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We Chat To Award Winning Celeb Chef and

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The Winners Are Revealed In Our Best Of The
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Mini-Minogue! Dannii Minogue is Pregnant!
I Know Best! Generation Wrinkle On Old Age!
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5. Music Lowdown This issue has been an absolute nightmare. Because of the dreadful snow we’ve missed
many meetings, not received articles and we’ve had bugs on our new website! But, a
6. Music Lowdown little hard work prevented the cancellation.
7. Television News Anyway I think you’ll really enjoy this issue with our celeb chef Sam Stern interview, Info
8. Celebrities on the new Google Wave, The winners are revealed in our Best Of The 00’s Result and

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much more.

10. Technology and Gaming But firstly however I want to say a massive thank you for so many of you reading issue
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12. The Film Critic anyone?) that we have done an old dear re-mix for issue 2! She’ll be as popular as MC
Screwdriver and Jay-X!
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14. Start Your Music Collection Today
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St.Helens Chamber
Opinions Page

Will Dannii Stay On The X-Factor? Cadbury’s

As the woman who is famous just for being related to Kylie Minogue announces that she’s
pregnant on Twitter we ask the question ‘Will Dannii Stay On The X-Factor?’
Kraft Foods
Their have been many rumours of Dannii’s (38) replacement for the up-coming series six of Merger
The X-Factor, but this week she is allegedly meeting up with boss and music executive Simon Sadly, US firm Kraft, who don’t
Cowell to show her devotion to the show. seem to be able to spell Craft
had bought out 71% of
Host of ITV2 sister show, The Xtra Factor, which goes behind the scenes and interview Cadburys shares.
contestants, Holly Willoughby, gave birth to her baby a month prior to the filming of last years
X Factor and had hourly breaks to tend to her baby. But their is still a chance for the
British company! Basically,
I don’t think Dannii will leave the show as she’s going to do anything as big as it and she isn’t unless Kraft buy 75% of
as successful as older sister Kylie (41) I Cadbury then it wont become
part of the company Kraft
Foods and Kraft won’t be able to de-list it from the stock
market. So unless Kraft buys
another 4% of Cadbury, then
the firm will be just partially


owned by Kraft, keeping British
shareholders and maybe
keeping jobs.

Join the Facebook group now.


Motoring & Cycling

It’s Snow Joke For Motorists!

Winter motoring requires special care and a little preparation if you're to avoid a breakdown or
With Kyle Grounds

accident. Get up at least 10 minutes early to give you time to prepare the car. Don't drive off like a
tank-commander, with a tiny hole cleared in your windscreen. Clear all windows of snow and ice
using a scraper and de-icer. Use a cigarette lighter to warm a key for a frozen lock. Don't breathe
on the lock, as the moisture will condense and freeze. Besides an ice scraper and de-icer, it's
worth carrying a mobile phone with fully charged battery, torch, first-aid kit, tow rope, blankets,
warm coat and boots, jump leads, snow shovel, warning triangle, an old sack or rug (to put under
the wheels if you do get stuck) and water repellent spray. Plan routes to favour major roads which
are more likely to have been gritted. Put safety before punctuality when the bad weather closes in.
While it's always a good idea to allow extra time in winter for your journey, drivers must accept the

Not Everyone Hates Snow!

inevitability of being late for work if they are caught up in an unexpected delay.

Spare A Thought For Services! Here we see how driving in the snow can be
easy. These people are trained professionals
With the roads the worst in years many people decided going to with years of experience. This car is a Subaru
work was too dangerous and instead took the easier option of Impreza. Its is equipped with four wheel drive
staying home in front of the fire. Unfortunately our emergency and specially designed tyres for handling these
crews have not got that luxury. Regardless of the weather and the conditions. I wouldn’t advise anybody to try this
road conditions these brave men and women have to tackle at home !!
everything thrown at them and still be there to aid us in every
circumstance. These ordinary everyday people have found their
jobs so much more difficult than usual and have been far busier
than normal as a result of the weather. The countless news
reports show that these people are willing to risk their own lives to
save ours, the ambulance crews dealing with all accidents
whether minor trips and falls to more serious traffic accidents, the
fire brigade rescuing the stranded public to safety and the police
dealing with all traffic incidents that this weather has caused.

