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M. Sut Wisos Law Oris, PAL M. Sur WiLson Woe O13H0)46 me 62392 i May 12, 2015 VIA U.S. MAIL & E-MAIL (uliemcjons Julie McMahon 35424 RE: JONES, Anthony Hawthorne and Julie MeMahon Court File No.: 27-RA-08-5921. Our File No.: 6172 Dear Ms. McMahon: Itis our understanding that you are not represented. If we are incorrect, please forward this letter to your attorney, I also understand that we received a communication from you this morning afier we served you with a Notice of Entry and Filing of the Order received yesterday. In your phone call, you asked that you receive no further communication from our office. ‘The service of the Notice of Entry and Filing is required by the Rules of Civil Procedure in order to toll time for appeal of the Order. Because you do not have an attomey, we are required to serve that document on you. Similarly, we would normally follow up by letter on an Order that requires various actions by the parties. Because you are pro se, under Rule 1.04 of the Rules of Practice for District Courts, we must treat you as though you are a lawyer, and in your dealings with us “the same duty is required of a paity appearing pro se.” ‘Thus we are writing to you in the manner required by the Rules. ‘As you are aware, on May 11, 2015, the Court issued Findings of Fact and Order Regarding Residence and Parenting Time. Paragraphs 5 and 6 of that Order relate to online posting and specifically state as follows: 5. Both parties shall immediately cease posting or commenting on any internet site, blog or social media network, directly or through any third party, about the other party or about this proceeding. This shall include posting/commenting under each party’s name or other pseudonym. 6. Both parties shall immediately remove any and all past posts/eomments on any internet site, blog or social media network under his or her own name or other pseudonym to the extent that they are able to do so. ‘We expect that you will abide by the Cou ’s Order as specifically referenced above. M.SueWiton, Managing Porn” + Amy Yanik Mele rindpal + ie HMogel «Tana Rivera Martin ** + Michele Travers Peraegls Monta Theis» Maron M. Nes! seneecAnercn Ate f Maven omen * ho Keen Cmca Bf Carbo + “Qued Neetu Re 14 fhe Meneses Geel Res f Pe Julie McMahon May 12, 2015 Page 2 of 2 It is our understanding that on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as holder of the account, you are able to log in and delete all comments, posts and tweets and any threads thereof, regardless of when or where you have left such posts, {As you will recall, on February 26, 2015 we sent Ms. Goss a letter with an attachment consisting of 10 pages with every single post that existed online at that time. We have updated that list to the current date and are attaching the same to this letter. It is our understanding that many of the blogs referenced in the attached have commenting systems which would allow you to log in and delete all of your past comments, For those blogs that do not have sueh a system in place, the attached document provides you with contact information for each blogger. In accordance with the Court’s May 11, 2015 Order, we request that you email the blogger and request that your previous comments be removed and we further request that you provide us with proof of your correspondence with each blogger verifying your request. Please provide proof and confirmation of your compliance with paragraphs $ and 6 referenced above on or before 5:00 p.m. on May 19, 2015. ‘As you are also aware, pursuant to multiple parenting consultant decisions which have subsequently become Court Orders, you are precluded from contacting Dr. Jones’ family, friends, acquaintances, and business colleagues. It has come to our attention that you have been in contact with all of the above references and we request that you cease all communications with those individuals immediately, Finally, the May 11, 2015 