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This book is intended for advanced

Influence (PI). I consider advanced
practitioners of this art people who
already have a solid understanding of
the theories/hypothesis of how and why
PI works, a medium to high rate
success with the techniques they
already know and practice, a well
trained ability to visualize, some
general notions about PI related fields
(chakras, OBE, Chaos Magick, NLP,
Silva Mind Control, Sedona Release,
I dont want to put down anyone who is
seriously interested in learning this
stuff but I must warn you that this book
deals only with techniques and does not
go into deep explanations on how/why
all of this stuff works. My only
guarantee to you is that all the techniques you ll find in this book have been field
tested by me and other friends of mine and they do actually work! Possibly some
techniques will fit best with your present psychological /physiological features
and you will enjoy more success with those techniques than with any other but I
suggest you to keep practicing all of them because practice without getting
fanatical about results is in itself a good way to improve your PI skills. Also, this
book will deal with specific applications of PI to seduction so if you are interested
in using PI in other contexts (business, health, etc.) you will have to modify these
techniques for your specific outcomes.
Enough said! Now, if you are a novice, let me offer you the best way to start your
journey in this fascinating world. Then you will come back to this book when
what you find written herein will make sense to you. On the next page you will
find two websites that are a MUST for a novice wanting to understand more of
what is being said in this book of course you just can decide to keep reading
this book and to try every technique you find in it but that, dear reader, is a
decision you have to take!

Novices, go to this website: Once there you will

have to search for a book named PSYCHIC SEDUCTION. When you find it, buy
it! That book is one of the best (if not the best) books on PI you can ever find
because it is very detailed both on theory and practice. Indeed this book will not
only give you some easy to understand notions on the universal energy we are
immersed in but will supply you with a host of PI techniques (from basic to
Then, you are strongly suggested to go to this website:
Once there you will have to search for a software named TELE HYPNOSIS PRO.
Again, when you find it, buy it! That software will readily become one of your
most precious helpers when in need of influencing someone for a long time span
without giving that someone a break! Of course this is just one of the many
functions you can use that software for.

The first technique of this book is a classic Penta-Sensorial Visualization (PSV)

Create a 3D, life-size image of your target in front of you (at a distance of about
two meters) and command her to be nude. Simply visualize her clothes fade away
as a result of your psychic command. Now physically go next to her and begin
caressing her neck. Visualize her reacting positively to your touch as you visualize
your hand caressing her and you feel the texture of her skin under your fingers.
After a little byplay go to her tits and begin to tickle her nipples or better yet, suck
and lick her nipples with your mouth and tongue (I warn you in advance that is
very difficult to recreate in your imagination the sensation of your tongue against
one of her sexual body parts as you were actually licking her but when you get
good at it you will find out that this is more powerful than the touch alone!) After
a little more time has passed, you move your hands to her pussy and there you
visualize/feel your hands opening caressing her pussy lips and then play with her
clitoris. Again, imagining/feeling you are kissing and licking her pussy is more
powerful than just fingering her As you do all of that, keep on visualizing her
reactions (the expressions on her face, the quivering of her body, the sounds she
lets go out of her mouth, etc.)
KEY POINT: As you see all of that in your minds eye, remember that is vitally
important to feel the actual texture of her skin under your hands. Also, physically
move your hands/fingers in the same way you would move them if she was bodily
there. Last but not least, remember to pay attention to the auditory portion of the
visualization. Hear her moaning with pleasure, screaming, or whatever you want.
It doesnt matter if you do not know if she is a moaner or a screamer Just
imagine her reacting as you want her to react and I can assure you that most of the
time you will be amazed when, having sex with her for the first time, you will
see/hear her reacting to your physical stimuli precisely as you visualized!
Keep on working your magick on her until she orgasms and then, as the orgasm
starts to subside, make her 3D image fade away and disappear. Thats all! Repeat
this technique once or twice a day (if you do it twice a day, be sure that there is a
gap of several hours between the sessions) for 6 or 7 days and eventually, next
time youll meet your target, she will really act different from how she has done
with you before your influencing her. I cant tell you for sure in which specific
way she will be different with you because everyone is unique but, usually, she
will be more interested in you, she will give you big smiles, she will look at you in
a sort of trance-like state while speaking with you and, sometimes, she will even
make the first move toward sexual intimacy. In any case, should you NOT get any
observable results from this technique (given for granted that you were able to
visualize/feel with a satisfactory precision) after a week or so, stop and do
something else.

