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Spring 2015 Commencement

Spring 2015 Commencement

UNC Commencement Mission Statement

University Commencement represents the culmination of a students academic achievement.

It is a time of celebration and reflection for students, families, friends, faculty and staff.
It brings together a diverse community to share the joy of accomplished goals.

A Message
from the President

Dear UNC Graduates,

Commencement marks a milestone in both your journey of lifelong learning and the
life of the University of Northern Colorado. As you reflect on your accomplishments
and look forward to new opportunities, know that you are part of more than a centurys
tradition on our campus.
In 1890, when civic leaders, educators and citizens from Greeley and across the State of
Colorado gathered to celebrate laying the cornerstone of our first building, they spoke
of universal education as the foundation for our future. Governor Job A. Cooper told the
crowd: It is the enlightened conscience and educated intelligence of the many that will
ultimately crowd back all corruption and anarchy, and harmonize contending factions
and dissipate the dangers that threaten our country. Upon this foundation stone laid
today will rise an institution to prepare leaders in this great work.
As graduates, you will leave here today to become the leaders envisioned by our
founders. Earning a UNC degree is about more than books and knowledge. It is about
nurturing the mind and the heart, seeing potential in the unknown, and preparing to
give back to society. If you look at the array of professionsthe liveswe prepare
students for, many are public service oriented. UNC graduates dont just make money;
they make a difference.
As you continue your journey of lifelong learning, you can be proud to be part of a
distinguished group of UNC alumni who are making a difference across the country and
around the world.

Best regards,

Kay Norton

Spring 2015 Commencement 3

Graduate Ceremony
May 8, 2015 7:00p.m. Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler-Hancock Athletic Center

Pomp and Circumstance by Sir Edward Elgar
Arranged by Kelly Zuercher

Conferring of Degrees
Kay Norton, President of the University

The University Saxophone Quartet:

Zach Childress, Mark Pipes, Bernardo Solis,
Benjamin Whittier

Linda L. Black, Associate Provost and Dean of the

Graduate School and International Admissions

Posting Colors
UNC Police Department Honor Guard
National Anthem
The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key
Nathan Andrew Snyder, Master of Music, Music:
Vocal Performance
Student Farewell Address
Amber Rea, Master of Arts, Speech-Language
Welcome and Introductions
Kay Norton, President of the University
Charge to the Graduates
Holly J. Porter,
BA-97, MA-01, EdS-03, EdD-09
Academic Traditions
Robbyn Wacker, Provost and Senior Vice President
Presentation of Graduate Deans Citations
Linda L. Black, Associate Provost and Dean of the
Graduate School and International Admissions
Kato Crews, Member, Board of Trustees
Presentation of the Graduates
Linda L. Black, Associate Provost and Dean of the
Graduate School and International Admissions

4 University of Northern Colorado

Robbyn Wacker, Provost and Senior Vice President

Eugene Sheehan, Dean, College of Education and

Behavioral Sciences
Donna Bottenberg, Acting Dean, College of
Humanities and Social Sciences
Karen Turner, Acting Dean, Kenneth W. Monfort
College of Business
Ellen Gregg, Dean, College of Natural and Health
Leo Welch, Dean, College of Performing and
Visual Arts
Welcome from the Alumni Association
Felecia Burke, UNC Alumni Association, Bachelor
of Arts 1996, Master of Arts 2000
Quintet No. 1 by Victor Ewald
The University Brass Quintet
Commencement Marshals
David L. Pringle, Professor of Chemistry
Kay Alicyn Ferrell, Professor of Special Education
R. Vishwanathan Vish Iyer, Professor of
Marketing and Faculty Trustee
Kaja Lindstrom, International Admissions
Specialist, Graduate School
Provided by Disability Support Services

Graduate Ceremony Speaker

Dr. Holly Porter, the director of the English Language Acquisition

department in the Cherry Creek School District, has more than 17
years of specialized experience in the field of education. She holds a
Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish: Bilingual/Bicultural Elementary
Education, a Master of Arts degree in Special Education: Moderate
Needs with an endorsement in Deaf Education, an Educational
Specialist degree in educational leadership, and a Doctor of
Education degree in Educational Leadership, all from the University
of Northern Colorado.
Dr. Porter has served in several Colorado school districts as well as at
the Colorado Department of Education. She is an adjunct professor
for Regis University, University of Colorado and Adams State
University. Dr. Porter recently received recognition as the Language
Culture and Equity Director of the Year for the State of Colorado, and
the department she supervises received an Excellence Award from
the State for high growth and achievement of the students in their
Dr. Porter, a fifth generation Coloradan, was born and raised
in Aurora, CO. and in her free time loves to enjoy the Colorado
outdoors through snowboarding, hiking and Jeeping with her
husband and son. She also enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, and

Spring 2015 Commencement 5

Masters Degrees


Applied Statistics and Research Methods
Aldoghan, Luai Abdulla
Alomair, Mohammed Ahmed
Bruns, Alexander Daniel
Gittner, Kevin Benedict
Harding, Justin Lee
Clinical Counseling
Dolak, Thomas Edward
Jarvis, Matthew Kelly
Luchau, Loretta Carridan
Manson, Jesseca Leigh
Segovia, Erica Danielle
Watts, Megan
Clinical Counseling: Couples and Family Therapy
Armelino, Ariel Julianna
Crookston, Bradley James
Fortner, Jennifer Lynn
Ireland, Lauren Elizabeth
Joy, Kelly Denise
Miller, Alexandra Jayne
Rogahn, Turqoyz
Sanchez-Guevara, Lourdes Janet
Wills, Ellie Marie
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Beckner, Stephanie Nicole
Chavez, Cynthia Ilene
Davis-Timms, Colleen Elizabeth
De La Torre, Alyssa Loren
Delgado, Vicki
Gregory, Jacquelyn M.
Knott, Kerry Lynn
Lane, Rachel
Leroy, Alicia
Lucas, Rachel
Matheson, David William
Nopper, Shannon E.
Stubbs, Katherine Elizabeth
Education: Curriculum Studies
Hall, Matthew M.
6 University of Northern Colorado

Hudson, Dayna Leanne

Kerns, Mary M.
Michas, Stacy Elizabeth
Schaumberg, Christopher W.
Trasky, Matthew
Wold, Brianne Lauren
Education: Elementary Education with Licensure
Maynard, David Hamlin
Vanley, Jeremy David
Education: English Education
McMartin, Charles M.
Educational Leadership
Alelait, Amal H.
Alexander, Leona
Aljohany, Reem Abduaziz
Boone, Cora J.
Bowman, Sheila Kay
Clarry, Molly Margaret
Cole, Jessie
Cutler, Gretta
Cutts, Dana Lynn
Hammel, Gabriel Seth
Jensen, Jinny Catherine
Jones, Ernest
Keenan, Matthew Jon
Madden, Shannon Clare
Mata, John Martin
Mitchell, Whitney H.
Rooks, Meaghan Bess
Sanchez, Anna M.
Schrader, Jill
Schulz, Joscelynn Kaye
Stradley, Tara Kathleen
Urich, Elizabeth Ann
Valencia, Nathalie
Vallejos, Ashley Elizabeth
Walls, Melinda Leigh
Williams, Robert S.
Wilson, Jessica Rael
Zwirn, Lacey Danielle

Educational Psychology
Almulla, Mazen Omar
Gibbs, Joshua
Swaffer, Matthew Alan
Wolfrum, Alisha M.

