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Hungary and Portugal

student exchange

Me and my exchange

By: Rui Alves

The first days
In the first days me and Eni,
Eni, we didn`t
didn`t speak
much,, partly that was my fault because I was a
little embarassed…and
embarassed…and because I`m a little shy,
but she received me very well
We came closer when we went out to a restaurant
where we talked about several things
The next days
In the next days we became close friends
she told me several secrets of hers and I
did the same…..
I think we became brothers this week
In general she is a very cool person,
person, she has
got excellent parents and nice sister.
sister. I
loved to be here and I hope I will come
back soon.
Me and my exchange partner

☺ Petra V.S Mafalda ☺

My big sister,
My lovely exchange partner,
My confident,
My good friend :D

This week was the best foreign

week ever :D
The night’s going out :P
All the things that I did with you…

I love you (L)

Me and my exchange partner
Exchange 2010

João Pires
Me and my exchange partner
• My exchange partner is Király Kitti.
• She lives in Határ út,
út, with her parents and her 2
cats, Baba and Mnhami.
cats, Mnhami.
• She is really cool to me.
• She wants me to eat all the Hungarian traditional
food,, so I can know Hungary better.
food better.
• I really feel confortable and happy, because I feel
part of her family
• In my opinion,
opinion, we are good friends.
The experience
• This time in Budapest has been very enriching
because I have a partner like Kitti, that tries to give
me the most of the Hungarian spirit,
spirit, and tries to
show me everything
everything,, so that I can get the best time
here in Budapest.
• Her family has been very cool with me,me, they are
really premise,
premise, and they are really great!
• She really goes with me everywhere and she goes
out with me,
me, and we joke and talk a lot lot..
Thank you for the experience!
Portugal – Hungary
Exchange 2010


João Fustiga
Portugal – Hungary Exchange
My exchange partner
 My exchange partner is Szabó Tímea.
 She LOVES cats and she wakes up very
early in the morning.
 She is very sweet and she is always
wondering about my comfort.
 Although she wakes up really early, I like
her because I can feel that she is trying to
make me feel good at her home.
 I also LOVE her sandwiches.
Her family
Her family is a normal family:
 Her father, trying to make me feel at home!
 Her mother, an excellent cook (I love her chicken
with cheese and potato).
 Her older sister, an excellent speaker and always
joking with me!

Another thing that I really enjoy in her family it’s

Tímea and her sister are always speaking in English
for doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.
Me and my partner…

Xana and Martiiii

During to this week we shared experiences

This week was amazing

You are the best partner

I was laughing with you

Your family are very friendly

Thanks for this week, me and my family
will be waiting for you in Portugal.

Me and my exchange partner

@Szofia & Joao Cristo@

I am going to talk
about my
exchange partner.
I really enjoyed
my stay in her
house, was pretty
awesome because
every one treat
me very well, just
like has I was a
member of the
family . Szofia was
a very good mate
thank you ☺
Peter is very cool person and his family too.
He is like an older brother for me. He is a very
attentive person because if i need some help with
some problem he is always there.
He has a very cool family, although I don’t realize
this language but it is a good experience, and
they try learn a little of Portuguese.
Until now the days pass really fast

Rafael Alves
Me and My Exchange Partner
Fábio and Kinga

My partner is so cool and I like her very

She is very friendly and takes me out every
night which is very cool
Nuno and Edit
She is awsome
awsome,, I don’t have enough words for
describing my partner because everyone knows how
brilliant person she is.
I need to tell a secret
secret,, I love your smile =D
Edit, it's so dear
dear,, it brings me breakfast in the room
I love my exchange partner
All days and nights are spectacular with Edit.

I love to laugh with her when we go home :p

Everything is very good =D

I love your grandmother and her choclates

choclates:: p

Thanks for everything,

everything, best partner.
Me and Balázs
My name is Miguel and my exchange
partner’s name is Balazs.
Balazs. This was an
amazing and rewarding experience,
experience, which I
want to repeat
repeat.. We have done many cool
things,, like going to the aquapark
things aquapark,, smoking
water--pipe and sledge in Buda mountains.
water mountains.
Me and my lovely partner

Sara and Dori

… running on the street

translate everything and get

You are the best, only 8 days it seems
that we know for donkeys years…
I love your family, they are smiling

The language of (uhmuhmuhm)

you are a really funny girl
Me and my family will be waiting for

Gui and GG

Exchange Hungary - Portugal

This week was
really amazing,
waking up at 6
o’clock and
taking a train to
I had a really good
time and felt
very welcomed
at your home.
Thanks for
translating what
the drunken
guys at the
station said.
I can’t wait for
Portugal and I
still owe you a
couple of drinks.
Thanks for being
a good friend.
Me and my Exchange Partner
Kelán Vivien
When I arrived at the airport,I recognized
her immediately. She is just like I ever
imagined. Her parents are always fantastic with
me, and I know that they are here for everything
that I need. I will never forget this exchange. Vivi
is the best exchange partner that I can have!

Me and my exchange
Diogo Cardoso
Me and my exchange partner
• Well I’m going to talk about my
experience in Hungary with my
exchange partner Mezei
Tímea… or just Timi as
everybody calls her.
• Just don’t have enough words
to explain the amazing
experience that my partner has
provided me here, I could
really feel a part of the family
and the better thing it’s that I’m
amazed and have not even
reached the end of the
Me and my exchange partner
• In all of these days that we’ve been together I spent a lot
of good times always laughing about everything.
• Although of my casual indecisions because at the
begining I was not very at ease… But overall the family
was very kind and nice to me, and now I’m not so shy as
I was in the beginning, because I almost can feel part of
the family. I also really appreciate the effort of all of the
people from the Hungarian group to ”keep us busy” and
the awsome times that they provided us. After this little
time in Hungary I can just say that I’ve made a lot of
friends in these group and one of that person I can say
that it’s Timi.
Me and my exchange partner
Me and my exchange partner

By: Carola
My partner and her family are very nice and received me
very well.

I felt like at home and like a family member.

Heni is a little bit shy but that is not a problem because

we have a lot of things in common and to talk about.
Thank you for everything.
Me and my exchange partner

By: Joao Veloso

• István’s family since the beginning of this
exchange program tries to talk with me which
is really cool because they don´t speak English
and they end up speaking with some gestures.
• István and his family are very nice and they
received me very well.
• István’s mum cooks very well.
• István’s brothers are very funny we pass all the
afternoons playing UNO, POKER and NFS2.
Thank you for everything!
I really liked to meet you

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