Imagine being able to program the dreams of someone, commanding them to

dream whatever you want them to dream.
This DREAM CONTROL is different from all the other dream programming
techniques I know of because it works mainly
by using emotions, chakras charging and some other principles.
KEY POINT: Set a time of the night, preferably when your target is sleeping, in
which you will begin the Dream Control process. I tell you this because it is
extremely improbable that just one run of the whole process will suffice to fully
the target (even if that happened twice to me and also other readers of the previous
version of this book reported to me similar immediate successes). More often
than not you will need to repeat this process 6 or 7 days.
If you do NOT know the sleeping habits of your target it doesn t really matter as
long as you stick to a set time in the night in which you will run the DC process on
her. (Experience has shown us that the best time range for running this operation
is between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM).
The DC process is very easy to do but you must be able to summon your emotions
(for our seduction purposes, here we will need sexual/arousal/lust/desire
emotions) and, if you know something about NLP anchoring, I suggest you to relive three or four times in which you were strongly sexually aroused and to anchor
each of those times in the same way (or in the same place, if youre kinesthetically
anchoring yourself) thus creating a stacked anchor.
When ready to continue, imagine to be in the same room your target is in and to
watch her sleep and then imagine/visualize two big fangs going out from your
mouth and reaching the neck of your target, penetrating it (as two hypodermic
needles would do) and begin to suck her vital energy. Really visualize/feel her
energy been drawn out from her and entering you until you feel you have a surplus
of it (do not worry, youll feel a sort of repulsion when you will not be able to take
inside yourself more energy from her).
When youre full of her energy, summon up all of your sexual emotions (desire,
lust, arousal, etc.) by firing your stacked anchor or by any other means you master
and then imagine giving back to your target her energy mixed with your sexual
energy. You will know when her energy mixed with your energy will be back in
her because you will suddenly feel a little weak. Now visualize your big fangs
leaving the neck of your target and retracting until they will disappear into your
ADDED BONUS 2002: Some readers of the previous edition of this book have
reported great success by substituting the big white fangs with see-through hollow

tubes so that they could better visualize the energy sucking (and pumping back).
One of my friends had a wonderful (and one shot trial) success by envisioning
black energy tendrils going out from his solar plexus and connecting to the target
solar plexus. I thought about mentioning those options because, as long as you
keep the process structure intact, you can use the sucking/pumping back
visualization you feel it best fits you.
You need now to step out of your physical body and this time you ll do it in one
of the simplest ways I know of. Simply imagine to exit your body from the left (or
right) side as if were an armor (actually do a physical step to your left/right out of
your body and then visualize your body staying erect as an empty armor waiting
for your come back in it. You are now a body of pure energy that just left its shell
and you are ready for entering into your target body. This next step is a somewhat
difficult step because for some people is not easy to imagine entering in a
horizontal positioned body when they are in fact standing up. The way I do it is
the following: With my eyes CLOSED, I imagine I begin to levitate and slowly
rotate until Im parallel to the ground and then I slowly fly above my target and,
when exactly upon her, I land down and I FEEL myself entering into her.
When into her, first thing you do is to create by visualization two blue colored
double-mirrored energy spheres (they have mirroring properties on the inside and
on the outside) in which you enclose the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.
The reason for doing so is that in a moment you will send out sexual energy to the
target chakras and, since here your outcome is to get sex from her, you do NOT
want those two higher chakras being affected by your sexual energy charging.
Now you summon up again all the sexual emotions you are capable of (fire again
the stacked anchor if you have set one) and imagine all the other chakras
beginning to glow brighter and brighter as you send each one of them a little bit of
the energy created by your emotions. You know when youre done because you
will feel a pleasant calmness permeating you (and NO sexual desire/lust/arousal
left). Now, this is VERY IMPORTANT: As soon as you feel this sense of
calmness/peace in yourself QUICKLY reverse the procedure you did for entering
in your target and then physically step back into your waiting body!
KEY POINT: The trick here is to charge your target chakras with the greatest
possible sexual energy and then come out of her before she can pick up the vibes
of your state of mind shift thus beginning to absorb that kind of calmness too. If
she absorbs it, the sexual energy you just infused into her will be greatly diluted.
When you are again into yourself, remember to destroy the two blue energy
spheres that were protecting the third eye and crown chakras. You can do it by
simply commanding them to do so, by visualizing them vanish or by whatever

