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Job Purpose: To provide information for charity staff, stakeholders and the public
on a variety of issues relating to meningitis and septicaemia, in line with the
charity's strategy, policies and procedures.

Reports to: Head of Research & Medical Information


Planning and resources

Maintain and develop a range of information resources for internal and external
audiences, and assist other staff in producing materials. These will include: paper and
electronic publications for health professionals and the public, presentation materials,
briefing and fact sheets, newsletter articles, statistics, articles for medical/nursing media,
and web based information.

Keep abreast of current knowledge, emerging issues & controversies, relevant research
findings, epidemiology, statistics etc in the field of meningitis and septicaemia and relay
relevant information to charity staff, members, the public who need to know.

Organise library of research articles (paper and electronic). Maintain and develop
electronic library system for cataloguing. Keep reference library up to date using a variety
of sources, including Medline.


Use and retrieve information from the charity’s databases, including Donorflex and
Microsoft Access databases of recovered members experiences using filters, and
research database.


Brief charity staff on medical information issues as appropriate and assist in the
formulation of policy and strategy.

Seek opportunities for, prepare for and give presentations in a range of community and
health professional settings.

Develop and maintain good relationships with stakeholders such as academics, health
professionals, industry representatives, public officials etc active in the field of meningitis
and septicaemia, and maintain database of contacts.

Seek opportunities to disseminate the charity’s information resources at medical and

other conferences. Operate the Foundation’s exhibition at such conferences.
Respond to helpline calls & correspondence on medical information enquiries, in liaison
with the helpline team.

Personal & developmental

Keep abreast of latest developments and legal and statutory requirements in the field,
and apply them appropriately.

Help raise the public profile of the charity through medical information activities, by
seeking appropriate good quality media coverage and support from potential and existing

Keep abreast of the Foundation’s work in research, awareness, support for members,
fundraising and governance.

Take responsibility for own development and training needs, in consultation with the
Head of Research & Medical Information.

Contribute to the overall development of the Foundation through establishing positive

working relationships and effective lines of communication with colleagues.

Carry out other duties as reasonably required by the Head of Research & Medical
Information, Chief Executive and/or Board of Trustees