The UK
Charts are
The UK charts are changing as of March 1-th, this year!
Instead of just having the weekly chart roundup on
Sunday, the full mid week charts will be published on the
Wednesday as an official chart.

This could mean artists have a better chance of getting to

the top spot, but with lower sales. Record executives are
far from happy!
Kylie Minogue and The Scissor Sisters are set to release
their new singles and albums around this time frame.

Campaign To Get The

One Into The Top 10!
After the successful Facebook campaign to get Rage Against
The Machine to no.1 in the UK, one has been launched to get
Kylie’s 2008 single The One into the top 10. Kylie has had an
unbreakable chain of top ten hits in the UK, however The One
didn’t get any promotion from EMI and was only released as a
download only single with no music video, so it only charted at
a lowly no.36 in the UK, but at no.1 in some countries
worldwide where it had a physical release.
Music Lowdown
Written and
Researched By:
Stephen Farr

New 2010 Releases!

MARCH looks to be a good month for music this year with the release
The Brits 2010
Peter Kay will be hosting a
of Pop Goddess Kylie Minogue’s eleventh studio album, New Age, February 16th extravaganza
confirmed for the 23rd .The Scissor Sisters and Gabriella Chilme with confirmed performances
consider themselves a threat to Kylie as their new album is released of Kylie, Take That, SuBo and
on the same day. The 8th of March also sees the release of The more. Kylie, MJ and others
Sugababes new album Sweet Seven! Singles released in March battle it out to win the Brits
include X Factor star Diana Vickers and US pop princess Britney Hits 30 Award! Vote at

Lady Gaga: I Want


Rihanna: Rude Boy

To Be Kylie Video Has
Dance wannabbe Lady Gaga has told E! News, in an exclusive interview
Jamaican Feel!
Pop singer, Rihanna has revealed her new video, for
that she wants to be ‘The American Kylie Minogue’. single Rude Boy, will have a Jamaican look and feel,
Lady Gaga has had hit’s with tunes such as Paparazzi and Disco Stick. telling sources that it is completely different than any
Although Kylie hasn’t hit back with anything, the pair are said to be dueting other video she has ever filmed. She said that Rude
on a new track, Showgirl, for Minogue’s (41) new album, set to be released Boy was playing along to her root’s.
in April. Kylie, who has had an international singing career for 22 years has The single is the second to be lifted from
had hits such as I Should Be So Lucky, Slow & Spinning Around to name a disappointing selling album, Rated R. The lead
few. single, Russian Roulette, only made no.1 in one
Dannii Minogue Pregnant! territory, Norway.

New Release For Ageing Pop Group Place An Advert:

And More On Page 8!
Television News
Written and
Researched by
Stephen Farr

Bizarre Campaign To Save Top Gear!

Top Gear is at the centre of a Facebook campaign to stop the show facing the axe, Digital Spy reports.
The group has almost one million members after a British tabloid ran with the story of the show’s declining ratings and how it could
be the end for the motoring series, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond? The truth? Poor scheduling.
The latest series of Top Gear was up against rival show, I’m A Celebrity but still managed to pull ratings of over six million. The show
averages between 5.5 million and 6 million for BBC 2, one of the channel’s most viewed shows. Top Gear is also BBC iPlayer’s most
watched show, with the opener of the latest series 14 streamed 1.4 million times. The show has been compared with it’s 2007 series,
where over 8 million watched... But they watched to see what Richard Hammond had to day about his near fatal crash, and to watch
the footage, sorry to disappoint you but Top Gear is an international franchise and the end it a long way away, If a motoring show is
going to go, it would be Channel Five’s Fifth Gear, pulling in ratings less than 2 million.

BBC To Axe Top Shows Dannii Future Uncertain?