other means youre more familiar with. Look once more at your target sleeping
and leave the room. The process is completed.
ADDED BONUS 2002: Now you can add the Thought Embedding technique to
this process. This ulterior step has shown that it can really enhance and intensify
the whole DC process. To add this step is a piece of cake simply run the
Thought Embedding process while still in the same room she is but, at the end,
instead of letting the photo-disc continually looping, eject it from her back head
and take it back with you as you leave.

Let me say I was proud of my old POWERFEEL LOOP Technique and still I
am But some steps of that process could have been removed and the process
itself could have been significantly streamlined. This new POWERFEEL LOOP
Technique is very different from the old one even if some key principles stay the
Begin by visualizing your target (3D, life-size) in front of you, at a distance of
about two meters. Be sure that your target is looking at you straight in the eyes.
Next, step out of your body as explained in the Dream Control Technique or in
any other way that you know you master. Now, the following step it s just a
matter of timing you will need to step into your target at a specific moment,
stepping into your target too soon or too late will cause the failure of this
technique. You are outside of your body and your looking at both, your body and
your target. Now you need to create a great sexual energy and you will create it by
masturbating yourself.
KEY POINT: Remember, you are out of your physical body and thus even if you
masturbate yourself, technically speaking its not you masturbating yourself. If its
easier for you to understand, lets say that in this moment you are just a mass of
pure energy, pure living energy with a mind and a will and your will is to raise
a great amount of sexual energy and then to use it for the realization of your
When you masturbate yourself you can think about almost anything that helps you
to add to your arousal. When you feel youre getting close to orgasm, you quickly
step inside your target and as you cum you look at your body through the target
eyes. You imagine you are in fact the target feeling this sexual pleasure. Then, as
the orgasm begins to subside, you quickly step out of your target and step back
inside yourself and immediately you look at the delighted expression on your
targets face.
As a last step, you visualize you and your target being immersed into a big
golden-energy sphere that surrounds both of you thus irradiating both of you with
the same quality / length-wave of energy. Let the glowing of the sphere to become
brighter and brighter to the point where you just see an immense white light
energy that expands itself beyond your visual field. The POWERFEEL LOOP
Technique process has been completed.
ADDED BONUS 2002: This technique works best when done from 1 to 3 hours
before meeting your target.

