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Kilomux-2100 Module

E1/T1 Voice Compression Module

• Low end-to-end delay is based on the MPMLQ

(Multipulse Maximum Likelihood
• Supports CAS signaling Quantization) speech coding
methods: DTMF, R1-MF, technique, as per ITU-T G.723.1.
R2-MFC Compression at 4.8 kbps uses a
proprietary compression
• Supports CCS signaling technique.
methods: SS7, ISDN PRI
• Very high voice quality
• Supports applications (comparable to 32 kbps ADPCM)
requiring double is achieved when using
compression (tandeming) compression rates of 6.4 kbps and
DESCRIPTION • Automatic voice/fax detection
ensures that each channel can be
• KVF.6 is a Kilomux-2100 voice used for both voice and fax.
module providing high-quality Group III fax is supported.
compression of a half or full E1/T1 Automatic rate fallback to drop to
digital PBX trunk (see Figure 1). the highest common rate
supported by both faxes is
• Two-slot version KVF.6 modules featured.
can compress a full E1/T1 and
FEATURES thus enable compression of up to • Each KVF.6 channel also supports
six E1/T1 trunks (186/144 voice automatic detection and relay of
• Provides direct connection channels) in a single V.22 bis and V.32 bis data
Kilomux-2100 unit (see Figure 2). modem transmissions at standard
to E1/T1 PBX trunks rates of 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 12 and
• Compresses half or full PBX • Used in CVS (Compressed Voice 14.4 kbps.
System) applications, the
E1/T1 trunk aggregated data streams of two
Note: Fax/data modem transmission
requires additional channel bandwidth for
• Selectable voice Kilomux-2100 units, equipped overhead so that, for example: 14.4 kbps
compression rates: with six KVF.6 modules each, are fax/modem data rate requires 16 kbps
transmitted via an E1 or T1 main channel bandwidth.
G.723.1 (MPMLQ) for link Megaplex-2104 access
high-quality voice at 6.4, multiplexer. This application can • The KVF.6 module is compatible
9.6, 11.2, 12.8 or compress and transmit a total of with the KVF.8 analog voice
16 kbps per channel 11.5 E1 (345 voice channels) or interface module. When operating
12 T1 (288 voice channels) trunks opposite a KVF.8 module, the
Proprietary technique for KVF.6 can be configured to
only 4.8 kbps per channel over a single E1 or T1 link (see
Figure 4). Alternatively, the handle different groups of eight
• Enables support of up to Kilomux-2100 units can transmit channels each, routed
independently to different KVF.8
186 voice channels in a their compressed voice channels
modules (see Figure 3).
single Kilomux-2100 chassis via DXC, FCD, or other standard
E1/T1 access devices. • A built-in adaptive echo canceller
• Group III Fax relay support is used for canceling the near-end
up to 14.4 kbps, with • Voice compression is performed
at selectable data rates of 4.8, 6.4, hybrid echo. The echo canceller
automatic rate fallback 9.6, 11.2, 12.8 or 16 kbps per enables acceptable voice quality
on voice lines with a long delay,
• V.22 bis and V.32 bis channel. The digitizing rate is
such as long-distance calls or calls
modem data relay at 2.4 to soft-selectable per quartet of
channels, according to the quality over non-terrestrial links (e.g.
14.4 kbps rates satellite). Near-end delay of up to
desired and the available main
• Integral echo canceller link bandwidth. For data rates of 15 msec is supported.
6.4 to 16 kbps, voice compression
Kilomux-2100 Module

