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Ismail Yurdakok

There were not perennial rivers or lakes. To supplement the water supply from underground s
After visiting mother’s relatives they both were returning but mother died on the Mecca way
delivered the child to his grandfather.
Abdulmattaleb was a notable man of Mecca and he was 99 years old. After one year the old gr
House when he was seven years old and this is third house in his short life. Uncle Abu Tale
A tradeswoman Hadeyjah had heard the honesty of Muhammad that he was a young tradesman now.
The orphan was forty years old now and began to tell the early verses of Quran. The first
verse was about “reading”, God had revealed that “Read with the name of your God”. This ver
Hadeyjah as a woman is the first muslim in the history who believed in Muhammad’s teachings
He was not a political man but the conditions made him a valuable statesman and he establi
Muhammad protected slaves, gave a lot of rights for slaves that he said: “you should give m
some years also appointed Usamah (the son of Zayd) to the same post, in spite of a lot of o
He used to give a short sermon in every friday in the mosque in noons. But no political dis
doctrine. He emphasized –non stop- man’s journey from darkness toward light. Freedom and pe
He tried to persuade the people of desert for an ethical cleanness. This is a fact that, a
He did not slapped a woman or a child. To say truths in everywhere, he did not think “may b
Praise be to Allah (God), the Owner of the universes;
The Compassionate, The Merciful;
The Owner of the day of judgement;
You alone we worship, and You alone we want for help;
Guide us to the straight Way;
The way of those whom You have favoured;
Not of those who have incurred your wrath. Nor of those who go astray.(Chapter of Fatihah)
Eknath Easwaran also would narrate that Gandhi of India also used to repeat these sentences
(of Quran) every night although he was a buddist.(Easwaran E. “Nonviolent Soldier of Islam”
The new religion’s aim the unification of spiritual and material powers of man.“Two muslims
To perform the rules of God (and teach these to the humanity) was more important. In a famo
of Taif. And in the teachings of muslims ((Hadith Book of) Muslim, K.Jehad, B,39, had,111)
After ten years from the above event, the Prophet had got a powerful army and he sieged Tai
Islam/Prophet had adopted the method of persuasion. We see this in the verses, revealed in
(the tribe of) Aad.(The people) of the many-columned city of Iram. Whose like has never bee
“Therefore,remind, for you are one to remind:You are not at all a warder over them. But who
Quran was revealed to Muhammad not to kill the humankind but only for advice:
“And verily We (God) have given mankind in this Quran every kind of parable, so that they m
believers to pardon the errors of those who do not fear the days of Allah(God), so that All
“...Dreadful for the idolaters is that to which you (O Muhammad) are calling them...”(Shura
v,13). That’s why muslims have to be patient and at the end everybody is free to choose Isl
The Prophet (and the other prophets) was a social man, he was in the streets, in the fairs,
God used to console him: “And whosoever disbelieves,let not his disbelief afflict you (O Mu
In some cases there is another way: “And when you see those who meddle with Our (God’s) rev
v, 68) During the Meccan period, the believers were not allowed to fight; the idolaters too
On the other hand, Muhammad is not a passivist man. Muslims were in a difficult position un
Prophet when he was praying to his God: “Have you seen the man who forbids, A servant when
(Alaq, v, 9-14) But even in this position God had ordered the Prophet not to obey the idola
“No! Never obey him!..”(Alaq, v, 19) But the Prophet always chose solutions with non-milita
Non-muslim women used to visit and talk to Prophet’s wife and daughters, from time to time.
Yesterday’s enemy may be tomorrow’s friend: “Good and evil deeds are not equal.Repel evil w
He did not establish a regular army even a regular squad for protect himself or protect the
Muhammad behaved with patiently in the problem of the hypocrites.Hypocrites were opponent
in different 19 verses. In addition to, in another 80 verses “to be patient” is advised to
Historians have not said much sentences about achievement of Muhammad’s statesmanship becau