This is a very simply and yet very effective technique you can use to implant
sexual thoughts about you in your target mind during an innocent conversation.
As soon as you begin to talk with your target, you lock your left eye on her left
eye (LOCK does not mean that you must stare at her in a mechanical/robotic
way you can blink during this process, just do NOT shift your focus from her
left eye to her right eye) and focus your right eye approximately a few centimeters
behind and above her left shoulder where you visualize a silver movie screen.
Now, as you keep talking (or listening) to her, you begin to visualize a movie on
that silver screen. The movie you create, projection on screen and watch must be
a movie with the following contents and characteristics:
You and her are both in the movie.
It must be an X-Rated movie in which you please her (tits caressing, neck
kissing, tits sucking, pussy fingering, pussy licking) and NOT her pleasing
you. This is of vital importance for this technique to be effective. You are
the giver of erotic pleasure and she is the receiver of it.
You must see her reacting to your touching/kissing/licking. See her body
quiver and tremble, see expressions of pleasure showing in her face, add the
soundtrack to the movie.
The movie must end just few moments before she reaches her orgasm.
This is not one time technique. I had the best results when, during a conversation
of 15-20 minutes, I projected my movie
4 times at regular intervals (although the intervals can be totally random).
Regarding the reason for never letting her to reach a full-blown orgasm in the
movie, it is because, in this way, each time you play the movie, you add to her
previous arousal without giving her possibility to release it.
If you are doing things in the correct way, after the second or third time you play
your movie I can guarantee you that you will begin to see your results showing in
her face (her face may suddenly redden), in her body postures (she may nervously
change her sitting stance and crossing and uncrossing her legs as if she was trying
to regain her comfort zone), in her actions (she may excuse herself and go to the
restrooms to masturbate or simply to look at herself in the restrooms mirror and
tell herself: Whats happening to me? Im on fire!), in her voice (she may
exhale noisily, she may moan, her voice may tremble a little bit as she is speaking
with you, she may adopt a soft, silky, sensual voice tonality while talking to you)

ADDED BONUS 2002: Many of the expert readers of the 2001 version of this
book told me that they had astonishing results when they primed the pump by
doing this technique as a form of REMOTE Psychic Seduction first and then
replay the movie when in conversation with their targets. So, just for the ones who
are curious enough to try and see if this truly empower the whole process keep
You simply add the remote step by creating a 3D, life-size image of your target
and a 3D, life-size image of yourself. Then you do what NLP would label a V-K
Dissociation. In down to earth words this means that you see the 3D yourself
creating a movie in which he sees himself sexually arousing her as he talk with the
3D her. As soon as the movie ends you physically step into your 3D self. That s
The only drawback of adding the remote step is that in order to do it you must
know your target in advance if you have to create a 3D, life-size image of her.

I thought about giving you a different way of creating an energy sphere (a.k.a.
thought tracer, PSI-ball, energy ball, energy globe, chi-ball, etc.) The classical
way to proceed is to create the sphere by visualizing/feeling energy condensing
between your hands (sometimes by drawing extra-energy from your surroundings
and seeing it entering from the top of your head and filling up your entire body as
if it was made of transparent glass) and then infuse the sphere with your intent
(your wanting, your desire).
With my method you create the intent first (under form of emotion) and then you
wrap your intent with energy thus giving it the power to act on your target
mind/emotions. Also, with my method its not the sphere that flies to the target but
its the target that flies to the sphere!
Begin by summoning up the strongest sexual emotion(s) you can (feel it building
inside yourself) and let the energy created by this emotion go out like a laser ray
from your third eye (imagine this energy to be red colored) and beginning to
condense in a red sphere-like shape at a distance of about one meter in front of
you, at your solar plexus height.
Now you materialize a 3D replica of your target on the open palm of your
dominant hand (the hand you write with) and slowly close your fist around her as
to prevent her to escape. Then, you physically plunge your closed hand (target
inside of it) into the red energy sphere and, when inside the sphere, you open your
hand letting your target slide off your palm. Finally, you simply withdraw your
open hand from the sphere leaving your target imprisoned in it.
KEY POINT: When you visualize your target in your hand, really feel the
warmth of her body on your hand, feel her weight on your palm. And, when
physically plunging/withdrawing your hand into/from the energy field, amplify
your gestures. As a general rule, the more you engage your whole body in the
process, the more powerful your psychic influencing will be!
Look at your target imprisoned inside the red energy spherical field (and, if you
like, imagine your puny target crying, imagine her unsuccessfully trying to get out
of her spherical jail) then physically extend your arms and grab the sphere with
both of your hands. Now you simply visualize a box in which you carefully place
the sphere and then you imagine to lock this box.
Youre done with the process. Simply forget about the sphere until one of the
following things will happen: 1) Your target will contact you in any way and let
you know that she really needs you, that she s continually thinking about you, etc.
In that case, end the game and fuck her until she can t stand up! 2) 24 hours have
passed and nothing special happened. Open the box, take out the sphere, re-