School Counseling
Bacelli, Megan Elizabeth
Brysh, David Louis
Metzger, Crystal Marie
Pierce, Kate

Educational Psychology:
Teaching Applications
Lynch, Ryan
Young, Adrienne Leigh

Special Education: Deaf and Hard

of Hearing
Jawish, Lindsey Nicole
Lusco, Deborah Lynn
Selee, Emily Patricia

Educational Technology
Aldoobie, Nada Faisal
Aleid, Hind Mohammed
Alharbi, Turki
Alqahtani, Manira Mohmmed
Alqasir, Anfal Ahmed A.
Alshehri, Khaled Ghanem
Alyami, Norah Mohammed M.
Hadidi, Haitham Saleh
Shaler, Angie Dawn
Higher Education and Student
Affairs Leadership
Anderson, Lydia Rachelle
Bowdle, Katryn Elizabeth
Camacho, Joe
Cordova, Bernadette Marie
Gorecki, Eric Christopher
Grote, Dustin Michael
Janssen, Kathrine Nichole
Matsumoto, Courtney
McCue, Audrey Katherine
Orozco, Marina
Rascon, Leticia
Smith, Christine Margaret
Bowman, Paige Jane
Colberg-Dimagiba, Callie Denise
Duran, Robin Suzanne
Englert, Kara C.
Gallegos, Erin Anne
Horky, Mary
Johnson, Megan Marie
Souchek, Danielle Shire
Wiggs, Mackenzie Ann
Wojurfin, Patricia Lyn

Special Education: Early

Childhood Special Education
Benz, Diane Marie
Gertner, Karin A.
Gilchrist, Emily E.
Hagen, Camila Ribeiro
Karsten, Jennifer Rose
McNertney, Melissa K.
Murray-Hobbs, Melissa
Rainer, Danielle
Raymonda, Emily R.
Rieser, Chelsey Marie
Sargent, Cecilia M.
Shouse, Katherine Kincaid
Stultz, Heidi Kristine
Tollefson, Hanna M.
Tyra, Beth Ann
Whitaker, Kristy M.
Special Education: Generalist
Alajlan, Mohammed Ibrahim
Almutairi, Raja Naqaa
Alnasser, Yazeed
Alnoaim, Jehad Abdullah
Davis, Elisha Marie
Dorado, Ashley Nicole
Gertig, Krista B.
Gillman, Jessica Camille
Hayes, Laura Kay
Jones, Sarah Louise
Martinez Whitediemand,
Cynthia M.
Molner, Megan Elizabeth
Rebolo, Kristle Elena
Robertson, Nicole Ann
Santo, Cassandra Jane
Snow, Mary Hope


April 1870
Settlers led by Nathan
Meeker begin arriving to
establish the Union Colony
experimental cooperative
community, which becomes

April 1889
Colorado Governor Job
A. Cooper signs Senate
Bill 104 to create the State
Normal School, which would
eventually become UNC.

Spring 2015 Commencement 7

Sunderland, Elizabeth A.
Suniga, Stephanie Lynn
Vangraefschepe, Kaitlin Jean
Wittstruck, Erin Sue
Special Education: Gifted and Talented Education
Alharbi, Yaser Khaled
Alrubian, Suliman Mohamad
Burt, Nathan B.
Draxten, Bryan
Gwinn, Karyn L.
Massey, Abigail Rose
McKenzie, Lonnie Jean
Sandoval, Christina Owen Banfe
Suhr, Diana D.
Zhao, Shunan
Special Education: Intervention Specialist
Inigarida, Anna Marie
Meehan, Adam Philip
Trahan, Amanda Leaann
Tutor, Beth Jo
West, Melodie Joy
Special Education: Visual Impairment
Baker, Breanne Jean
Creedon, Andrea
Cummings, Jessica Charlene
Francoeur Anderson, Genevieve Ruth
Grandstaff, Corey Alan
Pierce, Amy Elizabeth
Strickland, Amy Elizabeth
Tracy, Johanna Marie
Weilbacher, Leslie Elaine

Communication: Human Communication:
Kimiecik, Heather
Masunga, Zunzu Robert
Sheehan, Rebecca Leigh
Sullivan, Curtis James
Communication: Human Communication: Thesis
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Stise, Robert Walter
Terhark, Summer L.

8 University of Northern Colorado

Criminal Justice
Courtney, Narva Nay
Flint, Darci Lee
Hoffman, Katherine A.
Loe, Alicia Marie
Lolotai, Waylon Leatiogie
McClanahan, Maureen F.
Mendoza, Yolanda
Valencia, Larry
Vigil, Crystal D.
Doan, Keven M.
Ferrington, Jacob
Genova, Jonnie
Gomes, Shane Anthony
Manley, Nathan Matthew
Markway, Cameron Dennis Fayne
Perry, Lindsay
Shroyer, Kara
Stephenson, Ethan
Wythe, Lauryn
Foreign Language: Spanish Teaching
Bond, Lidia
Leal, Erendira
Olivas, Velia
Brown, Devon Eric
Clay, Casey J.
Gray, Mitchell
LeFebre, Derek Joseph
Pearson, Michael
Starkovich, Jason Allen
Sociology: Applied
Flores, Giovanni
Sikes, Samantha Ray
Sociology: Thesis
Christofferson, Jeremy James
Cotton, Parker Joseph
Fox, Samantha Maria
Myers, William Osborne


Choi, Dojin

Downey, Karena Marie

Erebia, Monica Ann
Glover, Ryan
Grauberger, Taylor Rose
Hoyt, Aaron L.
Kindsfather, Rebecca Lynn
Leonard, Erick Ryan
Novak, Jordan Arthur
Ocampo, Leticia V.
Ramirez, Joshua Andrew
Schnell, Mallory R.
Smith, Grant C.
Swanson, Sydney
Wahl, Elizabeth Laurell
Wright, Dakoda Alexander
Zunk, Lindsey

