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Excerpted from my book, The Lightworker's Way

Although I felt I had become oversaturated with listening to speakers, I was inexplicably drawn to the description in a
brochure of an eight-hour seminar by fellow Hay House author, Wayne Dyer. What transpired at the seminar led to my
transformation into a metaphysician.
Meditating for Manifesting
The auditorium of The Church of Today in San Diego was packed with hundreds of people who, like me, awaited Dr. Wayne
Dyers lecture. I had learned to appreciate the value of being in a room filled with spiritually minded people from attending
the large services at the Huntington Beach church. There is a spark of energy that collectively gathers in peaceful crowds.
Often, I receive ideas that seemed divinely inspired while sitting in packed church services. Dyer told us that he had spent
time with the Indian mystic, Sri Guruji. After reading Dyers book, Youll See It When You Believe It, Guruji wrote to Dyer.
The two men later met when Guruji flew from India to Los Angeles. Guruji presented Dyer with an audiocassette of
meditative chants specifically designed for manifesting desires into material form. The mystic asked Dyer to teach the
chants to people in the Western world, and Dyer was doing so at the lecture.
"Om" and "Ah"
Dyer began the meditation by asking us to close our eyes and to put our attention on our third-eye chakra. He then led us
in a series of chants where we said Om and Ah in various pitches. He explained how the sound Ah is in virtually every
religions name for the Divine, including God, Allah, Buddha, and Krishna. By chanting Ah, we synchronize with the
vibrations of creation. If we chant while simultaneously holding an idea, that mental picture manifests into physical form
rapidly. Sitting among the hundreds of other audience members, I focused on my third eye and chanted Om. At first, most
peoples chants were faint, but we gradually uttered booming Oms with great feeling. As I chanted, I saw an oval-shaped
image surfacing in front of me. The oval rested horizontally in the darkened space between my two eyes. The image
became progressively clearer and brighter with each chant, like the first glimpse of land as your airplane dives through
clouds. Suddenly, I clearly recognized what I was seeing. I gasped with surprise as I recognized an eye a perfectly
detailed female eyelooking at me. Its my third eye!I thought.

The eye slowly blinked a couple of times and radiated love in its expression as it looked at me. I felt I was peering through
Alice in Wonderlands looking glass as the eye and I stared at one another. I knew I was seeing myself, yet this self lived in
a whole separate world. She was me, but she was in a parallel universe peering at me through a porthole. Just like some
people can instantly determine whether a new acquaintance has had a difficult or an easy life, I saw that she had lived a
life filled with peace, security, and love. She radiated these qualities.
The eye looked exactly like my own, with a few important differences. She showed no sign of weathering lifes pain, and the
skin around her eye was smooth and unwrinkled. The eyes expression beamed with happiness and perfect peace, and I felt
it was saying to me, Welcome home. Its so good that we finally get to meet one another. The eye was as beautiful as any
sight I had ever seennot physical beauty so much as an ethereal aura of love, patience, peace, and goodness that it
emitted to me. I swallowed hard, feeling complete love for and from this being. I suddenly knew, without any doubt, that
my true self had never suffered or experienced pain or hardships.
Only my unreal self, the ego, had believed she was undergoing tragedies and triumphs. My true self, everyones true self,
stayed in the eye of the hurricane where peace reigns eternally. The experience of meeting my true self was kneebuckling,and the photographs taken of me with Dyer after the lecture captured my awe-struck expression.
Consciousness Rising
I drove home with a million questions swirling in my head and found driving on Interstate 5 incongruous with my state of
mind. While I was practically floating from the elation of that days events, I was also aware of driving a two-ton piece of
steel. So I forced myself to stop thinking about spirituality so that I could concentrate.
Maybe if I turn on a radio talk show, Ill feel more grounded, I thought. I turned on KFI, an all-talk radio station from Los
Angeles that normally focuses on political issues. But that nights topic was the mystical Jewish text, The Kabbalah. I
listened for a while and felt my consciousness rising far above the freeway again, so I quickly changed the dial. But every
station I turned to seemed to focus upon spiritual topics.
I felt the cars interior air pressure thicken, and I sensed Spirits presence. For a moment, I felt like a drowning person
struggling for air. I wanted to get away from spiritual thoughts and spiritual messages so I could concentrate on driving my
car. But the palpable and auditory signs of Spirit were everywhere in my car and on my car radio. With fear-laced fury I
asked, What do you want with me? The presence conveyed to me mentally: There is no place that I am not. You cannot
avoid Spirit, for you are Spirit. I am all-and-all. I realized that, since I had ignored His earlier command to quit drinking
and get into Course in Miracles, God was now taking a more direct route.
As much as I wanted to rebel against anything or anyone controlling me, I knew that Gods help was also what I desired.
Deep down, I welcomed Gods intervention. I wasnt happy and realized that my drinking and attempts to make a living as
a Love Doctor didnt reflect my authentic self. I knew that my human attempts at happiness hadnt yielded what I was really
It was time to surrender to Gods loving care and try His way.
You can read more about this remarkable life-changing experience in my book, The Lightworker's Way