energize it by summoning up again a strong sexual emotion and by projecting it

into the sphere out of your third eye, put sphere back in the box, close the box and
lock it. Repeat this process every day until point 1) will eventually happen or until
you have done it for more than 10 days without seeing any peculiar result. In this
second case, simply do something else. For some reasons, too complex to explain
without taking in consideration a lot of variables (like beliefs, values and the
whole personality of both, your target and yours) this technique does NOT work
as intended with that particular person you did choose.
ADDED BONUS 2002: In my personal experience Ive found out that shields,
spheres and all the other energy constructs usually dissolve themselves after some
time. They last a minimum of few hours and a maximum of 24 hours without you
periodically checking for their presence and/or recharging them) and so this could
be the major reason why you need to repeat more than once the process, that,
anyway, is very fast and easy to do once you get the knack of it. In the preceding
paragraphs Ive stated NOT to repeat this process for more than 10 days if you do
not see any noticeable result. Now, I want you to know that this time period is not
etched in stone but, after extensive field testing, me and other people found out
that, if your target does not change her attitude toward you in the first 9-10 days
you are using this technique on her, then, she probably will never do it.

This is a different way of creating a Sigil. Im sure you all know that the usual
methods for creating a Sigil in Chaos Magick are by removal of all the repeated
letters in your written statement of desire or by removal of the repeated letters and
all of the vowels and then by forming a rather symbolic shape with the remaining
letters. Now, this different way or approach in creating a Sigil is extremely fast
and powerful and pulls you out from the never ending doubt: Should I write I
Since you should know what you want by the time youre ready to create a Sigil,
the first easy operation is simply to skip the classical statements reported above. In
simpler words, if you want to fuck Rebecca then you don t need to write: I
Why? Because you know that you want to fuck her and so the first thing to do it is
to follow the ACTION & TARGET principle. In this case the ACTION is FUCK
and the TARGET is REBECCA. Prepare two blank squares of paper one with
ACTION written on it and the other with TARGET written on it and you are ready
to begin. Now, if you look at the word FUCK you will notice that there are no
repeated letters (so no letters to remove!) and that the only letter of the word
FUCK that you find also in the word ACTION is the letter C. So you remove C
from the word FUCK and then, after having created a nice symbolic shape from
the remaining letters (FUK), you draw this shape on the ACTION piece of paper.
Now you examine REBECCA and you see that the letters E and C are repeated in
this word, so you remove them! Now comparing what it is left (REBCA) with the
TARGET word, you see that the letters A, R, E of the word REBCA are found in
TARGET so you remove those letters and youre left with BC. Again create a nice
symbolic shape out of those two remaining letters (BC) and then draw this shape
on the TARGET piece of paper.
Now you have two different Sigils that must be charged separately (does not
matter in which order, even if it makes more sense to charge the ACTION Sigil
first!) but you must keep in mind that here we will use the TWISTED
CHARGING SYSTEM (TCS) for maximizing the effect of this magickal
operation. You can charge your Sigils in any way you already know and has
worked for you in the past but I will anyway suggest to you to charge the Sigils
through sexual energy since here the main purpose is indeed to get sex!
KEY POINT: Even if some experts say that you can sexually charge a Sigil
through self-masturbation or through having a partner masturbating you, I suggest
that you stick to the self-masturbation because involving another person in your
Sigilization process can instead steal power from the whole operation unless
youre doing Sigil working in a group with the well established intent to get a
specified common outcome for the group itself!

