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March 13 2009 Seneca Casino – Niagra Falls

Prior to LOTM – Family Guy

Who did that – did you do that? You sound like the Kool-Aid man.
{in low voice} Oh Yeah.
Was I the only one who heard it? Now I got Family Guy on the brain, so thank-
you so much for that. Has anyone seen that?

Has anyone seen the Family Guy scene, where they’re in the courtroom, and like
the judge is like “I sentence you to life in prison”
1st voice: “Oh No!”,
2nd voice: “Oh No!,
3rd voice: “Oh No!”
creepy low voice: “Oh yeah”.

{Kyle does a drum Riff}

Hey, thank-you Kyle!

That’s what happens when you come to a David Cook show at a casino. I’m
gonna make references that only about 40% of the audience knows what we’re
talking about.

{Then Neal comes in with the intro to LOTM and David laughs}

Give it up for the band!

After CBTM and Prior to Permanent

AI performance and Terry


You’ll guys will have to keep an eye out, I think uh, in fact I know, that’s the song
we’ll be performing on Idol on April 1st.

{with 2 fingers points to eyes and then to audience}

Keep and eye OUT…I don’t know why I did THAT…It seemed appropriate

What? What’s Terry? Where is Terry? Terry’s up in the lights… workin’ lights…
That’s what Terry does.
Hat Banter

All right, hold on, hold on…I’m hearing a lot of requests…for me to take off my

{Crowd cheers wildly}.

This wreaks, this wreaks…

Hey guys? {looks to left and behind and sees Neal and Kyle are gone}
Oh no, they already left the stage…hey Andy, can I get a… could I get some,
some nice like, old western piano music? You got anything like that?”

Andy: No.

No? Just play something other than the next song. I’m gonna give them 10 good
seconds with the hat off.

{Andy plays some simple repetitive chords while Dave takes his hat off and starts
counting to 10 on his fingers. He puts his hat back on after 10 and the crowd
boos him}

I gotta be honest with you, there is something inherently funny about 2500
people booing me…for a hat. Let’s get real folks! Did you come here to see the

{ holding onto mic stand turns he turns to side and bends over, sticking his butt
out and says}

Or …Thissssssss

{crowd cheers wildy while David cracks himself up}

I’m sorry, I’m sorry….to every guy in the audience man, I apologize, I apologize.
My guy card is about to be revoked…{points} by This Dude, I can tell ya …he’s
like “this guy’s a jerk”..

Prior to KOTN

(video is missing the first part of the conversation where he asks if there’s any
couples in the audience)
..well there’s a plus side...I was just gonna say this next song is not for you…its
for everybody else. You guys in couples are a little too happy for this next song I
think. Or maybe you’re not…you’ll have to listen to it privately.

Prior to Mr. Sensitive

(must have been some convo not caught prior and I don’t remember what this
was in reference too!)

Whatever, ok, bring the pity, bring the pity…yes, it sucks man, it sucks being me,
God, I know…I’m kidding! .I get to play for you guys man!
I got sidetracked, I got sidetracked… “

The next song is actually the first song I wrote for specifically for this record.

After TWIK and before Light On:


Thank-you very, very much…So this is a nice little segue…the last song I ever
played as a competitor on Idol, into the first song I ever played after…after all this
stuff…so uh, I’m not even gonna tell you what it is, but there is a part in the song
I might need you to sing along, I’m just sayin’.

Before ADAM, Band Introductions

This is uh, this is Andy Skib…

This is uh, this is Joseph..give it up for Joseph…
Don’t forget, don’t forget…Kyle Peek
And this fine-feathered man over here is none other than The Doctor.

On behalf of myself and uh, and everyone on stage, and everyone behind the
scenes man, thank-you guys very, very much for having us out.
To come to this many people is uh… {crowd cheers}
I played with Andy and The Doctor for about 6 years now, and I can tell you
without…without even really thinking about it…I mean I can’t tell you how many
times we played shows to like… {looks down and points to front row}…maybe
these two up front and that’s it. So uh, to have this many people here supporting
us makin’ a bunch of noise, uh its unreal.

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