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beautiful mathematic

. and the vertical axis represents imginary numbers. Complex numbers follow their own rules that sometimes differ from those of real numbers. a unik kind of a repetition. Julia sets exist in the complex plane. but it contains possibilities for an extremely complicted output when given interation possibility.The formula behind fractals. This imaginar part involve use of complex numbers in C. Because of their unique properties. Looking close with a magnifying glass along the periferical border (sharp picture). The simple formula. and it has also an imaginary part. The so called Mandelbrot set is one example of a fractal that is graphed in the complex plan. where the horizontal axis represent the real numbers. one will see just the same structure as in the main picture. they are often used in fractals that are graphed in the complex planes. which equals the square root of -1.Mandelbrot was this : Z = Z2 + C Seemingly very simple. first used by Benoit B. An assortment of Julia sets here sourrounds the Mandelbrot set. in the terms of “i”.

and you should be well skilled in mathematics and its formulations to get a profound advantage from reading the book. the C for Julia sets are more sophisticated. the interest increased rapidly. When Benoit B. Few years later (1978) came his book “The Fractal Geometri of Nature” . With it’s 468 pages an extensive job waits for you ! . The two fractal examples shown here was achieved by different values for the C in the equation. having a complex number involved.Mandelbrot in 1975 published his først book about fractals. Where to learn more. and the colour distribution will depend on how many iterations used. More thrilling pictures can be achieved by laying in colours . This book is far from easily read.In the equation (x=x2+ C ). and shows what influence this had for the image of the fractal pictures. This imply infinite possibilities for the developing of fractals.

and then click on Start to see the result. and change iterations etc. and then click in upper right corner. with 199 pages and 185 figures.willamette. the book The Beauty of Fractals is recommended. http://www.. just try this : Fractovia . This should bring you a menu. Chose one of them. try it on the address . You can use it to draw your own fractal images. You find it in Google. Then you get 30 different fractals you can play with. Wait for some seconds.2. Good Luck ! Do you only want to look at beautiful fractals ? An excellent collection can be found in Sekino’s Fractal Gallery. Now it's easier and faster than . many in colour. It was publishet in 1986.For those who prefer a more spontanus meeting with beautyful fractals and less heavy mathematics..8.2 is freeware. just click in upper left corner and then on File and Open file. and Open – When you has got in on your screen. and click on Data. Now you can enter into the formula.fractovia.htm Take a look at four of them : ..Fractal Forge Fractal Forge v. http://www. etc. and explore Mandelbrot Set's branches. Where can we just play with fractals ? You have a fine opportunity for doing this by downloading a freeware program called Fractal Forge.

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