ask the patient to sniff a wet leather item; this will also help in arresting the
intensity of the attack.
Hot and cold compress on the base of the head will be beneficial. Ask the patient to avoid mental
aberration, but remain mentally active. He should reduce the consumption of drugs slowly (if drugs were
taken earlier) and avoid excitement of all kinds.
Nor should he over eat, but take small meals at intervals, and not heavy meals at a time especially heavy
meals before sleep. Mudpacks on the abdomen will remove toxic materials.
Diet: Fresh juicy fruits like apples, grapes, grapefruits, peaches, pineapples, melons, nuts, sprouted seeds,
raw vegetables, grains, milk products, raw butter, seeds, soybeans, moong beans can be consumed. Green
leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. for more magnesium is good. He should however avoid all refined
foods, fried and greasy foods, sugar and its products, beverages, condiments, pickles, etc
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 62

Metaphysical: Encourage the patient to accept the forces and energies inside, without condemning or
suppressing them, and give them a conscious look. He must experience and accept whatever enters into
his consciousness when falling asleep, and just allow them to occur. This will help him to learn the
abilities of devotion, and letting things go, without having to be forced to be part of the mechanism that
controls his balance.

24. EYES
Eyes are the windows to the world and mirror our souls. They receive the impression and reflect in turn
what we see. Eyes are the most important organs of our body. Any defect in them will cause problems in
routine life. It is not correct to assume that the defective vision is due to functional derangements that
can be rectified by simple natural methods of treatments. It is also not true that spectacles can rectify all
types of eye defects. This is based on the assumption that such defects are due to permanent changes in
the eyes. Due to constant use of spectacles the eye muscles degenerate. It results in the reduction of
blinking which is naturally intended to assist and preserve eyesight. Constant use of glasses will result in
dull coloured eyes and reduce the sparkle in the eyes.
Symptoms: Headaches, watering of the eyes, cannot see or read near or far objects, burning or irritation
of the eyes, are all symptoms of eye problems.
Causes: The various eye defects are mainly due to over straining of the eyes i.e., reading in bad or very
bright light, excess of reading in moving vehicles, continuous watching of television, cinemas, computers
etc. Wrong diet such as excess starch, sugar and protein ingestion, unbalanced diet will affect the muscles
and blood vessels around the eye and cause clogging Improper blood supplies to blood vessels and nerves
of the eyes, external injury, and constitutional condition of the person. Catarrh, glaucoma, head injuries
also cause eye problems.
Reflex areas: Retina, eyeballs, eye nerves are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatments: should be directed through toes and thumbs. Adopt the following hand positions for
Reiki treatments:
o Place the hands in a parallel position to the right and left of the nose from the forehead to the
region of the top teeth.

o Hands on the temples with finger tips reaching to the cheek bones

o Hands cupping the back of the head, the fingertips are placed on the medulla oblongata.

o The hands covering the front section of the neck.

o Hands placed on the soles of the feet; cover the big toes from the tips.

Diseases of the eyes can be generally treated by natural methods i.e.,

Hydrotherapy - Submerging the forehead and eyes in a basin of water. Allowing a stream of water from a
faucet to flow over the eyes, allowing them to be cleaned.
Opening and close the eyes alternately 6 to 8 times. This to be repeated a few times
Vibratory or massaging the eye muscle. Yoga exercises for the eyes.
The eyes should be protected from dirt, smoke, and polluted air. The patient should avoid staring at bright
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 63

Diet: Natural raw foods are best diet. Fresh fruits like orange, apples, grapes, peaches, plums, green
vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, spinach, turnip, beet roots, potatoes, carrot, sparing use of cereals,
onions, dried fruits, dairy products should be consumed. Yellow fruits and vegetables containing vitamin A
are good for the eyes.
Metaphysical: Eyes indicate the capacity to see clearly. Eye problem shows the patient does not like what
he sees in life. Catarrh is inability to see ahead with joy, he sees a dark future. Eye problem in children
suggests not wanting to see what is happening in the family. Glaucoma is stony forgiveness,
overwhelmed by pressure due to earlier hurts. Astigmatism is fear of looking at self. Far sight indicates
fear of the present, while short sight is fear of the future.

Fatigue refers to a feeling of tiredness or weakness and can be of a temporary or a permanent condition.
Many people want to finish every thing that needs to be done at once, before thinking of rest, which leads
to over strain. These people are perfectionists, tense, and cannot relax. On some occasions they are
prepared to sacrifice their sleep and rest. Fatigue is an indication that the body cells are not getting
enough nutritional food to furnish them with a constant supply needed energy. It also shows that the
mind and body are not receiving enough rest for them to function normally.
Symptoms: Tiredness, palpitation of the heart, gasping for breath, insomnia, obesity, anaemia, mental
tension, and lack of interest to be active are the common symptoms.
Causes: Lowered vitality, lack of energy due to wrong food eating habits, habitual use of refined food i.e.,
white sugar, refined cereals white flour products. Tinned food, preserved food, lack of valuable Vitamin B6
and minerals, folic acid, low B.P., low blood sugar (anorexia), infection, damaged liver, body infection,
sluggish thyroid, allergy in food, rapid production of excess of lactic acid than necessary, irritable, highly
sensitive, lack of sleep and rest are the causes of fatigue. Overwork and over strain, nervousness and
tension are other causes.
Reflex area: Solar plexus, thyroid, spine, all toes, spleen, pancreas, liver, and pituitary gland, brain are the
reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Balance the chakras.
Apply Reiki hand positions for two minutes at every place as follows:
o Place your palms on the eyes parallel to the right and left of the nose from the forehead to the
region of the teeth.

o Hands on the temples with fingertips reaching to the cheekbones.

o Place the balls of the thumb on the ridges of the pelvic bones the tips of the hands forming a V.

o Place one hand across the sacral plate [bone plate above] the fold of the buttocks, the other
hand vertically below with more pressure.

o Lace the hands on the soles the feet with the big toes covered from the tips.

General treatment: People who eat small meals suffer less fatigue and nervousness. The midday meal
must consist of fresh fruits/vegetables, fresh juice, raw vegetables, and small sandwiches of whole gram
bread and must be taken at specified time and before going to bed.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 64

Advise the patient not to over exert himself mentally or physically, but to relax. Breathing exercises and
light exercises are also recommended. When tired, the patient should lie down on a couch and relax the
body slowly by stretching himself. Vitamin tablets or tonic should also be taken. But he should avoid
aspirins, tranquillisers, drugs, and coffee, alcoholic drinks, smoking, sweets and sweet preparations to
reduce the fatigue.
Diet: Sprouted seeds, nuts, grains (corns, wheat, barley etc.), milk, honey, and unrefined food green leafy
vegetables, carrot juice, beets, cucumber, should be consumed. Sugar levels of the blood should be
maintained by small ingestion of carbohydrates.
Metaphysical: Fatigue represents resistance, boredom, tension and lack of love. The patient should be
told to be enthusiastic about life and fill it with energy and enthusiasm.


Acute inflammation of gall bladder is always associated with gallstones. This occurs mostly in fat, flatulent
females, between 30 to 50 years. This inflammation depends on the obstruction of outlet of gall by
gallstones, in the majority of cases. The formation of gallstones is the imbalance of three main
constituents of bile – phosphorous, lipid, and bile salts. The bile salts are like detergents keeping the
cholesterol in liquid form. When there is imbalance the cholesterol is deposited inside the gall bladder
and crystallise. Thus gallstones are crystallised fatty congestion, especially of cholesterol. These are
usually caused by disturbances in the composition of bile. A change in the ratio of cholesterol and bile
salts may result in the formation of deposits, which will be of cholesterol bile, destruction of blood cells
and stagnation of the bile flow.
Symptoms: Pain is felt in the digestive tract, causing abdominal colic, nausea, flatulence, without vomiting,
chills at the outset, pain in the back or right shoulder, muscle rigidly, distension pain giving rise to central
poorly located pain. Pain with overlying skin tenderness, heart burn, nausea and vomiting, flatulence and
distension, due to gaseous distension of the stomach, jaundice, fever, either continuous or intermittent,
followed by sweating, pancreatic, pain around the abdomen, eased by leaning forward are also felt by the
Causes: If the patient is on steroids, or suffered from typhoid fever it can cause gallstones. Child bearing,
obesity, consuming contraceptive pills, pigment stones, cirrhoses disorders due to digestive disturbances
(excess of salts and carbohydrates), poor health, hereditary, stress, spinal displacements, bad postures,
muscular tensions are other causes. Meals rich in carbohydrates and fats like white flour and white sugar
and their products can trigger off gallstones.
Reflex areas: include solar plexus, thyroid, thoracic, spine, liver, and gall bladder.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki to solar plexus, sacral, heart, neck, basic, ankles, and soles of feet, liver, gall
bladder and thymus.
General Treatment: Exercise is very essential as physical inactivity can lead to lazy gallbladder functioning.
Indigestion may ultimately result in the formation of the stone.
Yogasanas like sarvangasana, salabhasana, bhujanasanas, are beneficial to tone up liver and gall bladder.
Diet: Ask the patient to fast for two days and take only water, eat carrot, beet, grapefruits, lemon or grape
juice, vegetable soup, and yoghurt daily. He should take small meals at intervals.
Water treatment: Regular application of hot and cold fomentation on the abdominal portion will improve
the circulation of liver and gall bladder, and also contract the gall bladder, thereby improving the flow of
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 65

bile. Give warm water enema to the patient to eliminate the faecal accumulation. A cold hipbath tones
up the abdominal area.
Metaphysical: Bile is an extremely aggressive substance. The patient is not fully aware of the fact that he
is aggressive, whether he likes it or not. The complaints are symptoms indicating pent up aggression, and
blocked energy. Tell the patient to be honest and accept both himself and his power. This will dissolve
the anger and make him use this energy positively. Bitterness, hard feelings and aggression have turned
to stones. It is thus that life is under influence of compulsive forces, so he must choose between
aggression and true love. Reiki will help to fight this disease.

Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach, a terrible condition leading to many
complications like ulcers. This term is often used to describe dyspeptic symptoms in patients who have no
visible ulcer. Ulcers if not treated in time may lead to other disorders. The two types of gastritis are
acute-erosive and chronic atrophy. The latter can be seen in iron-deficient anaemic patients. Iodine,
copper salts, and excess of tobacco are all factors that can cause gastritis.
Symptoms: Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, pain and discomfort in the stomach,
feeling of fullness after meals, heart burn, loss of weight, anaemia, occasional haemorrhage from
stomach, out flowing of mucous, abdominal discomfort, cramp in upper abdomen, are the symptoms of
this condition.
Causes: Indisciplined diet, over eating, eating improperly cooked food, excess of beverages, consuming
large quantities of condiments, sauces, after effects of diseases like measles, diphtheria, flu, virus,
pneumonia, worry anxiety, grief, prolonged tension, usage of certain drugs, strong acids, caustic
substances, alcohol, iodine, copper salts, excess of tobacco are all factors that can cause gastritis.
Reflex Areas Stomach: liver, abdomen, head, heart, throat, windpipe are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Channel Reiki on solar, sacral, base, Ajna, throat, heart, for about 3 to 4 minutes each. In
acute cases, apply hand positions on stomach and thymus positions and on the back.
General Treatment: Ask the patient to avoid worries, and not to undertake any hard physical and mental
Tell the patient to take a dry friction and sponge bath daily with hot compress on empty stomach.
Breathing exercises, light exercises, like walking, swimming, etc. are also recommended.
Diet: The patient should start with fasting for about 2-3 days to remove the intake of toxins and thereby
resting the stomach. Water during meals should be avoided as also hasty eating. Food must be served
and eaten in a relaxed and pleasant environment, at least two hours before going to bed.
Fruits, fruit juices, at intervals of five hours for about three days should be consumed, followed by a well-
balanced diet. Fruits and fruit juices of apples, pear, grapes, oranges, pineapples, melon and peaches have
to be taken. The patient must avoid alcohol, smoking, spices, condiments, non-vegetarian food, sour
substances, pickles, strong coffee or tea, sweets, toffees, rich cakes, and soft drinks.
Carrot juice, or lemon juice in hot water with honey have to be consumed. Tender coconut water,
bananas, raw nuts, chapattis, green vegetable salads, tomatoes, buttermilk, fresh butter, milk bread, and
cheese are helpful.
Metaphysical: The person cannot give vent to his feelings and aggressiveness, and turns them on himself,
i.e. a person of self-destruction. Tell him to accept his feelings and stop avoiding conflicts. He should
open himself up to the feelings of others, and consciously divest them and accept his own aggression.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 66


Hair loss means falling of hair, leading to baldness. This may be due to many reasons, and may also be
Symptoms: Losing of hair during grooming or massaging of head, or baldhead.
Causes: Loss of hair can be due to the side effect of medication, metabolic diseases, infection, excessive
psychological strain, long term malnutrition, hereditary (for men), high fever, and glandular dysfunction. It
also denotes problems in mutual relationship, fear of closeness, diseases in pelvic region, blockages
impairing flow of energy to root sectors, allergies, shock, weight problem, and lack of will to live and enjoy
Reiki Treatment: Hereditary disposition to hair loss can effectively be delayed. If the roots of the hair
have not died there is quite a bit that natural remedies can do. This needs lots of patience, and staying
Reiki must be channelled at least five minutes per day:
o On the lower ribs above the kidney

o Hands are placed on the ankles

o Forehead to teeth parallel to the nose,

o Area where hair loss is noted on the head, (place hands over them),

o Pelvic portion – lay hand in V-shape from pelvic bone to pubic bone.

o Solar plexus,

o Kidneys,

o From beneath the pubic bone to the perineum,

o Repeat treatment on head areas as often as possible.

o Massage the scalp with sliced onion, at least twice or thrice a week

Diet: Vitamin E oil to be massaged on the scalp. High quality vegetarian food to get enough Vitamin A, B
complex, Vitamins C and E, organic high quality proteins, and a tablespoon of honey daily.
Metaphysical: The patient should ask himself about what he wants to do regardless of what others expect
from him. He should be urged to be confident so as to regain his joy of living and thus achieve also a sense
of freedom and strength.

Headache is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. It may be due to a variety of often-complicated
causes. It is not possible to pinpoint the source point the source. Headaches afflict almost every one at
some time or the other.
Most headaches are functional caused by temporary upsets and are not related to any organic changes in
the brain. Headache is generally a warning to the native that something is wrong in the body system. The
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 67

actual pain is due to irritation nerve endings in the shoulder, neck, and scalp muscles and also the muscles
encircling the blood vessels serving this area. There are many types of headaches.
Symptoms: Unbearable pain in the head, lack of sleep, no inclination to eat, irritability, giddiness, strange
looks, lack of interest, and pain in shoulders and neck are felt.
Causes: Some of the causes may be excessive tension due to the existence of a strong external demand or
excess condition, or striving for perfection. It may also be due to climatic changes, sleeplessness,
emotional outbursts, stress, head injuries, affliction of spine, inflammation in throat or head, defective
vision, liver and stomach problems, and perpetual worries.
Reflex areas: Solar plexus/diaphragm, eye, ajna, brain, shoulder, arm, sciatica, neck, thyroid, spine with
emphasis on cervical, breast, all toes with emphasis on pituitary, sinuses, pancreas, intestines, adrenals,
and ileocecal valves.
Reiki Treatment: Apply Reiki for ten minutes in each of the following positions:
o Place your hand in a parallel position on both sides of the nose, covering forehead to the top of
the upper teeth

o Cover the back portion of the head with both the hands, with fingers touching the soft spot, i.e.
portion between the hard bone ending and changing to soft depression,

o Hands placed between the shoulder and shoulder blades on the back (nape of neck and

o Place the hands on the shoulder blades (heart),

o Cover the soles of the feet with the big toes covered from the top, with the hands to complete
the whole body treatment,

o On both sides of the navel, slightly above the waist line (sacral),

o Lay hands together in the form of V, from pelvic bone to the pubic bone, (root and sacral the top
of the upper lip, Ajna Chakra, Solar plexus and liver.

General treatment: There are various causes for headache. Each cause has to be tackled differently and no
one treatment is possible for the entire. Let us consider different causes and adopt the treatment given
Metaphysical: The patient has strong external demands. There may also be excessive ambitiousness and
striving for perfection. He places too much weight on rational thought and lives in his head too much.
Counsel him to accept what happens without judging it, and allow things to develop of their own for the
time being.

Hernia refers to the displacement of a portion of the stomach through the opening in the diaphragm
through which oesophagus passes from the chest to the abdominal cavity. This is common after middle
age. Persons above 60 years of age are prone to this. This can be verified by barium X-ray test.
Symptoms: Pain is felt behind the breastbone at the nipple, and lower end of breastbone, with pain on
the left chest, base of throat, right lower ribs and behind the right shoulder blades. Other symptoms
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 68

include heartburns after a meal, feeling of fullness and bloatedness, with low resilient muscles, flatulence
and discomfort in swallowing.
Causes: Faulty diet, poor nourishment, alcohol, coffee, and tea affect the mucus lining of the stomach
and irritate the digestive track. When taken with meals, it foments and produces gas. Increase in
distension of stomach causes great pressure against diaphragm and the oesophaguscal opening and
greatly increases the risk of herniation. Sedentary occupation without exercises, obesity due to over
eating, smoking, shallow breathing, and mental and emotional tension are other reasons for the
development of hernia.
Reflex areas: Stomach, diaphragm, chest, abdomen, brain are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Since Hernia has to be operated to remove the projection, Reiki can be offered for
speedy recovery. When the patient feels the symptoms, Reiki can be given to the chest, solar plexus,
sacral, root charkas besides the whole body treatment.
General treatment: The patient should avoid mental and physical tension at any time; practice of savasana
also helps. If the head end of the bed is raised by placing bricks below the legs of the bed, it will help to
regurgitate food during the night. Or else he can place more pillows under the head. The patient should
also relax more.
Advise the patient to do the following exercises:
o Do diaphragmatic breathing i.e., he must lie down with both the knees bent and close to
the buttocks and relax.

o Put both the hands lightly on the abdomen. And concentrate on this area.

o Breath gently pushing the abdomen up under the hand till no more inhalation is possible.

o Relax. The patient should breath out through the mouth with audible sighing, allowing
the abdominal wall to sink back, and keeping the chest and shoulder at rest through out
this exercise.

Diet: Seeds, nuts, whole cereal grain, raw or cooked vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouted each meal must be
consumed. Fruit juices must be diluted with equal amount of water. Carrot juice has restorative effect
and is rich in vitamin A.
To Avoid: Over processed food like white bread, sugar, cakes, condiments, rice pudding, over cooked
vegetables, pickles, strong beverages, coffee, tea, smoking should be avoided. Nor should he drink water
with meals, but drink half an hour before or after meals. This will help to reduce the heartburn and assists
digestive process. Frequent small meals instead of three large ones, must be consumed. Hot drinks should
be allowed to cool before drinking, and extremes of temperature in both drinks and food must be
avoided. He must try to sip instead of drinking straight away.
Metaphysical: Ruptured relationships, strain, burdens, incorrect creative expressions, not to appreciate
himself, are indicated. Fear of existence, survival or any disorder due to intense anxiety and repressed
mental conflict, are the metaphysical connotations of this disease.