Biological Sciences: Non-Thesis
Alomaer, Marwah Abdulrhman
Camenson, Ashley
Florek, Thomas J.
Henshall, Tyler Bryce
Mix, Emily Festger
Biological Sciences: Thesis
Fuller, Ryan Scott
Graham, Peter Edward
Hume, Gretchen
Jones, Brenda Kathryn
Jubair, Widian Kh
Sazhnev, Vera Anatolyevna
Spindle, Michael Steven
Biomedical Sciences
Anderson, Austen Joseph Boyd
Grzenda, Nicholas Robert
Henning, Thomas Edward
Olson, Leif
Schaneman, Andrew Paul
Smith, Zachary Brock
Ulibarri, Nicholas Powell
Wilkinson, Megan Nicole
Chemistry: Research
Carlson, Alyssa Leigh
Cribbs, Joshua Paul

Evans, Jess
Kline, Carolyn Marie
Maxey, Elizabeth Kohl
Mikesell, Joshua T.
Wallace, Matthew Brantley
Earth Sciences
Burzynski, Amy Michelle
Carr, Shawn
Corron, Emily Kay
Kerr, Kasey Eileen-Davidson
Moore, Nicole Leanne
Mathematics: Teaching
Malik, Soofia
Moneypenny, Sara Jean
Remsen, Karl S.
Seehausen, Alees Teel
Spannuth, Michael
Willemsen, Chelsea M.

June 1890
Civic leaders, educators,
and citizens from around
Colorado gather to lay
the cornerstone of UNCs
first building, later named
Cranford Hall.

Nursing: Clinical Nurse Leader

Higgins, Jennifer Andrea
Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner
Adams, Les R.
Bates, Cynthia Ann
Bennett, Lindsay Erin
Bronstein, Dennis Scott
Buss, Lisa M.
Feldman, Joan Elizabeth
Goshey, Tricia A.
Hilsendager, Arian Suzanne
Holthouser, Jodi D.
Lujan, Tracy Lynn
Sampson, James Waddell
Skomp, Jessica Rose
Sullivan, Jennifer Lee

October 1890
The Colorado State
Normal School opens
before its first building is
ready, holding classes in
locations around Greeley
that included a room over
a downtown paint store, a
back room at the Baptist
church and a courtroom.

Physical Education
Loveridge, Shannon Lee
Public Health
Baird, Audrey M.
Floren, Kiley
Franklin, Grace
Kosovich, Leeanne
Peirce, Casey Lynn

Spring 2015 Commencement 9

Rehabilitation Counseling
Boyd, Amie Kathleen
Filipe, Diane Lee
Gorman, Carla Ann
Kanzler, Michael LeRoy
Mathis, Jessica R.
Willis, Kathleen E.
Winger, Jessica Erin
Speech-Language Pathology
Beauprez, Kaylee Nicole
Daurio, Abigail Colleen
Davies, Rhyn
Delahanty, Kyle David
Dickson, Amy L.
Grush, Alison T.
Haan, Allison Renee
Halsey, Jessica Marie
Hoffman, Julie Elise
Hua, William
Johnson, Carissa
Kemper, Laney
Lorette, Grace Noel
Meyer, Cassie Marie
Mickey, Markie Rydholm
Rea, Amber
Riggenbach, Kelli Dianne
Samson Wenham, Amy Therese
Seffert, Gabriele
Turley, Shannon Leah
Werner, Julie
Wetzel, Ariana Marie
Sport and Exercise Science: Exercise Science
Alsakhin, Amani H.
Brennecke, Alyse P.
Herman-Calvin, Katelyn Leah
Johnson, Karen
Kinney, Ryan Nicholas
Lazio, Michael Anthony
McCann, James Michael
Moschkin, Kyle
Omar, Asma Khalifa
Resek, Austyn Frances
Richmond, Sutton Bradley
Schneider, Brooks Daniel
Wittenberg, Eric Patrick

10 University of Northern Colorado

Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Administration

Angelos, Kristin
Buchmayer, Charles
Bulger, Connor Thomas
Conrad, Jennifer
Dunn, Erin Christopher
Evans, Eugene Curtis
Fava, Hunter R.
Garmatz, John William
Gonyo, Skye
Johnson, Merideth
Lassen, Matt C.
Petersohn, Nicholas Charles
Preussner, Emily Kaye
Shimokawa, David Erin
Shook, Derek James
Smith, Thomas Douglas
Strange, DShara
Taplin, Kyle Robert
Walstrom, Ryan
Washington, Rachel A.
Wee, Stephanie
Williams, Matthew Joel
Wollman, Evan Bradley
Sports Coaching
Blevins, William
Hayden, Jeremy
Koelling, Matt
Lang, Kelly
Mason, Jonathan D.
McHugh, Jamie
Straub, Daniel Joseph
Strickland, Edward
Valerio, Eric
Williams, Lavell


Art and Design
Montano, Dianna Raquel
Music: Collaborative Piano
Ortman, Jordan William
Music: Conducting
Matsuura, Kathryn Emiko

Specialists Degrees

Music: Instrumental Performance

Astuto, Victoria Frances
Barani, Gabriel Florin
Bare, Tyler Colton
Kropp, Andrew David
Lieffort, Elizabeth Angel
Phillips, Christopher Daniel
Verbyla, Catherine
Music: Jazz Studies
Beyers, Joshua Daniel
Brenner, Kenyon Paul
Doman, Ammon Joseph
Ohlson, Adam Robert
Raven, Ryan Jamal
Scheid, Gabriel William
Schreier, Michael J.
Vescovo, Michael
Music: Music Education
Salazar, Monica Rene
Zhang, Moheng
Music: Vocal Performance
Campbell, Melynie Joy
de Roulet, Philip Andrew
Espinosa, Tessa Ruth
Snyder, Nathan Andrew
Soltys, Jenna Marie
Xydis, Amanda Marie


Educational Leadership
Blair, Heidi Marie
Crank, Kristen Marie
Damore, Michele
Farbo-Orr, Lucinda Jo
Ferguson, Alison Rae
Fischer-Moseley, Darcie S.
Hertzke, Jackie S.
Krug, Tracy Immoor
Laszczyk, Logan John
Norman, Sean Douglas
Parsons, Donata M.
Pascoe, Anthony Tyler
Radford, Jennifer Cleaves
Smushkov, Katharine
Sneesby, Laura Giovanniello
Unger, Laura L.
Wangeman, Cheryl
Watanabe, Kevin J.
Williford, Jennifer L.
Educational Leadership and Special
Education Administration
DeLeon, Carina Chrysler
Holland, Marcy Kay
Megel, Lisa G.
School Psychology
Guttormson, Jenna Lee
Guyer, Stephanie Anne
Lopez, Jennifer Renee
Medina, Angel M.
Troyer, Tyler Reed

Spring 2015 Commencement 11

Doctoral Degrees


Applied Statistics and Research Methods
Fang, Wei, B.A., M.E.D., M.S.
Modeling Arbitrarily Interval-Censored Survival
Data with External Time-Dependent Covariates
Larkins, Randy James, B.S., M.S.
Project Success: A Methodological and Case Study of
the Early Alert Program Interventions
Lu, Pei-Chin, B.B.A., M.S.
Testing for Two Signals with Unknown Locations
in a Gaussian Random Field: A Monte Carlo
Simulation Study with an Application to fMRI
Seo, JangDong, B.B.A., M.S.
Joint Models of Longitudinal Outcomes and
Informative Time

Peters, Annette Susanne, B.A.

