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Position Title: Grants Adviser

Current Post Holder:

Reporting To: Grants Management Team Manager

Location: The Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road

Key Objectives:

• To manage the application and grant management processes.

• To produce work that is of high quality, performed within agreed procedures,

accurate and produced in a timely fashion.

• To provide high quality information to designated Funding/Interview Committees and,

in partnership with the Funding Divisions, to ensure that committee decisions are
implemented effectively.

• To work in close partnership with colleagues in the Funding Divisions to ensure the
effective delivery of the Trust’s strategic goals.

• To build and maintain positive relationships with other members of Grants

Management and other relevant Trust staff.

Main duties:

1. Ensuring familiarity with all grant applications in area of responsibility.

2. Providing detailed guidance to applicants, grant holders, fellows and other stakeholders
on the application process and management of awards. Engaging positively and
professionally with the external community in relation to the work of the Department.

3. Providing the primary point of contact with identified staff in the relevant Funding

4. Undertaking the processing of grant applications, including:

• general correspondence with applicants
• management of eligibility checks;
• checking of costings;
• checking classification;
• data input;
• managing the allocation of restricted and Designated Committee Members;
• preparation and dispatch of Funding/Interview Committee packs to committee
5. Selecting referees, in some cases in partnership with Funding Divisions.
(This is not applicable at present to TTD grants, and to certain categories of MSH

6. Managing contact with referees (similarly not applicable at present to TTD grants, and
to certain categories of MSH grants), including:
• inviting referees to review an application;
• responding promptly to referees’ queries;
• chasing for responses;
• assessing the quality of reports to ensure they are suitable for sending to
Funding/Interview committees.

7. Attending Funding/Interview Committee meetings as required to ensure that decisions

are accurately recorded and to keep track of budgetary implications.

8. Co-ordinating short-listed fellowship applications within designated areas, as required,

for consideration by Interview Committees.

9. Co-ordinating and participating in other cross-cutting activities as required, both within

Grants Management and across the Trust more generally.

10. Undertaking tasks necessary to convey and implement the decisions of the Funding/
Interview Committees including:
• updating the relevant computer records;
• authorization of awarded costs, in conjunction with stream staff;
• production and transmission of award/refusal communication to the applicant;
• transmission of feedback to the applicant, in liaison with Funding Division
staff, either before and/or after a committee meeting, as appropriate;
• checking profiles for payment as necessary.

11. Undertaking duties required to ensure the smooth and effective management of
awarded grants are undertaken by the team including:
•responding to queries from grantholders;
•monitoring project progress, including achievements against milestones;
• update of computer systems to record the receipt of end of grant reports;
•input, analysis, and maintenance of records;
•monitoring outcomes for specific projects.

12. Keeping abreast of relevant academic fields.

13. Keeping abreast of relevant funding policies and feeding into the development of new

14. Preparing briefings, reports and other documentation as required.

15. Providing cover for others as required.

16. Undertaking any other duties that may be required from time to time.

Organisational relationships:

Accountable to the Grants Management Team Manager and Grants Operations Manager.
Working as part of a team, contributing to the overall work of the department. Working
closely with staff in other Funding Divisions. Liaising and working with other Trust staff as

November 2008

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