E1/T1 Voice Compression Module
• Voice quality is maintained at a • With CAS signaling, KVF.6 SPECIFICATIONS
channel bit error rate of 1x10-3 or supports R1-MF and R2 MFC, as
better. well as DTMF signaling standards.
With CCS signaling, SS7 and GENERAL
• Diagnostics include digital
loopback toward the local PBX
ISDN PRI standards are • Number of Voice Channels
supported. KVF.6/12T: 12 channels
interface and digital loopback
toward the remote site PBX. Tone Note: SS7 signaling transmission is KVF.6/16E: 16 channels
injection (per channel quartet) for
supported only at 64 kbps. KVF.6/24T: 24 channels
testing is also available. An • Applications requiring double KVF.6/31E: 31 channels
automatic self-test is performed compression are supported. For • Digitizing Techniques and
during power-up and is constantly example, voice communication Supported Compressed Voice
running during normal operation. between remote locations can be Channel Data Rates
connected in a star configuration
• Signaling transmission is supported to a central PBX. In such a case,
G.723.1 MPMLQ:
for either CAS (Channel 6.4, 9.6, 11.2, 12.8 or 16 kbps
the switching is performed by the Proprietary technique: 4.8 kbps
Associated Signaling), or CCS
PBX and requires compression
(Common Channel Signaling).
and decompression to be carried • Bandwidth Allocation on Main
When working in CAS mode Link (per voice channel quartet)
out twice. KVF.6 supports this
KVF.6 passes bits A, B, C and D in 4 x 4.8 kbps: 19.2 kbps
application for voice, with fax and
the voice band, without any 4 x 6.4 kbps: 25.6 kbps
data modem relay, due to its
overhead. The CCS information 4 x 9.6 kbps: 38.4 kbps
high-quality compression
can be transmitted transparently 4 x 11.2 kbps: 44.8 kbps
at 64 kbps, or HDLC compression 4 x 12.8 kbps: 51.2 kbps
can be applied to reduce the 4 x 16 kbps: 64 kbps
necessary bandwidth to as low as
9.6 kbps.


KVF.6/31E KVF.6/31E

Fax Fax
E1, G.703 E1, G.703
(30 Channels) (30 Channels)

KM-2100 KM-2100
Other modules Other modules
Data Modem Data Modem

Figure 1. Basic KVF.6 Compression Application of Single E1 Trunk

KVF.6/31E KVF.6/31E
modules modules

FE1 Digital
Digital FE1
(15TS) Network
Network (15TS)

KM-2100 KM-2100

Figure 2. 12:1 Compression of 6 Full E1 Trunks using 4.8 kbps Channel Rate, over Fractional E1 Link
Kilomux-2100 Module

E1/T1 Voice Compression Module

• Fax Compatibility • Signaling Transmission Modes • Physical

Group III according to ITU-T CAS: Number of I/O slots occupied by
Rec. T.4, T.30, V.29, V.27, A, B, C, and D bits transferred in module:
V.27ter the compressed voice KVF.6/12T: 1
• Data Modem Compatibility bandwidth (in-band) KVF.6/16E: 1
Polarity for the signaling bits is KVF.6/24T: 2
V.22 bis, V.32 bis
user-selectable KVF.6/31E: 2
• Supported Fax/Modem Data CCS: • Power Consumption
Rates at Selected Channel Rate Signaling protocol timeslot
(in kbps) assigned (i.e. 1 to 31 for E1, Voltage Current Power
Ch. Rate: Fax/Modem Rates: 1 to 24 for T1) is transferred +5V (12T) 800 mA 4.0W
4.8 2.4 transparently (using 64 kbps), or (16E) 980 mA 4.9W
6.4 2.4, 4.8 as HDLC compressed data (24T) 1120 mA 5.6W
(using 32, 16, or 9.6 kbps) in (31E) 1380 mA 6.9W
9.6 2.4, 4.8, 7.2
Kilomux frame bandwidth +12V (all) 3.6 mA 0.043W
11.2 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6
12.8 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 12 • Timing Modes –12V (all) 1 mA 0.012W
INT mode: Total (31E1) 1384 mA 7.0W
16 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 12,
Clock is provided by KM-2100 (max)
14.4 to the PBX
(all with automatic rate fallback) LBT mode:
• End-to-End Processing Delay Clock is provided by the PBX to • DL Connector
KM-2100 3-pin connector for downloading
Less than 100 msec
software upgrades
• Acceptable Channel Bit Error • Diagnostics Note: a matching CBL-KVF6/8-DL cable,
Rate Activated from local or remote site: with a RS-232 DB-9 connector for
1 x 10-3 or better Digital loopback towards local downloading software upgrades from a PC
PBX into the KVF.6’s 3-pin DL connector, is
• Adaptive Echo Canceller Digital loopback towards remote provided with every module.
Echo path length: 15 msec PBX
Echo return loss enhancement • Configuration
1 kHz tone injection per Programmable via front panel and
(ERLE): >30 dB channel quartet
Convergence speed: terminal interface, as well as via
Auto self-test activated upon the RADview network
Better than ITU-T G.165 power-up and during normal management system
• Indicators
Local Sync Loss
(Red Alarm)
Remote Sync Loss
(Yellow Alarm)