Hysteria is a mental and nervous disorder due to intense anxiety and repressed mental conflict and is
characteristic by lack of control on acts and emotion.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 69

An eminent psychiatrist has defined this as a disorder of young women in whom the emotional state
controls the body, leading to perversion of mental, sensor, motor and secretory function. A healthy well
functioning body however is able to keep the reasoning mind in control of the whole organisation.
Symptoms: the main symptoms are inappropriate elation or sadness, crying without reason, almost
continuous laughter, deep sighing and constriction in throat and chest, breathing problems, head ache,
clenched teeth, palpitation, voluntary feeing of foreign body in throat, and swelling of neck.
The other types of symptoms are wild and painful cries, incomplete loss of consciousness, violent and
tumultuous heart beats, contraction of muscles splitting, violent convulsions, jumping about on the bed,
and adopting tenacious postures.
Psychological symptoms include weakness of will, craving for love and sympathy, emotional instability,
reacting too readily to suggestions and getting swayed greatly by their environment with impulsive
conduct, which may be irrational. There loss of memory about events leading to dual personality.
Hysterical trances lasting for several days and weeks, sleep walking, with limbs remaining in any position
in which they are placed are other indicators.
Causes: sexual excesses or repression, perverted habits of thoughts, idleness, hereditary, faulty emotional
training, mental strain, stress, anxiety, depression, masturbation, prolonged sickness, trauma, unable to
adapt one self to the situation such as marriages, engagements, loss in love, bereavement, position of
responsibility, drugs, epilepsy, intoxication, irregular menstruation, insanity – could all be causes of this
Reflex areas: head, wrists, extended spinal cord, large intestine, and stomach.
Reiki treatment: Channel Reiki to both the wrists and cross ways on the head (at about 15cms above the
head). Massage the hands vigorously for 3 minutes. The following hand positions must be applied for
o Place the palms cupped on the back of the head, fingers placed on the medulla oblongata
(soft area in the middle of the head),

o Place one hand above the navel and the other below it.

o Hands placed on the shoulder blades.

o Hands placed on the lower ribs above the kidneys on the back.

o Hands placed on the soles off the feet, the big toes must be covered from the tips. This
gives a complete body treatment

o End with Reiki on the Third eye.

General treatment: - Hysteria being a physical and mental problem can be treated by concentrating on
body and mind. At the physical plane, it is necessary to include a well ordered hygiene mode of living,
well balanced diet, complete mental and physical rest, daily exercises good environment in occupation
and domestic, fresh air, regular good habits, bowel maintenance and fixed hours of eating and sleeping.
Splash cold water on face when the patient is having the attack. In sever cases press the ovaries (sacral
Chakra) portion.
Diet: All fruit died, fresh juice of orange, apple, grapes, grape fruits, papaya, and pineapple should be
eaten. Milk diet or milk-fruit diet can be taken. Seeds, nuts, grains, jambal fruit with salt exposed to sun,
300 Gms at a time, should be eaten for a week or a fortnight. Honey helps in improving the menstrual
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 70

cycle causing good blood flow during the cycle, cleansing the uterus, tones up brain and the musculation.
It is very effective and maintains body temperature.
Metaphysical: On the mental plane, it is essential to learn self-control and positive thinking. Diversion of
the mind is very important. Proper sex education i.e., sublimation of sexual desire or normal sexual
indulgence for married client, air and sunbath, cool baths, adequate rest and sleep will be helpful.


Influenza generally referred to as ‘Flu is the result of infection with flue virus, which affects the upper part
of the respiratory tract, the nose, the throat, and involves the lung and bronchial tubes. It is highly
contagious and may cause wide spread epidemics. It may strike people of all ages at any time. It is a
natural attempt at self-cleaning and if treated in a natural way, may ensure good health for the patient in
the future.
Symptoms: It starts with a chill, fever, headaches, and severe body pains, making the patient feel weak
and miserable. Inflammation of the nose and throat spreads to the lungs, through windpipe. Sore throat,
cough, running of nose, and eyes are experienced. The temperature may vary between 102 to 104 F.
There may be deep cough due to irritation in the windpipe. In some cases there may be shivering also.
Causes: Generally, it is caused by a virus. It develops due to toxic and run down condition of the body
system, of the patient. Faulty style of living, i.e. worrying, overwork, lack of proper exercises, stuffy
environment, keeping late hours, loss of vitality, close contact with persons suffering from flu, change of
climate, getting drenched in rain, are other causes.
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus, lungs, bronchial, thymus, thyroid, all toes, lymph, groin, forehead and nose are
the reflex areas
Reiki Treatment:
o Offer whole body treatment; treat with hand positions as follows:

o Place the hands parallel to the nose, up to the mouth with palms covering the eyes.

o Place the palms on both the ears.

o Place hands to cover the front of the neck, without touching it.

o Keep one hand on the lower ribs of the right portion of the chest, and the other just

o Place one hand on the lowest ribs of the left side of the chest, and the other just below.

o Place one hand on the thymus, and the other perpendicular to it at the centre of the
breasts, to form a “T”.

o Place the hands on the lower ribs, above the kidneys at the back.

o Place the hands covering the toes, with the palms and extending the fingers up to the
centre of the feet.

o Offer Reiki on Ajna, base chakra and balance them

Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 71

General Treatment: The patient must abstain from solid food and drink only fruit juice, diluted with water
for the first 2 to 5 days, depending on the severity of the disease till the temperature subsides. After
fever subsides, he can eat fruits, followed by well-balanced food, i.e. seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and
He must take warm water enema once a week, till the waste is thrown off. A mixture of powdered long
pepper, ginger, and honey three times a day, will help to clear the larynx and bronchial tubes. Tulasi
leaves (basil), is found to be very effective in treating flu.
Diet: Fruits, milk, pears, apples, grapes, pineapple, melons, peaches, must be taken at intervals of five
hours. He must however avoid bananas, tinned fruits, spices, condiments, pickles, high seasoned meat,
over boiled milk, pulses, rice, cheese, refined and processed foods, stale and tinned foods.
Metaphysical: Flu represents either a sign of too much stress, or of a crisis that the patient wants to
evade, although he is unwilling to admit it for the present. It shows that the patient is fed up and wishes
to allow everything to take its own course. Encourage the patient to accept his wish for rest, and allow
himself time to regain strength, accept the situation he is in, as it contains a chance for growth. Only then
will he become whole, and will begin to love everything.

Jaundice is a symptom characterised by increase of bile pigments in the body fluids and tissues. It
develops when the normal flow of bile through the bile ducts is disturbed or when the liver does not
function properly. Bile circulates in the blood imparting a yellow colour to the skin. Heavy alcoholic
consumption may also cause hepatitis.
Symptoms: Physical change in skin colour (orange/yellow), pale yellow, greenish yellow, anaemia, change
in mental state - personality changes and slight mental deterioration, clubbing of hands, and sweetish
odour in the breath can be noticed. There is extreme weakness, headache, fever, and loss of appetite,
undue fatigue, severe constipation, nausea, and yellow colouration of eyes, tongues, skin, and urine. Pain
in liver region, itching are also felt by the patient.
1. Jaundice- the duration is less than one month.
2. Hepatitis – This disease lasts for one to two months, due to chronic liver disease. It suggests
malignant obstruction, or stone in common bile duct
3. Digestive distress; Anorexia, nausea, discomfort for a few days, bloating after meals, and
intolerance to fatty food are felt. Other symptoms are – weight loss, abdominal pain, fever,
diarrhoea, and feeling of illness, backache, pancreatic diseases, and clay/tar-coloured stools, and
dark coloured urine.
Causes: Malfunctioning of liver, inflammation of the liver, (hepatitis), over crowding, dirty surroundings,
unsanitary conditions, contamination of food and water, anaemia, typhoid, malaria, yellow fever,
tuberculosis are typical causes of jaundice.
Reflex Areas: Liver, intestines, pancreas, kidneys, bile ducts, bone marrow, gall bladder, spleen, abdominal
area, solar plexus, and sacral are the reflex areas.
Reiki. Treatment: Reiki channel on: Ajna (forehead), throat, heart, solar plexus, hands on left side of
stomach and also on right side.
Place hands in the following positions:
o Place one hand on the lowest ribs on the right side and the other below t directly
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 72

o Place one hand on the lowest rib on the left side and the other directly below that

o Place one hand across the thymus and the other at right angle to it below and between
the breasts

o Place one hand above the navel and the other below it

o Place the balls of the thumb each on the ridges of the pelvic bones and the tips of the
hands close to each other on the pubic bones to form a V.

o Place the hands on the lower ribs above the kidney.

o Whole body treatment for five minutes on all points daily

General treatment: patient must take complete rest until acute symptoms of the disease subside. Hot and
cold compresses on the abdomen at five-hour intervals, are useful. Yogasanas, and pranayama help in
eliminating this disease.
Diet: The patient must be put on a diet of fruit juice of lemon, grapes, pear, carrot, beet, sugar cane, and
radish. He must avoid all fats like ghee and butter, cream, fried food, and oils at least for two weeks and
only a minimum consumption after that. Pulses, cereals, legumes etc in the diet, can be added later. He
should drink a lot of water, as well as plenty of tender coconut water, and chapattis with little ghee.
Metaphysical: Jaundice shows that the patient tends to exaggerate things and is very biased. He has
strongly coloured opinion. This disease symbolises his attitude and denotes that it wants him to let go of
the one sidedness. The patient should learn to become more tolerant and balanced, while giving love and
sympathy to other persons. He should correct his one-sided attitude. Reiki will help.


The formation of stones (crystals) out of chemicals found in the urine (oxalic acid, phosphorous, uric acid
and calcium in the urinary tract) is a common disease. This occurs when the particular substance exceeds
its solubility and grows due to concentration. It occurs mostly in the middle age and is found more in
males than in females.
Kidneys act as filtering plants to purify blood by removing salt and water and allow it to pass on to the
bladder as urine. There are two types of stones. 1) Primary stones caused due to acidic urine and alcohol,
2) Secondary due to local infection in alkaline urine.
Symptoms: Severe pain, first in the sides and then to groins and thighs. Desire to urinate frequently,
painful urination, nausea, vomiting, sweating, chills, shocks; some times blood may pass with urine.
Causes: Defect in general metabolism, highly concentrated urine due to heavy perspiration or insufficient
intake of fluids, sedentary life style, wrong diet, excess consumption of acid forming food, consumption of
white flour and sugar products, meat, beverages, spicy food, condiments, excess intake of milk, vitamin B,
excess eating, lack of vitamin A, vitamin D, and alkalis, result in formation of stones.
Reflex areas: Solar plexus, parathyroid, lower back, urethra, kidneys, and adrenals are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Apply Reiki on solar plexus, sacral and base chakras, and back of sacral on the kidney area
offer about 3-5 minutes. Apply the hands on the following positions:
o The thumb over the pelvic ridges and the tip of the hands closing on the pelvic bone
forming a V.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 73

o The lower ribs above the kidneys on the back,

o One hand across the sacral plate and the other hand vertically below with a little more

o Place hands around ankles

o Channel Reiki on the sacral chakra in case of chronic complaints.

