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• Over 14 years of veterinary experience in nutrition, vaccination, poultry health and management in
Broiler breeder farms and quality control in Poultry processing plant.
• Over 9 years of executive management experience in finance and project management in export
• Extensive experience in leading teams and projects globally.

M.S Animal Sciences University of Florida May 2006
Gainesville, Florida, USA.
B.V.Sc Veterinary Sciences Madras Veterinary College, December, 1988
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,

Research Assistant May, 2006 – Dec, 2008
The University Of Florida, Poultry Medicine Department, Large Animal Clinical Sciences,
College of Veterinary Medicine
• Provided managemental care for transgenic chickens under controlled isolator systems in a project
that utilized transgenic chickens for protein production.
• Maintained laboratory and conducted other procedures such as incubation, care of baby chicks,
feeding, egg collection, bleeding and samples for Salmonella testing.

Research Student Jan, 2004 – May, 2006

The University Of Florida, Animal Sciences Department
• Assisted in the surgery department of UF Animal Care Services as a part time Veterinary Technician.
• Performed research in pasture forages in North Florida, the research culminating in 2 journal papers.

Veterinary Consultant May, 1994 – Dec, 2003

Broiler farming Operations
• Visited local farms periodically and on request and provided consultation and advices to farmers on
broiler management and production.
• Scheduled various managemental activities and performed vaccination programs and monitored
health status of chicken.

Executive Director Apr, 1994 – Dec, 2003

Thurgas Industries Private Limited, Malaysia
• Managed the Human Resource and Finance departments of the company specializing in exports of
prayer goods and food products.
• Dealt with government, immigration and labor departments and other agencies and represented the
company in seminars and debates organized by the state government.

Technical Coordinator- Veterinarian Oct, 1993 – Mar, 1994

CP Group of Companies, Malaysia
• Coordinated the farming procedures and activities under the Contract Broiler Farming Operations.
• Responsibilities included Broiler Health and Management, Nutrition, Vaccination, Marketing and

Quality Control Veterinarian Mar, 1993 – Sept, 1993

CP Group of Companies, Malaysia
• Spearheaded the quality control team in charge of hygienic conditions for chicken meat and products
in poultry processing plant.
• Performed regular health checks on chickens before slaughter at the receiving dock.

Farm Veterinarian and Assistant Manager Mar, 1990 – Feb, 1993

Teck Huat Farming Private Limited, Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group of Companies, Malaysia
• Enforced strictly biosecurity and biocontainment measures in broiler breeder operations and trained
the farm supervisors, flock chiefs and students on poultry health and management.
• Supervised the vaccination team responsible for scheduled and programmed vaccination of broiler
parent stock.

Veterinary Assistant Surgeon Apr, 1989 – Feb, 1990

Sri Ram Veterinary Clinic, Penang, Malaysia
• Treated and provided pre and post-operative care for both outpatient and kenneled animals.
• Performed surgery and other procedures on animals.

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1. Associate Editor of University Veterinary Medicine Journal during undergraduate years.

2. Assistant Secretary of Student Cultural Association of Undergraduate College.

3. Served as Chairman of Elections and Meetings of Student Government Organization during

undergraduate studies.

4. Awarded Best Farm Management Award consecutively for 2 years in CP Group of Companies

5. Awarded Best Office Management and Record Maintenance for 3 consecutive years at Thurgas
Industries Private Limited.

Available upon request