Order, at paragraph 4 of the Order, requires each party to pay any retainer required by the Parenting Consultant, Andrea Niemi, for her reengagement. Please provide proof of your reengagement of the Parenting Consultant on or before 5:00 p.m. on ‘May 19, 2015. Mr. Jones has agreed to and will comply with the Order reengaging Ms. Niemi. Very truly yours, M. Sue Wilson MSW:trm Enclosure cc: Tony Jones (via email) Andrea Niemi (via email) \)MSUEDC\ClientsJones\Correspondencellop.051215.doe comments about Tony, the divorce, family allegations etc. made by Julie on this site tory based on Julie’s allegations, often by Julie's proxies/Facebook friends/supporters MANY POSTS ON JULIE’S SOCIAL MEDIA: https://twitter.conv/JtotheMac6301 https:/ htips:// NAKED PASTOR: JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND A post by Julie guest posted on Naked Pastor: * # http://nakedpastor. com/2015/04/julie OTHER NAKED PASTOR POSTS ABOUT TONY OR POSTS THAT LINK TO OR REFERENCE JULIE’S ALLEGATIONS ABOUT HIM: * # #, *# http; // about-the-abuse-of-power, and-the-perils-of-peer-reviews/ +# # http://nakedpasto memahon-secrecy-and-silence/ # /04//the-cross-or-the-crown-gary-webb-and-the- silencing-of-your-story # hitp:/ 15/02/tony-jones-and-companys-continued-attempts-to-silence- arrative/ 015/02 # http:nakedpas proven-innocent/ # http:/nakedpas # # http:fawww http://nakedpastor,com/2015/05/are-women-human/ # # 15/02/tony-jones-and-there-are-two-marriages! - This contains the likeness of Tony as drawn by a cartoonist friend of Julie's # # http: pakedrastor .comy2015/0/infograp! ccycle-of-abuse-against-women-and-how- # This contains the likeness of Tony as drawn by a cartoonist friend of Julie’s # I /sharing-your-experiences-in-the-face-of-threats/ # httpy/! # /believe-the-abused-when-they-talk-about-their-experiences! # http://n: pastor. com/2015/0) power! # 1 /spii # Many posts to the Lasting Supper Facebook page, Naked Pastor Facebook page, David Haywards personal Facebook page, the Naked Pastor Tumblr (, and all other related social media sites which share this material. Contact: David Hayward, Haywardar@]_ # STUFF CHRISTIAN CULTURE LIKES RUN BY STEPHANIE DRURY, JULIE’ FACEBOOK FRIEND. "4 https:/ # ss/posts/101539581204 *# /posts/10153947763838782 *# /posts/10153934836728782 4 htaps:// “4 https:/ es/posts/101532504108 *¥# htups:// *# httpsz// *# ntps/ ww facebook. com stufferistianeulureikes/posts/10153634262053782 /posts/10153642301473782 ™# hutps://www.facebook. conisufehristianculturelikes poste OL 5364602557372 jianculturelikes/posts/101: ‘https: //www.facebook.comy/stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/10153741296398782 /iwww.face book. conv stuffchristianculturelikes/posts/10153738099333782 ‘#https://www. facebook.conv/stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/10153735697863782 ‘https://www. facebook.conv/stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/ 1015372225 1348782 +#https://www.facebook.convstuffchristianculturelikes/posts/ 101537174695 18782 /iweww.face book. com/stuffehristianculturelikes/photos/a.10152775775418782.107374183 130933208781/10153714591303782/2tvi # fehristianculturelikes/posts/10153714559028782 Hhttps://www. facebook. conv stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/10153714555788782 #https://www.facebook.conv/stuffehristianculturelikes/photos/a.132197863781,134729.1309332 (0878 1/10153713817018782/2type=1 #https:/swww.facebook.conv stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/10153713698053782 ‘#https://www. facebook. comy/stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/10153710689683782 ‘#https:/www.facebook.conv/stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/101537090 16253782 #https://www.facebook.conv stuffchristianculturelikes/posts/10153701268733782 +# ‘#https:/Awww.facebook.convstuffchristianculturelikes/posts/ 101536926601 48782 #https://www. fchristianculturelikes/posts/10153687879758782 #https://www.facebook.con/stuffehristianculturelikes/posts/10153687380498782 #https:/www.facebook.cony stuffchristianculturelikes/posts/10153685383673782 #https://www.facebook. conv stu fehristianculturelikes/posts/10153684866778782 t ‘#hutps://wvww. facebook. com/stu fehristianculturelikes/posts/10153674474243782 #hutps:// stuf! ianculturelikes/posts/10153671094683782 # 198782 #thttps://www.facebook,com/stuffchristianculturelikes/po: 8782 +#https://www. +#huips://www| (08781/10153656482178782/2ype=1 +# ces/posts/101536497710 +#https://www.facebook.coms inculturelikes/posts/10153649637198782 +# +#hitp:// Jim Henderson podcast featuring Stephanie Drury (Julie’s Facebook friend) and Matthew Paul ‘Tumer talking about Julie’s allegations against Tony: # Contact: deuce BILL KINNON, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: leadership.htm! # Contact: hitp:// R.L, STOLLAR, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND (RIOT STOLLAR): # meltdown/ #* https://rIstollar. have-been-needed/ -jones-and-why-+ nents-shouldh # MANY ALLEGATIONS: Julie released private medical documents to R.L. Stollar hutps:// I/the-evidence-against-tony-jones! #* tips /rstollar.! # https:/rlstollar controversy/ # https://rlstollar. Contact: homeschoolersanonymous@, DIAGNOSING EMERGENT BY BRAD SARGENT, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: # MANY ALLEGATIONS: https://diagnosingemergent.! ‘The sub pages that are particularly related are: .onal-issues-between-tony-jones-and-) # hutps://diagnosingemergent, memahon/ a ht 4-responses-to-statement-by-tony-jones! iagnosingemergent.wordp! # https://diagnosingemergent. # Inttps://diagnosingemergent.wordpress,com/05-social-media-2009-20 | 0-exposure-of-the- personal-issues! Conta brad] ccom/contact, Jidiagnosingemergent. wordpre: WARTBURG WATCH BY DEE PARSONS, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEN! # httpy/ # * http://thewartburgwatch. com/2015/02/01 /brad jonesjulie-memahon-situation/ sargent-one-possible-solution-to-the-tony- # http// haverwas-about-marriage/ #* http:/ with-brian-mclaren-trying-times! -my-discussion- # +#* and-rev-monica-meyers! Contact: Dee, ce WENATCHEE THE HATCHET: # hitp://wenatcheethehatchet movement.htmi # http://Awenatcheethehatchet blogspot com/201 5/0 1/brad-sargent-summarizes-events- between.html # http://wenatcheethehatchet,blogspot.comy/20 1 5/02/r-l-stollar-evidence-against-tony-jones.html # hitp://wenatcheethehatchet blogspot,com/20 14/09/more-thoughts-on-what-some-call, html rt SUBVERSIVE INFLUENCI +#* +#* #* hitp:// # hitp:// jame/#respond # httpd//subversiveinfluence.conv/2015/03/tony-jones-multiple-marriage-proposal/#respond # http://subversiveinfluence.conv2015/02/tony-jones-the-new-emergent-manifesto-part- ivirespond # htip://subversiveinfluence.conv/2015/02/sometimes-i-doodle-on-3x5-cards-whentony/ # nfluen pulpit # htipy/fsubvers conser bot) ‘***#He also re-posted all the statements Tony’s supporters took down, SPIRITUAL SOUNDING BOARD: thany-almost-trapped-in-the- # christian-patriarchy-movement/ # http://spiritualsounding sovereign-grace-ministries-harves and-john-piper/ ible-chape /a-smorgasborg-of-churchianity-updates- and-james-macdonald-david-hayward-article- # http://spiritualsoundingboard.conv/2015/03/2 V/a-spider-web-of-emorgent-leader-tony-jones- and-his-business-and-christian-celebrity-supporters! Contact: Julie Anne Spiritus : LOVE, JOY, FE! SM: # http://www. patheos.convblogs/lovejoyfeminism/2015/01/o allegations.htm! ssponding-to-abuse- # http://www. the: documents.html #* (Julie participates as Jmac6301) http:/ tony-jones-edition.htm| # http://www patheos.convblogs/lovejoyfeminism/2015/02/bill-gothard-was-brought-down-by-a- ‘houghts-on-the-proper-channels-for-making-abuse-allegations.b Contact; Libby lovejoyfeminism BRAD GROSS, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: # hitp://www reddit com//Christianity/comments/2ua9hziwhy_tony_jones_can_kiss_my_ass_how _the_celebrity/ # hitp:// 1/tonyjonescankissmyass/ # https://theoldiheartbrad. l/tonyjonescankissmyass/ # ttps:// Contact: Facebook - https://www.facebook.convbrad.gross.1401 Brad Gross - http:/vww.outsiderspodeast. com/contact-us/ BECKY GARRISON, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: # # http:/ Contact: Twitter- @Becky_Garrison Email link available at her website, LIVING LIMINAL: #http://livingliminal. blogspot. com/2015/05/the-deafness-of-tony-jones-friends html # http:/Mivingliminal.blogspot.comv/2015/02/how-do-we-tell-who-real-victim-is.html # http://www vietim-is! -we-tell-who-the-real- Contact: Google hitps:// L/posts, Facebook: https://www., living. inn JULIE LUCKETT SHORE: # hitp://! # * http:/ CONTACT: Twitter - @JUnfiltered Facebook - OTHERS: # Contact: Not Listed # Contact: 1 #| ninistry/ Contact i # http://watchkeep - Contact: Twitter - @watchkeep, watchkeepany *, says-about-us/ Contact: sandhya@ ‘you! wal-what-the-tony-jones-scandal- #* hitp:// Contact: phoenixpreacher i Facebook - https://www., Glory, biblethumpingbigo iT # Contact: Twitter - hitps://, https:/www., # http://www. patheos.convblogs/christianityischanging/2015/02/weighing-in-on-the-tony- jjonesjulie:memahon-story/ by MICHAEL HARDIN, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: Contact: michaell517@i # http:/ 5/02/17/two-sex-scandals-you-missed/ Contact: rsmccain@ # http://www. bianymeans.conv2015/02/when-nice-christians-become-abusive- Contact: travismamone83@ nes.html # http:/ importan/ Contact EE tp: //! # hitp:/ about-the-compa you-worship-tony-jones/#comments -you-keep-the-idols- This also appears at Contact: Twitter — ejoclwats, cjoelwars # http://www.somuchshoutingsomuchlaughter, com/2015/02/but-what-are-you-for.html Contact S| # * hups://curioushippo, the-door-for-abuse/ Contact: One post only on this blog created to share the story, followed by Julie’s comments. Can post a retracted statement. # https://paulvanderklay. wordpress. com/2015/02/01/ Contact: Paul Vanderkay, paulvanderklay tony-ibelieve-julie/ # html Contact: htips:// Alley/311173785584812?sk=timeline # hitp://marginalchristianity Contact: Lee Wyatt, # huaps://defeatingthedragons, and-bullying/ Contact: Samantha Field, forgedimagination # http://resistdaily. com/progressive-brands-sexism-dudebro-politics-closegamergate/ Contact: Rod,! iticism- +#Blog COMMENTS on RachelHeldEvans’ posts: http:/ \d-why-we-cant-just-get-over-it Contact: rachelheldevans ‘#Jeff Straka comments on Homebrewed, Contact: tripp.fuller@EEE website host, comment moderator) # http://www Contact: Dan, cityofgodblo ‘TIM WILSON BROWN, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: # https:/ on GEE Contains copies of all # Contact: t previous allegations by Julie # Contact: twilsonb CAI Con tas copies of all previous allegations by Julie JUSTIN HANVEY STORIFY # * https://storify com/Dochas82/notmyprogressivesanctuary-teach-in - Contains tweet images from Julie, continuing allegations Contact: Facebook - https:/, inane? 2 FORUMS: # bttp://forums. and-other-emergent-leaders/page-2 Contact: Forum host, bitp:/forums.welltrainedmind.conv/index. php?app=contactus # http://www Contact: Forum Host, eo. | VIDEOS: # All videos at this channel:,com/channel/UCx_bETatj3efuHHUy-UswEQQ # Contact: Reuben Mills, JULIE’S FACEBOOK FRIEND: Twitter- @RockiesFan74, hutps/svww. facebook, com/reuben.millsref=br_rs, Other blogs that reference allegations: JOHN VEST: |http://johnvest,com/2015/02/16/on-tony-jones-and-progressive-youth-ministry-redux/ http://iohnvest,com/2015/02/16/on-tony-jones-and-progressive-youth: nistry-redux/ Contact: jvest OTHERS: '2015/02/pouring-gasoline-on-tony-jones-and-ex. htm] http:/wawpatheos.convblogs/hellbound/201 5/02/when-you-reduce-your-position-to~ its-all-over/ Contact: ‘hashtag- and-avoiding, html ttp:// Contact: Jeff Nelson graceutown@| http://www-patheos.convlogs/mereynotsacrifice/2015/01/28/tony-jones-and-the-twitter-court- of-justice/ Contact: Morgan Guynton - maguyton Contact: drewdownswrites@| * hitp:/ Contact: mjkimpa i