So you begin to masturbate yourself getting on the verge of the orgasm 3 or 4

times without reaching it (in doing so you are accumulating more sexual energy to
explode into the Sigil when you will finally cum!) and then when you reach the
orgasm you stare without blinking at the ACTION Sigil as in your mind s eye you
visualize Rebecca. Then, as the orgasm begins to subside you put out of sight that
Sigil and you wait until you feel ready for charging the TARGET Sigil. You
repeat the same operations you did before except that, when you re reaching your
orgasm and you stare without blinking at the TARGET Sigil, in your mind s eye,
you simultaneously visualize you and Rebecca having wild, savage sex!
KEY POINT: Its important that you visualize in your mind s eye the thing
youre not charging the Sigil for. So, you charge ACTION Sigil and you visualize
Rebecca, you charge TARGET Sigil and you visualize you and Rebecca fucking
(ACTION)! This system of charging the Sigils is especially powerful because of
the redundancy it creates on the whole operation so, for the last time, remember: if
you have Sigils X and Y when you are cumin and you are staring at Sigil X
externally (with your sense of sight) you simultaneously must visualize internally
(with your minds eye) Sigil Y and vice versa.
Now, as the orgasm subsides you put out of sight this second Sigil too and, after 2
or 3 minutes of rest, you pick up both Sigils and without intentionally looking at
them you burn them in an ashtray until only ashes are left. Take a pinch of those
ashes in your hands and do a gesture of washing your hands as you say out loud:
SO BE IT! IT IS DONE! As soon as you complete this last important
operation (called release or relinquish) you do not care anymore about what you
have just done. Listen carefully, the beautifulness of this way of charging Sigils is
that we do not actually care if the next day we catch ourselves thinking about the
ritual or the particular person we chose for the ritual unless those thoughts are
an ongoing obsession! Let me say it again some experts would tell you that if
you think about the Sigil youve worked with after the ritual is completed you will
not get your outcome! Thats ridiculous and false! Unless youre continually
obsessed by the same thoughts about what you ve done and unless during the
whole day you are NOT able to think anything different than that, because you ve
charged the Sigils with the TCS that creates a loop of redundancy and because you
did the ASHES RELEASE STEP it will NOT matter if you will think of your
outcome the next day or the day after or after one week But remember that any
doubt you will keep alive in your mind could have a severe counter-effect on your
outcome getting.
ADDED BONUS 2002: Some people asked me if you could set a date in which to
expect your desire to be fulfilled.. YES, you can and actually to set a date for your
desire to be granted is a good thing in two major ways, provided that you set out a
realistic date. For realistic I mean here that if your outcome is, just for sake of

example, to become a 10 th degree black belt of karate in 3 weeks and you dont
know a shit about martial arts at the present moment well, youre setting a NOT
realistic time frame for yourself and your wish will not be fulfilled! Now, for the
two major advantages of adding a date to your outcome; the first advantage is that
setting a realistic date lets your unconscious mind know around when you expect
your wanting/desire to be fulfilled and because of that it (your unconscious mind)
will work in combination with the Universal Energy in order to deliver the results
you want at the expected time. The second major advantage of setting a realistic
date is that usually your results will materialize not more than 72 hours after the
set date. So, if 3 days after the date you set, your outcome has not yet been
fulfilled, this is a signal that probably you did NOT do something right or that
your unconscious mind knew that the outcome you thought you wanted was
not the very best for you in the long run. Of course it can simply be that, as I
mentioned in the introduction of this book, for some peculiar
physiological/psychological reasons other techniques will work better than this
one for you.