The BBC is set to axe rating winner drama’s such as Dannii Minogue’s future on the X Factor is un-certain as she
New Tricks, Hustle and Criminal Justice to make room confirmed on her Twitter page that she is pregnant. The baby is
for new programming, Daily Star reports. New Tricks expected in June/July, right around the time that audition stages
and Hustle exceed 8 million in ratings, making them are held for Simon Cowell’s hit show X Factor.
most watched programmes of the hour/ day.
It is rumoured that Robbie Williams, who has had chart success in
Although nothing has been confirmed, here at The the UK with Kids, Rock DJ and Something Stupid, could replace
Enterprise Times we don’t expect New Tricks to be Minogue on the shows judging panel.
axed... It has always performed brilliantly for the BBC,
always winning it’s timeslot and sometimes pulling in Older sister Kylie thinks Dannii is Lucky, Lucky, Lucky as she has
ratings of over 10.5 million. wanted kids for some time. Writing on her Twitter page Kylie said
that she is ‘Thrilled to be an auntie again! Wow, Wow, Wow!!’
In unrelated news, the BBC has confirmed new
scheduling for later this year including a new drama Read more about the baby on page 8!
fronted by singer/actress Billie Piper.
Celebrity World
Written and
Researched by:
James Whitfield

Mini-Minogue! New Release

For Ageing
X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has confirmed on Twitter
that she is pregnant with her first child. Dannii is aunty to
brother Brendan’s son and daughter. Older sister Kylie
thinks Dannii is Lucky, Lucky, Lucky and has wished her

Girl Group!
well on Twitter!

X Factor Joe The recently reunited girl group the Nolan’s have just performed an

UK tour and a have released a new CD called I’m in the mood again!
The tour around the UK and has been released on DVD and the CD
is described as the ultimate girl’s night in and includes songs such as
I will survive, it’s raining men, holding out for a hero and one of their
As you probably all know Joe McElldery won the X factor 2009 hits from way back when …..I’m in the mood for dancing. They called
and people are saying it was a fix that Joe won. Several people the album I’m in the mood again for the reasons, their all time hit was
including ‘real radios’ female DJ was backing Olly murrs who called I’m in the mood for dancing and they’ve just reunited so they
managed two bag 2nd place! Yet again Cheryl was the mentor of called it I’m in the mood again. The girl group made an appearance
the winning finalist last year she won with Alexandra Burke, Who on children in need 2009 and performed medley from holding on for a
she still has good contact with. Personally I was backing Stacy hero, it’s raining men and in the mood for dancing.
Solomon who was Danni’s only contestant left but she was
dropped in the Saturday’s final. Joe describes Cheryl as the big
sister he never had and will probably turn to Cheryl when he Which shamed Which pop star
needs her most. Meanwhile Jedward are set to release their rock singer has is selling her 5
debut single on the 15th February, a day before the 30th Brit been disowned year stalking
Awards show! by his own story to the
auntie??? Tut! media???
Stephen Farr
& Christopher Taylor
Technology: Thomas Kelsall
Gaming: Adam Whitter

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - 360

The C.O.D series took off with Modern Warfare, which fans are
calling the best one, but it was left on a massive cliff hanger. MW II
came five years later with new characters and a new war hero,
Zakhaev. You play as Sergeant ‘Roach’ Sanderson under the
fearful command of Captain ‘Soap’ Mactavish. C.O.D fans should
remember this name . Within a secret task force, an elite squad of
hand picked men from around the world. With all new campaigns,
the upgrades have risen above standard.
With a new function on some missions where you can breach and
clear, this game could be ‘Game of the Year!’ The multiplayer is
great with several new guns and a new special operations mode
where you take on several challenges from missions on the game.
That’s what Mother always said, ‘I Know Best’. Me, I just seem
to bumble through life. For example, take the Sunday after

Know Christmas. The phone rang and it was my old neighbour, Jack,
saying that someone had dumped a little puppy in his back
garden. He asked if I could get someone to collect it. I said I’d see

Best! what I could do and get back to him as soon as I could. But as
everywhere was covered in snow and the poor dog would be
freezing to death I told him to bring it inside and give it some
warm milk.

I got out my phone book and started ringing numbers, I kept going onto answer phone though! At last! Not talking to a
dismembered voice, but a real person who told me too take the dog in as they didn’t do collections.
I knew the dog warden would be back in work the following day, so I rang Jack to put him in the picture. He wasn’t too pleased.
“How’s the dog?” I asked “ Did you give it the milk?”. His reply was no. I asked him why on earth not and he replied by saying
“It might attack me!” It was a puppy!! Should alarm bells have rung? Yes! Did they? No!
I sat down and mulled thing over and realised that Jack hadn’t taken the dog in. I imagined a stiff, little body lying in the snow and
I decided I had better take the dog to mine.
I phoned my sister, Marie, and explained the situation, She agree to run me down to Jack’s in her car with a dog lead and collar.
She also brought some tinned food. Jack lives about three miles away so we were there within the half hour. When we arrived we
told Jack that we were collecting the dog. He said not to let it in the house. I stepped into the garden looking for the puppy when
suddenly a massive, stiff black dog walked towards me! I heard Jack yell from the safety of his dining room “Don’t let it in!”. We
gave the dog some milk and food. It was a big softie!
And so it was on that Sunday teatime that I was in the back seat of a car, heading for the Rescue Centre with a dog slobbering over
me with my lovely sister saying over her shoulder, “Are you alright there love?”