General treatment: Hot water enema followed by hot bath must be taken, but keep the head cool with
cold pack. Yogasanas can also be beneficial. Vitamin B6 may be taken for a long duration for a cure.
Diet: Proper dietary habits are recommended. The patient should avoid foods that irritate the kidneys to
control acidity or alkalinity in urine. He should take plenty of fluids, and diet that is moderately low
calcium and phosphorous diet, i.e. milk, curds, cheese, groundnuts. Basil (Tulasi) juice should be taken for
six months to expel the stones from the urinary tract. Common beans boiled in water slowly, strained
through muslin without stirring, and the decoction given to the patient at two hours interval, has been
found to be effective in treatment of stones.
Tell the patient to avoid alcoholic beverages, condiments, pickle, and certain vegetables like radish,
tomatoes, spinach, onions, beans, cabbaged, cucumber, cauliflower, meat, gravies, carbonated water, and
products of white flour.
Metaphysical: The result of partnership, aggressions kept back for a long time will result in solidification.
The cause may be clinging to problems and negative thoughts, which are old and outlived instead of
forgetting them. Tell the patient to ponder over these problems and plan to forget them. Reiki will
provide the love and make him forget the long-standing problems.

The knee is one of the important parts of the body, which assists in locomotion, helps the person to sit,
stand, or fold his legs. It also carries the weight of the body for the whole life of the native. The knee is a
complex joint, which includes the area between the tibia and femur (leg and thigh) and the kneecap. The
most common knee problem is ‘runner’s knee’ (seen mostly in athletes.)
Symptoms: The pain is near the kneecap usually at the medial (inner) portion and below it. It can also be
felt after sitting for a long time with knees bent, or running down hill and walking up the stairs. It is
characterised by swelling, severe pain, feeling of instability, and the patient cannot straighten the knees.
Sometimes there is fluid filled with lump at the joint, sprain, and loud noise behind the kneecap when it is
Causes: Injury, bleeding inside the knee, tenderness of the joint muscles, breakage of collateral ligaments,
crucial ligament tear due to jumping, wear and tear due to age, arthritis, bow legs, outer side of the joint
destroyed, gastritis, cyst, and increased internal fluid, could be the causes for knee pain.
Reflex areas: Spine, shoulder, sciatic elbow, hip, knee, leg, mid back, and tendon are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Offer whole body treatment for 5 minutes
o Put one hand below the knee and the other above it covering the entire knee and offer
Reiki for 3-5 minutes

o Give Reiki holding the ankles for 3-5 minutes.

Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 74

o Apply Reiki on solar plexus and ajna for 3 minutes

o Place the hands to cover hollow of the knees, for 2-3 minutes.

General treatment: The patient should be advised to take complete rest, and apply pain balms, hot
fomentation, and light massage to the knees. Simple exercises of the knees can be done.
Diet: Patient can eat bananas while avoiding items producing gas.
Metaphysical: If pride, stubbornness, egotism or unconscious fears are preventing the patient from
submitting and yielding, which might result in stiff and inflexible knees If he succeeds in developing more
tolerance and sympathy, and learn how to forgive, he will be able to forego the possibility of getting even
worse knee problems in the future. Reiki can help him in developing such traits.

Legs form the locomotors of the body, symbolising mobility and flexibility. Legs consist of bones, muscles,
sinews, joints etc. They also form a support to the physical body and provide the stability. With the legs,
we can move about to fulfil our daily routine such as running, walking, standing etc. Legs bear the weight
off our body throughout our life.
Symptoms: include swelling, pain, injuries, fracture, muscular sprain or tension etc.
Causes: Leg problems develop through awkward movements, unaccustomed physical work, accidents,
inflammation, gastritis, etc.
Reflex areas: Root Chakra, legs, muscles, knees, muscle, bones, pelvic region organs, thighs are the reflex
Reiki treatment: Apply whole body treatment for about 10 - 15 minutes.
o Give Reiki to the 3 , eye (ajna) for 2 minutes.

o Place the hands on the back of knees.

o Place the hands on the ankles

o Place one hand on the sacral plate and the other at right angle to that with slight pressure

o Place on hand on the sacral plate and the other to the sole off the foot.

General treatment: The patient should take rest completely for a couple of days. He should do simple
exercises without hurting the knee. Application of some medicated balm on and around the area can help
to reduce the pain.
Diet: The patient should avoid gas-forming food.
Metaphysical: Leg problems indicate that the native is afraid of the future or that his life cannot go on in
the present way. If progress cannot be made, he must be told to go within and find peace and strength.
He should be asked to find out what he wants, or what can be achieved easily, and then he should stick to
the decision and undertake suitable steps to achieve it.

Leukoderma is also known as vitiligo (white patches on the skin), a distressing skin condition where the
loss of pigment from the skin layer results in white patches, which may disfigure the native.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 75

Though there is no organic harm due to this, a psychological tension and embarrassment, more than pain
or discomfort is felt by the native. It may result in social stigma. This disorder may occur at any stage
irrespective of sex. It is more common in women, then in men. The most affected parts are hands, neck,
back, and the wrists.
Symptoms: Starts with a small white patch and later develops into pale to white patches, due to loss of
pigments. These patches may merge together, and spread to the whole body in some cases.
Causes: Generally people associate this with eating fish and drinking milk, but it does not cause this. Even
vegetarians suffer from this disease. Germs or bad blood does not cause this. It is not infectious or
contagious. It cannot be transmitted to others by physical contact.
The main cause is excessive mental worry, chronic or acute gastric disorder, impaired hepatic function
such as jaundice, worms, or other parasites in the alimentary canal, ailments like typhoid, which affect the
gastrointestinal tract. Hereditary is also a cause. Often, the hormone secreting glands are involved in this
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus, heart, kidneys, sacral and basic chakras and lungs are the reflex areas
Reiki Treatment: Channel Reiki for the whole body; give special attention to the solar plexus, heart, sacral,
and basic chakras. Apply Reiki on the affected portions.
General Treatment: It is necessary to cleanse the system of accumulated toxic matter so that the healing
power inside the body can assert itself and produce normalcy.
o Paste made from seeds of radish (35 gms.) with vinegar can be applied on the affected

o Red clay mixed with ginger juice should be applied on the patches once a day. Red clay
contains copper, which helps to bring back skin pigment, and ginger juice acts as a

o Application of a paste of turmeric powder and mustard oil, will also cure the patches.

Diet: Fasting, with only juices diluted in water for a week, and only eating fruits and vegetables should be
first followed. Then the patient can take a well-balanced diet – raw food along with cold pressed
vegetable oils, honey, and yeast. Balanced diet of seeds, nuts, grains, beans, and soybeans all sprouted,
along with vegetables and fruits should be eaten. Raw foods are preferred, honey and yeast as well. The
juice - fasting routine should be continued at intervals of two months.
But he should avoid beverages, like coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, condiments, highly flavoured dishes,
canned and tinned fruits/foods, sugar and its products, white flour, and its products, polished rice, and
pearl barley. Simple and harmless home remedies are also available.
Metaphysical: The feeling persists in the person, of not belonging to any group, but being completely
outside. The native must feel that he is the centre of life, and totally connected with love.


Mental health problems covers a very wide spectrum like worries and grief experienced as part of daily
life to the bleak, suicidal depression, or complex loss of touch with every day events. This problem only
becomes serious when it interferes with our ability to cope or function on a day-to-day basis, at which
time it becomes a concern for others. The more excessive form of mental distress can be disturbing for
the person experiencing it and for those around them.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 76

Mind is one of the functions of the brain. Intelligence, memory, thinking, emotion, orientation,
perception, behaviour, judgement, insight, attention, attitude etc. are part of the brain's functions.
Mental illness can be classified as organic brain malfunction, functional, neurosis (severe forms of normal
experiences), psychological (distortion of person’s distortion of reality), mood disorders, and depression.
Symptoms: Mental disorder is characterised by behavioural changes such as – aggressive or depressive
behaviour, sudden fear/joy or grief, melancholy, moodiness, hysterical, incoherence, disturbance in
conduct. The patient may talk nonsense, and is not bothered about dress or surroundings. He may be
mentally dull, morose, and aimless, prefers loneliness, and has mixed emotions, is sulky, has loathing for
life. There may be fits of weeping, negative attitude, listlessness, restlessness, and he gets easily
discouraged, with suicidal tendency, despair, maliciousness, with loss of confidence, absent mindedness,
mixed emotions and screaming fits.
Causes: Many problems are responsible for mental illness – constitution, physique, hereditary,
psychological changes in the body at the time of puberty, menstruation etc. General cerebral dysfunction,
trauma mainly head injuries, infection, biochemical, metabolic and endocrine disturbances, dehydration
and deficiency state are other causes. Drugs, chemicals, alcohol, physical defects and illness, social and
cultural environment, problems about marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, occupational and financial
problems, strained relationship, bereavement, loss of prestige, can all cause depression and lead on to
mental strain and illness.
Reflex areas: brain, pituitary glands, pineal glands are the reflex regions.
Reiki treatment: Give whole body treatment for about 5 minutes,
o Give Reiki to ajna [third eye], heart, sacral and root chakras.

o To improve memory keep the palms crossed above the head at a distance of 150 cms and
offer Reiki.

General treatment: The patient must be advised to reduce tension and anxiety, and told to make time to
do things, he enjoys. He should take moderate exercise, cut down on coffee/tea, alcohol, smoking and
other addictions. He should develop and sustain friendships, and divert his mind. He needs loving and
supporting company at this time.
Diet: He should be told to avoid exotic food and drinks. But he should eat plenty of fruits.

