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Newsletter # 2
Info sheet after first flagship event:
MDG’s preliminary meeting in Brussels, 10-13 December 2009

AEGEE goes „Beyond Europe”

For the first time in its

history, AEGEE goes to India
and South Africa.
Between 10 and 13 De-
cember 2009, young people from
Europe, India and South Africa
gathered in Brussels to plan
the main activities of AEGEE’s
new Flagship project for 2010-
2011, “Beyond Europe – Per-
spectives for Tomorrow’s
World”. One of its main pil-
lars, “UN Millennium Devel-
opment Goals – A Challenge
for Today’s Youth?”, will
bring together groups of
young Europeans, Indians and (MDGs) - A challenge for today’s Youth? has
South Africans to Baroda become a reality. The application for this
(India), Cape Town (South Af- project was submitted on 1st June by the In-
rica) and Utrecht (The Neth- ternational Politics Working Group to
erlands) to take part to the build the bases for the start of the Flagship
world-wide efforts to achieve Project.
the Millennium Development Once the Flagship Project Core Team
Goals. started working, they took the leadership
This project is not only of the project. Together with the partners
historic because of its geo- from India and South Africa and the or-
graphical reach, but also be-
ganising team from AEGEE-Utrecht who
cause it confronts for AEGEE
will host the final conference in November,
with a pressing global chal-
they all gathered together in Brussels with
lenges, poverty, illiteracy,
the aim of designing the programmes of the
hunger, disease. The activities two Case Study trips and the closing event,
“Youth in Action” application but also to create a great atmosphere and
granted in the end of Septem- understanding among all parts.
ber for the initiative Millen-
nium Development Goals

Watch MDg’s promo video: copy link:

Page 2 Newsletter # 2 Beyond Europe

AEGEE goes „Beyond Europe” Continuation

The meeting This was followed Indian-South Afri-

started on Thurs- by intense discus- can-European
day the 10th with a sion sessions and night, but most im-
visit to the Euro- exchange of sugges- portantly – AEGEE
pean Commission, tions, which led to crosses the borders
followed by a pres- working out the of Europe. The
entation of the details of the two whole core Team of
project at EurActiv, case study trips and Beyond Europe en-
where we had the eventually to the courages all AEGEE
pleasure to share opening of applica- members to apply
our work with the tions on 1 January for our future
leaders of other 2010. One of the events, multiply our
youth organisa- most exciting mo- results and try to
tions based in Brus- ments of the meet- make the change
sels and exchange ing was the signing together.
ideas and possibili- of the Memoran-
ties for future col- dum of Under-
laboration. standing, as a sym-
During the bol of the commit-
following days we ment of all parts
discussed the situa- included to the im-
tion of the MDGs plementation of
in the different this project.
partner countries Without any
and analysed the doubt, this was a
extent to which we unique experience
could contribute for all of us. Never
in the field work. before we had an

Apply for case study trip to India! Dates: 23. VI—13. VII 2010

What are the Millenium Development Goals of UN?

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight in-

ternational development goals that 192 United Nations
member states and at least 23 international organizations
have agreed to achieve by the year 2015. They include redu-
cing extreme poverty, reducing child mortality rates, fi-
ghting disease epidemics such as AIDS, and developing a
global partnership for development.
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Our Partners

Anele Wondo, Social Justice

Coalition, South Africa

Hamza Abbasbhai Adenwala

Aiesec Baroda, India

Sargam Gupta, Gujarat Public

school, India

Taryn Campbell, Social

Justice Coalition, South

Abhilasha Agrawal, Gujarat Pub-

lic school, India

Ilan Strauss, Social Justice Coali-

tion, South Africa
Page 4 Newsletter # 2 Beyond Europe

day by day report - blog

9 December
On arrival day, Brussels is rainy and cold. At 7.30 am Mario
picks up Taryn and Anele at the Brussels National airport, where
they arrive after a 20-hour long flight from Cape Town to Johan-
nesburg, then Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt and finally Brussels. The biggest
shock for them is the weather, as they left South Africa with 30 de-
grees. Abhilasha and Sargam arrive from India in the early after-
noon, followed by Ilan who comes after a stop in Lithuania. By eve-
ning half of the Beyond Europe team has arrived, Marta and Isa
reach the hostel, Miha and Thomas go to the CD house where the
group has its first dinner together. Hamza arrives at around midnight, together with Ignazio who
waited for him at the airport.