There is a happy ending. The dog was reunited with it’s family, so all’s well that ends well!

Lots of love, Generation Wrinkle

The Film Critic
Written by
Stephen Farr
Assisted by: Christopher
Stephen Farr
& Christopher Taylor

Hoodwinked 2: Hood V Evil U

Starring: Andy Dick, Hayden Panettiere and Patrick
Let’s face it, the follow up to a bad film, 2005’s Hoodwinked was never going
to be good was it?

With a basic plot line and a UK release date delayed because it was too costly
to create the posters.

The plot deprives itself of anything vivid which can engage a watcher of under
six. The storyline consists of Red Puckett is in training for the Sister Hoods,
and now teaming with Wolf W. Wolf, she must investigate the mysterious
disappearance of Hansel and Gretel and Mr. Alligator. I would say it had
hilarious result’s but it just doesn’t! End of!

Avatar 12A Reviewed by Christopher Taylor

Avatar is an exciting experience. It is about a man who can’t walk and get’s
turned into a 10ft avatar to infiltrate native avatar’s and drive them from their
home. But predictably, her falls in love and rebels against the humans.

Features Editor: Adam Whitter
Start Your Music Collection
Written: Stephen Farr

Hello, I’m going to tell you about collecting. Now many of you will have at one point in your life collected
something, whether it be trading cards, stickers, action figure’s, stamps etc; The list is quite possibly

But have you thought about collecting music? Well now, I’m sure your saying you have an impressive
iTunes collection on your computer or random albums and singles from various artists strung across your
room. This isn’t what I’m talking about. Think of your favourite ever recording artist. Get online and search
them with the word ‘discography’ after it. This will show you all of the artists UK releases. Why not buy
them, there will be many CD’s, DVD’s etc; to keep you occupied, but have you thought of the rest. I’m
talking about special editions, books, promo’s, vinyl’s and releases from various international countries!

Let’s just clear up what the formats are. VHS - Many artists released greatest hit videos onto VHS. They would
CD - A Compact Disc, CD’s can hold many tracks and are small and compact. also release concert tours on them, DVD’s remained popular to around
the 2003/4 era, when DVD’s took over.
7”- A 7” is a 7” vinyl, which you may know as a record. Very popular in the 80’s
and 90’s. They are black and like a CD but much bigger. 7” are double sided and DVD - A DVD is basically a CD, but plays video files instead of just
are used as singles. audio.

12” - A 12” is a 12” vinyl, like above, but larger. They are double sided and are Right, so you’ve bought the UK editions of all the albums and all the
used as albums. singles. You don’t honestly think that’s it do you? You may not know,
but with CD Singles there is always a CD 1 and CD 2. CD 2’s tend to be
CASSINGLE - A Cassingle was a type of cassette before they went bust, basically rarer than CD 1’s. Basically, the record company releases singles onto
they are in a cassette box, but have cassingle written on the cover and a small CD and on CD 1 the majority of the time the A Side is the single and
image of the artwork. they have a B Side of a track which didn’t make it onto the most recent
album at the time that single was released. However on CD 2 the A
CASSETTE - A Cassette was hugely successful in the late 80’s, early 90’s and was Side is again the single, but the B Side is a re-mix or a set of a few re-
still a popular format until 2003! It is like a VHS, but small, a tape. They are mixes from either that song or from a successful hit that artist has
double sided and can be used as either a single or an album. previously had.