Nephritis refers to inflammation of the kidneys, which is a serious condition either acute or chronic. It is
also known as Bright disease. It strikes most often during childhood or adolescence. If not treated
properly in the initial stages, it may become worse progressively, even causing death.
Symptoms: Pain in kidneys extending down to the urethra, fever, dull pain in the back, scanty high
coloured urine which sometimes may containing blood, albumen casts containing red and white cells
which come out of damaged kidneys. Puffiness in face, swelling of feet and ankles, are common
symptoms. In chronic cases the patient may pass large amounts of albumen in urine. Blood pressure may
rise. The patient may develop uraemia - frequent urination especially in the nights.
Causes: Infection of throat or attack of scarlet fever, or rheumatic fever, wrong dietary habits, excessive
drinking, suppressive medical treatment, use of chemical agents for treating indigestion and other
stomach disorders are the main causes of the disease. Frequent use of aspirin and other pain killers, are
other factors that lead to the disease.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 77

Nutritional deficiency, deficiency in vitamin B, E and B6, and of magnesium may further damage the
kidneys by causing sharp crystals of oxalic acid combined with calcium.
Reflex areas: Kidneys, the root Chakra, solar plexus, diaphragm, lower back, bladder urethra, and adrenals
are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Channel Reiki too sacral charkas, solar plexus and basic charkas. Apply the following hand
o Place the hands on the ridges of the pelvic bone and the pubic bone.

o Place hands on lower ribs above the sacral plate, the other hands vertically below it with a
little more pressure.

o Place hands on kidney area on the back

General treatment: The patient should fast to remove toxic impurities. A warm water enema should be
taken daily while fasting to expel toxic matter, and hot Epsom salt bath must be taken every alternate day
to eliminate toxic matter through skin by perspiration. Fresh air outdoor exercises, long walks once or
twice a day are recommended. The patient should not exert much while doing anything, and should avoid
hurry, excitement and late hours.
Diet: He should be put on fruit juice for about ten days till acute symptoms subside. Later he can adopt all
fruit diet and milk for 4 to 5 days, at regular intervals of 2 to 3 months till improvement is noticed. Carrot
or lemon juice early in the morning is very effective. He should eat bananas – about 8 to 9 per day.
Vegetables, juices, carrot, cucumber, fresh fruit juices, apples, grapes, oranges, peas, pine apples, raw
vegetables steamed in their juice, soured milk in small quantities, bananas, a balanced diet are helpful.
The patient must eat small meals at regular intervals instead of few big meals.
He should avoid: Vegetables containing more oxalic acids like spinach, rhubarb, chocolates, cocoa, salt,
white breads, white flour products, cakes, puddings, refined cereals, heavy and fried food, beverages,
condiments, pickles, and sauce and avoid fried food as well as non-vegetarian food. He should be told to
stop smoking and drinking completely.
Metaphysical: It represents an acute problem or an urgent conflict in the field of partnership or
relationship that has not been solved consciously so far and this problem is calling for the subject’s
attention. If he has a problem with kidneys, it is probable that he projects his deficiencies and problems
on to his partner or other people, which means that he is poisoning himself. Advise the patient to look
into the problems with more attention, and locate the problems that only he can solve. He should also try
to accept the deal with these matters, in a conscious way. Reiki will help him to experience the love and
joy within himself.

Obesity refers to overweight in a person, which is mainly due to the native’s inability to adjust his appetite
to his bodily needs. A lesser reason may be due to glandular disturbance. Generally anybody who weighs
more than the normal weight (for the age/height), is considered overweight
Simple Obesity: is characterised by alimentary excesses, over eating habit or food addiction. Psychiatric
illness, peptic ulcer, hypo-glaucoma syndrome, lack of exercise, effects after acute illness are other
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 78

Obesity accompanying other disorders i.e. pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, gonads, pancreas, hypothalamus,
third ventricle, cerebral injuries, under working of sex glands in ladies, are the sources of obesity.
Reflex Areas: Stomach, chest/ diaphragm, legs, thighs, thyroid, and brain are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Give whole body treatment, followed by prolonged treatment on solar plexus, and sacral
areas. Also treat throat, heart, and thyroid, Ajna and the knees.
Apply hand positions as follows for a period of at least 2-3 minutes each – specific treatment on sacral and
throat Chakra, along with heart and solar plexus, thyroid and knees.
General treatment: The patient should be put on regular exercise, dieting (800-900 calories), or total
starvation, psychotherapy, and motivation for weight reduction Colour therapy can also help to reduce
fat. Nature therapy, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation will help. These treatments must be continued
and the native must fast on fruit juices at intervals.
Diet: Should consist of bread, or anything made with flour, cereals, potatoes, whole root vegetables,
foods containing sugar, fluids, (not more than 2 pints a day). All green vegetables, green juices, sprouted
pulses can be consumed. The patient should avoid all fatty food, such as sweets, butter and ghee, oils,
excessive carbohydrates and starches, potatoes, rice, etc.
Metaphysical: It denotes fear, and need for protection. The patient is running away from feelings of
insecurity, Self-rejection and is seeking fulfilment. Tell the patient to repeat to himself: “I am at peace
with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love myself.”


Piles are the swelling of the veins inside or outside the region of the rectum due to varicose state of blood
vessels. In external piles, there will be a lot of pain without much bleeding, while internal piles causes
discharge of dark blood. In some cases the veins may burst, and this is called “bleeding piles.”
Symptoms: The bleeding and pain take place during passing of stools; pain in the rectal region, and the
patient cannot sit comfortably due to discomfort, feeling of soreness and irritation after passing stools.
Causes: Diseases of liver, heart, and chronic constipation, cause piles. The accumulated faecal matter
presses the veins and causes swelling. Due to obstructions in any one of the above organs, stagnation of
blood takes place in the rectum, and hence piles. Main cause is constant constipation.
Lack of exercise, sedentary ways of life, long hours of sitting on chairs, usage of strong purgatives, bowel
disorders, obesity, general weakness of the tissues of the body, mental tensions, persons in hurry often
strain during passing of stools, and cause heavy pressure on the anal muscles, thereby affecting the
surrounding tissues are other reasons for piles. Hereditary factors also play a part.
Reflex Areas: Rectum, intestines, liver, upper bowels, and the pelvic region are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki on solar plexus, sacral, basic, soles of the feet for at least 10 minutes. Apply
Reiki locally, and hand positions as follows:
o One palm above the navel area, and the other below it.

o Hands placed on the shoulder blades.

o One hand placed across the sacral plate (bone plate above the fold of the buttocks), and
the other vertically below, giving slight pressure.

o Hands around the ankles.

Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 79

o One palm on the right lower rib, and the other below it.

o Palms covering the toes, and extending up to the middle of the soles

General Treatment: The patient should avoid constipation. He should do abdominal exercises, and take
up swimming or walking to reduce the swelling and pain. He must take cold water treatment to shrink the
veins (sit in a cold water tub for about 2 minutes with knees drawn up to the chin level. Water level must
cover the hips.) Grated white radish mixed with milk can be applied on the inflamed piles to relieve the
pain. Douching with cold water is also beneficial. Cold compress on the anus before bedtime will also
reduce the inflammation and pain. Yogasanas are also good, also warm water enema. He must avoid
straining of anus.
Diet: Diet plays an important role in controlling the piles. He should give rest to the whole digestive tract,
by fasting and taking all fruit juices at least for a week. This must be followed by a diet of natural foods, to
clear the stools. Fasting will reduce the pressure on the stomach, and intestines. Ask the patient to take
soaked dry figs, both in the morning and evening for about a month (as it stimulates intestines). This has
to be repeated in the evening.
Advise the patient to drink lots of warm water, at least 6-8 glasses per day. Fresh fruit juice drink, mango
seeds dried in shade and powdered are also a good remedy if taken with or without honey. Jambol fruit is
good for bleeding piles. It must be taken with a pinch of salt, both in the morning and evening; radish
juice with pinch of salt can also be taken. The patient should give up alcohol, malt liquors, rich food,
pickles, spices, condiments, and chillies.
Metaphysical: Piles show that the patient has problems in letting go. Something is oppressing him, and he
cannot or will not let it go. Tell the patient not to side step the problem, but accept it fully and feel light
and unburdened. He should be able to leave the problem.

Psoriasis is one of the most stubborn skin diseases; a chronic one characterised by thick red silvery-scaled
patches. It affects both the sexes, appearing at the age of 15 to 30. It rarely affects the infants and old
people. It is not contagious.
Symptoms: The skin of the patient appears red, and irritated. It may be covered with bright, silvery scales,
with some itching. The patches may vary in size from small papules barely visible, to sheets covering large
parts of the body. They are always dry and rarely infected
Causes: Skin grows and replaces itself by metabolism of amino acids, proteins, or chemicals (natural basic
building blocks for reproduction of cell tissues). About 30% of cases are hereditary. The cuts, burns,
minor abrasions, changes of season, physical and emotional stress, infections, use of certain medicines for
treatment of other diseases may cause this to appear.
Reflex Areas: Elbows, knees, back of the ears, trunk and scalp, underarm, genital areas, solar
plexus/diaphragm, chest/lungs, thyroid, pituitary, intestines, kidneys, adrenals, and liver are the reflex
Reiki Treatment: Channel Reiki to Ajna, heart, thymus, solar plexus and base. Apply Reiki for 5 to 10
minutes on the affected portion.
General Treatment: (to reduce itching), the expose affected parts must be exposed to sunlight or
ultraviolet rays. Regular sea bath, or Epsom salt bath are also recommended.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 80

Diet: Has to be controlled with fruit juices. Fasting followed by fruits, raw vegetables, balanced diet, and
vitamin E, should be undertaken. Use of mudpack on the affected areas can be done to remove toxins.
Seeds like pumpkinseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower, nuts grains vegetables, fruits, plenty of organically
grown vegetables and fruits, must be eaten. After the disease has been brought under control, goat’s
milk, yoghurt, cheese, and fruit juices may be consumed. But the patient must avoid all animal fats, milk,
butter, eggs, refined and processed foods, and food containing hydrogenated fats, white sugar and all
Metaphysical: The skin acts as a shield, and the skin disease is created by sensitive people out of fear of
emotional injury. These fears manifest for a yearning for closeness, but fear of intimacy. Request the
patient to open up himself in his life boldly, in whatever form you want to face it. Simply note what this
can happen and it will soon stop causing pain. The patient should be free to show his feeling to others,
and be receptive to other’s feelings also.

