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NetApp FC SAN Solutions

Industry-leading efficiency, performance, and management to optimize
your SAN and lower total cost of ownership

FC San: PAIN POINTS AND CHALLENGES industry-leading performance. And

As a professional Fibre Channel (FC) storage NetApp MetroCluster provides continuous
Increased storage efficiency and area network (SAN) administrator, you face availability and uptime at half the cost of
lowered total cost of ownership1 the two-pronged challenge of growing data our competitors’ solutions.2 Our FC SAN
• Lower capacity requirements by and shrinking budgets, while still having solutions are also easy to manage: NetApp
50%. to adhere to stringent performance and SANscreen® allows you to maximize the
• Improve utilization by 33%. availability commitments. Growing data value and efficiency of all of your existing
• Cut or delay capital expenses by means a burgeoning storage footprint, which storage investments (even EMC and HP
buying only half the storage. requires ever more capital and operating storage) by giving you insight into your
• Save 50% on data center power, expenditures (power, space, and cooling) to existing resource utilization across all of
space, and cooling costs. maintain. Shrinking budgets, on the other your SAN vendors. In this way, you can
hand, mean that those necessary capital and drive quick payback on all of your storage
Proven performance and availability operating expenditures are just not a reality. investments—not just the ones you made
• Support higher I/O rates, greater In short, you must do more with the existing in NetApp.
capacity, and faster, provisioning. resources you have. To further complicate
• Support the increased demands of Lastly, even though this datasheet focuses
matters, whether through organic growth
server virtualization. on FC SAN, NetApp storage solutions are
or mergers and acquisitions, you manage
• Provide continuous availability at truly protocol agnostic. So the same storage
a multivendor, heterogeneous SAN with
half the cost and complexity of you use for FC SAN can be used for IP SAN
an unwieldy matrix of management tools
competitor solutions. (iSCSI) and, when you’re ready, for Fibre
that are unique to each vendor and each
Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). We enable
Simplified Management piece of equipment. Do these challenges
you to decide which protocol is best for your
• Reclaim underutilized resources. sound familiar? If so, then NetApp® FC SAN
company by building multiprotocol solutions
• Manage heterogeneous storage solutions can help.
that maximize your investments, so you can
environments with a unified view. the solution go further, faster.
• Enable faster response and fewer
With NetApp FC SAN solutions, you can Optimizing Storage Efficiency
double storage utilization, cut storage
With NetApp FC SAN storage, you can
Unified storage architecture spending in half, and boost productivity
maximize utilization, optimize storage space,
• Support all data types, access across your entire business, while enjoying
and reduce duplicate data. Capabilities
methods, protocols, and capacities. high performance and availability. Speaking
such as thin provisioning help you utilize all
• Maximize storage and training of performance and availability, when
available disk space, while space-efficient
investments across all protocols. tested against our competitors, NetApp’s
Snapshot™ and FlexClone® technologies
award-winning FC SAN solutions show
NetApp SAN Switch Support

NetApp Partner Vendor Model #

200, 300, 3200, 3800, 3900, 4100, 4900, 5000, 5100, 5300, 12000, 24000, 48000, DCX, DCX-4S; 3016, 3032,
3216, 3232, 4300, 4500, 4400, 4700, 6064, 6140, 10000 (i10K), 8000

9020, 9124, 9134, 9216A, 9216i, 9222i, 9120, 9140, 9506, 9509, 9513, Cisco Nexus 5000

5600, 5602, 9000

Table 1) SAN switches supported by NetApp.


FAS6000/V6000 Series FAS3100/V3100 SERIES FAS2000 SERIES

Maximum FC ports (2, 4, 8 GB)* 56 40 8

Maximum Ethernet ports* 1GbE: 52, 10GbE: 20 1GbE: 36, 10GbE: 16 1GbE: 8

Maximum raw capacity (TB) 1,176 840 104

Maximum cache (GB)* 64 32 4

* Assumes active-active controller configuration where applicable.