LASERDISC - Laserdisc was a rival to the VHS in Japan, they were like massive Continued >>
DVD’s and only a few artists released on them. Laserdisc releases are incredibly

Start Your Music Collection

Today (Continued)!
So when you’ve got all that we can look into other rarities* (* Some CD singles are
rare). Now with promo CD’s or vinyl’s, buy straight away. They are rare and sell
extremely quick to the rich collectors. Once I found an extremely rare I Should Be
So Lucky 7” promo for 99p in a charity shop. A promo is a promotional copy of a
single. They are sent to radio stations with details about the single, the album and
So, Who’s Won The
the artist. There aren’t many copies printed up. Since around 2003 promo’s tend to
be CD’s now. You can also get an album promo, which doesn’t contain any music,
Best Of The 00’s Poll?
just the artist answering questions about their career and their albums. These are Find Out On Page 16!
sought after by fans and collectors.

DJ Promo’s tend to be 12” with a picture covering one side. These are sometimes
sold cheaply, sometimes expensively, it depends who’s buying.

So with Special Editions, they are like the album but more. They will have tend to
have two discs and, different cover artwork and a sleeve for them to sit in. Disc One
will be the album (with possibly an extra track) and Disc Two will be a disc of re-
mixes from the album. Special editions are usually released when the artists
embarks on a tour. Special editions can also be called Tour Editions.

Think international. Different single releases in different countries will mean new
artwork, new B Sides, and new track listing. The Japanese editions of anything are
gorgeous and they contain an OBI Strip, sort of a certification of the product. The
Japanese get many singles only released in Japan, they will also get gift boxes, new
items etc;, but buying from Japan is costly with import prices and the such.

When you start collecting you will find books. These can be annuals, biography’s,
autobiographies etc; Some are rare and some aren’t. Be on the look for magazine’s
with the artist on the cover, tour programmes and tour/other memorabilia.

Happy Collecting!

of Video
Say you want to watch a video, you’ve missed a TV episode, or you want to
catch up on your favourite song. Chances are you’ll go to or But video search is on the way out. With more competitors than ever
before, many users are going to other sites such as or Video will no longer be just a clip, but an in depth
emotional experience.

And that is what thinks it has done and it already

has won approval from The Enterprise Times, you can catch all the
instalments of ‘The Mad Old Dear’ exclusively on the website. SuttonTube
hosts almost 6,000 videos already and has an extremely user friendly
interface, best of all it is all free and acts as a mixture of Facebook and
YouTube. You can create a profile, message friends, create posts and make
friends as well as uploading videos from your computer, mobile or webcam,
creating play lists and rating content, not to mention the extremely easy to
use forum.

However, there is an expected slump of users using video clip sites in the next 24-36 months, but SuttonTube considers itself resistant of this,
catering for all categories, users and has loyal members who are overjoyed with the recently re-launched website.

You heard it first in The Enterprise Times!


If you go to Sutton School and you want to win the 1000 Games
Collection Volume 3 disc, which includes Suduku Mania, Darts, Tank
Wars and 997 other top titles!

All you have to do to win is to email: with the subject as:
1000GAMESCOMPETITION and your name and form tutor with the
answer to the following question in the message.

Correctly answer the following question to be in with a chance of
Who dueted The Winner Takes It All in 2009 for the Beautiful
People soundtrack?

A) Cathy Dennis & Guy Chambers

B) Kylie Minogue & Dannii Minogue

C) Katy Perry and Katie Price

Terms and Conditions apply. You must attend Sutton School to enter and give your details. There is no
runner up prize and the winner is chosen at random.
If you win please contact us to tell us so. If you don’t then the prize will be handed to somebody else.
Thank-you for your co-operation.
Best of the 00’s
You Voted, Who Won?

