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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Planning Committee for Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival

Summary of Festival Planning as of May 7, 2015
Diane Dixon, Chair, and Ashley Dixon, Co-Chair
As a result of the festival planning committees meeting on May 7, this is an updated summary of
the plans for the festival.
The festival is scheduled for Saturday, August 8, from noon to 4 p.m. in the city park behind
Weinland Park Elementary School.
Erin Prosser will:
Obtain the permit from Columbus Recreation and Parks Department to use the park.
Rent large tent, tables, chairs, and dance floor. At this time, the committee recommends
renting 35 tables, although that figure may be revised closer to the festival.
Arrange use of schools restrooms.
Confirm availability of electricity in park. The committee must confirm the demand for
electricity with vendors.
Steve Sterrett will work with Weinland Park Community Civic Association to confirm
funding for festival from Weinland Park Collaborative and other potential partners.
Campus Partners will manage funds for festival.
Kimberly Golden will send information about a donation request from Cheryls Cookies to
Steve to complete. Limited Brands turned down a request for gift cards. Kimberly also will
organize one or more gift baskets to be used in a raffle to support the festival.
Diane Dixon has not yet had a reply from Kroger about a donation of gift cards.
Food vendors.
Diane contacted a number of food vendors about selling food at the festival. The vendors
include Mojos Tacos, Mikes Late Night Slice, Konoa Ice, and Grace Baptist Churchs fish
Committee members agreed that each vendor should be charged $50 for space at festival.
Diane will either buy or rent a popcorn machine for the festival.
Jane Wiechel will give festival access to a cotton candy machine.
Festival will offer free ice water.
Information tables.
Melissa Niece with OSU Extension-University District reported that about 30 organizations
want to have information tables at the festival. She has 13 vendors who wish to sell items.

Steve produced a festival flyer for organizations about information tables. The flyer notes
that organizations should provide their own tables, chairs, and canopy (if desired).

Diane has engaged Carl A. Bogan, Jr., (aka DJ Car B) to provide music for $250.
Volunteer(s) still needed to organize entertainment for the festival.
Committee members agreed that the dance instructor and his partner who led a dance
demonstration at the April civic association should be invited to lead dances at the festival.
Susan Colbert will contact the instructor.
Andrea Hesse of Vineyard Churchs health clinics attended the meeting on May 7 and will
consider whether the Fifth Avenue clinic might conduct health screenings or have an
information table at the festival.
Columbus Zoo will present a program at 1 p.m. for about an hour and will include animals.
Schoenbaum Family Center will organize activities for children of pre-school age.
A Cub Scout troop will conduct a flag ceremony to start the festival.
Steve talked with LaWon Sellers about introducing the Weinland Park Wildcats football team
and cheerleading squad at festival.
The festival will include a brief program to introduce the civic associations officers and the
festival planning committee.
Diane has forms for high school students who volunteer at the festival to receive public
service credit from their school.
Terry Althouse said Godman Guild will handle face-painting and organized games for
elementary-age children. Terry also will arrange for the bounce house.
Mark Lomax of the R.I.S.E. Youth Program has agreed to organize games for teenagers.
Volunteer(s) are needed to organize games and activities for adults.
Schoenbaum Family Center will distribute Proctor & Gamble products without charge.
Committee members agreed festival-goers should sign-in, complete brief festival survey, and
then receive ticket for one bag of P&G products per household (until products are gone).
Diane reported that Grace Baptist Church and Live Laugh & Learn daycare center will
assemble school supplies to distribute.
Diane has received a donation from the city of 10 bicycles to be given away at the festival.
Volunteers are needed to lead festival set-up and clean-up.
Diane asked committee members to think of a theme for the 2015 festival and bring their
ideas to the next meeting.
Next meeting.
The festival planning committee will hold its next meeting on Thursday, June 4, at 5 p.m. at
Godman Guild Association, 303 E. Sixth Avenue.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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