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VDOT Hampton Boulevard Grade Separation Project

April 2015 Update

Hampton Boulevard First Underpass Main Slab Pour (September 2014)

Project Location:

Hampton Boulevard between Maple Shade Avenue and B Avenue

Project Update :
All rail work was completed and is now in use. All concrete slabs, the special design
retaining wall and the median for the underpass have been completed. Crews are currently constructing
parapet walls, curbs and sidewalks for the underpass. Paving in the underpass started in February and
phased traffic switches into the underpass should start after paving is complete. The traffic switches will
occur in May and June and will include a closure to Greenbrier Avenue and at times, two lanes each
direction on Hampton Boulevard itself. There will be electrical/street lighting, signal, signage, pavement
marking, final drainage, and demolition of the temporary detour road to complete the project on its
present schedule, in Summer of 2015.
Project Overview:
The Hampton Boulevard (Route 337) Grade Separation project is step two in the
four step process of completing the Navy Triangle Improvements. * The four phases of the Navy
Triangle Improvements include (i) Fleet Recreational Park (ii) Hampton Boulevard Grade Separation (iii)
Intermodal Connector and (iv) Patriots Crossing.
During this construction project, the existing at-grade conflict with the Norfolk Southern/Norfolk
Portsmouth Beltline railroad and Hampton Boulevard (Route 337) will be removed. The current crossing
creates significant delays for motorists and railway carriers on this heavily traveled thoroughfare. The
railroad crossing conflict will be eradicated by depressing Hampton Boulevard below the existing railroad
tracks thus eliminating the need to interrupt vehicular traffic for railway movement in to and out of the port
The mile improvement project will provide six lanes for through traffic and a 13-foot median for left turn
lanes, as needed. The proposed roadway will also provide improved roadway lighting, signals, drainage,
landscaping, bike lanes, curb/gutter and sidewalks.
During construction, a temporary 6-lane detour roadway with adequate median for turn lanes was built to
provide access into both Norfolk International Terminal and the US Navys Gate 6 while maintaining the
same capacity as the existing Hampton Boulevard. Following construction of the permanent underpass,
the temporary detour roadway will be demolished under this project.
Total Project Costs:

$105 Million (Six Year Improvement Program)

(Project is Federally & State Funded. Norfolk Utilities contributed $117,000 for water betterment.)

Summer 2009 - Summer 2015