Exploring the Intersectionality of Individuals
Belonging to More Than One Nationality
Roche, Jeffrey David, B.A.
Counter-Narratives of Adults who are Homeless:
Attachment and Resiliency in Context
Wallis, Aaron Lee, B.S.
Examining the Impact of Information
Communication Technology on Social Skills and
Perceived Likability and Rapport
Walters, Meag-gan Ann, B.A.
Targeting the Missing Piece within the Social
Justice Agenda: Exploring Experiences of Classism
and Attitudes Toward Mental Health Services in
Undergraduate Students

Shane, Maryann Nishimura, B.S.

Model Selection for Longitudinal Data with TimeDependent Covariates Using Generalized Method
of Moments

Counselor Education and Supervision

Givens, Joel Grayson, B.A., M.A.
Counselor Educator and Supervisor Experiences of
Teaching Counselor Presence: A Phenomenological

Sitthisan, Chittanun, B.S., M.S.

Bayesian Estimation for the Number of Components
in Growth Mixture Models

Moore, Reginald Andre, B.A., M.A.

A Collective Pedagogical Narrative of African
American Male Counselor Educators

Counseling Psychology
Dreiling, Emily, B.A., M.A.
The Interrelationships among Perceived Parenting
Styles, Psychological Entitlement and Subjective

Parra, Janessa, B.S., M.A.

Counseling Competencies For Child Maltreatment
Counseling Competencies For Child Maltreatment

Gall, Rachel Tova, B.S., M.A.

Exploring the Experiences of Families with SameSex Parents and Elementary School-Aged Children
Northart, Dayna Lynn, B.A., M.A.
Forgiveness as a Mediated Variable Between
Attachment Style and Adult Love Relationships

12 University of Northern Colorado

Rogalla, Kylie BreAnn, B.A., M.S.

Examining Relationships between Proactive Coping
and Experiences of Personal and Posttraumatic
Growth During Anticipatory Grief
Strear, Molly Maureen, B.A., M.A.
Forecasting an Inclusive Future: Accessible School
Counseling Strategies to Deconstruct Educational

Zullo, Ernest G., B.A., M.A.

Stress, Anxiety, and Coping in a live Supervised
Individual Counseling Practicum: A Grounded
Educational Leadership
Brooks, Edward Bernard, B.S., M.A.
The Relationship between the Condition of
Colorado Elementary School Facilities and Student
Cieminski, Amie B., B.A., M.A.
Practices that Support Principal Succession
Daniels, Jennifer Joslyn, B.A., M.A., Ed. S.
Finding the Sweet Spot: Interpreting Educational
Language Policy within Rural School Districts
Hire, Adriana Ayala, B.A., M.A., Ed.S.
An Exploration of the Experiences and Factors in
K-12 Education that Contributed to the Academic
Success of Latino Students of Mexican Descent
Watson, Linnea Lynne, B.S., M.A., E.D.S.
Educational Resiliency in Teen Mothers
Educational Psychology
Felmban, Wejdan Shukri, B.A., M.A.
The Bias Blind Spot: A Cross-Cultural Study
James, Elizabeth J.K., B.A., M.A.
Redesign Program for Community College
Developmental Education Students: Learning
Through a Sense of Belonging
Kleinert, Paul Dale, B.S., M.A.
How School Prompted Interest and Motivation may
Predict Where Adolescents Seek Additional Learning
Materials about Human Sexuality
Krob, Karen Elizabeth, B.M., M.M.
Veteran and Equine Experiences with Equine
Facilitated Learning and Therapy
Machlev, Moshe, B.S., M.A., M.S.,
The Influence of Different Types of Instructional
Humor on Educational Factors of Interest, Affect,
Perceived Relatedness Perceived Learning and
Academic Achievement

Educational Technology
Alabdullaziz, Fatma Ali, B.A., M.A.
Cultural Diversity in Massive Open Online Courses:
The Correlation between Cultural Indicators and
Students Attrition
Alenizi, Abdulaziz, B.A.E.D., M.A.
Use of Photography to Make the Learning Process
of Science Teacher of 9-12 Grades in the Schools of
Kuwait More efficient
Alfailakawi, Ahmad, B.A., M.A.
Education Management and Design System: Use of
Internet Based Social Learning Network as a Tool to
Support High School Teaching Staff in Kuwait
Armstrong, Dennis Michael, B.S., M.A.
The Effectiveness, Usability, and Motivational
Characteristics of Using Animated Role-Playing
Situational Simulation Programs for Air War
College Distance Learning Curriculum
Yamanaka, Akio, B.A.
Exploring a Culture of Learning with Technology:
An Ethnographic Content Analysis of the Activity of
Learning with Educational iPad Apps
Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership
Cohen, Joshua Michael, B.A., M.A.
Revenue Structure, Revenue Diversification, and
Severe Economic Downturns: Using Ordered
Response Models with Correlated Random Effects to
Predict Public Research University Credit Ratings
Smith, Tony R., B.A., M.E.D.
An Exploration of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and
Transgender Identity Development Through
the Lenses of Political and Religious Rhetoric
Experienced in the Contexts of Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual, and Transgender Marriage and
Employment Rights
Zeeh, Steven P., B.S., M.S.
Student Affairs Directors Response to Decreasing
Institutional Resources

Spring 2015 Commencement 13

School Psychology
Buser, Jennifer Jo, B.S., M.A.
Constructing Resilience: Narrative Inquiry with
Formerly Incarcerated Emerging Adults
Byrd, Jessica Lauryn, B.A.
The Role of Cyberbullying Victimization in Sexual
Minority Adolescents Reported Levels of Depression
and Anxiety
Carrizales, Katherine E., B.A., Ed.S.
Child Centered Play Therapy and Young Children
with Autism
Jesionowicz, Rebecca Lynn, B.S.
The Effects of Animal Assisted Therapy on Tantrums
and Aggressive Behaviors of Children with Autism


Coppinger, Sarah Marie, B.A.
Relationship between Acceptable Noise Level and
Jung Typology Test
Johnson, Leann Marie, B.S.
Hearing Status and Shooting Habits of Youth
Recreational Firearm Shooters
Kirk, Sarah Ann, B.A.
Development and Implementation of Supplemental
DVD for the Retention of Hearing Aid Related
Knowledge in Elderly New Hearing Aid Users: A
Pilot Study

Johnson, Cynthia Teener, B.S., M.E.D.