This is a great process that merges the power of an energy sphere (a.k.a. energy
ball, PSI-ball, energy bubble, etc.) with the power of a Sigil. Here you can t use
the Energy Sphere Creation Technique I gave you before in this book because that
technique requires both hands to be free and an utmost concentration on the
creation of the sphere itself and also because the working for that technique is
quite different from the following one. But, as I have stated before, this book does
not deal with PI basics, so, if youre reading this book you should already know
some good ways to create an energy sphere!
This time you will create only one Sigil for your seduction outcome and you will
create it through the classic repeated letters removal method. So, just for sake of
example, we will use here the same outcome we have used for the previous
exercise: FUCK REBECCA. Using only one Sigil (one piece of paper) you will
find out that if you remove all the repeated letters you are left with FUKRBA.
Simply shape those letters into a symbolic ensemble and then draw it on the piece
of paper.
When youre done with the preceding operation, pick up the piece of paper (Sigil)
and put it with the drawing face-up on the open palm of your dominant hand (the
dominant hand is the one with which you write). Now close your eyes and
concentrate your complete attention on your hand/Sigil and imagine the Sigil is
heating up and then burning (we are using here the energy of the FIRE element
that has well known characteristics of strong passion, lust, sexual arousal).
KEY POINT: I want to remind you again that, when you are using visualization
for psychically influencing someone, feeling the SENSATIONS and/or
EMOTIONS as if they were actually there is of vital importance!
Now, as you imagine/feel your Sigil burning in your hand, you shift the attention
to your non-dominant hand open palm where you begin to allow the Universal
Energy surging through your body to form a sphere-like shape. As you watch this
energy taking the shape of a sphere, you infuse it with your intent (the intent must
be congruent with the intent you created the Sigil for or your efforts will be
wasted!) When you feel your non-dominant hand tingling and/or pulsing because
of the accumulated energy in it, you will quickly turn this hand palm down and
you will cover your dominant hand with it. At this point you will have just created
a Sigil powered by an energy sphere (you must imagine a glowing energy sphere
surrounding the Sigil) and the synergy of those psychic tools combined together
will give explosive power to the whole thing.
As a last (important) step, you create a 3D, life-size image of your target in front
of you (in our example the target is Rebecca) and then you throw the energy ball
with the Sigil embedded in it to her sex chakra and vividly imagine the energy fill

her whole body while the Sigil is being slowly but completely absorbed (sucked
in) by her sex chakra.
KEY POINT: When you imagine you throw the energy sphere to your target,
really do a jerking physical movement with your hand and also breath out with
your mouth in the exact moment you are pushing/throwing this energy into your
target. If you know how to do energized breathing, then, further energize your
sphere with your breathing the moment before youre going to throw/push it
inside the target body.
Now let your target 3D image fade away and do a release operation, operation that
can be as simple as saying out loud So Be It! It Is Done! and then go doing
other things (take a walk, watch TV, read newspaper, play videogames, etc.)
Again, let me point out that even if its wrong to be obsessed by the thought of
what you have done and to keep thinking about that, dwelling on that its NOT
wrong if from time to time you catch yourself wondering how soon your expected
results will manifest to you!

