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BC Students Trading Up
BC students Cameron Kangeter, Taylor Robinson, and Carson Villa took top honors in this region
for the Stock Market Game, making a 20% profit in eight weeks on their virtual $100,000 stock
portfolio. The team chose the investments that led them to grow the $100,000 into $119,790.

Ana Gerry, a mathematics teacher, had students utilize the trademarked Stock Market Game and
taught the students how to buy, sell, short sell, and short cover stocks as well as find stocks on
google finance and determine whether or not the stock was a good deal. “I also taught them how
to read and interpret the graphs related to each stocks performance,” Gerry explains, adding,
“Once a week we went to the computer lab for about 15 minutes so they could trade and research
stocks. They could also do this from home, but here at school we could discuss it at length and
if they had any questions I could help them.”

Using a live trading simulator, the Stock Market Game program has given educators a way to
improve the learning experiences as students use a virtual cash account of $100,000 to create
the best –performing portfolio. The Stock Market Game is the only stock market simulator sup-
ported by the New York Stock Exchange (reference:

Pictured above are Carson Villa and Cameron Kangeter, making their trades in Ms. Gerry’s class.
Not pictured: Taylor Robinson

February 2010

Letter from the Principal...
Dear BC Family, Board of Directors

We at Benedictine continue on our path of ever-improv- Officers
ing excellence in our classrooms and in our athletic en- Chairman:
deavors. The education of our Cadets does not come just
from books and teachers; it comes from communication, Mr. William E. Schmitt
interaction, experiences, discussions and all-around hard work. Vice Chairman:
Mr. J. Marc Friday ‘78
As a classroom teacher, I have always said that a classroom is a 50/50 deal.
Students, whose job it is is to be the best students they can be, cannot do their
job without me, the teacher. Teachers, whose job it is is to be the best teacher
they can be, cannot do their job without their students. The same holds true Board of Directors
for athletes and coaches, teachers and administrators.
Mr. Odilo Blanco ‘55
Here at BC, we look to find that 50/50 balance in our classrooms and in athlet- Rev. Robert E. Chaney ‘78
ics, while simultaneously modeling the honesty, integrity, kindness and good Mr. Joseph M. Gannam ‘77
will that we teach. We are, after all, role-models entrusted with a portion of
the upbringing of our Cadets. This is not a daunting or cumbersome task, it Dr. Joseph K. Hogan ‘82
is a joy. John E. Jaugstetter, Ph.D ‘55
Rev. Philip Kanfush, O.S.B.
There is no more honorable and rewarding field than education; none with
more powerful, lifelong, and ever-lasting impact. How lucky are we who Rev. Michael J. Kavanaugh ‘76
have the honor and privilege to work here at BC. Sister Johanna Maguire, R.S.M.
Mr. Thomas J. Mahoney III ‘81
May February be a wonderful month for you all. And the magic continues…..
Dr. James W. Miller
Hon. Mary Kathryn H. Moss

Deborah A. Antosca, Ed.D. Mr. Walter B. Murphy III ‘71
Principal Mr. William W. Shearouse, Jr. ‘66
Sister Lourdes Sheehan, R.S.M.
Mrs. Kathy H. Siler

Don’t Forget to Visit Rt. Rev. Placid D. Solari, O.S.B. Mr. Donald M. Thompson ‘65
Mr. O.C. Welch III ‘73
regularly for details on all of our Dr. Edward J. Whelan III ‘71

upcoming events, news about the
school, the new cafe menu and ways
you can help support BC!

they were greeted with a hot lunch offering that by the looks of things was well received. Inc. Upon their return at the beginning of the New Year. arcades. February Faculty and Staff Birthdays Fr.C. Many. This is same expression of hope that I see so clearly displayed by the on going efforts of our PTO during their “clean up” days. III . we have yet another visible expression of hope.’s generosity. a hot lunch program would not be possible. Please familiarize yourself with GOAL and how you can make a no cost donation to BC early this year! As our students returned from their Christmas break. May God bless the efforts of all as we seek to serve Him and our students through our efforts on the behalf of BC. we are delighted with the ongoing progress of our swimming team coached by Brennan Lemieux ‘01. Dear Friends of BC.2/11 Dotty DeHaven . In 2009 seventy donors contributed nearly $740. Co.. Welch ‘73 provided us with a “cleaning crew” that gave our entrance. by the Alumni Association through their doorway project and their publication. our students. by the BCAA through the countless hamburgers that are flipped. and Jason Helton’s basketball team. Joe Tvrdy’s wrestling program. Thanks to O. Financial support was provided by several contributors including. I also want to thank our participants in the new GOAL scholarship program. hotdogs and drinks served at our sports events and by the donations of so many. Frank.2/4 Headmaster LTC John M. O. fac- ulty and staff.Antosca. Due to the excellent col- laboration between our food service provider. Lori Saunders . many people have contributed to this effort. Many thanks to all of you. grass that is cut. one of those gifts came during Christmas as O. The kitchen was upgraded through the superb work of Walter Murphy ‘73 and his organization of Rives-Worrell.C. Our students certainly look to be enjoying their meals. parents and visitors were greeted with a brightness that I see as a true example of past cadets giving back to BC.2/21 . pond and buildings a “look” that they hadn’t seen in years. I owe a great thanks to the parents of our students. We wish them all well as their seasons progress... St. Letter from the Headmaster. the “Guideon”. popcorn. Sincerely. As the playoff season approaches for our winter sports. Vincent Archabbey and Archabbot Douglas Nowicki. Many of the gifts that we receive here at BC are the type that keep on giving. the transition from “brown bag” to hot lunch was nearly seamless. Without their support. Owens. You will read more about this program on page seven.B.2/12 Jason Helton . In particular.000 to provide financial aid to current and future Cadets.S. SAGE with Dotty Dehaven and Dr.