Rheumatism is one of the most serious threats to health as it causes invalids and cripples a person, but it
seldom kills. It is characterised by pain, swelling in muscles, ligaments, and tendons or the joints. It affects
every body and has no age bar. It may even extend up to the heart, its valves and linings. Rheumatism is
not identical between two individuals. The main categories of rheumatism are muscular, particular
affecting the muscles and joints. It may be acute or chronic. The particular rheumatism is found amongst
children while muscular affects the adults.
Symptoms: Fever, rapid pulse, intense soreness and pain in acute cases even a bed clothing may aggravate
pain as the tissue becomes sensitive. Swelling of liver, stiffness and pain of the affected muscle and its
movement are felt. In particular rheumatism pain, stiffness is felt with swelling in most cases of joints.
Though these may not fail, permanent deformity may be caused.
Cause: Blood poisoning with acid waste resulting from imperfect elimination and loss of vitality could be a
reason. Food like meat, white bread, sugar, and refined cereals leave a large residue of acid toxic waste
since they cannot be neutralised by alkaline mineral salt. This causes imbalance in the body. When vitality
is more the wastes are cleaned through cold and fever, but when vitality is low, the wastes concentrate
around the joints and bones and become the base for rheumatism. Infection of teeth, tonsils, gall bladder
and exposure to cold are other causes of rheumatism.
Reflex areas: Solar plexus/diaphragm, chest/lungs, shoulder/arm, spine, kidney, adrenals, sciatica, lymph,
mid back, knee, legs, hips, groin etc. are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Apply whole body treatment Offer Reiki for two minutes each in the following areas, with
specific prolonged treatment in the affected region.
o Fore head [Ajna]

o Back of head

o Solar plexus

o Pelvic areas

o Hollow of the knee

o Soles of the feet

Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 81

o Liver

o Over the kidneys/ adrenal

General treatment: The patient should be warmed with heat packs, and steam bath on the affected parts,
also friction and sponge bath are beneficial. He must wash often with Epsom salt in hot water and apply
olive oil later.
The patient must avoid dampness and cold. Regular deep breathing exercises are recommended. A glass
of warm water with teaspoonful of honey in winter, and in cold water in summer, must be consumed first
thing in the morning. Hot footbath and cold throat bath are effective against the pain. Hot towels on the
back or cold compress on the face and head also help, with hot fomentation on abdominal region.
Yogasanas also assist in the treatments. Give him warm water enema.
Diet: Put the patient on fruits, orange juice and water for a couple of days. Give restricted diet – such as
grape fruit, and orange, raw vegetables, salads with figs, raisins, carrots, and cabbages. He should drink
lots of buttermilk. Also potato juice prepared by boiling potato peelings after washing thoroughly in
water, straining the decoction and the drinking the liquid three times a day is advantageous.
A balanced diet can be started within 10 to 15 days. Raw vegetables, carrots, salads, fruits like apples,
grapes, pine apples, oranges, and dry fruits, protein foods like wheat bread, cereals, rice and potatoes can
be consumed.
To avoid: White bread, spices, sour buttermilk, starchy food, oil fried foodstuff.
Metaphysical: The patient lacks true love and therefore there is a feeling of resentment, bitterness and
vindictiveness that have built up within the self to such an extent that they are turning the body into an
inflammatory region. Counsel the patient to have compassion within himself and learn to accept and love
himself with all emotions and feelings. He must break the spell caused by negativity and let his feeling free
to reign again. For this he can make use of Reiki in plenty.

Sciatica is neuralgia of sciatic nerves, the longest nerve in the body, which proceeds from lower part of the
spinal column down the thighs into the leg. The pain may be in the main distribution nerve, or its
Causes: Generally it may be caused by slipped disc or degenerative illness of parts of the spine. It may
also be due to the pressure in the buttocks or upper parts of the thighs. Leprosy, nerve injury due to
injections, tumours in spinal cord, protruding inter vertebral disc, extra-medullar tumours, arthritis, TB,
spondylitis, primary bone tumours, posterior sacral ligaments, hip joint diseases, infection of prostrate or
female genital tracts, lumbar tumour, sacral plexus, pain in back and leg, inflammation of muscular
structure, are all causes of sciatica. Chronic pain along the sciatic nerves and tenderness of nerves, are
Reflex areas: Lumbar spine, nerve roots, legs, hip joints, lower limbs, nerves, knees, ankles, feet, buttocks,
lower back, calf, thighs, rectum, the sciatic nerve, solar plexus, shoulders, spine, sciatic, arms, hip, knee,
spine, mid back, lymph, and groins are the reflex areas.
General Treatment: Maximum bed rest is prescribed.
Reiki treatment: Special treatment with palms on the back of the knees. Treat root and sacral chakras.
Hand positions should be applied as follows:
o Hold the tips of elbow.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 82

o Begin treating the back and sides off the neck and then move your hands down the back
at hand width intervals.

o The hands are placed on the lower ribs above the kidney points,

o One hand is placed across the sacral plate (base plate above the fold of buttocks), the
other hand vertically below (with little more pressure)

o The hands around the ankles.

Metaphysical: The patient is being hypocritical, with fear of money and of the future. He should affirm to
himself: “I move into my better self. My good is everywhere. I am secure and safe.”

Sinusitis refers to an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose, due to common cold, flu and
other infections. Germs emanating from the body enter the sinus or chambers on either side of the nasal
passage leading to sinus trouble. Sinus consists of cavities in the bones situated in the face and head
regions. The frontal maxillary ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses are Para- nasal sinuses, which communicate
with the nose. These are located on the frontal bone directly above the eyes, on each side of the nose,
under the cheekbones and behind the eyes, on either side of the nose respectively. These air sinuses
lighten the weight of the skull and give resonance to the voice.
Symptoms: Excessive, or constant sneezing, a running nose, blockage of one or more nostrils, headache,
pressure around the head, eyes and face just below the eyes are indications of sinusitis. Low-grade fever,
lack of sense of appetite, toothache, and affected voice are other symptoms.
Causes: Congestion of the sinus passage, i.e. over secretion of mucous in the membrane lining the nose,
head, throat, toxins in the blood, and faulty diet are the causes. When the patient is accustomed to
certain kind of food, or drink, regularly, these in due course may have conditioning effect on the entire
system. They may become sensitive to allergies, causing sinus problems.
Reflex Areas: Nose, throat, head, nasal passages, chest, liver, stomach and intestines are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki for 2-3 minutes on solar plexus, chest/lungs, bronchial, neck, all toes, and
pituitary, cervical.
o Place the palms on the eyes and cover the temples, the forehead, and the fingers
extending up to the teeth.

o Place one palm on the front of the neck (without touching it), and the other at the back.

o Treat the feet

General Treatment: Cold application or alternate hot and cold presses, and inhalation of hot steam for
about five minutes prove beneficial to the patient. He should place his feet in a basin containing hot
water, with small quantity of pepper added to it, for about 20-25 minutes. This will relax and reduce the
stuffiness in the nose. The patient should avoid perfumes, and scented hair oils, take plenty of rest and
sleep, as well as perform deep breathing exercises, and light hand exercises.
Diet: Diet must be controlled. The patient must eat a balanced diet, avoid acidic food, reduce the intake of
salt to a minimum, and avoid solid foods during fever. He must avoid fried and starchy food; eat pungent
herbs like garlic, and onions, which break up mucous congestion. Carrot juice, along with beet and
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 83

cucumber juice and intake of vitamin A and C (available in whole milk, curds, eggs, yolk, pumpkin, carrot,
leafy vegetables, tomatoes, oranges, mangoes, papaya, citrus group fruits i.e. lemon, grapefruits, lime
etc.) are other helpful inputs.
Vegetables, fruits, juices, seeds, nuts, and grains, freshly cooked foods, and honey should be consumed.
The patient should use butter and ghee sparingly, while avoiding starchy food, white sugar, products of
white flour, sweets, cakes, candies.
Metaphysical: it shows that someone close to the patient is irritating him. Advise the patient to note how
he is reacting to the irritant, and accept it. By giving himself some rest, he can regain strength, and
independence. He should understand that if he succeeds, then no one could get on his nerves. Reiki can
help him in this change of attitude.


In modern days, insomnia, better known as sleeplessness has assumed alarming proportions. Every type
of unconquered stress situation (either conscious or unconscious), as well as psychological or organic type
of illness can lead to difficulty in falling asleep, or sleep through the entire night. People are habituated to
take sleeping pills before retiring to bed, in order to induce sound and quiet sleep. This will become a
habit, which may be difficult to stop later. Normally 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night is adequate for most
people. In case of deep sleep, 4-5 hours might be sufficient. For old people the sleep is punctuated by
periods of wakefulness.
Symptoms: Dramatic changes in the duration and quality of sleep and persistent change in sleeping
pattern, lapses of memory, and lack of concentration during the day, emotional instability, loss of co-
ordination, confusion and lingering feeling of indifference are the main symptoms.
Causes: Mental tension due to anxiety, fear, overwork, over excitement, suppressed feelings like
resentment, anger, bitterness, constipation, dyspepsia, excessive fatigue, heavy and rich evening meal,
excess intake of coffee, tea, or other cerebral stimulants taken late at night, heated bedrooms, noise, fear
and worry about falling asleep, sleeping during day time, deficiency of nutrients like B-complex, vitamin C
and D, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, etc. can cause insomnia.
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus/diaphragm, chest/lung, neck, shoulders, thyroid, all toes, pineal and pituitary
glands, pancreas, adrenal glands are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Channel Reiki for six minutes on:
o Forehead (Ajna) to top of teeth, covering the eyes with the palm.

o Place hands on collarbone, and the thymus region.

o Place hands on the shoulder blades,

o Place hands on the lower ribs of the right side of the body, and the other one just below

o Place the palms on the tips of toes extending up to middle of feet,

o Place hands to form V from the pelvic bones to the pubic bone.

o Place the hands on the sides of the head, covering the portions of the temples, with the
fingers, reaching the cheekbones.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 84

o Offer Reiki to the basic chakra, heart chakra, Ajna and solar chakra.

General Treatment: Sleeping pills are no remedy for insomnia. The patient should adhere to regular
sleeping schedules. Two hours of good sleep before midnight is more beneficial than the later four. The
treatment of mind and body before sleep will remove anxiety and worry. Reading light books, hearing
soft, light music, meditation, breathing exercises, light exercises like walking, jogging, skipping, swimming,
and Yogasanas also help the subject to overcome insomnia.
He should limit working hours, and avoid working on unrealistic targets, by completing one job before
taking up another. Hot footbaths, or alternate hot and cold hipbaths, will help in getting sleep. Offering
prayers before God before getting into bed is another remedy.
A simple steel ring in the middle finger at night may give quiet and sound sleep, as also using a green
coloured bed sheet on the bed.
Diet: Light meal in the night must be taken at least three hours before bedtime. Patient should avoid
coffee, or tea before going to bed. Fatty foods, fried food, excess use of salt, and condiments are to be
avoided. Fresh and dry fruits, whole cereals, seeds, yoghurt (protein based) should be consumed. Milk
with honey can be taken at bedtime.
Metaphysical: Falling asleep is an act of trust with demands the ability to let go of acting and control, and
opening oneself to the unknown. The patient should learn to constructively express feelings that have not
been lived out. He should resolutely approach the problems and make decisions, and open himself up to
what is to come, and get to know and integrate the dark side of life. Completing the day properly, and he
must then prepare himself for the night with a blank and free mind.


