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Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Your Goal:
To speak directly to their
Senior Staffer for Foreign Policy
Ask him or her to call the
State Department and
the Israeli Embassy on your behalf,
and call you back!

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

What you will need:

Phone number to your Representatives
or Senators office in Washington, D.C.
A phone and about 10-15 minutes for
your call.
A follow-up email to send right after.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

First, find the phone

number of your
Representative or Senator
in Washington DC
Go to
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Place your call

When the receptionist answers,
ask to speak to the Senior Staffer
responsible for Foreign Policy.
Before your are transferred, ask for the
senior staffers name and write it down.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

If you reach their voicemail

Leave a message (speak slowly):
My name is ______ and I am a constituent.
Please call me back at <your phone
My message is Urgent. I need your
assistance, on my behalf as your
constituent, to help a doctor leave Gaza
due to family emergency
Dr. Mona El-Farra works for a U.S. nonprofit
and holds British and Palestinian passports
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

When they answer,

or call you back
Start by introducing yourself:
My name is ______ and I am a
constituent from <your city> .

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Explain why you are calling

My call is urgent.
I need your help, on my behalf
as your constituent,
to help a doctor leave Gaza during
a family emergency.
Her name is Dr. Mona El-Farra. She
works for a U.S. nonprofit and
she is both a British and a
Palestinian national.
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Tell them more

This doctor is a humanitarian hero because
she stayed in Gaza to help families last summer
during the bombing
Her family in England urgently needs her.
There is a family emergency.
For the past three weeks, the Government of
Israel has refused to give her a Leaving
Permit to exit Gaza
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

The State Department and the British
Foreign Ministry are trying to help so far
without success.
I urgently need your help.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

I urgently need
your help
to press for approval of
whats called a Leaving
Permit so Dr. Mona can
reach her family
in their time of need.
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Your intervention is urgently requested
because Gaza is entirely blockaded by Israel
and Egypt.
According to the U.N. Office for the
Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the
Rafah crossing to Egypt has been open only 5
days since Jan. 1st.
Think about all the people who go in and out
of Manhattan each day. Under normal
circumstances hundreds of thousands of
people would be going in and out of Gaza.
Dr. Mona is one of some 90,000 now waiting
to leave Gaza.
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

As your constituent
This is urgent: Please make two calls on my
behalf, as your constituent:
1. Call the U.S. State Department through your
normal channels;
2. Call the Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Please call the State Dept.

on my behalf, using your usual channels.
Ask State to call the Israeli government
to request full and immediate assurance
that a devoted physician,
Dr. Mona El-Farra Qasim Ghalayni, be
granted all permits required to leave Gaza
to travel to England
in this time of family emergency.

- Urge them to do all they can to

lift the blockade of Gaza, too.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Call the Israeli Embassy

Ask the Israeli Embassy to grant
a devoted physician,
Dr. Mona El-Farra Qasim Ghalayni,
all permits required to leave Gaza
to travel to England
in this time of family emergency.
Express your hope, on my behalf,
that the siege of Gaza be lifted.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Yes, I will email you a

letter of request
What is your email address? What is
your title? Please spell your name for
me once again.
They may ask you to fill-out a request
form please do so
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

When will you

get back to me?
Write down the date, and expect your
return call then.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Thank you very much for

your assistance
I look forward to your call
on <date promised>
Ill give you a call on that date to
touch base.

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Add Contact Info

to MECAs Template Letter
then email your letter to the Senior
Staffer right away!

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Mark your calendar

To follow up on the date promised

Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Thats it!
Chances are, theyll make the calls.
Call the team at the Middle East
Childrens Alliance if you need help, and
email us to let us know what the
staffers said:
Rebuilding Alliance 2015

Thank you for helping

Dr. Mona get her Leaving Permit
Thank you for helping Dr. Mona,
and all in Gaza,
in their time of need
Rebuilding Alliance 2015