Beaufort Club . Appling County (JV 6:15. Southeast Bulloch . Savannah High .“A Night in Ol’ BC” Auction .BC Basketball vs. Windsor (Daffin Park) 2/27 – BC Soccer @ Camden County .BC Lacrosse @ Hilton Head . McIntosh County (JV 6:15. Varsity 7:30) 2/9 – BC Rifle vs.Alumni Association Oyster Roast .BC Drill/Color Guard Meet @ Groves High .BC Basketball vs.BC Soccer vs.BC Drill Team/Color Guard @ Liberty County 2/23 . 3 Soccer Tournament . Tattnall County (JV 5:00. Varsity 7:30) 2/13 – BC Lacrosse Scrimmage (10:00AM) 2/15 – President’s Day (Holiday) 2/17 – School Mass – Ash Wednesday 2/18 – 2/20 – BC Wrestling AA State Traditional Tournament (Gwinnett) 2/18 – BC Rifle vs.BC Lacrosse vs. Lauderdale Alumni Social -Winter Sports Pep Rally 2/5 – BC Basketball vs.BC Rifle vs.Vic Mell / Jim Walsh Superbowl Blitz Golf Tournament . Groves 2/11 – BC Rifle @ St.Atlanta Alumni Association Social 2/20 – 3 v. Varsity 6:30) 2/6 – BC Wrestling – Region 2AA Traditional Tournament . Vincent’s Academy 2/12-2/13 – BC Swimming State Meet (Atlanta) 2/12 – BC Wrestling AA East Sectionals (Jefferson High School) .BC Rifle @ South Effingham 2/24 – BC Soccer @ South Effingham 2/25 – JROTC Regional Formal Inspection . February Calendar 2/2 – BC Rifle @ Glynn Academy 2/4 – Ft.

check The Banner to see what new and interesting recipe the Colonel has cooked up for you! This month’s recipe is Crock Pot Turkey Legs. 2nd Squad. drained 2 Cans of Cream of Mushroom soup Shredded 3 style Mexican cheese Cooking Instructions: . potatoes and mushroom soup. Spray slow cooker with non-stick spray. Most of you may be familiar with Colonel Owens. .Combine in a bowl the beans. . 1st Battalion.Wash and dry turkey legs with paper towels and season legs to taste. 3rd Battalion. JROTC Cadet of the Month Winners for January are: Cadet PFC Anthony Petrillo.” So every month the Colo- nel has decided to share his crock pot knowledge and publish some of his very favorite recipes for you to enjoy. The Colonel’s Crock Pot Recipe of the Month It is often said that Benedictine Military School has the most talented faculty and staff in town. Each month.Enjoy! . And most people see that strong. Cadet PFC Jackson Dibrell. sprinkle cheese over the top of the legs. 2nd Battalion. 2nd Platoon. Pour mixture over the turkey legs in the slow cooker. and no one tops that list more than LTC John M. Senior Army Instructor. 2nd Squad. disciplined. D Company. particularly when it comes to “crock-pot cooking. Place legs in slow cooker. Owens. as he is fondly referred to around BC.Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours. military personality that we all love. 2nd Platoon. When ready to serve. this should be no different! Ingredients: 4 Turkey Legs 1 Can of cut green beans. But what you may not know about the Colonel is that he is a very accomplished home chef. drained 1 Can of whole new potatoes. Cadet PFC Jason Kolbush. III ’61. 2nd Squad. . E Company. and since the Colonel is known school wide for making fabulous turkey. HHD.

Corey Chu. The class includes the following Cadets: Joe Barrow. Every Friday. we noticed that most of the school’s tro- phies inscriptions could not be read. plaques and trophies show each and every great accomplishment in our history of this great school. our class cleans and restores all of the trophies in the various halls and buildings on the Benedictine campus using the boxes of supplies provided. Alex Hunt. Matt Shay. Nick Wright and Asa Anderson. put in the case and never taken out for proper maintenance. each trophy in each case in each hall of each building has become immaculate. Wesley Reinke. We feel each and every trophy should receive the recognition it deserves by all students. Josh Whelan. Colin Oxnard. After our semester of service learning. our designated service learning day. Looking at the trophies before we started our service learning project. Though no physical item can truly represent the passion we have for our accomplish- ments. Cinnegar White. The class is split into groups of three to five people so that a group is pres- ent at each trophy case. Jason Zettler. Performing this project taught our class as a whole how to help the community in a school environment. Our LET IV JROTC class has seen the abandonment state of the trophies and chosen to shine them back up the way they were in the glory days. no one has taken the time to clean and restore them to their original beauty. Sam Kalan. Will Summerlin. The awards. These trophies were awarded at various academic and athletic competitions. we have also been able to organize each trophy LET IV JROTC Seniors performing their service learning project. JROTC Fact: The Service Learning piece of the LET IV JROTC program over the years has been responsible for other great initiatives at BC such as: * the restoration of the beach volleyball court * the recycling program and *the Canned Food Drive . We believe this project has boosted the school’s morale and made all present and future Cadets who step foot on the BC campus to realize the amazing accomplish- ments of Benedictine. Cleaning our History through Service Learning By: Asa Anderson At least one-hundred years of Benedictine history has been visible through extra curricular activities of the Cadets. Andrew Whelan. This recognition is aided by our project not only through the actual cleaning but now the achievements of the Cadets are being presented in a clean and organized environment. and alumni. Chris Diaz. Christian Mitchell. making way for our newest trophies. 7th period class. however. case. the trophies would never have been cleaned. Patrick Abbott. The people involved in the Service Learning Activity are all members of LTC Owens Friday. faculty. Our class will continue our restoration project throughout the second semester. In taking on this project. Without our class choosing this particular service learning activity. the trophies and plaques won by the Cadet teams over the years come close.

