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Name: Victor P.

Mail Address: 1514 N. Iris Ave. Rialto, CA. 92376
Email address:
Telephone number: (909) 874-3771

Security Clearance: N/A

Demonstrations of Expertise:
-1993 maintain master files with schedules accordance to DSN Logistics
-- JPL/NASA projects.
-1988 coordinated advance composite and graphite, silica glass, and uncured
-- rubber for Titan T4 & T34D.
-1986 development and implementation of composite material control system;
-- as well as operating instructions for the actions and responsibilities required to
-- maintain control of materials in aerospace/space programs.

Professional Experience:

1989-1993 Material Coordinator, JPL/NASA Contractor

Allied Signal Aerospace Technical Services Corporation, Pasadena, CA.

 Responsible to coordinated the release of materials to Operations/Engineering

 Maintain master files for Deep Space Network (DSN) Logistics procedures.
 Established the Shipping Logistics for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

In general, coordinated the release of materials by The Operations/Engineering Department

maintain master files with schedule accordance to DSN Logistics JPL/NASA projects; in brief my
qualifications with reference to aggressive professional network management communication
skills and the understanding of moving advance materials for DoD, Department of Defense
aerospace/space programs will significantly enhance the efficiency of manufacturing schedules to
DoD projects.

1979-1988 Material Coordinator, Titan T4, and T34D

Rohr Industries, Riverside CA.

 Coordinated advance composite materials, as well as graphite, graphite tapes, silica

glass, and uncured rubber.
 Operations for manufacturing Solid Rocket Motors; Inserts and Center Segments, AFT
Closure, Exit Cone, Extension Cone and many other assemblies for complete of rocket
 Development of Titan Materials – Storage and Documentation.

In general, coordinated composite materials for both space & aerospace materials used in
construction of production details and assemblies. Note, Rohr awarded me outstanding effort in
development and implementation of their Perishable Composite Material Control System. In brief,
I understand the significance and responsibilities to maintain control of advance materials.

Comments: Note these positions have relevance and significance to achieving by means of
current career objective. Therefore the chronological order of dates are arranged to best fit the
related accounts of experience.

2005-2008 Material Specialist

Rialto Auto Body Center, Fontana CA.
 Storage of Body and Frame Dimension Charts.

In general, coordinated network production for auto body fabrication by means of incoming and
storage of auto/truck parts, as well as maintain the indirect supplies to enhance the operational
schedule and meet the customer needs.

2000-2003 Librarian Assistant Student Employee

California State University San Bernardino, CA.

 Library network support

In general, network support for CSUSB by meeting the mission statement goals with reference to
information, and collection of books, bounded periodicals, maps and musical scores.

1998-2000 Librarian Assistant Student Employee

San Bernardino Valley College, CA.

 Library network support

In general, give information to students to find research materials, collection of books, bounded
periodicals, maps and musical scores.

- BS Administration, Specialty Information Management, California State University San
Bernardino, 2008.

- AA Associate of Arts, San Bernardino Valley College, CA. 1999.

- Skadron College San Bernardino, CA. 1996.

Certification & Recognition:

American Astronomical Society and AAS Division of the Planetary Sciences, Deep Space
Network Support: 1994.

Total Quality Leadership: Certificate of Completion Allied Signal Technical Services Corporation:

The Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), group award of Voyager Flight Team DSN
Network Support (NASA/JPL) 1990

The Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Voyager 2 Grand Tour of the Outer Planets,
Space Operations Network Support (NASA/JPL) 1989

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA.
Certification in accordance with the established criteria of the Deep Space Network, proficiency
as a/an Shipping Logistics Coordinator. 1989

The Planetary Society, Awarded Medal Number 1792; Voyager at Neptune DSN Network Support

The National Management Association, Achievement Award for Professional Management

Development AMS 3, Rohr Riverside Chapter 742; 1988
Certified in MCS Security Data Protection Systems. 1988

Developer and Implementation of Titan Materials Storage and Documentation; 1987

Titan Teams: Team Leader for 34/D/T4 Insert Material and Production Control; 1987

The National Management Association, Achievement Award for Management Process Skills AMS
2, Rohr Riverside Chapter 742; 1987

Certificate of Recognition awarded for outstanding effort in Development and Implementation of

Rohr’s Perishable Composite Material Control System, this effort will eliminate scrap and
enhance all composite manufacturing schedules; 1986

Certified by Rohr’s Quality Assurance in Assembly Training prepared by Manufacturing

Technology, section Manufacturing Engineering. 1979

DSN/JPL/NASA Network Support for Space Programs:

* Voyager 1 * Mars Observer
* Voyager 2 * Columbia; STS-28
* Galileo * Columbia; STS-32
* Ulysses * Discovery; STS-33
* Magellan * Atlantis; STS-34

Aerospace/Aircraft Experience for Composite and Adhesive Metal Bonding Programs:

* DC-9 * C-130
* DC-10 * C-141
* KC-135 * C5-A
* MD-80 * C5-B
* CF6-80 * BR-211
* B-1 * 7R-4
* F-14 * 747
* 757

Additional Classifications in Aircraft/Space Programs:

• Advanced Composite Fabricator for Manufacturing Production; Pre-Cut and
Lay-Up procedures.

• Adhesive Metal Bonding; Assembler

• Certified Structure; Assembler

• Certified Rotary Cutting Machine Operator

• Composite Pre-Cut, Cutting Table Production

• Advanced Composite Oven Operator

• Core Fab-Production Operator for Oven Cures

• Material Handler for Advanced Composites

* Manufacturing and Technology R&D; Blueprint & Caliper Reading.

Keywords: Material Coordinator, Project Scheduling, Manufacturing Schedules, DSN Logistics,
JPL/NASA Contractor, Material Control System, Advanced Composite Materials.