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Chapter 2

Research Design and Methodology

The Effect Of Sports In The Healthy Lifestyle Of The Students Of

Siant Louis School Of Pacdal, Inc.

Amonte, Kevin
Gallardo, Quike May
Inopia, Maria Angela
Lorenzana, Hazel
Luna, Elijah Robin

Research Design and Methodology

The purpose of this research is to examine the
eefectivenesss of sports in the healthy lifestyle of the students
of the different year levels of Saint Louis School of Pacdal,
The four purposes of this chapter are to (1) describe the
research methodology of this study, (2) Indicate the number of
respondence and Discuss the locality and period of respondents,
(3) describe the procedure used in designing the instrument and
collecting the data, and (4) provide an explanation of the
statistical tools used to analyze the data.
Quantitative methods is used in this research. Wherein, it
emphasize objective measurements and the statistical,
mathematical, or numerical analysis of data collected through
polls, questionnaires, and surveys, or by manipulating preexisting statistical data using computational techniques.
Quantitative research focuses on gathering numerical data and
generalizing it across groups of people or to explain a
particular phenomenon. That we we know that it is more easy to
use for us to know the study.
We the researchers, terget the number of hundred fifty (150)
participants. Wherein this participants must be a registered
students of Saint Loius School of Pacdal, Inc. It is also more
alpicable to the students who have sports and a healthy
The instrument for the data gathering to be used is the
usage of Questionnaire. Questionnaire is a systematically
prepared form or document with a set of quetions deliberately
designed to elicit responses to the respondents for the porpuse
of collecting data. This questionnaires is a closed form wherein
the questions are only answered by Yes or No response
The data for this research were collected using a survey
questionnaire. The survey was created using suitable questions
modified from related research and individual questions formed by
the researcher. The survey was comprised of 20 questions, which
were related to the participants perception regarding the

effectiveness of sports in the students healthy lifestyle. In

the questionnaire.
Likert scale was used to determine if the respondent agreed
or disagreed in a statement. Wherein it is actually the sum of
responses to several Likert items. These items are usually
displayed with a visual aid, such as a series of radio buttons or
a horizontal bar representing a simple scale. The formula is
posted below:

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