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Notes of Meeting
on the Formation of the Asia Pacific Sub-Network

Date: 18 January 2003 (Saturday)

Time: 8:45-10:45am
Venue: Sung Room, 4/F, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel
Convenors: Miss W S Wong, Executive Director of Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation (HKCAA) and
Professor Arum Gnanam, Chairman, National Assessment & Accreditation Council, India

Opening Remarks
Miss Wong and Professor Gnanam expressed a warm welcome to participants. Professor Gnanam also
introduced the background of the meeting as well as its objectives.

Setting Up of the Regional Sub-network

All members agreed that following the initiative at the INQAAHE Bangalore Conference, the Asia Pacific Regional
Sub-network should be set up.

Identification of Priority Issues

Miss Wong summarized some suggestions received prior to the Forum and from these suggested eight priority
issues and views were invited.

Need for Identifying Long-term and Short-Term Actions

Though all suggested themes are worth pursuing, participants opined that there was a wide range of issues so that
priority needed to be set. It was agreed that short-term and long-term projects should be identified so that working
groups could be set up to accomplish specific tasks.

Identifications of Immediate or Short-term Projects for the Sub-Network

The followings were proposed by participants:
- Organizing short courses / seminars / workshops on practices and methodology in quality assurance (QA)
- Publication of newsletter
- Identification of quality indicators
- Compilation of information on national Qualification Framework (QF)
- Mapping, collection and dissemination of information on QA systems and QF, setting up databank of
qualification systems
- Compilation of code of practice
- Pilot project on mutual recognition through QA agencies of some countries
- Compilation of a list of QA agencies in the Asia Pacific region
- Visits / Exchange activities
- Consultation service

The need for a separate newsletter for the Sub-network was discussed. It was decided that the HKCAA, editor of
the QA – INQAAHE’s official Newsletter, would produce a regional supplement in the QA, covering key issues for
members of the Sub-network.

The setting up of a Sub-network constitution was raised and discussed. There was a general consensus that in
the beginning it would not be necessary to decide upon an elaborate constitution, as this would entail lengthy
discussion. The Sub-network could function as a rather loose structure initially, drawing upon the constitution of
INQAAHE where necessary and appropriate, without going for an elaborate constitution at this stage.

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Emergence of a Working Group
After deliberations on the prioritized issues, six projects were nominated. (The seventh project was subsequently
added at a regional meeting held at the Dublin Conference in April 2003). Volunteered Project Convenors are listed
as follows:

Project Project Convenors

Compilation of Quality Indicators Dr Anthony Stella (India)
Gather and disseminate information on Mrs Concepcion V Pijano (Philippines)
QA agencies in the region Dr David Woodhouse (Australia)
Compilation of information on national Dr Manuel T Corpus (Philippines)
qualifications frameworks
Facilitation of training and development Prof Dr Mohamed Suleiman (Malaysia)
workshops Ms Porntip Kanjananiyot (Thailand)
Quality assurance of distance Professor Hiroshi Hokama (Japan)
education Prof Abbas Bazargan (Iran)
Staff exchange and secondment Dr David Woodhouse (Australia)
between QA agencies
Regulation of outbound and inbound Ms Karen Van Rooyen (New Zealand)
TNE Dr David Woodhouse (Australia)

Mr John Jennings (New Zealand) also offered service to the Working Group. The meeting proposed that Hong Kong and
India should continue to act as Co-convenors and that a Working Group comprising the Co-convenors – Miss W S Wong
(Hong Kong) and Prof Arum Gnanam (India) and the Project Convenors as well as Mr John Jennings (New Zealand) should
be established. Project proposals will be developed by respective Convenors. The Working Group will meet (and/or
discuss via emails) to coordinate the implementation of the projects.

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