000 for single filers $1. Remember. The balance of GOAL funds raised in 2009 will support the nine cadets en- rolled this academic year for the remainder of their Benedictine careers and provide opportunities to future cadets. In 2009. Limits for GOAL donations are: $1. Please contact John Boyle. Use of GOAL funds for these students freed up nearly $ for more information on the GOAL program under the “Give to BC” tab! . Please contact him at john. This credit reduces the donor’s Georgia income tax liability by an amount equal to the donation. For Georgia income tax purposes. GOAL donations are deductable as charitable contributions on the taxpayer’s federal income tax re- turn.thebc400.500 for married filing jointly 75% of the Georgia income tax liability for C Corporations More detailed information about GOAL and the TP1 form that is sent to the DOR to begin the GOAL donation process may be found at http:// or (912) 644-7017. GOAL funds increase the financial aid options available to incoming cadets. there is an in- creased likelihood that the full $50 million in credits will be claimed in 2010. Please make this no cost donation to Benedictine early in 2010. You can visit www. Georgians claimed credits totaling an estimated $24 million compared to $6.250 for married filing separately $2. This credit reduced the taxpayers’ Georgia income tax liability on a dollar for dollar basis. GOAL enables Georgia taxpayers to redirect a portion of their income taxes to provide financial aid funds at the private school of their choice. As awareness of the availability of these credits grows. The tax credits are limited to $50 million annually. the GOAL donation is returned to the donor with a dollar for dollar tax credit.522. 2010 GOAL Fundraising in Full Swing By: John Boyle Benedictine’s first year participation in GOAL resulted in seventy donations totaling $739. GOAL is a financial aid option for students coming to Benedictine from Georgia public schools.boyle@bcsav. These seventy donors redirected funds that would have otherwise been paid to the state as income taxes and received a credit on their Georgia income taxes in an amount equal to the amount redirected. in the Development Office for additional information or to ask questions regarding your 2010 GOAL donation. CPA.2 million in 2008.000 in traditional financial aid for students coming to Benedictine from Catholic elementary schools and other private schools.

we may feel incapable of “getting the point. To come to this conclusion is to understand the basic mechanics of the figure. This provides us with an opportunity to meditate on the consequences of the idea. figures of speech.” Poems that mean only one thing are poor poems. We only know the “force” through its figurative properties: it drives (in the creative sense). right? Metaphors. similes. And I am dumb to tell the crooked rose My youth is bent by the same wintry fever. animated or otherwise? If a poem is worth anything at all. . he had in mind (partly). like Joyce Kilmer’s famously awful poem Trees. (Aha…irony!) But consider the following lines: The force that through the green fuse drives the flower Drives my green age. comprehension and application. unimpeach- able “meaning. Joyce) When students can come to grips with multiple.” Can they comprehend the definition to find the metaphor in the first line? How can a force through a green fuse drive a flower? How can a flower have a fuse? In order to figure this out. it is a destroyer. We see the metaphor will only make sense in the context of the other lines of the poem. You remember.” says one poem. I can say students approach poetry with that proverbial mix Hunter S. Flowers have stems and stem might be like a fuse. we have to synthesize these meanings. metonymy (well. Questions arise. but also “blast” and destroy. In the face of figurative language we may wonder if the poet has lost h/her mind. we see that that speaker and the crooked rose are united because they both find themselves bound by the same force. it will not give up a single. We might reflect on Picasso’s dictum that every act of creation is also an act of destruction.” And why? Well. thus employing a figure of speech). Thompson called “fear and loathing. as they should when we evaluate meaning. MFA programs and book sales of poet-laureate Billy Collins (which are not small). Intellectually. “The world is blue like an orange. Or worse. In the last lines of the excerpt. “a metaphor compares unalike things. How many of us can say that we own volumes by even half a dozen contemporary poets? In my twenty years in high school and college classrooms. employing a figure called synaes- thesia. to steal a term from science. How can the same force make flowers. we leave the poem alone and pursue other. more concrete pastimes.Figures of Speech & Higher Order of Thinking By: Jim Brown ‘83 Despite the best efforts of open mike nights. We have to come to grips with the speaker’s point. It hooks together words that in normal speech do not appear in the same sentences or even the same conversations. that blasts the roots of trees Is my destroyer. Comparing a bomb to a flower calls into question our central understanding of flowers and bombs. simultaneous meanings (which we can multivalency. I can think of several suspects. when we have finished thinking about it seriously. (Sorry.(Dylan Thomas) If I have taught my students to memorize. they know to say. like baseball or calculus or television. which in turn means that the actual flower is either a bomb or an explosion or both. how should I react to the natural world? Is it a frightening realization to recognize our own mortality in the bend of a flower? Or is it comforting to know that I exist somehow in harmony with all matter. maybe you don’t remember metonymy)… When Robert Frost said that poetry was the only acceptable form of lying. And here we have one of the figures of speech that really puzzles us: paradox. Poems say one thing and mean another. It confuses. but for now I’ll just iden- tify one: figurative language. But what does the metaphor mean? Why compare a flower to a bomb? How does it enrich the poem? To understand this we have to analyze. that creation and destruction are aspects of one force. We have to move into those lines to deepen our sense of the poem. poetry remains at the margins of American life. Only two Presidents in the 20th century saw fit to have poets speak at their inaugurations.” Half irritated and half uncertain. How is a human bound by the same forces that bind flowers? What aspects of humanity are rooted in nature? If I’m rooted in nature. personification. the instructors can know the students are operating at the higher levels. students have to use knowledge. The best American poets are unknown to most people (John Ashberry? Rita Dove? Gerald Stern? Mary Oliver? Who?). it blasts.