Priming Effects on Word Recognition in Children
with Dyslexia

Loschen, Jamie Grace, B.S.

Evidence-Based Clinical Protocol for the Selection,
Fitting, and Verification of Custom High-Fidelity
Hearing Protection for Musicians

Knickerbocker, Sara Beth, B.A.

School Psychologists ADHD Treatment Attitudes
and Parent Communication about Complementary
Health Approaches

Owen, Mary Rae, B.S.

Tympanometry in Canines: Preliminary Evaluation
of Procedures

Leavitt, Rachael Rose, B.A.

School Climate and the Latino-White Achievement
Little, Lisa Cottrell Hickman, B.A.
Instructional Practices in Early Elementary School
Written Expression: Teacher Beliefs, Instructional
Strategies and Decision Making
Special Education
Brown, Arlene Stredler, B.A., M.A.
Examination of Early Intervention Delivered via
Telepractice with Families of Children Who are Deaf
or Hard of Hearing
Buckley, Pamela Charlie Marie, B.S., M.S.
Communication Partner Training in Autism
Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study
Lin, Feng-Chen, B.S., M.A.
The Identification of Early Signs of Autism Spectrum
Disorders in Young Children of Taiwan

14 University of Northern Colorado

Biological Education
Saviola, Anthony J., B.A., M.A.
Proteomic Analyses of Colubrid and Viperid Venoms
With Proteomic Analyses of Colubrid and Viperid
Venoms With Effects of Venom Disintegrins
Chemical Education
Leontyev, Alexey, M.S.
Development of a Stereochemistry Concept
Shungu, Alex Wembo Longe, B.S., M.E.D.
The Impact of College English Language Learners
Primary Language on Chemistry Learning Processes
and Performance on Assessments in the General
Chemistry Classes
Educational Mathematics
Roach, Kitty Lane, B.S., M.S.
A Study of Novice Instructors Questioning
Techniques and Classroom Discourse Surrounding
Those Questions

Troudt, Melissa Louise, B.S.

Mathematicians Evolving Personal Arguments:
Ideas That Move Proof Constructions Forward
Greene, Denise, B.S., M.S., M.S.
Addressing Adherence to Blasphosponate Medication
Using a Systems-based Approach
Nursing Education
Coram, Cathy Lorraine, B.S.N., M.S.
The Effect of Expert Role Modeling on Anxiety/
Self-Confidence and Clinical Judgment in Novice
Nursing Students
Cotter, Karen Dianne, B.S., M.S.
Ethnographic Inquiry of the Organizational Culture
of Nursing Educators
Owens, Joan, B.S., M.S.N.
Life Balance in Nurse Educators
Ursuy, Peggy Ann, B.S., M.S.N., M.A.
The Journey Within: Discovering The Sense of
Sport and Exercise Science: Exercise Science
Bredahl, Eric Christopher, B.S., M.S.
Effect of Creatine Monohydrate Incubation on
Doxorucicin-Induced Muscle Dysfunction After
Prior Resistance Training
Ferris, Abbie, B.S., M.S., M.S.
Biomechanical Assessment of Ertl and Burgess
Transtibial Amputation Techniques
Peterson, Brent Michael, B.A., M.S.
The Effects of a 12-Week Aerobic and Cognitive
Training Intervention on Cognitive Function in
Cancer Survivors

Shackelford, Daniel Yoon Kee, B.S.

The Effects of a 12-Week High-Intensity Resistance
Training Program on Muscular Strength, Muscular
Endurance, and Psychological Measures in Cancer
Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Administration
Hungenberg, Eric Michael, B.S., M.S.
An Examination of Motives Underlying Active Sport
Tourist Behavior: A Market Segmentation Approach
Mayer, Kurt Charles, B.S., M.S.
Attendance Motivators and Constraints:
An Investigation of Students at the Football
Championship Series Division
Zaharia, Noni, B.S., M.B.A.
Purchase Behaviors in a Cross-National Analysis of
Sponsorship Effectiveness
Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Pedagogy
Berei, Catherine Price, B.S., M.E.D.
Describing and Understanding Factors Related
to Implementing Comprehensive School Physical
Activity Programs by Physical Educators
Nampai, Udon, B.A., M.S.
Elementary Physical Education Identified by
Professionals in the Field
Pratt, Erica Anne, B.S., M.S.
Physical Education Teachers Perceptions of the
Role of Support Mechanisms within Contemporary
Professional Development
Setiawan, Caly, B.A.E.D., M.S.
The Meaning of Physical Activity from the
Perspective of Indonesian Immigrant Youth

Pfannenstiel, Keith B., B.S., M.S.

The Effect of a Resistance Training Model on
Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity
Quinn, Colin Joseph, B.S., M.S.
The Effect of Exercise Training and Doxorubicin on
Myogenic Regulatory Factor Expression

Spring 2015 Commencement 15

Music: Jazz Studies
Campbell, Jonathan Michael, B.A., M.M.
Beyond Harmony: Incorporating Rhythmic Elements
of Jazz Improvisation Through Curriculum and
Music: Music Education
Leder, Matthew David, B.M., M.M.
Finding Pedagogical Strategies for New Orleans
Jazz: Based on Interviews with New Orleans
Music: Music History and Literature
Omarene De Vallee, Elisabet, B.M., M.B.A., M.M.
Building Blocks of a National Style: An Examination
of Topics and Gestures in Nineteenth Century
American Music
Watabe, Eileen Mah, B.A., M.M.
Chorale Topic from Haydn to Brahms: How
Chorales Found a Congregation in Secular Music of
the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

16 University of Northern Colorado

Music: Music Performance

Cawlfield, Heather Drummond, B.A., M.M.
Study and Analysis of by
Judith Weir
Chang, Hsun-Yin, B.A.F.A., M.M.
Twentieth Century Taiwanese Pedagogical Music
Haislet, Matthew William, B.A., M.M.
The Art of Multiphonics: A Progressive Method
for Trombone
Money, Carol Jean, B.A., M.M.
The Musical Alternatives of Donizettis Lucia
Di Lammermoor: An Analysis and Guide for
Performance Practice

Undergraduate Ceremony
May 9, 2015 10:00 a.m. Nottingham Field

Pomp and Circumstance by Sir Edward Elgar
Transcribed by M. Retford
Edited By Alfred Reed
The University Commencement Band
Richard Mayne, Conductor, Professor of Music
Posting Colors
UNC Police Department Honor Guard
National Anthem
The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key
Rachel Marie Gustafson, Bachelor of Music, Music:
Vocal Performance
Student Farewell Address
Michelle Brianna Weeks, Bachelor of Science,
Business Administration: Finance

