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Suffix Use Examples

Add to nouns or
adjectives to make
verbs expressing to Visualize (able to see); impersonate (act like);
ize, ate
use and to act like; hypnotize (Put into state of hypnosis)
to subject to; make
Add to verbs to
make nouns Anesthetist (one who practices the science of
ist, or, er expressing agent or anesthesia); dissector (Instrument that dissects or
person concerned person who dissects); donor (giver)
or instrument
Add to verbs to
Recipient (one who receives); concurrent (happening
ent make adjectives or
at same time)
nouns of agency
Add to verbs to
make nouns
Therapy (treatment); inhalation (act of inhaling);
sia, y, tion expressing action,
anesthesia (process or condition of feeling)
process, or
Add to adjectives
Septicemia (poisoning of blood); disparity
or nouns to make
ia, ity (inequality); acidity (condition of excess acid);
nouns expressing
neuralgia (pain in nerves)
quality or condition
Add to verbs to
ma, mata, - make nouns Trauma (injury); foramina (openings); ligament
men, mina, - expressing result of (tough fibrous band holding bone or viscera together);
ment, ure action or object of fissure (groove)
ium, olus, -
Add to nouns to Bacterium; alveolus (air sac) follicle (little bag);
olum, culus,
make diminutive cerebellum (little brain); molecule (little mass);
culum, cule,
nouns ossicle (little bone)
Add to verbs to
make adjectives Contractile (ability to contract); edible (capable of
ible, ile
expressing ability being eaten); flexible (capable of being bent)
or capacity
Add to nouns to
make adjectives
Neural (referring to nerve); neoplastic (referring to
al, c, ious neoplasm); cardiac (referring heart); delirious
( suffering from delirium)
concern, or
pertaining to
Add to verbs or
nouns to make
Flaccid (state of being weak or lax); fluid (state of
id adjectives
being liquid)
expressing state or
Add to a verb to
make an adjective Caustic (referring to burn); acoustic (referring to
showing sound or hearing)
Add to nouns to
Polypoid (resembling polyp); plexiform (resembling a
make adjectives
oid, form plexus); fusiform (resembling a fusion); epidermoid
(resembling epidermis)
Add to nouns to
Ferrous (composed of iron); serous (composed of
ous make adjectives
serum); mucinous (composed of mucin)
expressing material

lack of breath). circumference Circum Around. apnea (without A ("an" before vowel) Without. Apo From. anagenesis (reproduction of tissue). adrenal (near the kidney) Ambidextrous (ability to use hands equally). excessive anasarca (excessive serum in cellular tissues of body) Antecubital (before Ante Before. they modify the meaning. Ana Up. catalepsia Cata complete (complete seizure). back. Translation of Prefix Examples Greek or Latin Apathy (lack of feeling). forward elbow). but when added before verbs.. Ambi Both ambilaterally (both sides) Amphibious (living on Amphi About. about (surrounding). reversed Antiperistalsis (reversed Anti peristalsis). anteflexion (forward bending) Against. bifurcation (two branches) Catabolism (breaking Down. toward. circumarticular (around joint) Com With. catarrh (flowing down) Circumflex (winding about). together Commissure (sending . both both land and water) Amphogenic (producing Ampho Both offspring of both sexes) Anatomy (a cutting up). anemia (lack of blood) Away from Abductor (leading away Ab from). They are never used independently. away from apochromatic (abnormal color) Biarticulate (double joint). on both sides. again. near to (structures joined to). aphasia (without speech). double foci). the most frequently used elements in the formation of Greek and Latin words.Prefixes. bifocal (two Bi Twice. aboral (away from mouth) Adductor (leading toward). or nouns. adnexia Ad To. adjectives. antisepsis (against infection) Aponeurosis (away from tendon). according to. opposed to. consist of one or more syllables (prepositions or adverbs) placed before words or roots to show various kinds of relationships. adhesion (sticking to). down).