Another very simple yet powerful technique to embed thoughts of wild, savage,
luscious sex in your targets mind.
First of all Imagine someone hidden from your view was taking a series of
pictures of you and your target having sex... Imagine you have these pictures at
hand Imagine youre looking at these pictures now! Visualize each picture with
as much detail as you can.
KEY POINT: Remember that the mysterious photographer only took a sequence
of 9-10 pictures and the first picture he took was already a picture in which you
and your target were doing something (anything!) of sexual nature. He did not
take picture of you undressing her or something like that first picture was the
beginning of some sexual action and last picture was your target reaching her
orgasm. Also, here does NOT matter if you receive sexual gratification from her
(lets say one picture shows her doing you a blowjob) but be sure that most of the
time you are the giver of sexual pleasure rather than the receiver of it!
Now, imagine you have a blank photo-disc in your hands (like the Kodak ones
that allow you too see your pictures on your TV) and, once you have identified the
correct photo sequence, see each picture/photo begin to slowly melt before your
eyes and merging with the photo-disc texture to the point where they become one
thing. Visualize this process for each picture, starting from the first in the series.
KEY POINT: I really visualize the picture melting (sort of liquefying) and
merging with the photo-disc substance until the picture becomes one with the
photo-disc. If you find an easier method to get this same outcome, then, use that!
When you complete the above task, your photo-disc will contain the whole
photographic sequence in it. Now you conjure up (visualize) a 3D, life-size image
of your target before you and as you go near her, you notice that, in the back of
her head, there is a vertical slot. You now visualize/feel the photo-disc in your
hands and physically insert it into that slot and hear a CLICK sound when the
disc clicks into place and is ready to start showing the pictures it contains.
Command to the disc to begin showing the photo sequence and to keep doing so
ad infinitum or until you will command it to stop. As a last operation, step out of
yourself (as explained in the Dream Control Technique or with any other method
you master) and enter into your target by physically walking into her. Now be her
watching the sequence again and again and again and reacting with a certain
amount of arousal while endlessly looking at the pictures. When you have had
enough of it, step out of her and re-enter in your body. Let the 3D target fade away
and the process is completed!

KEY POINT: Some readers of the previous version of this book asked me about
the command thing. You just have to command to the photo-disc to play the
photo sequence and it will start. Remember that all Magick is essentially created
by INTENT and DESIRE/WILL! Simple like that! Also remember to command to
the photo-disc to keep playing ad infinitum because, if you forget this step, when
you will step out of your target, the photo-disc could stop.


Would you like to have incredible power with the important people in your live? Be
them girlfriend, spouses, co-workers, bosses How much would you like to soften
their minds to instill in them your thoughts, ideas, viewpoints?
Listen, I spent more than two years in investigating on what all the energy systems of
Magick had in common and what they had in common was an extensive usage of
Just think about two of the most well known energy systems of Magick in today s
world REIKI and HUNA!
REIKI is heavily based on the utilization of specific symbols that are taught you as
you progress on your pathway
HUNA has 36 different symbols you can work with
Advanced practitioners of energetic disciplines like the ones I mentioned above can,
for example, heal peoples psychological traumas just by tracing with their fingers
one or more symbols in the air before them.
But, you see, the first major problem with most of those energy systems is that they
almost require that the learner receive some sort of attunement in order for those
symbols to work for him/her and to me this is notion is just GARBAGE!
Listen, I do not mean to offend you if you believe in attunement but remember that
what you believe gives shape to your reality and so believing that you cannot use
some secret symbols because you are not attuned to them may limit you reality.
The second major problem is that some of those energy systems teach you a lot of
different symbols and sometimes the symbols in one energy system of Magick are
taught as the only valid symbols you can use if you want your work to be effective.
But, according to Carl Gustav Jung, we already have in our psyche a part of us (that
he named Collective Unconscious) in which all the notions and experiences of our
species are there for us. In other words, you already know all you need to know in
order for you to work with symbols but you dont know that you know it.
So why I wrote this book and why Im selling it to you? Am I contradicting myself?
NO, Im not! Indeed, Im not trying to sell you an attunement or the only TRUE
system to use symbols with efficacy

What Im teaching you in this book is simply the result of more than two years of
research in all the energy systems of Magick I could put my hands on!!! You ll get
the fundamental knowledge that will allow you to operate with symbols and energy
without being forced to believe in a mountain of BULLSHIT you dont need!
My system works so fast that you will be amazed by its rapidity
and, on top of that, with only 7 symbols you will do anything!
NOW, will I ask you hundreds of dollars for this knowledge?
NO, I wont! In actual fact the IMMEDIATE SYMBOLS MAGICK book will cost
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IMMEDIATE SYMBOLS MAGICK will be released in September 2002