Presentation of the Graduates

Kay Norton, President of the University
Conferring of Degrees
Kay Norton, President of the University
Robbyn Wacker, Provost and Senior Vice President
Eugene Sheehan, Dean, College of Education and
Behavioral Sciences
Donna Bottenberg, Acting Dean, College of
Humanities and Social Sciences
Karen Turner, Acting Dean, Kenneth W. Monfort
College of Business
Ellen Gregg, Dean, College of Natural and Health
Leo Welch, Dean, College of Performing and
Visual Arts

Welcome and Introductions

Kay Norton, President of the University

Thomas Smith, Associate Provost and Dean of

University College

Charge to the Graduates

James M. Lyons

Welcome from the Alumni Association

Jason Brinkley, UNC Alumni Association, Bachelor
of Arts 2004

Academic Traditions
Robbyn Wacker, Provost and Senior Vice President
Presentation of Honor Recipients
Robbyn Wacker, Provost and Senior Vice President
Robert and Ludie Dickeson Presidential Prize For
Presented by Katrina Rodriguez, Assistant Vice
President for Student Engagement and Dean of
Dick Monfort, Member, Board of Trustees

Fight Song by Derryl Goes
Arranged by Kenneth Singleton
Commencement Marshals
David L. Pringle, Professor of Chemistry
Kay Alicyn Ferrell, Professor of Special Education
R. Vishwanathan Vish Iyer, Professor of
Marketing and Faculty Trustee
Stephanie Torrez, Assistant Dean for Academic
Support in University College
Provided by Disability Support Services

Spring 2015 Commencement 17

Undergraduate Ceremony Speaker

James M. Lyons
James M. Lyons is a partner with Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP who focuses
his practice on complex business litigation and domestic and international
mediation and arbitration. He has more than 40 years of courtroom and jury
trial experience in state and federal courts.
From 19962001 Lyons served as Special Advisor to the President and
Secretary of State for Economic Initiatives in Ireland and Northern Ireland
under President William Jefferson Clinton.
During that period, Lyons also served as United States Observer of the
International Fund for Ireland (IFI), where he helped to oversee grants, loans
and investments made by the IFI in support of peace and reconciliation.
His integral work in these positions helped to pave the way for the Good
Friday Agreement of April 1998, which restored social and political stability
in Northern Ireland.
Lyons recently published an account of this critical period in Irish history
in the book, Peace Meets the Streets: On the Ground in Northern Ireland,
In 2009, Lyons was appointed Irelands Honorary Consul in the
Denver Metropolitan area by Irelands Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Mr. Michel Martin.
He is a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, the International
Academy of Trial Lawyers and the Litigation Counsel of America. He has
four times been selected Top Super Lawyer by his Colorado peers.

18 University of Northern Colorado

Bachelors Degrees

American Sign Language
English Interpretation
Albanes, Silvia
Hurd, Maria Isabel**
OBleness, Angela Leigh*
Wingerson, Kathryn Rebecca
Early Childhood: Liberal Arts
Becker, Deborah L.
Maestas, Vicki J.
Wilson, Elizabeth Ann
Winter, Hailey Jay
Early Childhood: Teacher
Education, Early Childhood
Jessen, Kimberly Ann***
Keysor, Jennifer Joy
Pfalzgraff, Katie Suzanne
Elementary Education:
Liberal Arts
Andree, Alexandria P.
Beydler, Katelynn A.
Boyles, Ashley Ann
Emery, Lauren Marie
Lockwood, Kelly
ONeill, Kelsey Ann
Peterson, Jennifer L.
Rogers, Lacey Kendra
Interdisciplinary Studies: Early
Childhood Education, Early
Childhood Licensure
Cross, Jessica Rachael
Dickey, Jessica Anne
Evans, Susan Jeanette
Feltman, Sierra P.
Garcia, Karina
Georgeson, Tiffany M.***
Hickey, Katelyn Jean
Landa, Lydia Angelica

Lane, Megan K.
Lucero, JoAnn
Marquez, Patricia Ivette
Mohr, Sarah Kathleen
Pimentel-Rodriguez, Catalina
Quinonez, Ana Laura
Simmons, Amber Michelle
Stutz, Debbi Jean
Valdez, Maria Guadalupe

The Colorado State Normal
Schools first graduating
class of 12 students.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Early

Childhood Liberal Arts
Arnold, Diana
Matthews, Dwane
Interdisciplinary Studies:
Elementary Teaching, Elementary
Anderson, Kelsey Corinne
Ault, Haley M.***
Babbitt, Haneen J
Bailey, Danielle P.
Baker, Tatum Ann
Baldes, Kailie N.**
Ballentine, Jessica C.**
Bane, Ira Sean*
Barrette, Laura Michelle*
Bernatis, Katherine Lynne
Beyes, Sarah Lynn
Bloyer, Danielle Lee***
Boyd, Crystal M.***
Braaten, Leah A.
Cecil, Hannah C.***
Cianflone, Analiza B.
Clausell, Cleopatra Ja Bree
Cooley, Timothy James
Crownover, Rebekah A.*
Domenico, Amanda L.*
Donovan, Glenna R.
Dunlap, Suzanne M.
Dupuis, Jill M.***
Eggers, Kelsey Renee
Fiala, Stephanie M.
Finke, Natalie E.**

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

June 1911
The Colorado State Normal
School becomes the
State Teachers College of

Funded in part by Senator
Simon Guggenheim,
Guggenheim Hall was built to
house programs in fine arts
and art history.

Spring 2015 Commencement 19

Garcia, Karen
Genkinger, Kendra Ashley
Gillis, Maggie Kathleen
Goodrich, Chrystal Denise
Gutierrez, Jordan RaeAnn
Hamman, Ashley Nicole
Hart, Donetra Michelle
Haynes, John Michael
Heimbegner, Sarah N.
Hendrickson, Benjamen F.
Hernandez, Chelsey S.
Hilgenberg, Kacey E.***
Holm, Alexander T.
Hydrick, Cole R.
Jacques, Megan Elizabeth
Johnston, Jordan Leigh***
Johnston, Kelley S.
Jones, Lindsay Elizabeth***
Kaper, Kortney Lea
Kimura, Matthew K.
Kirkpatrick, Bailey Ann
Kraft, Erin Renee***
Landon, Michael David
Larson, Courtney Jenna
Lujan, Aubrey
Luther, Jennifer E.
Manzione, Elizabeth Jean**
Marques, Sandi Lynn*
Martin, Carrie E.***
Maxwell, Natalia L.
McCreery, Macee R.
McGinn, Sarah A.**
McLaughlin, Brock C.**
Morales, Taylor N.
Morris, Kelly T.
Morton, Rebecca N.*
Moser, Jessica L.
Nagata, Maya L.**
Orth, Taylor M.
Overholt, Amanda Kate***
Owston, Mollie E.***
Paton, Hannah **
Pellow, Samantha Jo
Penn, Kaylan
Perry, Kathy J.**
Peterson, Nicole Jean**
Piers, Renee Roxanne

