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Storage Solutions

FlexCache Software
Get to market faster and enjoy tier 1 storage performance
at tier 2 cost

The Challenge eroded by the additional cost of managing
Key Benefits tiering policies and procedures.
Ensuring that the right data is on the right
Speed Time to Market storage at the right time in compute- The Solution
Maximize productivity by eliminating intensive, dynamic business environments
Large compute farms process vast quantities Deploy NetApp FlexCache software
bottlenecks and accelerating remote
of data for a wide variety of applications, Now, by using NetApp® FlexCache™
data access.
such as movie rendering, electronic software, you can scale compute farm
Reduce Administration Costs design automation, seismic analysis, and performance without adding management
Avoid unnecessary data replication financial simulations. These large farms complexity, enabling you to get to market
and automatically adjust cache are invaluable, but they create their own faster and more efficiently. FlexCache
content to changing data usage. complex challenges. As administrators add shortens response times, accelerates
servers to the farm in response to increasing performance for large compute farms,
Automate data migration, replication, speeds data access for remote users,
data demands, system throughput may
and synchronization. and helps you create a tiered storage
actually decrease. Because multiple
compute nodes use the same data set, infrastructure that does not require tedious
Lower Infrastructure Costs
the performance of an entire farm can be data migration or management.
Use less expensive SATA disk for
all data and use more expensive limited to the throughput of a single storage SPEED TIME TO MARKET
tier 1 storage to dynamically store system. The performance of shared data
sets can also be an issue in a distributed With FlexCache software, you can achieve
only active data, as determined by
global enterprise. Many companies rely on results and get to market faster, more
actual usage.
complete replication to ensure that important efficiently, and without complex, time-
Enjoy tier 1 performance for the data sets are available in multiple locations, consuming administration. By distributing
cost of tier 2 by using tier 1 only for but full replication can cause delays, disrupt file access loads across multiple storage
your most frequently used data. workflows, and increase the risk that systems, FlexCache software makes
work is being performed or decisions are it possible for you to scale the overall
being made without access to the latest performance of your compute farm without
information. Full replication can also be adding management complexity. You can
expensive to implement and complex to add caching systems as needed to scale out
manage. Tiering storage, which uses less performance as your compute farm grows.
expensive storage for older or infrequently FlexCache software creates a flexible,
used data, can greatly reduce infrastructure horizontally scalable caching layer within
costs, but these savings can often be your storage infrastructure that increases

is be expensive. it and reducing the workload on the origin can be difficult to know which data will be Tiered storage can greatly reduce storage system. Full cache consistency and file needed in each location and when it will costs by storing older or infrequently locking enables the integrity of your data be needed. As access patterns shift. suppose that at the right time. It’s impossible to know which files will be in high demand on a given day. become a full-time job for your staff. but this can high-performance disks for active data. In addition. data. The With FlexCache software. FlexCache serves it locally whenever available to users in remote offices. For instance. the most frequently used data from caching eliminates the need to manage data giving remote users faster access to their “origin volumes” on other NetApp storage replication. you can difficulty with this approach. and home directories. Caching storage “hot” files take their place. Analyzing data usage and and there is always the chance that work will you have a repository that contains many migrating data between tiers could easily be performed or decisions made based on large product design or multimedia files. you support a distributed organization that which all your data resides permanently on older files time out of the cache and newly is involved in product development and less expensive SATA disk. ensure that important data sets or software maintaining a smaller pool of expensive. FlexCache volumes store Using FlexCache software for remote work from a variety of dispersed locations. NFS Clients performance by automatically adapting ACCELERATE DATA ACCESS ACROSS is usually far more important than write to changing usage patterns to eliminate WIDE AREA NETWORKS performance. This works particularly well if “reverse” tiered storage architecture in and migrate files. delays can occur while your to FlexCache volumes on one or more that the right data is on the right storage users wait for the latest files to be replicated. Origin FlexCache System Volumes NFS Clients Caching Systems Origin Volume FlexCache Volume Caching System WAN Figure 1) FlexCache in local acceleration and remote caching scenarios. FlexCache With FlexCache software. One or more FlexCache systems cache only the most frequently used data for accelerated access by the users and servers. and other systems. It also works well if your users bottlenecks. once a remote NetApp can help you improve performance automatically caches the most frequently site reads a file across the WAN. outdated information or software. shared toolsets. tools are available in each office. no matter where they happen to be. FlexCache for quick access and maximum efficiency. When servers or users request ensures that the latest data version is always files. shortening storage response time LOWER INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS manage a distributed global enterprise. the local and lower storage costs where read accessed files on high-performance storage cache stores it and serves it at the speed performance is a critical factor. If you possible. requiring you to invest heavily automatically replicate your most frequently that it requires the development of policies in both infrastructure and people to manage used “hot” data sets from origin volumes and management of procedures to ensure it. You could rely on replication to accessed data on less expensive disks while at all times. where storage read performance systems with high-performance Fibre . reduces bandwidth costs. testing. caching systems. however. of the local LAN whenever someone wants software makes it easy to implement a without requiring you to constantly monitor to access it.

You can also deploy FlexCache software with NetApp V-Series systems to extend the benefits of FlexCache software to your heterogeneous . You can requirements. You can accelerate the CHOOSE YOUR DEPLOYMENT return on your infrastructure investments and CONFIGURATION get the most business benefit from them. the caching When you partner with NetApp.4 or later Clients NFS V2 or V3 Channel disks dynamically store the active storage running under Data ONTAP®. you can cost-effectively deploy FlexCache software FlexCache software provides another on NetApp Storage Accelerator systems. If working set as determined by actual usage. opportunity for savings by transferring to the cache only the data that is actually accessed PARTNER FOR SUCCESS by the clients. innovative technologies. application performance requires you to Your users enjoy tier 1 storage performance move caching from shared systems to while you pay tier 2 prices. including but not of the most flexible support programs in the limited to frequent read bottlenecks.x or 7.2. and the assurance of best practices. deploy FlexCache software with NetApp FAS storage systems that can serve both primary storage and caching needs. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ITEM REQUIREMENT Storage system for origin volumes Data ONTAP 7. you always get exactly the support access support. remote industry. dedicated caching systems. no matter several problematic data access and data where in the world they occur. the and provides significant cost savings when expertise of our Professional Services compared to alternatives that use full data and Global Support teams.1 or later Storage system for cache Data ONTAP 7. and with one management concerns.0. access to our copies to relieve storage bottlenecks. you get system uses less storage than full replication the benefits of a fully tested solution. We NetApp FlexCache software addresses respond quickly to your problems.2. As a result. and the effect of changing you need for your unique IT and business usage patterns on tiered storage.

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