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Gung Ho!

(Chinese: Working together; boundless enthusiasm, energy and dedication

applied to the same work) Ken Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles


1. Knowing we make the world a better place.

 It is the understanding how the work helps others, not the work units dealt
with. See what you are doing in people terms.
 With it comes SELF-ESTEEM as powerful as love or hate. Understanding
how your works fits into the big picture shall make you feel good and that is
the beginning of Gung Ho.
2. Everyone works toward a shared goal.
 Goals sharing means buy-in. Trust and putting team members first to
support for goals.
 The manager sets the critical goals. The teams can set the rest. (People
support the best, which they help to create).
 Goals focus attention productively.
3. Values as real boss guide all plans, decisions and actions.
 Goals: For future Values: For now.
It is set It is lived.
It changes Rock solid
 Goals set the people going, values sustain the effort.
 Values become real only when you demonstrate them in the way you act and
insist others behave.
 Values have to be hold up in tough times else it is a feel good slogan of the

Answer the three questions?

1. Why are we here?
2. What are your goals?
3. What values will guide us?

THE WAY OF THE BEAVER: In control of achieving the goal.

1. A playing field with clearly marked territory.

 Goals and values define the playing field and rule of the game.
 Leaders decide what position team members play but then have to get off the
field and let the players move the ball.
 Freedom to take charge comes from knowing exactly what territory is yours.

2. Thoughts, feelings, needs and dreams are respected, listened to, and acted upon.
 Value individuals as persons.
 Information is gatekeeper to power. There should be open access to
 To be in control, you needs rest of the organization support.
3. Able but challenged.
 Production expectation should be within capacity. If you undershoot you will
 If people can’t do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, you demean them.
 Gung Ho requires a stretch: work that demands people’s best and allows them
to learn and move into uncharted territory.

THE GIFT OF THE GOOSE: Cheering each other on

1. Active or passive, congratulations must be TRUE.

 TRUE congratulations: Timely, Responsive, Unconditional, Enthusiastic.
 Active: Awarding for a great job done.
 Passive: Stepping aside and letting the team members go forward in an
important and complicated work.
 Congratulations are affirmations that who people are and what they do matter
and they are making a valuable contributions.

2. No score, no game, and cheer the progress.

 In football fan cheers the move and also the touchdown. Cheer the progress,
not just the results.
 Measurements (score) shared with everyone generate excitement.
 The farther congratulations are to the right on the scale below, the better
(more effective) they are:
Programmed -- > Spontaneous
Blanket -- > Individual
General -- > Specific
Traditional -- > Unique
 Look for those responsible for things gone right ( coach behavior) instead of
police behaviour.

3. e = mc2 ---- Enthusiasm equals mission times cash and congrtulations.

 Mission: Worthwhile work and being in controlof achieving the goal.
 Cash comes first before you can feed the spirit with congratulations.
 Cheering each other brings enthusiasm to work.
A promise made is debt unpaid…… . Robert W Service.

If you are not the lead dog the scenery never changes. Andrew Payton.

Narrow minds lived narrow lives. Sometimes the only way to change a manager is to
change a manager.

Running a business from numbers is like playing basketball while watching the
scoreboard instead of the ball.

It’s tough to be boss without being bossy.

Find out what people do naturally and then figuring out how to adapt the organization to
take advantage of the natural behaviour.

Individual to the organization: Taking charge and being in control of achieving goals.
Organization to individual: Encouraging individuals to take charge of goals.

Nothing drains self-esteem faster than knowing that you are not earning your pay.

Attitude you can control. Your attitude affect the people who are under your control.

Fear, pride and common enemy are powerful motivator.

Change means developing new habits to replace the old habits.

Values agreed on aren’t worth the squat until they have been tested by both time and
vigorous assault.

Success is all about attitude, energy, balance and connecting with others.