Fax T1, G.703 Analog Voice Fax

PBX Network

KM-2100 KM-2100
Other modules Other modules

Data Modem Data Modem

Figure 3. KVF.6 Working opposite Analog Interface KVF.8 Modules

Kilomux-2100 Module

E1/T1 Voice Compression Module


• Compliance • Compliance
ITU-T Rec. G.703, G.704, G.732 AT&T TR-62411, AT&T, KM-2100M-KVF.6/*
Pub. 54016, ANSI T1.403, E1/T1 Voice Compression Module for
• Framing with CRC-4 KM-2100/2104
TS 0 multiframe for CRC-4 ITU-T Rec. G.703, G.704
protection, and no multiframe • Framing * Specify module type:
(G.732N) D4 (SF), ESF 12T for half T1 trunk
TS 0 multiframe for • Nominal Line Data Rate 16E for half E1 trunk
CRC-4 protection, and TS 16 24T for full T1 trunk
1.544 Mbps
multiframe (G.732S)
• Line Code 31E for full E1 trunk
• Framing without CRC-4 AMI
No multiframe (G.732N)
With TS 16 multiframe (G.732S) • Impedance
Balanced interface: 100Ω
• Nominal Line Data Rate
2.048 Mbps • Zero Suppression
• Line Code (user-selectable)
HDB3 Transparent (AMI coding –
no zero suppression)
• Line Impedance B7ZS
Balanced interface: 120Ω B8ZS
Unbalanced interface: 75Ω
• Signal Transmit Levels
• Signal Levels Nominal level:
Transmit: ±3V (±10%)
Balanced: ±3V (±10%) Levels with CSU:
Unbalanced: ±2.37 (±10%) 0 dB, -7.5, -15, -22.5 dB
Receive: Levels without CSU:
0 to -36 dB with LTU Software-adjustable,
0 to -10 dB without LTU measured at 0–655 ft
• Jitter Performance • Signal Receive Levels
Per ITU-T Rec. G.823 0 to -36 dB with CSU
• Connectors 0 to -10 dB without CSU
Balanced: 8-pin RJ-45 • Connector
Unbalanced: pair of BNC 8-pin RJ-45
coaxial connectors

6 x KVF.6 6 x KVF.6
modules modules

E1/T1s E1/T1s
data communications
KM-2100 KM-2100
PSTN PSTN International Headquarters
24 Raoul Wallenberg Street
Tel Aviv 69719, Israel
E1/T1 Leased E1/T1 Tel: (972) 3-6458181
Radio Fax: (972) 3-6498250, 6474436
PBX 6 x KVF.6 Megaplex-2104 Megaplex-2104 6 x KVF.6 PBX U.S. Headquarters
modules modules
900 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Tel: (201) 529-1100
Toll free: 1-800-444-7234
E1/T1s E1/T1s Fax: (201) 529-5777

Figure 4. Compressed Voice System (CVS) Service for
up to 345/288 Voice Channels over Single E1/T1

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