Table 2) NetApp SAN solutions range from entry level to high end.

help you avoid up to 80% of data address these concerns of environmental the traffic load and 10 times the spike load
duplication in the first place. With NetApp’s stewardship and accountability without on NetApp FC SAN equipment—without any
ability to deduplicate data on primary and sacrificing performance or availability. downtime.6
secondary storage, you can eliminate up
to 90% of redundant data, depending Lowering Total Cost Clearly, you can save money without
on your environment. And our industry- of Ownership sacrificing performance and availability,
revolutionizing RAID-DP® technology We certainly do not expect you to take which means that you can have the best of
protects against double disk failure, allowing our cost efficiency claims at face value. both worlds: the highest performance at the
you to buy fewer redundant disks upfront. This is why we challenged independent lowest total cost of ownership.
organizations like Oliver Wyman to
NetApp’s innovations in storage efficiency Proven Performance and
investigate our claims. We asked them to
boost productivity across your business. Availability
compare NetApp against other leading
With NetApp, you can automate and vendors in the areas of acquiring, deploying, Your FC SAN performance is even
accelerate backup, recovery, provisioning, operating, and managing storage for more important in the context of server
and disaster recovery. Through rapid database applications. The results show virtualization. In server virtualization,
provisioning, you can provision storage in that NetApp can help you lower your total multiple applications and OS instances
just 20 minutes versus 7 days, accelerating cost of ownership by 39% to 62% versus are aggregated onto a single physical
new project deployment. With virtual cloning, leading storage vendors like HP and EMC in server, with each application and OS
you can propel testing and development typical enterprise database deployments.3 instance generating significant I/O traffic.
and capture a better time to market for But analysts are not the only ones singing The demand to support higher I/O rates,
your products. All of these innovations help our praises: Our FC SAN customers are also greater capacity, and faster nondisruptive
liberate your staff from routine tasks so they experiencing the benefits of efficiency and provisioning is particularly high on storage
can spend time on more strategic projects performance firsthand. A German supplier systems, so you need to choose storage
and ultimately help lower your storage total of plants and equipment for the metallurgy vendors wisely. To this end, NetApp
cost of ownership. industry, SMS Demag AG, saved 40% on storage supports up to 8Gb Fibre Channel,
operating costs with NetApp unified storage.4 with backward compatibility to 4Gb and
By maximizing storage efficiency, you can 2Gb infrastructures, so you can protect
also reduce operating costs such as power, The Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney
General reclaimed 35% of its storage your existing storage investments. When
cooling, and space by 50%. With the U.S. compared to our competitors, NetApp also
government and other governments around capacity with deduplication and reduced
its energy usage by 40%.5 And Internet- delivers exceptional results, outperforming
the world mandating efficient data center them by 233% as measured in IOPs in
operations, NetApp’s FC SAN solutions are hosting provider Go Daddy validated our
performance claims by managing 4 times benchmark studies.7
ahead of the curve and can help you directly
With NetApp FC SAN solutions, you can do
more with less: double storage utilization,
cut storage spending in half, and boost
productivity across your entire business,
while enjoying high performance and