net Junior Varsity Soccer Schedule Date Day Opponent Location Time 24-Feb Wed South Effingham SEHS 7:00 PM 27-Feb Sat Camden CCHS Noon 1-Mar Mon Savannah Country Day TBA TBA 4-Mar Thu Savannah Christian SCPS 4:30 PM 8-Mar Mon Savannah High BC 4:30 PM 11-Mar Thu Windsor Forest WFHS 4:00 PM 25-Mar Thu Savannah Christian BC 5:00 PM 29-Mar Mon Windsor Forest BC 5:00 PM 31-Mar Wed Savannah High SHS 4:30 PM 12-Apr Mon Savannah Country Day TBA TBA . Kicking it into High Gear Varsity Soccer Schedule Date Day Opponent Location Time 24-Feb Wed South Effingham SEHS 5:00 PM 25-Feb Thu Windsor Forest Daffin Park 5:00 PM 27-Feb Sat Camden County CCHS 10:00 AM 6-Mar Sat Jenkins Daffin Park 11:00 AM 9-Mar Tue Savannah Christian Daffin Park 7:00 PM 13-Mar Sat Dawson County Calvary 1:00 PM 15-Mar Mon Southeast Bulloch SEB 7:00 PM 20-Mar Sat Toombs County Daffin Park 11:00 AM 23-Mar Tue Calvary Day School Calvary 7:00 PM 25-Mar Thu Savannah Country Day SCDS 5:00 PM 30-Mar Tue Savannah Christian SCPS 5:00 PM 9-Apr Fri Summerville Summerville TBD 13-Apr Tue Southeast Bulloch Daffin Park 7:00 PM 15-Apr Thu Calvary Day School Daffin Park 5:00 PM Pacelli Daffin Park 20-Apr Tue Savannah Country Day Daffin Park 7:00 PM 24-Apr to 9-May State Playoffs TBD TBD Coaching Staff: Joe Tvrdy Jack Turbiville Maurice Azenui Phone: (912) 644-6533 Fax: (912) 356-3076 Email: Joe.Tvrdy@bcsav.

and the 400 free relay. Ryan Salmon. 200 IM. Swim Team Wrapping Up By: Brennan Lemieux ‘01 The BC swim team will be wrapped up regular season on January 30 with a meet at the Chatham County Aquatic Center. and 100 breast stroke throughout the season.304. 200 free relay. He will be swimming the 50 free and is undecided on which other event he wants to compete in at this point. SVA In- vitational. ask the cashier to swipe the card at check out. which he will be swimming.82 in contribu- tions from PUBLIX and since the inception of the program BC has received $66. will Photo courtesy of Joey Wilson be swimming the 200 IM. Der- rick Smith qualified for the 50 free. Publix will send a check to BC quarterly represent- ing our portion of their fund based on our total shopping bills. 100 breast. who qualified for all eight individual events. The boys A relay had state qualifying times for the 200 medley relay. 50 free. All you need is a PUBLIX swipe card that will identify you as a BC supporter. . Grocery Shopping Can Make a Difference! Publix Supermarket is pitching in to help BC be a better place and you can help too! If you shop at Publix here’s how you help.385. They managed to finish in second place at the Camden County High School Swim Invitational. yet we remain hopeful of a few top three finishes. The team will be traveling to Atlanta for the state swim on February 12th and 13th.71. regardless of the products purchased. Statesboro High Swimming Invita- tional. 100 free. The team had a number of strong swimmers this year. culminating in quite a few podium finishes. 200 free relay. Get some cards for family and friends as well! In 2009 BC received $2. and the Chatham County Senior Splash. There will be some very good swimmers at the state meet this year. 100 breast stroke. 100 back. When you have finished shopping. and 100 fly. The cadets dominated the 200 medley relay. Asa Anderson also qualified for the 50 free. Cards are available at the BC Business Office.

February 27th Only 25 days until the auction! The auction committee is hard at work gathering items to make this year’s auction the best in the history of BC! Make sure to contact Rick Shay 912.8928).7007 to make your reservation. Don’t forget to make your reservations to attend: “A Night in Ol’ BC” Saturday. the arrival spot of the Benedictine monks led by Bishop Leo Haid on Skidaway Island.1588) or Kim Fogarty (912. so you can be sure to bid on one of the following amazing Live Auction items: *BC Progressive Dinner set to begin at historic Priest’s Landing. 898.352. please contact Susannah Powers (912. if you are interested in volunteering the night of the auction.644. lots of volunteers are needed! . *An Oyster Roast & BBQ for 30 on the Wilmington River *Local Art Work *A Wine Tasting for 20 AND **A Week in beautiful Costa Rica!! Also.

