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Kemi Adegoke • Betty Evans-Jacas • Nicholas Rogers • Luke Tryl

February 2010
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“We’ll PAY for your Recycling

– Labour will FINE you”
West Norwood taxes and fines, we will
Conservatives have pledged encourage more recycling by
to improve Lambeth rewarding families. The reward
Council’s recycling with an scheme will have the added
exciting new scheme. benefit of increasing spending in
local shops, helping them
If the Conservatives take control through Gordon Brown’s
of Lambeth Council in May, they recession.”
will introduce a ‘Recyclebank’
scheme which rewards people
for recycling. This has already FACT: This scheme has
been successfully trialed by other already been introduced
councils: households are set up successfully by Windsor’s
with a ‘Recyclebank’ account, Conservative Council,
and the more they recycle, the whose waste management
more points they receive which is run by the same
can then be spent at participating company that manages
local shops and traders. Lambeth’s waste – the
Betty Evans-Jacas, Nicholas Rogers, Kemi only thing that is holding
Knights Hill Conservative Luke Adegoke and Luke Tryl: Working hard for it back is Labour’s
Tryl said, “Instead of punishing West Norwood residents inaction.
people as Labour do with bin

A Green Deal for Norwood Residents Saying one thing...

and doing another
Every household in this In her latest parliamentary report, Tessa
country will be entitled to a Jowell says she has signed up to the
package of energy 10:10 campaign to reduce her carbon
improvements using an emissions by 10 per cent in 2010.
allowance of up to £6,500. “We would like to know why our local
MP has now signed up to the campaign
• Healthy competition in retro-fits
after voting against the very same
will create 70,000 new jobs and a
motion in parliament on the 21st of
£2.5bn marketplace.
October”, says Kemi Adegoke,
• Consumers save money. Conservative parliamentary candidate for
Dulwich and West Norwood. “Our local
• Most importantly, 9.4 million MP has a history of saying one thing in
tonnes of carbon emissions are the constituency, but voting the opposite
avoided. way in Parliament where it really matters
Everyone gains by improving energy such as with the post office closures in
Kemi Adegoke, Conservative 2008.”
parliamentary candidate for Dulwich efficiency and lowering bills. This
and West Norwood, met up with gives us our best chance of meeting Conservatives do not believe in saying
shadow housing minister Grant our obligations under the Climate one thing and doing another. Rather
Shapps MP to discuss the green Change Act. The Conservative Party than words and promises, we took taken
policies which the Conservatives are understands that the solution to the real action in 2009 to improve the
proposing for homes and how they global challenge of climate change environment in West Norwood, and
can help West Norwood residents. begins at home. remain committed to maintaining it for
the future.

Promoted and published by Stephen Smith on behalf of Dulwich and West Norwood Conservative Association, 495 Norwood Road, London SE27 9DJ. Printed by Multiprint Lithographics Limited, Unit 3 Gardner Industrial Estate, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1QZ.
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Labour fails on Norwood Hall

but still have no idea what medical
facilities are going to be included and no
idea how it is all going to be paid for!” Knights Hill Conservative
Given Labour’s disgraceful track record Action Team is busy helping
of neglecting West Norwood, it is no West Norwood residents keep
surprise that these proposals are being our local area pleasant and
rushed through. With an election coming safe.
up Lambeth Labour are desperate to

Holderness Estate
show that they have done something –
anything! – for West Norwood.
Having completely failed to provide a
Luke and Nicholas outside much-needed new primary school in
derelict Norwood Hall West Norwood, Labour are now hoping
to win support with a few vague artist’s
Local Conservatives have been impressions.
campaigning to bring derelict Local Conservatives have urged Labour
Norwood Hall back into to get on with the Hall’s redevelopment,
community use after years of but Labour’s do-nothing councillors
stalling by Labour. continue to waste a valuable local asset.
Knights Hill Action Team member
Nicholas Rogers said “We share local A senior council officer has said
residents’ dismay with Lambeth Labour publicly that, under Labour, “West An elderly resident approached us
over barely-developed proposals to build with potentially dangerous wiring
Norwood is not on the Council’s
a health centre on the site. They have problems in his flat which the
list of priorities.” Council had failed to repair,
had years to come up with firm plans,
despite promising to do so. Local
Conservative Luke Tryl intervened
Let’s spruce up West Norwood’s Nature Reserve! and the problem was fixed.

the Great North Wood from which West Ladas Road

Norwood gets its name. There are very
few areas of the Wood still in existence
so Knight’s Hill Nature Reserve is an
important part of our local history.
It’s a shame, then, that today it is
neglected. There is litter, the trees and
vegetation are uncared for and part of the
perimeter fence has been destroyed. Local
Conservatives are calling on Lambeth
Conservatives call for protection Council to spend a little bit of money
of local heritage sprucing up the Nature Reserve and
improving the signage so residents can
It’s one of West Norwood’s best-kept actually find out what is on their doorstep. A resident called about a set of
secrets, but on Knight’s Hill is a small The Council is improving woodland in street lights which had been
nature reserve comprising an acre of Clapham and other parts of the borough, broken for a long time, posing a
woodlands which used to form part of so why not West Norwood, too? security hazard for nearby
properties. Action Team member

Ice nightmare for West Norwood residents

Nicholas Rogers soon had the
Council fix the lights.

During the pre-Christmas freeze, while

Lambeth Council’s Labour administration
praised itself for clearing snow, many
hundreds of residents were housebound
in West Norwood because the roads and
pavements were iced up. For elderly
people in particular this was extremely
The south of the borough has a colder
micro-climate because it is hilly and away
from warmer central London. Some
money is given to the south for gritting
and road repairs but it is not enough
to address the actual needs, as we saw
in the recent cold snap. More needs to
be done but yet again the Labour
Empty grit bins showcase Labour’s neglect administration has failed West Norwood.

Promoted and published by Stephen Smith on behalf of Dulwich and West Norwood Conservative Association, 495 Norwood Road, London SE27 9DJ. Printed by Multiprint Lithographics Limited, Unit 3 Gardner Industrial Estate, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1QZ.