20 University of Northern Colorado

Pietrafeso, Nicolette M.
Price, Nicki R.
Ray, Ashley N.
Riggs, Bailey Rose
Rosales, Maria D.
Russell, Jenna R.
Schauer, Jessica L.
Schilling, Elizabeth M.
Schirrmacher, Kristi **
Schlender, Christopher R.
Sommer, Kaitlyn M.*
Standiferd, Teresa Renee
Starr, Brooke Jeanann
Symons, Taylor Leigh**
Teti, Theresa N.
Teubner, Kellie Nicole***
Vasquez, Sarah R.
Veasley, Jamee Annette
Veum, Carly Renee Marie
Warth, Kelsey
Weber, Erin Elizabeth
Williams, Haley H.
Winder, Tyler R.
Zanoni, Elizabeth K.
Zeigler, Tylynn Nicole***
Zweifel, Olivia L.
Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts
Almansour, Wadha Hamad
Binder, Randi Lynn
Dawson, Kevin M.
Fink, Rachel Michelle
Finney, Alyce
Frank, Kristah Ann
Gelinas, Karly
Haines, Jessica Linsey
Haugen, Jayme
McNamara, Megan M.
Paquet, Sarah
Park, Hillary Boothe
Pilger, Cora Ella
Smits, Ronnie Ann
Taylor, Alexander James
Zamarron, Carmen Maria
Abelein, Hannah Anne***
Ables, Christopher Allan

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Ackelson, Michael Dennis

Aguayo, Yesenia
Alaniz, Malinda Lynn
Albo, Theodore Joshua
Alexander, Rebecca Anna
Anderson, Matthew R.
Araujo, Ashley Lynae
Arnpriester, Alyssa
Austin, Rachel A.**
Bailey, Samantha Morgan
Barnes, Cassandra Joyce
Barthel, Amber Ann
Becker, Shelby Joelle
Beeman, Terri Lynn
Bergum, Abigail Mae
Best, Rachel
Blanchard, Lauren Whitney
Bollow, Katelyn
Burmeister, Rebecca Ann
Byrd, Lia Nichole
Cady, Tara Nicole
Callahan, Myraiah Clyssa
Campbell, Tamir
Cook, Corrin Jillian
Curry, Caberon Chase
DeBerg, Tracy
Derengowski, Krysta Nicole*
Dick-Elhoffer, Jacqueline Gail
Ehgotz, Michelle Renee
Escarcega, Jon Paul
Fontaine, Eva Marie***
Forsting, Amanda
Gallegos, Mallory ***
Galus, Brittany Elizabeth
Gay, Katie
Gessesse, Bethlehem T.
Gore, Laura A.
Graham, Mikayla Lee-Ann
Graves, Courtney
Hagen, Tara M.
Hill, Curtis McMillan
Houston, Beverly J.
Intavong, Billy
Jantz, Isabel M.
Johnson, Caroline L.
Kane, Jared William
King, Jody Renee*

Korth, Miranda Belle

Koval, Olivia M.
LaFary, Kathryn **
Lane, Ethan Edward
Maddox, Rachel L.
Martinez, Erick Ryan
McCluan, Annalissa Marie
McCue, Molly Jean
McNamara, Taylor Jordan
McPherson, Christy Renee
Mejia, Carla
Mitts, Steven
Murphy-Hayes, Desirae Nicole
Nduro, Keziah Dufie
Nelson, Carrie Lynn
Niemann, Ericka Michelle**
Novaria, Meagan Breann***
Nteza, Nakato L.
Olivas, Kate Audrey
Parsell, Sarah Ashley
Petersen, David Sean
Pina-Green, Martha Michelle
Pivik, Brittany Leigh
Popelka, Brittany Jordan*
Redling, Andrea M.
Reed-Baum, Jessica Suzanne***
Renshaw, Sean Alexander
Rhoadarmer, Amanda R.
Rice, Scott
Rivas, Jacqueline Dyan
Rivera, Ramiro
Saenz, Yesenia
Sanchez, Alli Cynthia
Sandoval, Alexandra
Schaefer, Hannah E.
Sexton, Lindsey Ann
Snyder, Allyson Rose Air Force
ROTC Commissionee
Spear, Ryan A.
Spires, Sonia L.
Strain, Jade
Strong, Sylvana L.
Surbeck, Joel W.
Sutak, Jaicy Richelle**
Swanson, Molly Seneca
Sylvera, Michelle Catherine
Tienvieri II, Steven D.*

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

July 1914
The State Teachers College
of Colorado confers its first
graduate degrees.

June 1920
The first Masters of Arts
degrees awarded.

The colleges first residence
halls are completed and
named in honor of Normal
School Trustee and womens
suffragist leader Frances
Belford, national Womens
Club pioneer Sara Platt
Decker, and education,
social and political leader
Sophia Park Gordon.

Spring 2015 Commencement 21

Tomlin, Anna Richelle

Toohey, Elisa Marie
Valerio-Chaparro, Ivette
Varra, Savannah Alexis
Vernon, Darcel
Vinyard, Kelsi Renae
Walker, Dylan Thomas
West, Kaitlyn Elizabeth
Whaley, Sarah
Williams, Caitlin
Williams, Michaelann **
Wood, Melinda F.
Wright-Stanford, Essence Kianna
Special Education: K-12 Teaching, K-12 Licensure
Arndt, Brett Warner
Buehler, Megan A.
Burke, Michael J.
Daurio, Amber R.
Dean, Erin Harder***
Dierkens, Jordan R.
Enyert, Hillary Jane
Ford, Emma R.*
Freemole, McKensie J.
Haacker, Kelly M.*
Hudson, Brittaney P.**
Johnstone, Olivia Agnes Marie
Laurey, Kathleen Bridget**
Lovell, Ashley R.*
Sykes, Michael K.**
Watkins, Stephanie B.
Special Education: Liberal Arts
Alqadhi, Raghad Abdulsalam

Africana Studies
Houston, Jasmine Nicole
Anthropology: Interdisciplinary
Barr, Tana Raedean**
Bergum, Taylor Marie
Cieloha, Kacie R.
Field, Sean P.*
Fryrear, Jasmine Nicole
Hodson, Stepfanie F.
Kroskob, Maggie J.
22 University of Northern Colorado