locations and opponents. Appling Co. see a list of new arrivals. BC 4:30 Saturday May 1 SCPS SCPS 12:00 Please note the BC Baseball Schedule is currently tenative and subject to change. TBA Tuesday April 27 MCA BC 4:30 Friday April 30 Pierce Co. is housed off-campus on one of their servers. they will be able to log-in to the website anywhere off-campus and perform more tasks. TBA Saturday March 13 Jeff Davis BC 1:00 Tuesday March 16 WFHS BC 4:30 Friday March 19 Brantley Co. TBA Wednesday April 7 Bradwell Bradwell 5:00 Tuesday April 13 Charlton Co. 12:00 Tuesday April 20 Brantley Co. Tim Brown. BC Baseball on Deck 2010 Baseball Schedule DAY DATE OPPONENT LOCATION TIME Saturday Feb 13 Aquinas Aquinas 1:00 Monday Feb 22 Calvary Grayson 4:30 Wednesday Feb 24 Groves Groves 4:15 Thursday Feb 25 Jenkins Jenkins 4:00 Friday Feb 26 Bradwell BC 4:00 Tuesday March 2 Long Co. students and faculty can access the card catalog section to do basic searching. The software. Br.B. BC 4:30 Saturday April 17 Long Co. shelf browse on their computer. Tim is in the process of obtaining and entering usernames and passwords. www. see what the ten most currently popular books in the media center are. Brantley Co. BC now has a web-based library management system. After setting up the rate and review books. so that they can log-on to the media center com- puters. The new website will also be linked to the BC website. These passwords are the same passwords that the students use to log in to the media center computers now. BC 4:00 Wednesday March 10 SEHS BC 4:00 Friday March 12 Charlton Co. BC 4:30 Tuesday March 23 Tattnall Co. Students receive their network login usernames and passwords from Fr. Anthony. but after their school network usernames and passwords are put on secure patron records. At present. The BC Media Center Enters the 21st Century! By: Br. Pierce Co. Charlton Co.S. for the most current game times. BC 4:00 Friday March 5 Appling Co. O. Tim installed it on the media center computers in mid-January.thebc400. Long Co. TBA Friday April 23 Tattnall Co. and eventually download e-books and read them. Tattnall Co. The media center is now in the 21st century! . produced by the Follett Software Company. Please check the BC website. 5:30 Monday April 5 Groves BC 4:30 Tuesday April 6 Appling Co. Br. BC 4:30 Friday March 26 MCA MCA TBA Thursday April 1 Pierce Co. so watch for that! Patrons will be able to create book lists and print them out or share them.

We have a very strong volunteer base. Joseph See you at the next function- Brigitte Rentiers (President) Susanna Powers (Co-President) BC Senior Basketball Player Jibri Bryan Selected as the WTOC Player of the Week! Jibri pictured here with some of his teammates: Alex Hunt. This was a very special one."Congratulations"! There were 98 cadets that came through to make their favorite sundae. We need you.. So don't miss an opportunity to volunteer and make a difference! Our next big fund raiser and opportunity to volunteer is the AUC- TION. And to all of the senior moms that have given many hours of service to this school -we thank you! BC is a different school because of people like Betty and Maria. This is the time of year when things begin to move quickly.February.It would be nice to get even more of our student body.please contact Kim Fogarty and Susanna Powers with any questions.A heartfelt thank you goes to Betty Shay and Maria Oxnard for organiz- ing and running the Spaghetti Dinner... PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION The New Year has come and we are in full or fogartysavannah@aol. and we hope that you have unlimited opportunities for you to give your time and talents. Dan- iel Coursey and Joey Friess and Coaches Jason Helton and Doug Willett. January 22 we held our annual Spaghetti Din- ner. I hope to see more in the spring. 27th. On Friday. . John Williams. supowers1@bellsouth. We will be assisting in the celebration for Ring Day on March 16th.. We recently held an "Ice Cream Sundae" Party for the cadets that made honor roll for 2nd quarter.

Ciucevich '86 Mr. Richard G. Update on The Campaign for The 400 As of January 31. Iocovozzi '76 Dr. & Mrs. James C. Sr. '79 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Moore. David Seuntjens CPT & Mrs. Sr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Fogarty. Saunders. Foran. This endeavor is more important than ever before. Kreide ‘78 Mr. James L. J. Beals Mr. Tucker '77 Mr. Cummings '76 Mr. Stephen LeGrand & Ms. Robert A. Vaught Mr. Charles R. Sandra L. & Mrs. 2010 Campaign Goal: $400. & Mrs. Keith Kirby Mr. Lee K. & Mrs. & Mrs. Every gift is important! The “Campaign for The 400” annual fund is the cornerstone of our giving programs and offsets the operating costs of the school. Mary T. & Mrs. Patrick J. & Mrs. Brian J. William O. Michael R. Carbo '76 Mr. Bret K. Whelan III '71 Ms. 2010 Please do not think your gift won’t be missed. Autry Mr. William Grotto Mr. Our goal is to increase par- ticipation in the annual fund and leading the way are the Benedictine Faculty and Staff. Edward J. 7% Parent Participation…………………11% Thanks to all the BC parents who have contributed: Mr. '79 Mr. Sharon Ott Mr. Halligan '65 & Ms. Coursey Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Alan G. '79 Mr. Todesca Mr. Douglas III '75 Mr. Thomas J. & Mrs. Patrick Shay Mr. Christopher M. We hope you’ll follow their example and support BC! Faculty and Staff Participation…. & Mrs. Mahoney III '81 Dr. '76 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. J. Joseph A. Marc Friday '78 Mr. Daly III '74 Mr. & Mrs. Kathleen Pacifici Dr. Kevin McCarthy '82 Mr. Benson Dr. & Mrs. Kennedy. J. Michael J. & Mrs. James A. & Mrs. & Mrs.000 Total Raised: $300. Jr. Kevin L. Jr. & Mrs. & Mrs. & Mrs. & Mrs. Michael A. Wilson . & Mrs.100% Alumni Participation……………….. Charles H. Sr. Josey Mr. Ms. Michael D. Duclos '91 Mr. Leonhardt '81 Mr.505 Total Donors: 448 Campaign Ends: June 30. & Mrs.

