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1. I ____________do this algebra problem.

It's too confusing
2. I think you_____________take things a bit more easily.
3. You____________ turn off your mobile phone on a plane
If you don't have a driver's license, you_______ drive legally.
4. Tony: I __________ see the board very well.//Henry: Why don't you move up closer?
5. They _________________be awake yet. It's only seven o'clock
6. I _____________ go into town tomorrow for the Christmas sales. And James
__________ come with me!
7. You____________________ go swimming after a big dinner.
8. He __________ be on holiday. I haven't seen him for a week
9. Oliver hasn't called. He ___________ have my number
10. I think people ____________________-more paper and glass.
11. Mr. Wallace: I ________________find my keys. Have you seen them? //Mrs. Wallace:
Did you look in your coat pocket?
12. You ____________ to switch off the light when you leave the room.
13. For three weeks I ___________ speak to him on the phone
14. He ___________ count to a hundred by the age of ten
15. I ______________to wear a uniform when I was at school.
16. The museum is free. You_______________ pay
17. You _____________ to drive carefully in bad weather
18. My sister _______________ play volleyball
19. ______________ I go to the cinema, please?
20. I think that you __________buy a new car
21. ______________ you please open the door?
22. The children ____________ be at school at 7.35
23. Cheryl ____________ be at home, or perhaps at work
24. Nancy _____________ ski like a pro by the age of 11
25. You____________ to take an umbrella. It's raining.
26. They ___________be rich - they've got three houses!
27. Yesterday I __________ watch a film, today I can't.
28. ______________ you wait a moment, please?
29. I ____________go to the supermarket today. I don’t have any food.
30. Extreme rain ____________ cause the river to flood the city
31. I __________fix my car because I don't have the right tools.
32. ____________ I sit here, please?
33. Last week we ____________ go swimming, this week we can't.
34. _____________ you please help me?
35. You ______________- not drive so fast, an accident at that speed can be mortal.
36. I don't think John ___________ go to London this year

I have no time. My parents are waiting for me 45. They said he was tall. 63. She _______ be on the bus. They_________ be out. I __________-leave now.37. I think we____________-go now. ____________I make a call on your mobile? 59. It's not good for her health. She might not be on the bus. She ____________ have a daughter that old . There are no other restaurants on the street. He always leaves at 4. I usually forget her birthday. 57. 46. I ____________ to study well for the exam 43. But he is not sure. We ____________ find your house without the street plan 72. It's bad for you 65. Ithink you ____________ see a doctor. 39. _____________you play the piano? 61. That _________be the right restaurant. ______________ I have a glass of water? 67. He ___________ be at home. You ____________ show some ID when you pay by cheque 62. You _____________ have some sleep. She's only eight 52. 60. I ____________ speak Swahili 66. _____________ he speak Spanish? 73. You ___________-smoke. You __________ fasten your seat belt. He ___________ be there now. you ___________ feel better tomorrow. You _________be serious! That's just totally illogical! 56. She ___________be at secondary school. You _____________to phone if you're going to be late 48. It's late 40. 49. I _____________ sleep last night because it was too hot. 54. ____________ I use your computer to email my boss? quiet _________you lend me 40 Euros til Monday? 68. 70. She ____________-be able to come . The government says you ___________. 41. Sarah ___________ not smoke so much. Aaron _______ buy a new computer. You ____________ be joking! That's just totally illogical! 74. but he usually goes shopping on Saturday morning. The baby's asleep. I ____________ remember this year. I __________ ride a horse 38. It's an emergency exit 47.her mother's very ill. She ___________ be walking home. You ___________park here. 42. If you go to bed early tonight. surely. I think her car is having military service 69. 44. 71. 58. I ________ speak English very fluently 55. That ___________ be Jerry. You look tired. They aren't answering the phone 53. 64. You ___________. Jenny's engagement ring is enormous! It ___________have cost a fortune 75. 50.