10 December
Early wake up and breakfast today. The partners lodged at a
hostel near Botanique and the others lodged at the CD House
meet in front of the European Commission’s entry for visitors
around 9.30 am. Just the time to take some pictures and we are let
in the Commission’s premises. We walk to the second floor of the
bright and modern building up to a lecture room, where Marco
Galluccio, a Commission official, gives the group an introduction
to the European Union. It was an interesting experience to look at
how intrigued and sometimes puzzled were the non Europeans by
the complex EU dynamics. Ilan and Anele made some good points where they asked how youth can make
their voices heard before the EU institutions. At midday we move to the premises of the Euractiv, the fa-
mous EU news centre, where we hold a presentation of Beyond Europe to an audience of representatives
from student organisations, the European Federalists and Euractiv themselves. Agata introduces AEGEE
with its aims and mission, then it is the turn of Chris to present Beyond Europe, its aim, objectives and
activities envisaged. Mario presents the MDGs initiative. The floor later goes to Hamza who introduces
AIESEC-Baroda, and Anele who introduces the Social Justice Coalition. Consistent with their beliefs, the
SCJ delegation does not go to speak from the end of the table like everybody else, but from their seats.
At the end there is time for some questions and networking. Thereafter the group is taken by Amy for a
guided tour of Brussels, which is followed by dinner in town and the night out to try Belgian beers in

Apply for case study trip to

South Africa !
Dates: 10. IX - 24. IX 2010 2010
Page 5 Newsletter # 2 Beyond Europe

day by day report - blog continuation

11 December
In the morning the group meet at the premises of European Youth Fo-
rum for the sessions on PR, organised by Cezary and Marta, and FR, organ-
ised by Ignazio and Prisca. In the afternoon we kick off with the introduc-
tion of the MDGs situation in India and South Africa. The two groups show
videos and present statistics, Ilan’s speech is worth of mention as he presents
a critical stance towards the MDGs, maintaining that change can only hap-
pens from the bottom, never a group of leaders sitting around a table have been able to change the
world without support from the bottom. Later we divide the group in two parts, the India team and
the South Africa team, and we have a first brainstorm about which activities on the ground are
needed to achieve the objectives of the project. We then all go back to the hostel and have dinner
there where Abhilasha and Sargam cook a delicious Indian dinner. After dinner we went for a get to-
gether at an Irish pub near la Bourse together with the team of Where Does Europe End?.

12 December
Today we meet at a school near CD House, in the same classroom
where the Concept development and the Project development meetings of
Beyond Europe took place, a sort of historical place! We decide to kick off
with the Youth in Action presentation section by Christian, followed by
Prisca and Isa’s intercultural dialogue session. Later on Nico explains some
book-keeping and reimbursement rules and answers to a number of questions
from our partners from beyond Europe and AEGEE-Utrecht. During the re-
maining time before lunch we divide the group again and keep working on
the case study trips. Further details about the two case study trips are laid
down, as well as the final conference in Utrecht, and together with a time-
table for the months to come. It is at this moment that we agree on opening
the applications for the India case study trip on 1 January 2010. The last session of the afternoon is de-
voted to discuss on a common text for the Memoranda of Understanding. During the evening, at the
beginning of the first ever European-Indian-South African night in the history of AEGEE, representa-
tives from all parties signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

Quotations by one of managers of the project

“We, young Europeans, have already in the past anticipated the historic happenings that changed our
world, we have been ahead of our older generations when, for example, we opened to the east after the fall of
the Berlin Wall, and AEGEE was at the forefront. Today, as Europeans no longer occupy a place at the centre,
and the world becomes progressively less and less European, we need once again to be at the front and
anticipate historic changes, we need to think globally, to engage with young people beyond Europe, beyond
the West, to develop sustainable partnership and lay the basis for future generations of world citizens.”

Mario Giuseppe Varrenti

Second newsletter of flagship project of AEGEE Europe:

‘Beyond Europe - persepectives for tomorrow’s world’

prepared for one of 4 pillars of project -

‘MDG’s a challenge for today’s youth?’

Chief editor: Cezary Szczepaniuk [PR manager of the project]

Contribution: Anya Petrova [PR expert in BE team]

Text: Mario G. Varrenti [Content manager of the project]