prefer- ence may be given to potential engineering majors or those interested in a career in physical education. This year the Benedictine STAR student is Andrew Whelan. Congratulations. and maintains and all around positive attitude. Joey's application will now be submitted by local #183 to the Elk's competition at the District level. If successful. 2010. an outstanding leader as proven by his Battalion Commander position. Congratulations and good luck at the next level Joey! Attention Seniors: Any seniors interested in applying for the Charles Daly scholarship for next year should stop in the guidance office and pick up an application. the national scene. he will move to the state level and. all participating high schools are invited to nomi- nate a “STAR” student. Each STAR student is asked to name a STAR teacher. Congratulations Matthew Saunders! We are pleased to announce that Matthew Saunders has been se- lected as a recipient of the 2010-2011 Comcast Leaders and Achiev- ers® Scholarship. Joey and the other local winners will be honored at the at the Elk's Lodge on Tuesday. and demonstrated leadership. GUIDANCE Andrew has chosen Jim Brown as his STAR Teacher. recipients receive a one-time grant of $1. Congratulations to Matthew! . funded through The Comcast Foun- dation. academic achievement. Joey was nominated by LTC Owens who adds that “Joey is one of the top all around students we have at BC. Joey is athletically and academically talented. STAR Student Written by: Jan Rogers and Larry McDonald Each year in Georgia. son of Larry ‘76 and Lynn Whelan. That student must be in the top 10% of his/her graduating class AND have the highest SAT scored obtained in a single setting through the November test date of their senior year. To acknowledge these accomplishments. Andrew and Jim!! Student of the Month Congratulations to the December Student of the Month Joey Friess. This award. recognizes high school seniors from Comcast communities for commitment to community service. All materials are due back in the guidance office by noon on March 1st. All seniors are eligible. hopefully. Joey has also been named as one of the three male winners of a local scholarship sponsored by the Savannah Elks Lodge #183 for the 2009-10 school year. Andrew will be recognized at a banquet later this Spring. however. February 9.000. In another round of great news.

boyle@bcsav. Brown enjoys the task and says “it’s the best professional development because I learn first-hand the AP standards. with 25 essays per book for a grand total of about 2. What’s even more im- pressive is that high school readers are typically phased out after 3 or 4 years. this year. That’s almost a million essays read in a week! Do You Have “Will” Power? If you have an up-to-date and valid will. Mr. Brown adds “the week is also good for professional development because I am immersed in a culture of excellence of teaching. Brown’s most recent AP Exam statistics hold a 90% career pass rate.700 to 3.m. or are updating your will. A typical reading day for Mr. Each day is spent reading and scoring essays. Readers from high schools and colleges spend a lot of free time sharing ideas and strategies. Don’t forget. Brown is the only AP reader cur- rently teaching in Savannah high schools. Brown will be completing his 7th year as an AP Reader. Jim Brown ’83. Mr. and I consider it the key to my success in teaching AP English. Brown includes finishing 18-23 books. john. please contact John Boyle. As a team the AP Readers will read the work of 300. Development Officer.000 students (3 essays per student) this year. Mr. to 5:00 or 912-644-7017.” There must be some truth to that fact because Mr. remembering Benedictine in your will qualifies you for membership in the 1902 Heritage Society. the highest here at BC! To take it one step further. and are interested in including Benedictine in your estate plans. Behind the Scenes of the AP English Scoring Have you ever wondered who grades AP Exams? Well. with an hour for lunch. a select group of teachers from around the state of Georgia are respon- sible for that task and one such AP Reader as they are called resides right here at BC in the form of our English Department Chair.000 essays in the week.m. .” Each day runs from 8:15 a.

trying to help our stu- . . ask themselves at some time within the course of their lives. He does this primarily in the Scriptures. love. Regardless of the words and examples that are used to get across the basic Catholic beliefs. O. Above her head is the statement: "What our children BELIEVE is just as important as What they know. he is a mystery? Well there are two major ways that we learn about God and what He is like. The next question is: What is man? And the answer comes: a creature composed of body and soul. For example that He is a Trinity of Persons. Let us recall some of the beginning questions. including ourselves. But before children become old enough to grasp more fully these articles of faith they are presented with the basic tenets of Catholicism in a more simple and direct way. 2010." All of the above answers I believe are essential truths about life that if believed and kept in mind through- out one's life will help him or her have a sound spiritual. how can one possibly know God. and serve Him." Catholic schools are meant to nourish in Catholic children the seeds of the Catholic faith which have hope- fully been planted in them by their parents who are the primary teachers of the Faith. love. and on that poster there is a little girl stand- ing in a field of tall green grass. which begins on Sunday. Why did God make you? God made me to know. God created a world that is intelligible. The purpose of the current guide is to promote the celebration of Catholic Schools Week. it all boils down to the Catholic answer to the basic questions about life that all people.Campus Minister The National Catholic Educational Association and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops put out a Liturgy Guide. Campus Ministry By: Fr. and serve Him. God on his own initiative chooses to reveal himself to us. and He has given us a mind that is capable of comprehending the things that He has made. The second question is: Who is God? The answer is: God is the creator of heaven and earth and all things. Within this guide there is found a picture of a poster. Here at Benedictine this is what we are about. A role of Catho- lic schools as I see it is to help a person increase in the understanding of these truths and integrate them into their lives so that they might constitute a healthy framework in which to carry out one's life and live it to the full. For Catholics. You might ask. or that we are made in His image and likeness. arms spread wide. and physical life.B. these profound questions were summarized years ago in the (to older folks) famous Bal- timore Catechism. regardless of their religion or no religion. One is through divine revelation. January 31. whether formal or informal. Here God tells us things about himself that we would never be able to discover on our own. This is the ultimate goal of all education. The fourth question is: Why did God make you? Its attendant answer is: God made me to know. The first question is: "Who made the world? And the answer is: God made the world. at home and in their catechism classes at school. and to be happy with him in heaven for ever. psychological. and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven. to get to know God. A summary of the Catholic Faith is set down concisely in the Nicene Creed which Catholics normally recite on Sundays and Solemnities during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. her head tilted back with eyes raised to heaven. and a wonderful smile on her face. First of all God made me to know Him. In this article I want to focus especially on the last question and answer. In addition to this revealed knowledge of God we discover things about Him by our examination of the world that He has created. Ronald Gatman.S. and made to the image and likeness of God.