NetApp FC SANs provide high reliability but are founded in human error, having NetApp SANscreen Heterogeneous
through redundant storage components management tools that are simple and SAN Support
and multiple redundant data paths. In fact, easy to use is crucial. High-quality storage
our field-measured reliability is greater management is the basis for unified
than five 9s. As for availability, NetApp FC operations that reduce capital costs, Vendor Device
SAN solutions deliver the highest possible operating expenses, and outage risk, and NetApp FAS Series
support and uptime for your mission- companies like yours are bringing these
EMC Symmetrix/DMX, CLARiiON
critical business applications.8 NetApp capabilities into your main data center
MetroCluster takes high availability even operations environment. HP XP, EVA
further, enabling you to offer continuous data HDS USP, XP, AMS
availability, protecting your business-critical NetApp SANscreen is agentless,
heterogeneous software that helps even IBM ESS Shark, DS Series, SVC
data whether you have a single data center
or a campus/metropolitan environment. the world’s largest IT organizations increase Engenio Engenio
MetroCluster enables you to protect all new efficiencies and contain storage costs in 3Par InServ
and existing data so you can automatically their data centers. SANscreen improves
Sun StorEdge
recover from a failure with no data loss, the quality and efficiency of storage
management with its real-time, multivendor, Incipient NSP
at half the cost and complexity of our
competitors’ solutions. multiprotocol service-level views of your Switch
storage environment. That means you can
Vendor Device
NetApp’s FC SAN storage performance and manage storage as an end-to-end service—
availability are critical factors that contribute and integrate it into the entire IT service Cisco MDS Series
to our being one of the fastest-growing FC delivery chain. Brocade Brocade Switches
SAN storage vendors in the marketplace
With SANscreen, you can: McData McData Switches
today. We are not the only ones touting
our leadership in FC SAN: Our customers QLogic SANBox Series
• Reduce capital expenditures by identifying
gave NetApp FC SAN enterprise arrays the and reclaiming unused storage resources. Hosts
highest marks in the Diogenes Lab-Storage • Improve service quality by proactively Vendor Device
Magazine Quality Awards, rating us number discovering the storage services delivered
one overall (tied with EMC).9 All Agentless
to applications.
• Manage and audit changes over time to VMware ESX 3.0, 3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.5;
Simplified Management Virtual Center 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.5
enable technical review, compliance, and
Since most failures in a SAN environment IT governance. Table 3) NetApp SANscreen supports
are not hardware or even software related, • Accelerate migrations and consolidations. heterogeneous SAN environments.
Unified Storage Architecture NetApp FC SAN Host Support
Truth be told, NetApp is protocol agnostic.
Unlike other vendors, who have a different OS VENDOR HBA MULTIPATH Host CLUSTER
solution depending on the scale or function Emulex MPIO MSCS,
or protocol required, NetApp provides a QLogic Veritas™ DMP* Veritas VCS*
single unified storage architecture. The same
Emulex VMware® MSCS,
NetApp FC SAN storage also supports the
QLogic VirtualCenter
other block protocols (iSCSI and FCoE)
and both NAS protocols (CIFS and NFS).
And if/when you are ready to move to Native MPxIO Sun™ Cluster
Fibre Channel over Ethernet, NetApp’s Emulex Veritas DMP Veritas VCS
multiprotocol support enables an easy QLogic
transition. A February 2009 ESG report that
QLogic DM-MP Oracle
performed hands-on evaluation and testing
Emulex Clusterware
of NetApp’s FCoE support provided solid
validation that, other than learning a few
basic operations, “There is nothing new to QLogic DM-MP Oracle9i
learn with FCoE.”10 Emulex Veritas DMP* Oracle 10g
What are the advantages of a unified storage RH Cluster Suite
architecture? A unified architecture means Veritas VCS*
that you can pool storage and enjoy the
QLogic DM-MP Oracle9i
ability to share infrastructure, capacity,
Emulex Oracle 10g
and space-saving technologies across
all data. With an easy-to-use platform,
NetApp users can adapt to the full range Native MPIO HACMP
of data types, access methods, and Veritas DMP VCS
capabilities required across a full spectrum SANPath
of enterprise applications. In fact, NetApp’s
Native HP PVLinks MC
V-Series even allows you to easily manage
Emulex* Veritas DMP ServiceGuard
our competitors’ storage—and still take
Veritas VCS
advantage of the same storage efficiency
technologies that native NetApp storage has QLogic QLogic Novell Clusters
to offer.
OpenVMS Emulex OpenVMS OpenVMS
And with the advent of technologies like
server virtualization, backup and disaster *Via PVR
recovery are even more challenging than Table 4) Robust options for high-availability configurations using multipathing and clustering.
they were before. So, it is vital to have data
protection fully integrated at the storage
level, with backup and recovery processes Take Your SAN to the Next Level of ownership savings, higher application
designed into the underlying data structure By combining high-performance storage uptime, simplified management, and
and consistent across multiple classes of with unique data management software, maximized investments with our unified
data. Our unified storage architecture is what NetApp delivers FC SAN solutions that storage architecture. Contact your local
gets you there, and ultimately enables you to enable you to do more with less. Ultimately, sales representative today to learn what
do more with less. your organization benefits from total cost NetApp FC SAN solutions can do for you.

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