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Prepare for a career

thats anything but ordinary





Steps to gaining DipHM




- Entry Requirements
- Fees for the exam
- Registration
- Preparation for the exam
- Results
- Certification


Diploma in Hospitality Management

Prepare for a career

thats anything but ordinary

SCQF Level 6

The only UK qualification

in global hospitality

Diploma in Hospitality Management provides

Diploma in Hospitality Management is open to

insights into todays emerging Global Hospitality &

everyone regardless of previous educational

Tourism industry. This qualification can add value

background. However, it may be of particular

to make you a major contributor in this growing

interest to:

arena with advanced know-how of hospitality





management. Diploma in Hospitality Management

management, tourism management, or hotel

addresses vital issues of hospitality that incorpo-


rates every current aspect the industry requires

A university student considering placements,

worldwide. Diploma in Hospitality Management

careers in hospitality industry and/or further

enables you to build up great confidence providing


strong background of brands, assessment and

quality assurance of hospitality and tourism.

Someone with general interest in hospitality


Diploma in Hospitality Management will provide candidates the opportunity to gain advanced level knowledge in global
hospitality management. The syllabus covers the nature & scope of global hospitality industry, external environmental
factors influencing global hospitality industry & its growth, global brands in international hospitality industry, global
accommodation & food-service industry and quality in the context of global hospitality sector.

Learning outcomes


Explore the nature and scope of

Defining hospitality, history, size & scope of the hospitality industry, serviced

global hospitality industry

& non-serviced accommodation, the food service sector, government related

hospitality organisations, grading organisations and other hospitality-related

Explore the external

PEST analysis, factors affecting the hospitality industry, socio-cultural

influences on the

influences, socio-cultural positive/ negative impacts of tourism & hospitality,

hospitality industry

factors influencing hospitality spending and positive/ negative economic

impacts of tourism & hospitality.

Explore the factors

The increase in international tourism, socio-cultural factors influencing the

influencing the hospitality

industry's development, technological factors influencing the industry's

industry growth

development, economic factors influencing the industry's development,

environmental factors influencing the industry's development and political
factors influencing the industry's development.

Explore the growth of global

The growth of global hospitality brands, categories of branding, benefits of

brands for hospitality industry








multinational hotel group development, management contracting, strategic

alliances and consortia.



Learning outcomes


Explore the accommodation &

Hotel location decisions, different types of accommodation (catered/ serviced,

food-service industry

self-catered /non-serviced), distribution systems, distribution intermediaries,

advantages & disadvantages of distribution channels, size/ scope of
food-service industry, reasons for eating out, factors in the meal experience,
standard industrial classification (SIC), different types of foodservice or catering,
different types of restaurants, fast-food & take-aways, contract catering &
employee feeding, employee feeding operations, public sector & welfare
catering, travel catering, food production methods, trends in food service
&production, legislation, health & safety issues, environmental issues and the
impact of credit-crunch on the industry.

Understand the quality aspects

Definitions of quality, characteristics of service products, definitions of service

in global hospitality

quality, technical & functional quality, five-gap model, attributes of service quality,
total quality management, quality standards certifications, key elements in quality
management, quality management excellence model, the internationalisation of
quality, the advantages of international employees for organisation, expat
employment, standards of performance or 'standard operating procedures'
(SOPs) and quality monitoring & measurement.


Four Steps to complete Hospitality



Register yourself as IQN student at no cost!

Download free course book and practice
questions from your free IQN account.

Self-learning: Study Hospitality diploma course book and

practice questions as an independent student OR
Supported-learning: Take tuition support from RTC.


Register for the exam at your convenience. There is only

one exam to qualify for the diploma.


Sit for the exam at Pearson VUE exam centre near

your location and receive result immediately.

Pay online by credit/debit card through VUE web account.


Entry requirements

What documents do I need to complete registration?

There are no formal entry requirements for Diploma in

No documents are required to be submitted for

Hospitality Management. The diploma is open to all

registration. You just need to provide your personal

from school leavers to post graduates and employees

details and a valid email ID to activate your student

who want to increase their knowledge and skills.


How much will it cost?

When are active exams available?

Registration to this qualification is completely free.

Exam for Diploma in Human Resource Management

Exam fee is 99 and there are no other charges for

is available round the year through Pearson VUE

gaining the qualification. However, if you take tuition

exam centres. You can schedule your exam at your

support from any of our registered training centres


they will charge tuition fees for their services.

How will I be assessed?

How do I register?
Complete two registrations
1) For study resources (IQN Student Account)
Please visit

You will be assessed by a set of 40 Multiple Choice

Questions (MCQs). Each MCQ will carry 2.5 marks and
will be marked automatically by computer. Duration of
the exam is 60 minutes. You will need to get minimum
60% marks to pass the exam.

Provide personal and additional information

Check your email to validate your account
2) For exam (Pearson VUE web account)
Sign up for a web account at
Schedule/book the exam at your convenience
and pay your exam fees (i.e 99)

What is the preparation time needed for the diploma?

The time to complete the preparation will depend on
yourself and your willingness. However, exam can
be taken any time in a year through Pearson VUE
exam centres. Hence, you can take whatever time
you feel appropriate for the preparation.

When can I register?

Both registration with IQN and Pearson VUE can be
completed any time in a year.



How do I prepare myself?

How do I pay for the exam (fees)?

You will get online study materials- course book and

Fees are payable through debit/credit card at Pearson

practice questions required for the preparation of your

VUE website at the time of scheduling your exam.

exam. These are all free when your register with IQN.
You can study independently to prepare for the exam.

How many times can I attempt?

You can sit as many times as you wish until you pass

Alternatively, you can take tuition support from one of

our Registered Training Centres.
Course book is broadly sufficient for exam success as
it covers all contents of the qualification.
Practice Questions are very useful for your exam

the exam. Every resit will cost you 29.

How will I get my exam result and certificate?

At the end of the exam, you would be provided
results by Pearson VUE exam centre staff.

preparation. Questions may or may NOT be set from

The certificate will be couriered (using ROYAL MAIL

Practice Questions.

or 'similar') to the address given by you in Pearson

However, you may expect live exam at Pearson VUE

which will have similar pattern of questions.

VUE web account. It may take (minimum) 6 weeks to

receive the certificate. Hence, it is important that in
your Pearson VUE web account, you provide detail

How do I book/schedule my exam?

You can schedule/book your exam through your
Pearson VUE web account for IQN. Please visit for the details.

and absolutely correct postal address.

Who will be awarding the diploma?
Diploma in Hospitality Management is jointly certificated
by IQN & SQA.

How can I resit for an exam?

You can resit for the exam if you fail in the exam.
You will need to schedule your resit exam by paying
only 29 to Pearson VUE.

What is the level of this diploma?

Diploma in Hospitality Management is accredited at
Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)
level 6 (20 credits) and benchmarked against European
Qualifications Framework (EQF) level 4.

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