And the happiness that we experience here on earth is infinitely expanded in heaven when we see God face to face. Our studies here at Benedictine will help us increase our self-knowledge. Amen. And it makes no dif- ference whether it is a math class. Campus Ministry dents. we are moved to serve Him. are equally important in our formation as persons made in the image and likeness of God. After we get to know God and love Him. Once we get to know someone and love them. and produce the impetus that leads to the goal that St. etc. We come to understand that our Catholic beliefs and studies lead to the fullness of life which Jesus came to bring us. but He only did this in order to learn to love Him. chorus. staff. when we look more deeply into these subjects we can see the hand of God. To conclude then. religious studies or whatever. each one is a pathway to the knowledge of God.) In our study of the things of this world we come to understand the beauty of the world. but nevertheless there. they reinforce one an- other. "Our monks seek God. But even that dim reflection moves us to love the One who created it. then the love that we have for them helps us to know them more fully. They are synergistic." (The heart has its reasons that reason doesn't understand. If pur- sued correctly all areas of life lead to the Truth because God is Truth. which is only a dim reflection of the beauty of God. faculty. A classic question that has been raised many times is. and all the BC family to better know God. However. Our students seek Truth. A slogan used by Belmont Abbey College in North Caro- lina says better than I what I am trying to get across. Spanish. an English class. No wonder we end up at the same place. As far as our students are concerned the main means of doing this is through the classes that they take. Perhaps at first glance disguised. we arrive at the point where we are "Christ come to full stature. . Paul sets for all of us. what we believe as Catholics and what we know as students. So all eventually lead to Him. When this knowledge is undergirded by the truths of our Catholic faith and integrated with it then we become mature people who know why God made us and what He wants of us and where He is leading us. When we deviate from God's will for us we find that we are not our true self and that we are not a whole person. and the more we know ourselves. for it is only in the doing of God's will that we find true happiness and peace. It goes." So God made us to know Him. the more can we apply this knowledge to help us fulfill God's will for us." May it be so for all of us. physics. One can only love what they know. A French writer said. "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne savait pas. faculty. what is the relationship between Faith and Reason? A superficial look into the matter would possibly bring one to the conclusion that they are diametrically opposed.

36 BC vs Charlton Co. Jan. Feb. 30 BC vs Tattnall Co. A takedown in the first overtime period won the match for Wright over the top seeded Watson. GO CADETS! BC 30 Glynn Academy 39 BC 47 Windsor Forest 56 BC 51 Effingham 50 (OT) BC JV Christmas Tourn. BC 35 Windsor Forest 25 Semi-Finals BC 48 Johnson 44 Finals BC 56 Tattnall Co. Holmes pinned all five of his opponents with his final's pin coming in the first period. This was the first defeat in the 3 year high school career for the 2 time state champion Watson. 43 BC 49 Appling Co. Thirty one teams from nine different states competed in the two day event. and over 30 state champions and 50 state placers. BC had two individual champions and two other place winners. Wright overcame a 3 point deficit in the third period to tie the match and send it into overtime. Those records include an exciting win against Region AAAAA competitor Johnson High School in the BC JV Christmas Tournament. 52 BC 57 Jeff Davis 44 BC 46 Long Co. Feb. Feb. Senior Nick Wright won the 119lb championship with an 8-6 overtime victory over Zach Watson of The Baylor School (Chattanooga. NC). 12 Wrestling Competes Against the Best in the Nation By: Joe Tvrdy Benedictine finished 8th out of 30 teams at the 2nd annual Southeastern Prep School Slam hosted by Holy Innocents Epis- copal School in Atlanta. JV Basketball is Shooting Lights Out Congratulations to the JV Basketball team who have turned in an impressive overall record of 8-3 and an even more impressive region record of 5-1 so far this season. TN). Sophomore Barron Brantley finished 4th in the 112lb weight class and freshman Michael Sweitzer finished 6th at 103lbs. 30 BC 44 McIntosh Co. . Among the 360+ com- petitors were 30 nationally ranked wrestlers. Junior Jeffery Holmes won the 171lb championship with a first period pin over Kwame Seymour of Forsyth Country Day (Winston-Salem. 39 BC 56 Charlton Co. 6 BC vs McIntosh Co. 5 BC vs Appling Co. Teams traveled to Atlanta from as far west as Texas and as far north as Pennsylvania.