The spinal cord is a vital portion of the body, and any disorder will spell doom on the life of the native.
Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to it when there is the slightest indication of discomfort. It is a
form arthritis that primarily affects the spine. It is the inflammation of the vertebra that are the building
blocks of the spine. It causes stiffness and immobility Ankylosing, Cervical, Lumbago and Lumber
spondylitis are some of the varieties of spondylitis.
Ankylosijg spondylitis is a type of chronic inflammatory arthritis. Generally it affects the spine and
backbones causing joints to fuse due to form a bone
Symptoms: Instant/intermittent pain, aggravated with coughing, numbness and tingling, rapid progress in
malignant deposits, absent knee and ankle jerks, spine deformity, TB spine, anaemia, tenderness of calf
muscles, TB, muscular joints, lumbar discs, rectal and genital pain, signs of bilateral lumber (sacrum), in
absence of abdominal reflexes are the common symptoms.
The patient is comfortable when lying down or sleeping, but collapses when trying to stand. There is
degenerative, inflammatory, cervical and lumbar spondylitis, traumatic, primary tumours of the bone,
arthritis, absence of abdominal reflexes, and lack of sensation below the level of the pelvic zone.
Causes: Swelling, stiffness in the joints between pelvic bone and the wedge shaped bone at the base of
the spine. Hereditary, awkward movements, over exercises, sedentary way of living, eating rich food
including refined food, coffee/tea alcohols, tension /depression, wrong postures, stress, working long
hours use of pain killers, occupational hazards are some of the known causes of this disease.
Reflex areas: Spine, legs, knees, back, neck, pelvic zone are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Apply the following hand positions:
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 85

o Apply whole body treatment for 10-15 minutes 3times a day. (Pain may increase during
Reiki, but will soon subside. Continue Reiki till the spine is free of pain).

o Place the palms on the left side of sacrum above the gluteal muscle,

o Repeat on right side of sacrum,

o Place the palms on the sacrum,

o Place palms on the tips of the elbows.

o Treat the bottom back area to the left and right sides of the sciatica for a longer time.

o Place the palms on the back of the knees.

o Place one hand on the sacrum plate and thee other below it perpendicularly with slight

General treatment: Early detection and treatment can reduce pain as well any major disaster. Pain may
increase during Reiki treatment, but will subside soon. Complete bed rest is a must.
The patient should relax and meditate. Hot fomentation - hot bath or shower, mud bath, helps to relieve
the muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves pain. Massages may relieve pain and tension. Simple
exercises, yogasanas, reduction of weight, and correction of any wrong postures – are further methods of
Diet: Avoid gas-producing food and fruits.

48. S TRESS :
Stress refers to any condition that harms the body, or damages it or causes the death of cells. When the
body is unable to rectify the damaged cells, or is not able to rebuild the cells, or keep pace with the
destruction of the cells, it results in stress. The most common diseases associated with this problem are
heart, diabetes, headache, asthma, psoriasis, sexual disorders, peptic ulcers etc.
Symptoms: Body and mind react easily to the stress factor. There are physical changes such as dilation of
the pupil of the eye, reduction in digestion, faster pumping of blood into the heart, increase in BP, faster
breathing, excess sweating, due to hormones, (adrenaline), along with glucose which join the system from
the liver. There will be sudden activity of the nervous system in trying to cope up with the stress. Poor
sleep, bad temper, grumbling continuously, long hours of work with less results, domestic conflicts,
recurrence of minor diseases, prolonged absenteeism due to sickness, prone to accidents due to
absentmindedness, increase addiction to drugs, drinks, smoking, etc. are all symptoms of stress.
Causes: Stress may be caused due to various internal and external factors. Externals like loud noise,
blinding lights, extreme weather conditions, X-rays, radiation, drugs, chemicals, bacterial and various toxic
substances, while internal factors may be hatred, jealousy, fear or envy. Lack of encouragement, allergies,
stiff muscles, vision problems, backaches, sexual difficulties, skin disorders, dizziness, blood sugar
imbalance, irritability sleeplessness, and tension are other causes of this condition.
Reflex Areas: Heart, brain, nervous system, eyes, stomach muscles, back shoulders, circulatory system,
liver, spine, skin, and kidney are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer whole body treatment; treat heart, basic and Ajna chakras for 5 minutes each.
Apply the following hand positions at least 3 minutes each.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 86

o Place the palms on the eyes, covering the forehead and the temples.

o Place the palms on the right lower rib, one below the other.

o Place the palms on the back above the position of the kidneys

o Place the hands on the shoulder blades.

o Place the hands covering the toes and soles of the feet, up to the middle of the foot.

o Place the hands on the thymus/heart.

General Treatment: The native must change his life style; Regular exercises, meditation, deep breathing
exercises, walking, jogging, running, playing games, yogasanas, pranayama, rest and relaxation along with
simplified life style are recommended. Avoid using antibiotics.
Diet: Vegetables, fruits, milk, seeds, nuts, grains, yoghurt, sprouted cereals, pumpkin, steamed cooked
vegetables, tulasi (holy basil), green and yellow vegetables, bananas, almonds, eggs, Soya beans, dates
can be consumed. But beverages, smoking and salt must be avoided. He must adopt the diet that gives
him maximum nutrition to overcome stress. This consists of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits, milk,
honey, vegetable oils, vitamin A, B complex, vitamin D, magnesium and potassium.
Metaphysical: the patient is struggling with fears, anxiety, and rush, without trusting the process of life.
Tell him to communicate with his heart and decide. There will be plenty of time to consider and speak out
and decide. Reiki can help in this.

Tonsillitis refers to the acute inflammation of tonsils, usually termed sore throat. It is the enlargement of
tonsils accompanied by repeated acts of infection. Tonsils are two small lymphatic organs of the size of
beans situated on either side of the throat just behind the tongue, between the folds of the membrane
going up to the soft palate.
They protect the throat against disease and germs, and also indicate the infection elsewhere in the body,
by swelling and becoming sore.
Symptoms: Sore throat, fever, headache, pain in various parts of the body, difficulty in swallowing and
general weakness are the main symptoms of this condition. In some cases pus may come out, lymph
glands are enlarged and there is pain in the ears.
Causes: Toxic condition of the system is carried to the head by sudden lowering of vitality resulting from
exposure to sudden chilliness. Tonsils get enlarged and inflamed when toxins cannot be eliminated in
natural process, i.e. bowel, kidneys, skin, etc. Toxins not eliminated are absorbed in the blood.
Reflex Areas: Solar plexus, eyes, ears, neck, all toes, cervical, adrenals, lymph nodes, thymus, and throat
are the reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki on the Ajna (third eye), followed by chakra balancing on the basic and Ajna.
Channel Reiki locally, and use hand positions on:
o Place palms on the eyes covering the forehead, temples, and the cheeks.

o Place palms on the ears.

o Place the palms around the throat, without touching the neck.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 87

o Place one palm across the thymus, and the other at right angles to this between the
breasts forming a T.

o Place the palms on the lower ribs, above the kidneys, and for severe inflammation treat
with the palms one on the right lower rib, and the other just below it.

o Offer Reiki on thymus, collarbones, and soles of the feet.

General Treatment: Suppressive treatment like painting, spraying will not help to eliminate the toxins.
Gargling with neat lemon juice, or with a liquid, which is made from soaking two tablespoons of fenugreek
seeds in water for about half an hour and then allowed to cool, will reduce the inflammation. The throat
has to be protected with flannel.
Fasting for four to five days helps to reduce the symptoms. Warm water enema should be taken during
fasting, with intake of water or orange juice only during fasting. Cold packing on the throat every two
hours interval in a day is can also effective. Hot Epsom bath daily or on alternate days is also found to be
beneficial in controlling the inflammation. A hipbath is also recommended.
Diet: All fruit diet, i.e. three meals of fresh juicy fruits like apples, grapes, oranges, grape fruit, pears,
pineapples, melon, carrots, raw salads, milk, steamed vegetables, chapattis, bitter gourd, fenugreek,
sprouts of moong beans, butter, alpha seeds, cheese should be consumed.
Metaphysical: There is something in the patient that is no longer acceptable to swallow. He is suppressing
his feelings because of some internal fear. It indicates an acute conflict that is being suppressed. Ask the
patient to retreat and allow things to take their own course, and accept the feelings and anger, and take a
look at the fear. With this he may overcome fear, and be his own self. Let him think for himself, as to
what is it that he is not able to swallow, or does not want to swallow. Then he should accept his
limitations. When this exceeds the limit, he must not force himself to go on, just because others expect
him to. He should be just himself, and then he will find it easier to swallow.


