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NetApp FAS3100 Series
Do more for your business than you thought possible with a
storage system

The Challenge storage infrastructure to meet your changing
Key Benefits business and technical needs. To help
Today’s business environment demands
innovation and increasingly flawless you maximize staff productivity, all NetApp
Meet diverse and changing needs
execution. You are asked to manage and FAS systems run the Data ONTAP® 7G
Consolidate diverse data sets onto
protect valuable data to enable business operating system and use the same suite of
a unified storage platform that
growth and success. Change is continuous application-aware management software.
provides simultaneous block and file
services for business and technical and you must evolve your IT operations
Flexible enough to meet your
applications. while adhering to hard limits for budget,
diverse and changing needs
staffing, and infrastructure. Virtualized
Perform when your applications computing, the latest wave of change, is You need a versatile platform that can
need it most quickly becoming the norm. It calls for handle the huge amount of diverse data
Compelling file- and transaction-based networked storage systems that you can use moving through your business. Now you
performance with high bandwidth, to consolidate diverse data sets and unlock can consolidate these varied data sets onto
64-bit architecture, and the latest I/O the full potential of virtualized servers. a unified storage platform that provides
technologies including support for simultaneous block and file services for
8Gb Fibre Channel connectivity. The Solution business and technical applications. With
NetApp® FAS3100 series featuring the NetApp FAS3100 series, you can unlock
Respond to growth the full potential of your growing virtualized
Thin provisioning helps you eliminate server environment by enabling virtual
Now you can simultaneously meet your
stranded storage. Preserve investments machine mobility and offloading the work
diverse needs—SAN and NAS, primary
in staff expertise and capital equipment of data protection. Our FAS3100 systems
and secondary storage—while providing
with data-in-place upgrades to more enable you to connect your heterogeneous
high levels of application availability for
powerful FAS systems while running server environment (including Windows®,
everything from your critical business
the same OS and using the same UNIX®, and Linux® servers) and clients
operations to technical applications. With
management tools. to one storage system by using standard
NetApp® FAS3100 series systems, you get
outstanding value: our flexible systems storage protocols and interfaces.
Do more with less
Highly efficient storage utilization offer excellent performance and impressive
Increase your data and
makes it possible for you to dramatically scalability at a lower total cost of ownership
application availability
reduce your consumption of raw than other midrange storage systems.
With less time spent on backup and
storage, power, cooling, and space.
We’ve designed our systems to make them recovery, you can focus your energy and
easy for you to install, provision, manage, creativity on growing your business.Our full
and upgrade so you can quickly adapt your range of enterprise-class high-availability

implement. possible with other storage. in-time data. Go further. All rights reserved. Specifications are for active-active dual controller configurations. You’ll spend business-critical applications than would be Respond to your growth less time waiting and more time innovating. backup and recovery. And on the same system. utilization to conserve raw storage. iSCSI. staff. you can quickly returns applications to the same combine high-performance Fibre Channel Partner for Success point in time as recovered data. enables you to safeguard more of your cooling. and data center space. and CIFS storage protocols via both Our ConsultingEdge plan provides a Perform when your applications Fibre Channel and Ethernet interfaces. complete. SnapRestore® recovers 10GbE support netapp. dual parity RAID-DP ® — NetApp’s and cost. native support of the FCP. NetApp Global built on the solid foundation of our low storage tiers for optimal performance Services professionals work side by side overhead. © Copyright world go further. Maximum ports combines integrated ports with I/O expansion cards. the NetApp logo. NetApp’s In today’s business environment. No portions of NetApp creates innovative storage and this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp. Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. in the United States and/ or other countries. power. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and www. RAID 5 and RAID 1+0. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Your critical applications can take Do more with your current • Remote diagnostics priority under peak load conditions with budget. FCoE). We offer a comprehensive portfolio high-performance RAID 6 that offers better can seamlessly consolidate block and file of support and service options that you can data protection and capacity utilization than storage. Notes: 1.and disaster recovery products provide faster time to market for your critical new data management and maximizing storage affordable software for data protection that products and services. SupportEdge Premium services controller architecture with large memory or scalability is required. and rapid cloning of to minutes. faster at www. fast Snapshot™ capability reduces backup times your systems collect grows relentlessly. Our high-bandwidth. SnapManager. UNIX is a passion for helping companies around the registered trademark of The Open RAID-DP.netapp. • Quarterly storage availability audits We can help you reduce costs in all aspects Features such as these enable you to meet • Software subscription plan of your storage environment by simplifying demanding service levels and achieve a Figure 1) Proven Lower TCO FAS3100 Series Overview FAS3140 FAS3160 FAS3170 Storage networking support FC SAN (FCP). and infrastructure • A blend of remote and on-site repair our FlexShare™ quality of service software. SnapRestore. 2. SnapManager ® NetApp’s flexible FAS3100 series. NetApp. should be treated as such. All of this and large-capacity SATA disk drives in To help enable your success. approach to support. Inc. data management solutions that accelerate NetApp. Inc. FCoE. We make this possible by providing tailor to meet the needs of your data center. NFS. FlexShare. and Snapshot are trademarks business breakthroughs and deliver or registered trademarks of NetApp. 64-bit capabilities. compelling performance across a wide range capability helps you eliminate stranded storage by instantly expanding or contracting Our SupportEdge Premium offers a hybrid of application workloads—file services. When more performance on-site resources with innovative remote name just a few. you can preserve investments in staff expertise and capital include: cache and the latest I/O technologies (including support for 8Gb FC and 10Gb equipment with data-in-place upgrades to • Hardware and software installation Ethernet connectivity) provides data at the more powerful FAS systems that are running • System monitoring rates you need to keep the most demanding the same Data ONTAP operating system and • Proactive notification business and technical applications running using the same management tools. and optimize The NetApp FAS3100 series offers NetApp’s innovative thin provisioning your storage infrastructure. With data sets. outstanding cost efficiency. faster. Read the full reports at www. Discover our Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. DS-2804-0709 . NAS (NFS. to LUNs and volumes by using a common pool of spare capacity. also in minutes. regardless of your company’s size. combining expert OLTP. you with you. and messaging and collaboration.netapp. IP SAN (iSCSI. flexible set of consulting services need it most to help you plan. the data thanks to high system performance. • Immediate reactive support smoothly. Data ONTAP. CIFS) Frame Array Storage Maximum raw capacity 420TB 672TB 840TB Downtime Costs Other Maximum disk drives 420 672 840 Modular Storage Management Costs Controller architecture 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit NetApp Storage Controller form factor 1 or 2 controllers 1 or 2 controllers 1 or 2 controllers in a single in a single in a single Acquisition Costs 6U chassis 6U chassis 6U chassis Memory 8GB 16GB 32GB Maximum 4Gb/sec FC ports 40 40 40 Studies by Oliver Wyman show that the total Support for 8Gb/sec FC cost of ownership for NetApp storage systems Maximum Ethernet ports 36 36 36 is substantially lower than that of storage from other major vendors.