The Results
Best Single Best Album Best Film
1.Kylie Minogue - CGYOOMH - 1. Kylie Minogue - Fever - 89% 1. Moulin Rouge (Starring:
78% (31 Votes) (34 Votes) Nicole Kidman, Kylie
2.Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You 2. Amy Winehouse - Back To Minogue and Ewan
- 13% (5 Votes) Black - 5% (2 Votes) McGregor) 65% (20 Votes)
3.Calvin Harris - Ready For The 3. Duffy - Rockferry - 3% (1 2.Transformers (Starring: Shia
Weekend - 5% (2 Votes) Vote) LaBeouf) 16% (5 Votes)
4.Duffy - Mercy - 3% (1 Vote) 4. Beyonce - I Am… - 3% (1 3. Australia (Starring: Nicole
5. Sugababes - Push The Button - Vote) Kidman) 6% (2 Votes)
3% (1 Vote) 5. Take That - The Circus - 0% 4. The Polar Express (Starring:
Joint 6. (All 0% of Votes) Duffy - (0 Votes) Tom Hanks) 6% (2 Votes)
Warwick Avenue, Robbie Number Of Votes: 38 5. Star Wars: Revenge Of The
Williams Rock DJ, Robbie Sith (Starring Ewan McGregor
Williams Let Me Entertain You, and Frank Oz) 6% (2 Votes)
Calvin Harris Acceptable In The Number Of Votes: 31
80’s, Take That Greatest Day,
Take That, Shine, Sugababes Girls
Number Of Votes: 40
Business & Finance
EMI Going Under?
113 year old record label EMI is set to report losses of £1
Hair Perfection! billion in Match. The firm owns labels Parlophone and Virgin
Records. The firm is asking each investor for £105m to pay off
Tips... loans or the bank they have borrowed from could seize control
Always re-apply gels and waxes of the company. Artists signed to the firm include Kylie
after swimming! Minogue, The Beatles, Madonna, Katy Perry, David Bowie and
Robbie Williams.
Do not let too much sun get to it as
Photo the heat could drain the moisture The future for the company is uncertain. The label will no doubt
from your hair, leaving it dry and push Kylie and Madonna’s albums out before ready, as they
dull! are the firms major sellers, so they are most likely to make the
label more money. Since the label was bought by a private
REMEMBER- Lather, Rinse company in 2007, it has reported many financial problems,
Repeat!! even at one stage making it’s artists pay for music videos such
as the $3m Kylie’s Wow and Robbie’s Bodies

Make-up Bliss! Kylie is set to release her new album in March/April this year.
Apply face cream before applying
foundation! Single Reviews
If you wear eye shadow, apply The two main releases are the Helping Haiti – Everybody
lightly and preferably not pinks as Hurts single and Jedward – Under Pressure (Ice Ice
they make you look ill! Baby). The Haiti single has good points with Kylie, Mariah
Carey and David Bowie, but we don’t need Miley Cirus, Joe
Make sure not to use too bright or whats-his-face and other X Factor clowns. I give it 4 stars.
dark lipstick. Now for Jedwards. I reckon this song will get to no.1 just
after the Brit Awards. It is so bad it is good! I’ll be buying a
copy! I give it three stars.
We Chat Too...

Award Winning Celebrity

Chef & Author Sam Stern
When did you publish your cook book?
Which one? First was 3 years ago, Second 2 years, third, just

When did you come to write for First News?

First News asked me to write for them before they launched -
over three years ago now.

What is your favourite dish?

Favourite dish - chocolate mousse for pudding. Savoury - chilli
chicken ramen (at the moment!)

What did you feel when you presented an award at the children's
A bit nervous at the BAFTA’s... But also proud to have got to that

Next Issue...
sort of stage.

Finally, What is the hardest meal to make that you have ever
done? Apprentice Star Claire
Hmm.... Razor Clams maybe, because they wouldn't stop Young on Losing Weight,
crawling around before I cooked them. They made my dad
cringe, and he voiced his opinions about that!!
Sir Alan and Kylie!
Thanks! Cheers! Sam! The Exclusive Candid
Book Reviews
Wow Facts! Connor McGlynn
Stephen Farr
Driven to Distraction
Jeremy Clarkson
A Rhino’s Horn Is Made Of Compacted Hair!
The latest edition in the Clarkson series of books has proven
to be a triumph, written with many insults, mainly to Fiat cars
and American people. If you love Clarkson on the telly, you’ll
love this book.

As a collection of his articles for a Sunday newspaper, the

book transports you into a world, much unlike this one.
Jeremy says why Terry Wogan shouldn’t be Prime Minister,
Why the American’s have never made a good supercar and
talks of the finer things in life... The new Ferrari.

As You Do
Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond takes you behind the scenes of Top Gear,

and inevitably his own life in his latest read. Peanuts Are One Of The Ingredients Of Dynamite!

The book showcases thrills and spills not seen on the

television, such as bear attacks in the polar arctic, driving
Oliver through the Bolivian terrain and filming with Evel
Knievel .

Although the book is a gripping read, it doesn’t contain such

power of words than Jeremy Clarkson’s latest offering.

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