Disinfection (apart from infection). Diaphragm (wall across). together (growing together). endometrium (within Endo Within uterus) Epi Upon. from equality). Dia apart. on Exogenous (produce outside). below. in Immersion (act of dipping in). concentric (having a common center) Translation of Prefix Examples Greek or Latin Contra Contralateral (opposite side). hypertrophy (over- Hyper excessive growth). (prevention of conception). epidermis (on skin) Outside. exocolitis Exo outer side. on Epidural (upon dura). in Not voluntary). Translation of Prefix Examples Greek or Latin Im. dedentition (removal De Away from of teeth). contraindicated (not opposite indicated) Dehydrate (remove water from). infraclavicular Infra Below (below clavicle or collarbone) . Ec Out from ectasia (stretching out or dilation) On outer side. hypothyroidism deficient (deficiency or underfunction of thyroid) . diagnosis (complete knowledge) completely Reversal.ectoretina (outer layer of retina) situated on Em. dyspnea (difficult Dys disordered breathing). Ecto Ectoderm (outer skin). or coming together) Conductor (leading together). injection (act of forcing liquid into) Immature (not mature). above. difficult. across. concrescence Con With. inability (not able) Infraorbital (below eye). decompensation (failure of compensation) Diplopia (double vision). Into of filtering in). Hyperemia (excessive blood). disparity (apart Dis apart from. hemianesthesia (loss of He mi Half feeling on one side of body) Over. contraception Against. Endocardium (within heart). diapedesis (ooze through). ex from or bowels). double digastric (double stomach) Through. Hypotension (low blood pressure). infiltration (act In. exostosis (outgrowth of bone) Ectopic (out of place). In Empyema (pus in). Di Twice. dissect (cut apart) separation Bad. dystopia (disordered position) Out. (inflammation of outer coat of colon) outer layer Extracellular (outside cell). hyperplasia (excessive formation) Hypo Under. dichromatic (two colors). eviscerate (take out viscera E. involuntary (not Im. away Enucleate (remove from). Dyspepsia (bad digestion). extrapleural (outside Extra Outside pleura) Hemiplegia (partial paralysis). encephalon (in the head) en. eccentric (away from center).

in Prognosis (foreknowledge). supernumerary Above. perforate (bore Per excessive through). transmit (send beyond) beyond . subungual (under nail) Supercilia (upper brows). Super (excessive number). periatrial. metastasis Beyond. peribronchial (around bronchus) Postoperative (after operation). located behind (behind tongue) Semicartilaginous (half cartilage). (through duodenum). with (joining together). within into) Metamorphosis (change of form). Retro retrograde (going backward). Backward. upper. Opisthotic (behind ears). supermedial (above excessive middle) Suprarenal (above kidney). preoral (in Pre front of front of mouth) Before. Paracardiac (beside the heart). introduce (lead Intro Into. change metacarpal (beyond wrist) Behind. Permeate (pass through). intraventricular (within ventricles ) Introversion (turning inward). retrolingual. synarthrosis (articulation of joints together) Across. Semi Half semilunar(halfmoon). intervene (come Inter Between between) Intracerebral (within cerebrum). again. suprascapular (on upper excessive part of scapula) Sym. prophase (appear Pro front of before) Reflex (bend back). contrary to contrary normal) Retrocervical (located behind cervix). synapsis Together. subarachnoid Sub Under (under arachnoid). Back. postocular (behind eye) Before. behind (after childbirth). Re regurgitation (backward flowing. Meta change (beyond original position). in Premaxillary (in front of maxilla). (near the urethra) near to Through. Transection (cut across). Intercostal (between ribs). syndrome Symphysis (growing together). transduodenal Trans through. upper. semiconscious (half conscious) Subcutaneous (under skin). Supra (above sternum). paraurethral Para beyond. intraocular Intra Within (within eyes). (around Peri Around atrium). revert (turn again to). suprasternal Above. after. postpartum Post After. peracute (excessively acute) Periosteum (around bone). opisthognathous Opistho backward (beyond jaws) Beside.