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Kevin Daniel

4338 Valley Avenue Apt. C

Pleasanton, CA. 94566
Home Phone (925) 413-1114

JOB OBJECTIVE – Network Administrator or Network Engineer.

Contracted to Newmont Gold Mining Company
Network Engineer

9/2009 to present
Cisco network engineer with primary responsibility for wireless network devices to include Cisco 1242, 1310 and 1400 wire access
points / bridges. Proxim 5054-R-LR and Exalt 5i providing backhaul functionality. MPLS, Frame-relay T1 support and
configuration . Provide network design and trouble-shooting expertise for wired network to include spanning-tree issue's and
VLAN, Advanced VLAN configuration, OSPF routing reconfiguration and design. Wired devices used Cisco 65xx, 45xx, 37xx,
35xx and 29xx switches, Cisco 28xx and 72xx routers, Cisco 4000 Wireless LAN Controllers and Cisco ADE 2120 secure access
control server and ACS version 4 work with and create visio network diagrams / drawings.

Robert Half on contract to Evans Analytical Group

Linux System and Network Administrator

6/2008 to 4/2009
Linux system administrator and network engineer. Rebuilt servers using Redhat and SuSE OS. Developed a more secure network
design and changed basic security scheme in part of the the network to increase over all network security on systems accessed by
the customers. Lead Solaris administrator. Built network intrusion prevent and detection system (IDS). Developed improved
authentication policy for linux system using eDirectory and LDAP. Built and maintained monitoring software utilizing OpenNMS,
SNMP, MRTG for Linux networks, monitored security and performance of Linux servers. Provide Windows AD, Exchange 2003
server and workstation support as needed to include adds, moves and changes to users, computer’s, servers and OU’s. Supervise
junior tech in desktop support issue’s Trained maintenance / junior administrative staff in networking and network security.
Instituted backup scheme's and identified software to be used to back up IOS images and configurations for all installed Cisco and
Linux equipment. Built VMPS (FreeNAC) server to manage access to switch ports. Preformed general support task as needed from
desktop support to network and servers. Build ESX server and add guest Virtual windows and linux machines to server. Manage and
monitor resource utilization. Manage DSL, Cable, T1 and T3, MPLS internet connectivity. Cisco routing and VLAN configuration
for VOIP. Wireless networking and security. Instituted Subversion based program management, monitoring system for development
servers. Built syslog server to help maintain and monitor system security. Create visio network diagrams / drawings.

Short term consulting assignments

2/2008 to 6/2008
Consulting support to several firms on short term basis, one month or less including...
Robert Half international
Nidek, Inc. - Lotus Notes R6.5 to 8 upgrade and Trojan infestation as well as recommend network and system upgrades, Offered
training in Intrusion detection and prevention.
ZCON Builders – Investigate system performance and recommend changes in methods used.
Sakata Seed America – Lotus notes system performance tuning
Apogen Technologies - working at the Department of Homeland Security doing desktop support.

Robert Half on contract to Netronome Systems

Network Engineer (Contract Position)

11/2007 to 1/2008
Provided network redesign to improve reliability, through-put and systems monitoring capabilities. Recommended server
improvements to provide better, faster simulation processing. Developed workstation and server standards in Redhat ES Linux.
Personally specified and built 20 software designer workstations and four servers. Built Virtual Iron server to contain Active
Directory and Fedora Directory servers. Designed and ordered high availability server cluster using Netapp NAS. Installed,
configured and managed “Asterisk” open source VOIP solution. Wireless access configuration. Researched into version
management applications. Built syslog server to help maintain and monitor system security. Create visio network diagrams /

ATR International on contract to Stiefel Laboratories

Network Engineer (Contract Position)
5/2007 to 10/2007
Provided additional expertise for Lotus Notes conversion. Re-designed network after firm vacated one floor of their building.
Reallocated networking switches to improve stability and performance of network. Built ESX VMWare server to migrate firm to
new corporate AD Domain. Manage Netapp SAN creating additional storage volumes. Exchange 2003 and Active Directory
administration. Microsoft Win2003 server administration. Worked on Cisco 6509 switch, 3750 and 2950 switches and Cisco 2600
routers, 3000 VPN concentrator PIX 515 firewall and Airespace wireless LAN Controller and cisco 1242 access points. create visio
network diagrams / drawings.

Signatures Network
Network Administrator (permanent position)

8/2000 to 3/2007
Normal Networking administration duties including ensuring stable backups, creating, modifying and remove user accounts Novell
NetWare 5, 6, 6.5, OES 2 Novell eDirectory 8.8 and Identity Manager and Zenworks, Lotus Notes to rev 6.0 up to 7.0.2, Windows
NT 4, 2000, 2003 Servers, Some MS Active Directory, Windows XP, Redhat Version 8, 9, 2.1 3.0 and 4.0 , SuSe Linux 9.x server
and desktop. Maintain connectivity through-out network for all servers, printers, modems, routers, switches (managed and
unmanaged) and workstations. Manage and / or install and build servers and workstation on all of the Operating Systems noted
above as well as some MAC OS X. Database application support. Install, configure and maintain Switches (Nortel Baystacks and
Cisco 2960 and 3750), Cisco Routers (2500, 2621, 3641 and 2851) and Cisco ASA 5520 Adaptive Security Appliance. Setup and
implement VPN for point to point and mobile access. Determine capital purchase budget for year, considering planned projects and
contingencies. Maintain Great Plains Dynamics server and clients. Transitioned the office to Crystal Reports from R & R reports
replacing 100 + out of nearly 600 report forms. Novell Groupwise rollout. Citrix Metaframe Presentation server vers 4.5
installation, configuration and management . Avaya voice over IP (VOIP) and legacy PBX system. Monitoring, configuring
Intrusion detection and prevention systems. Wireless network access configuration and security. Barracuda spam firewall. CVS and
SubVersion version control system and syslog system monitoring. Create visio network diagrams / drawings. Support POS
Network Installation and Helpdesk Manager (permanent position)