These graduates will be honored at an induction luncheon on March 13th here at Benedictine and their photo will be added to the Coach Harry Deal ’45 Wall of Honor in the Athletic Center. Meet the SAGE team: Paula Jeanniton. on Mexican themed days. Along with a graduate. there is a fresh salad bar complete with all of your typical salad toppings along with fresh potato salad. Ester Gregory and Donna Spaulding as permanent SAGE staff members. The hot entrée line offers two main dishes. GA area. Faculty and Staff of BC.thebc400. CW3 (RET) Steve Carl Drill Team Coach 2. two side items and a dessert! The SAGE staff has been a huge hit with students and faculty. David Koncul ‘97 Basketball Columbus State College/ Armstrong Atlantic State College 4. Please note. Chris Templeton ‘92 Golf University of Georgia/ Winthrop University Welcome to SAGE Dining Services As of January If you would like to find out what the Cadets are eating at lunch. 2010 “Wall of Honor” Inductees Each year Benedictine Military School honors a selection of graduates who were athletically outstanding during their time at Benedictine and who also went on to achieve athletically at the collegiate and even professional level. cucumber salad and. and Rachel Klosterman. the Benedictine Military School cafete- ria has taken on a whole new look. Donna Spaulding. Timmy McGrath ‘77 Basketball Pan American University/ Chattahoochee Community College 5. you can hit the pasta bar which also has a prepared salad to accompany the meal or you can visit the hot entrée line. Each day brings about a new collection of delicious offerings. we have been priviledged to have Rachel Klosterman with us who resides in the Rome. This year’s Coach Award recipient is CW3 (RET) Steve Carl for his dedication to the Drill Team and all of the Benedictine athletic teams. Ester Gregory. Once you move past the salad bar. where we will be inviting parents to come and have lunch with us so that you can experience SAGE Dining first hand! . A big congratula- tions to the following Benedictine alumni for their selection into the Benedictine Military School Athletic Wall of Honor: 1. the menus are subject to change. feel and smell! SAGE Dining Services has been cooking up healthy meals for the Cadets. William McGrath ‘78 Baseball Armstrong State College Football University of Georgia 6. While SAGE searches for the perfect Chef/Manager for us here at BC. Billy Knight ‘55 Basketball Armstrong State College 3. We are proud to have with us Paula Jeanniton. tuna salad. Currently. you can find the weekly menus for the BC Café on the BC website at http://www. Also. be on the lookout for your invitation to the BC Café Open House. a corn and black bean salad. it has been a tradition to nominate an outstanding Benedictine Coach as well.

Arts Bacon Park 3:30 PM 2-18 Richmond Hill Richmond Hill 4:00 PM 2-24 Savannah Christian Bacon Park 3:30 PM 2-26 Calvary Bacon Park 3:30 PM 3-2 South Effingham Bacon Park 3:30 PM 3-4 Appling Co. Bacon Park. 2010. Benedictine Military School Alumni Association Oyster Roast February 12. (912) 644-6532 or william. Charlton County 3:00 PM 3-15 Tatnall Co. 2010 at 6:00 PM Cadets basketball at 7:30 Everyone is invited! Alumni Association members: $10 per person or $20 per couple Non-members: $20 per person or $30 per couple RSVP to Will Fleming by Monday. Appling County 4:00 PM 3-8 SCDS Bacon Park 3:30 PM 3-10 Richmond Hill Bacon Park 4:00 PM 3-12 Charlton Co. February 8. of Region Playoffs TBD TBD 4-15/16 Region Tournament Appling Co.fleming@bcsav.Serving the Competition Date Opponent Location Time 2-16 SCDS SCDS 3:30 PM 2-17 Sav. TBD . Bacon Park 4:00 PM 3-19 Jeff Davis Co. Bacon Park 3:30 PM 3-26 Brantley Co. 3:00 PM 4-12/13 1st BC Tennis . Jeff Davis County 3:30 PM 3-24 Pierce Co.

org. “It had such a great impact on students and parents that we wanted to offer the presentation again. That same graduate partnered with Richardson to tell their friends’ stories. . and Bill Richardson. a mother of six. BC will have a private session for its current students on Tuesday. March 1. An- tosca. March 1st. This special program began growing several years ago when a Georgia high school graduate’s three friends died within a year due to car crashes. and teen driv- ers’ roles in becoming safer and more responsible. the need for parents to monitor their teens. After the meeting. a mother who was on her own crusade against such teen tragedies. Just before the Christmas break we received word that we were again able host it this year. Winborne and Richardson and their “It Won’t Happen to Me” program have been featured on CNN. All parents and students in the Savannah area are invited to attend the Parent event! Please call 912. is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta. at 7PM BC will host “It Won’t Happen to Me.7000 for more information. will present the March 1 program. GA.March 2nd during Special Period. Inc.Monday. The program is free and open to the public. a retired Gwinnett County policeman. said. The program seeks to increase parents’ and teens’ awareness regarding the importance of driver training.644. On Monday. Educating our Cadets about Safe Driving The nation’s number one cause of teen fatalities is car crashes. “It Won’t Happen to Me” commitment books will be available for a small donation. It Won’t Happen to Me. “We hosted this presentation nearly three years ago.” Parents of teenage drivers and their teens are encouraged to attend. In 2004 Richardson and Winborne.” Dr. March 2. 7:00 PM BC Students . joined forces to form the “It Won’t Happen to Me” program. Lauren Winborne. More information on the program is available at www.” a special presentation that seeks to reduce teen driving fa- talities and includes testimonials by Georgia students and parents impacted by driving accidents.itwonthappentome. Save the Date! “It Won’t Happen to Me” Parent Event .



Unit 310 Ft.B. Frank Ziemkiewicz. Headmaster Greg Markiton ’92. February 8th Washington. Lauderdale Social has been postponed -.P. Please R. Lauderdale.S. 2010 Hosted by Chauncey Mayfield ‘74 . Alumni Social Wednesday.C. January 28th..V. March 3. Mayfield ‘74 RESCHEDULED Las Olas River House Condominiums 333 Las Olas Way.221. FL 33301 Valet Parking Hors d’oeuvres & cocktails Special Guest from Benedictine include: Fr.Calling All South Florida Alumni.DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED Benedictine Military School Scholarship Program Hosted by Chauncey C. Director of Advancement This event will afford area alumni the opportunity to network and hear first hand about the exciting happenings at Benedictine Military School. D. Johnny Harris Banquet Facility Monday. to Diane Brown at 313.2715 or dbrown@mgradvisors.S. SAVE THE DATE FOR Two More Upcoming Opportunities for Alumni Socializing - Survivor’s Club Luncheon - For all alumni who attended BC on Bull St. O. Family & Friends! The by Monday.