Tuberculosis is caused by a tiny germ called “tubercle bacillus” as it enters the body through the nose,
mouth and windpipe to settle down in the lungs. It multiplies by millions and produces small raised spots
called tubercles. It is a communicable disease and not hereditary. The living germs from an infected
person are ejected while he coughs or spits and this enters a healthy person through the nose, mouth.
Breathing and kissing as well as contaminated water and food are sources of this disease.
Symptoms: Persistent cough, hoarseness, defective breathing, pains in shoulder, indigestion, chest pain,
blood in sputum, rise in temperature in the evenings, loss of weight without being on diet, and of colour
and strength can be noticed in TB patients. The patient’s coughing continues for 2 or more weeks, and the
cough may have blood.
Causes: The chief cause is the lowered resistance, devitalisation of the system, which is brought about
mainly by starvation of minerals, calcium, in the tissues of the body caused by inadequate diet. Lack of
calcium and breakdown of tissues, suppression of disease by drugs and medical use of stale,
devitaminised and acid forming foods are other causes. Wrong combination of foods, such as taking of
fruits with starchy food in one meal causes fermentation in stomach. Wasting of energy, living in ill
ventilated houses, exposure to cold, sleeplessness, over working, sedimentary life, contaminated milk,
usage of tobacco in any form; all kinds of liquors are other causes of this disease. Infection from living
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 88

with T.B. patient for a long time is another source of TB. People with HIV + are more prone to this
Reflex areas: Brain, back, knee, lymph nodes, bones, solar plexus, heart chakra, thymus, root chakra are
the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Give whole body treatment for minimum of 5 minutes. And 2-3 minutes on the following
o Place hands over the eyes parallel to thee nose from the forehead to the region of the top
of the teeth:

o Place the hands on the ears.

o Place hands to cover the front section of the neck without touching the neck.

o Place one hand on the lowest ribs on the right side, the other hand directly below.

o Place one hand above the navel, the other below it.

o Place the hand on across the thymus, the other hand at right angles to it below and
between breasts – T-shape.

o The balls of the thumb placed on the ridges of the pelvic bones, the tips of the hands close
to each other forming a V.

o Hands placed on shoulder blades.

o Place the hands around the ankles.

General treatment: Complete rest for both mind and body is very essential. The patient should remove all
stress and anxiety, and sleep in a well-ventilated room. Exposure to Sun will kill the germs. Slow massage,
deep breathing diversification of mind will help. A doctor has to be consulted at regular intervals, and
treatment taken as per advice of the doctor. T.B skin test has to be done at regular intervals. The patient
should be put into quarantine. Proper breathing exercise and simple physical exercises are also
recommended, and bowels cleaned daily.
Diet: All fruit diet, fresh juice milk diet should be taken.
Metaphysical: It indicates a severe conflict between egoism and living. The patient wants too much for
himself i.e., selfish and forgets the other wonderful things of life. To breathe freely and open himself up to
the wonders of life, he can use Reiki.


Urinary disorders mainly refer to 1) Kidney disorder, 2) urinary tract disorder, and 3) Kidney stones.
1) KIDNEY DISORDER - Kidneys are needed to filter fluid from the blood daily, 99% of which is reabsorbed
into it, leaving the balance to go out as urine.
Symptoms: Too little or too much urine output, frequent urination, pain in lower abdomen, change in the
colour of the urine, blood in urine, protein in urine, swelling of the face or feet, back ache, high blood
pressure and unpleasant odour of urine. Unless there is a case of major damage, kidneys align themselves
with their own self- repairing powers.
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 89

Causes: Infections, high blood pressure, drugs, alcohol, smoking, obesity, stones, diabetes, tobacco, toxins
in blood not cleared by blood are the main causes, along with cancer of prostrate in male and of uterus in
Reflex area: Kidneys, pancreas, stomach, abdomen, sacral chakra, and root chakra, blood are the reflex
Reiki treatment:
o Offer whole body treatment regularly for about 5 minutes.

o Offer Reiki on sacral, root, and on the kidney points.

o Offer Reiki on the heart and ajna chakras.

General treatment: Regular check up with doctor is recommended and prompt treatment of infection,
control of high blood pressure, treatment of diabetes, and control of body weight. The patient should
undergo dialysis or transplantation if need be.
Diet: Plenty of fluids to be taken to ensure that the kidneys work regularly and maintain chemical
balance. The patient should avoid unnecessary drugs, chemical ingestion, tobacco, alcohol, and smoking.
He should take plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juice.
2) URINARY TRACT INFECTION (UTI): The urinary tract consists of kidney, urethras (connecting kidney
to bladder), bladder and urethra (linking the bladder to the outside). Urinary tract infection is more in
women than in men.
Symptoms: increase in frequency of urination, difficulty in passing urine, pain in lower abdomen and
lower back, fever with chills, blood and pus cells in urine, sharp pain at the end of urination, and burning
sensation on passing urine are the chief symptoms of UTI.
Causes: Poor genital hygiene, pregnancy, stones, obstruction and instrumentation of the urinary tract,
diabetes mellitus, neglecting the urge to pass urine and infections in this area are the chief cause of UTI.
Reflex area: Kidney, bladder, and urethra are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Place hands on the following positions for a period of 3-5minutes:
o Give whole body treatment

o Place the balls of the thumb on the edges of the pelvic bone, the tips of hands close to
each other to form V

o Place hands on the kidney area on the back

o Place one hand across sacral plate (bone above the fold of the buttocks), the other hand
below it with slight pressure.

o Hold the ankles

o Treat the sacral, root and ajna chakras.

General treatment: The patient should maintain adequate intake and output of fluid – drinking around 8-
20 glasses of water daily. Proper genital hygiene, avoiding contact of genitals with any possible source of
infection when using public toilets and while ablution, special care should be taken during pregnancy, and
Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 90

fasting is necessary. A chest pack can be used to bring down temperature, as also a mud/ towel pack on
abdomen. A kidney pack and a wet girdle pack or neutral hipbath can be used to increase urine output.
Diet: Plenty of coconut water, barley water, fresh fruit, buttermilk, and barley water and vegetable juice
should be consumed.


Varicose veins are a condition in which the veins become enlarged, dilated, or thickened. These can occur
in any part of the body, but generally appear on legs. The veins of the legs are the largest in the body, and
the carry the blood from lower extremities towards the upper part of the body namely to the heart. A
blood clot within a large dilated vein may breakaway and move towards the heart and lungs, causing
serious complications.
Symptoms: Swelling is seen along the course of the veins, followed by muscular cramps and a feeling of
tiredness in the legs, and behind knees. In some cases, the normal flow of blood towards heart may be
reversed when the patient is in an upright position. Venous blood collects in the lower part of the legs
and skin becomes purplish and pigmented, causing severe pain.
Causes: Results due to sluggish circulation, due to various factors such as constipation, dietic error, lack of
exercises, and smoking, standing for long times, wearing tight clothing, pregnancy, increased pressure in
the pelvic and abdomen, all of which slows down the flow of blood from the lower extremities to the
heart. Obesity may also be a cause for this disease.
Reflex Areas: Legs, heart, solar plexus, chest/lung, thyroid, pituitary, liver, intestines, and adrenals are the
reflex areas.
Reiki Treatment: Offer Reiki to whole body. Concentrate locally; channel Reiki on Ajna, heart, and soles of
the feet, base, solar plexus, and thymus.
General Treatment: Put the patient on juice diet for about 2-3 days, or all fruit diet for about a week.
Restricted diet i.e. oranges, lemon juice, raw vegetables salads with lemon juice, steamed vegetables like
cabbage etc. He should take a well-balanced diet after a week of fasting. Alternate cold and hot hipbaths
daily are suggested, with a hot Epsom salt bath twice a week. Warm water enema once a week, should be
taken to cleanse the bowels.
Yogasanas like sarvangasana, padmasana, shallabhasana, vajrasanas, are also beneficial. The legs must be
kept at higher level than the heart (not for persons with heart problems), while sleeping. While watching
TV, legs must be kept on a bench or stool. Garters and elastic girdles must be avoided during deskwork or
travelling. On a long trip, the patient must try to stand and walk around at intervals.
Diet: Steam vegetables, i.e. cabbage, spinach, carrot, cauliflower, raisins, figs, dates, grains, seeds, nuts,
vitamin C and vitamin E, should be eaten. But potatoes and white bread, condiments, pickles, coffee and
tea should be avoided.
Metaphysical: The body is an expression of thought. People often having an inner opposition to the work
they do, and don’t like it at all, fear overwork, and are even disappointed sometimes. The results are
lethargy, sluggishness, negativity, and lack of elasticity, energy, and inner support. Tell the patient to
change his attitude and approach to work. He must accept the situation and the way he reacts to it. He
should be himself, and relax, and find a way of living his own life in joy and inner fulfilment. This will make
the circulatory system function freely.


Treatment of Specific Diseases – Practical Reiki: Cosmic Healing, T. Manohar Rao 91

Whooping cough is a contagious disease and nobody is immune to it, and it can be contacted at any time
in life. Most cases occur in children up to 5 to 12 years of age. It causes serious lung problems. It is caused
by bacteria and spreads very rapidly by droplet infection and may be a prolonged ailment.
Symptoms: The disease appears in two stages. During the first week it will appear as an ordinary cough,
and by end of the week it occurs in bouts, initially during nights and later in the day also. The face
becomes red and suffused, tongue protrudes, and eyes begin to water. At the end the native takes a deep
breath and a prolonged croaking sound is heard. This is called ‘whoop’. Sticky secretion from nose and
mouth and very often vomiting occurs. The patient feels exhausted and the cough reduces in due course.
If bouts are strong, bleeding can occur into the eyes, nose, and lungs and sometimes in the brain.
Secondary infection may lead to pneumonia.
Causes: It is caused due to microorganisms, viruses (Para influenza and respiratory), wrong diet, absence
of fruits and vegetables in diet. Use of drugs to treat other diseases (side effects), infection spreads to
those close to patients suffering from whooping cough, are other causes of the disease. The real cause
can be attributed to wrong feeding of the children with refined and demineralised foods and absence of
fresh fruits, salads of vegetables in their diets. This results in accumulation of catarrh and mucus in the
child’s system. The disease is Nature’s way of throwing away this interval accumulation.
Reflex areas: Lungs, chest, thymus, thyroid, eyes, nose, are the reflex areas.
Reiki treatment: Give whole body treatment for about 5 minutes. Offer Reiki to thymus, neck, chest and
solar plexus.
General treatment: Give warm water enema daily to cleanse the bowels (mild laxative in case of
constipation). Cold packs on the throat and upper chest, and Epsom salt baths are also beneficial. Patient
must spend most of his time in fresh air with light exercise. Many home made medicines have also been
found to be very beneficial in the treatment of this disease.
o Garlic syrup in small doses (5 drops in warm water)

o Ginger with fenugreek decoction with equal honey acts as a good expectorant.

o Syrup of fresh radish with equal honey and little rock salt given thrice a day.

o Almond (badam) oil mixed with ten drops of white onion or ginger juice daily.

o Avoid feeding the patient with any food and milk during initial stages of the treatment.

Diet: Feed the patient on fresh orange juice in warm water (50: 50). Fresh fruits, fruit juices, apple,
oranges, pineapple, papaya, and vegetables should also be given.