7/1999 to 7/2000
Design and implement NetWare 5.0, Zenworks 2 and Windows NT networks, 40 completed in all, (LAN and WAN configurations)
to run custom Sybase data application for automobile dealerships. Manage crew of 5 to 10 technicians to install networks.
Scheduled staff to handle support issues. Provide training on hardware and software, LAN / WAN configuration and design. NDS
design, layout and trouble-shooting. Deal with IP printing, communication, telnet and setup issues. This position required heavy
supervision, network administration and problem solving. Planned and set IT department budget. I installed and configured
Novell’s Managewise and BorderManager on up to 10 networks. Installing POS applications at car dealerships.

Summary of Remaining Job history for September 1984 to July 1999

The summary included here is to show the length of experience I have gained in the Information Technologies field not each and
every function preformed during this time. I have twenty one years of experience beginning in 1988 when I was named the System
Administrator for the Burke company tasked with installing their new Apollo UNIX CAD systems. Over the succeeding 4 years I
became the Senior Administrator responsible for 7 offices scattered over the United States and Canada. After the company
downsized the engineering department in anticipation of closing operations I took a year off of work to spend with my new born
daughter. I then went to work for Bechtel Construction providing network / system administration support to the Santa Clara
County Traffic authority. Over the following six years I worked for nine different firms in contract and permanent positions always
in an System or Network Administration roll. Always preforming duties normal to that generic job title primarily working with
Novell Netware and Windows desktop and eventually working with Windows server administration exposure. As I worked in these
position I have learned customer service, project management skills as well as how to quickly research problems to find viable
solutions. I have also picked up networking maintenance and design experience since in nearly ever case I have gone to work for
firms that have issues of one sort or another or that are just needing upgrading. I am currently waiting for a test date to obtain my
Cisco CCNA certification and willl follow by the obtaining the CCNP certification.

Tech-aid on contract to Varian Associates LAN Administrator (Contract position) 12/1998 to 7/1999

Comm’s People on contract to KPMG Peat Marwick LAN Administrator (Contract position) 5/1998 to 12/1998

TheZenith Insurance Company Networking Specialist (permanent position) 10/1996-5/1998

Campbell, Marrich INC. on contract to Storage Dimensions INC. LAN Administrator (contract position) 8/1996 -10/1996

Elan Communication on contract to Crosby Heafey Roach and May LAN Administrator (contract position) 5/1996 -7/1996

PHH Relocation LAN Administrator / Regional IT Support Analyst (permanent position) 7/1995-5/1996

PCN Consulting on contract to Trimble Navigation Novell Network Administrator (contract position)5/1995-7/1995
Snelling and Snelling on contract to Jacobs Engineering Group Novell Network Administrator (Contract position) 9/1994-

MCSS Limited on contract to Bechtel Civil Corp. Novell Network Administrator (permanent position) 7/1993 -10/1994

The Burke Company UNIX System Administrator, Sr. Structural Designer (permanent position) 9/1984 -10/1992


Cisco CCNA Certification Course
Cisco CCNP Certification Course
TechSkills, San Jose, CA
Novell EDirectory 8.8, Novell Advanced Technical Training
AA Degree, Civil Engineering minor in computer science
Chabot College, Livermore, CA.
Fox Pro Data Base use and programming
Infotech, San Jose, CA.


Network Hardware and file server Technologies

Most Major server manufacturers IBM, HP, COMPAQ, Dell, SuperMicron
Novell Netware 3.1x through NetWare 6.5 and OES 1 and 2 Open Source applications and tool installation
Redhat 7.2 to ES5, Suse 9.x and 10 (SLES) Server OS Windows NT 4, 2000 and 2003 Servers
Cisco 2900, 3500, 3700, 45xx, 65xx series switches Cisco 870, 1800, 2500, 2600, 3600 and 2800 routers
3Com switches Nortel Networks BayStack Switches (6 years experience)
Ethernet Topography and Protocols Switched networking VLAN configuration
Cisco ASA 5510 and 5520 Adaptive security appliance Cisco PIX 515 firewalls
OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, BGP AND RIP 1 & 2 routing protocols Cisco and PoPToP VPN Configuration and Management
PBX punch downs and basic wiring Microsoft Active Directory
RAID level 5 storage Network design and troubleshooting
Sniffer, Ethereal (Wireshark) protocol analyser LDAP, FTP, DNS, DHCP, TELNET, SSH, SNMP, SMTP
LANalyzer for windows Lotus Domino 7.X server and client
Novell Groupwise 7 MY SQL, Postgres and MS SQL
NetLatency Switch Monitor Adrem Netcrunch, Nagios, Big Brother, OpenNMS
Novell eDirectory, iFolder, Identity Manager Novell ZENWORKS
Vmware ESX and ESXi, Sun Virtualbox and Virtual Iron Citrix Metaframe Presentation server vers 4.5
Various Mail server Administration and maintenance including Exchange 2003, Lotus notes, Groupwise and Zimbra
T1, DS3/T3, Cable, DSL Installation, configuration, management Cisco, Avaya and Asterisk VOIP solutions
Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems Airspace wireless LAN Controller – LWAPP
Extensive experience in group policy usage in Active directory Barracuda spam firewall 300 series
Cisco 1242, 1310 and 1400 wire access points / bridges. Proxim 5054-R-LR
Exalt 5i