Kuznik, Susan M.
Mai, Phu Huu
Mueller, Blair Elizabeth
Rasmussen, Anna Hunter
Sherwin, Alexander A.
Asian Studies: Liberal Arts
Byars, Lindsey Maemi
Grant, Sarah L.**
Johnson, Lameisha Shantel
Mueller, Blair Elizabeth
Yoo, Hyung Suk
Communication Studies: Human Communication
Alspaugh, Nickolas
Amin, Lisha M.*
Anderson-Aidoo, Samuel
Arnold, Elizabeth Anne
Ashby, Amoni Ashai
Avila, Daniela
Bailey, Amanda J.
Beaton, Alex Michael
Billings, Allyson C.
Billington, Alyse Rachael
Bjorklund, Hanna Corrine
Brown, Keeley
Bugbee, Ashlyn Elizabeth
Burleson, Marquis Donte
Coleman, Artie Lee
Cooper, Nicole D.**
Drake, JeVair M.
Dull, Erika Ann
Flores, Elise Rebecca**
Garske, Kevin
Goldanloo, Armon
Greene, Micaela Marie
Heiser, Christopher A.
Helo, Ruben A.
Hergenreder, Travis
Honkanen, Shane M.
Hoolahan, Christine Victoria
House, Clarence A.
Huskisson, Tim
Idlet, Emily Katherine
Jones, Sherman V.
Karsten, Steven E.
Kemmer, Andrew James
Konkel, Austen
Lee, Dominique Lemuel
*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude
Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Lee, Samantha
Lepore, Emily R.
Link, Jason Allen
Lucas, Latoya *
Madone, Brooke C.
Mancha, Javier
Manus, Rylee
Marin, Adrian D.
Miller, Jordan T.
Mondragon Jr., Raynaldo A.
Morris, Christian F.
Murray, Kayla Jo
Nwankwo, Wright Anthony
Olson, Joshua John
Otis, Hailey N.**
Ouellette, Lyndsi Michelle
Peck, Sarah M.
Perez, Caroline I.
Rhodes, Benjamin Michael
Rogers, Amanda Leigh
Ryan, Molly Jean
Ryken, Stephanie M.
Salazar, Kim R.**
Scherr, Kelsea M.
Schump, Billy Dean
Scifo, Nicholas G.
Screnci, Zachary S.
Seaton, Mechelle Sue
Slaten, Lauren Ann
Snook, Alexandra Michelle
Sonke, Dylan J.
Spaustat, Andrea M.
Spence, Corey
Trefz, Caroline Elizabeth
Vander Velde, Derek M
Vdovich, Ivanna P.
Wagner, Joshua
Ward, Cameron
Waugh, Hanna Jane
Wiggins, Cody S.
Criminal Justice
Albo, Theodore Joshua
Alhanaee, Khaled Omar
AlMonef, Hossin Mane
Alshehhi, Hamdan Ghnem
Aoutabachi, Shadi
Arnpriester, Alyssa

Bollow, Katelyn
Boyle, Joseph Walker
Brown, James Warren
Brunnemer, Kody K.*
Chiafalo, Maria V.
Czernicki, Emil
Daniels-Baessler, Kyser N.
Davis, James Leon
Dick-Elhoffer, Jacqueline Gail
Dominguez-Madrid, Roberto
Fern, Jacob S.
Fischer, Travis Donald
Fiscus, Tammy L.
Flynn, Kaitlin Kristine**
Fontaine, Eva Marie***
Foxx, Patrick Nathan
Garcia, Erin Cecile
Garcia, Jennifer Anne
Goldanloo, Armon
Gurule, Jesse F.
Hanson, Natalie Kay
Harmon, Robert Taylor
Jackson, Brady Anson
Kemmer, Andrew James
Kicera, Alexander David
Klein, Jonathon T.
Lee, Charmas Buel**
Lumpford, Michelle M.
Martin, Jessica Nicole
McGillvary, Brett A.*
McNamara, Taylor Jordan
Moseman, Melissa Sue
Munoz, Flor M.
Ort, Taylor James
Price, Allison Nicole
Quezada, Rebecca
Restivo, Lauren Nicole
Ricano, Crystal Lynn
Roberts, Jonathan A.
Ruffin, Jonathan Walter
Smith, Sumner Bradley
Sollars, Kilian L.
Stehle, Megan Lynn
Stepp, Daniel Bradley
Stimphil, Dimitri
Sutter, Madelynne Victoria Anne
Taboada, Adilene
Tarin Rodriguez, Katie

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

The College adopts the bear
as its mascot, inspired by
the brown bear atop Totem
Teddy, the totem pole sent
to campus by an alumnus in
1914. The totem pole was
repatriated to the Tlingit
people in Alaska in 2003.

Spring 2015 Commencement 23

Thomas, Anthony B.
Thompson, Andrew J.
Torres, Carlos L.
Valerio-Chaparro, Ivette
Weaver, Alyssa M.
Wilkes, Michael
Chartier, Erick
Hildenbrand, J Thomas
Junior, Carrington W.
English: Liberal Arts
Bailey, Samantha Morgan
Bernat, Emily Jean
Bomgaars, Kayla Marie**
Darnall, Betty M.
Downs, Sadie A.***
Entingh, Nathan Wayne
Gardner, Jacob
Gray, Zachary V.
Hang, Pangnha Elizabeth
James, Janae Diane
Lawless, Hannah E.
Lopez, Stefan Gianni
Miller, Meghan Ann
Miyamoto, Kailee R.
Muro, Denise Renee
Namchan, Monsinee
Provost, Stephen *
Schenck, Deanna E.***
Shepherd, Claire Cezanne
Sylvester, Nicole Darlene
Zeller, Brooke Ann
English: Secondary Teaching,
Secondary Licensure
Anderson, Tiffany M.
Barber, Holly E.
Byars, Amanda Marie***
Fairchild, Leah F.*
Fleming, Emma Esther***
May, Crystol Ann
Pineda, Paula
Rivard, Andrea Jozefa
Ross, Ashley J.
Rubbico, Zachary S.*

24 University of Northern Colorado

Foreign Language: French Liberal Arts

Davis, Rebecca L.
Eickelman, Kelsey Allison***
Fleming, Emma Esther***
Young, Alison Victoria
Foreign Language: German Liberal Arts
Temple, Connor
Geography: Geographic Information Science
Byar, Zach C.**
Carr, Winston
Flynn, Heather Elizabeth
Johnson, Fletcher Bond
Smith, Kristine M.
Tiscareno, Karen M.
Williams, Jenna Lea
Geography: Global and Area Studies
Clark, Jerri
History: Liberal Arts
Abbott, Kellie Jeanne
Benck, Zachary
Byar, Zach C.**
Cook, Corrin Jillian
Cranford, Mackenzie
Davies, Kristina M.
Griffin, Katherine Denise
Harmon, Robert Taylor
Harper, Collin W.
Hosier, Angela Michelle
Jackson, Amber Emily
Lutkin, Katalyn Ruby
Morrow, Paige Nicole
Neisen, Zachary S.
Perez, Daniel J.
Rios, David
Schwallier, Ashleigh Lynn
Wallace, Ethan Perry
Worden, Kyle J.
Yinger, Kyle J.
History: Secondary Teaching,
Secondary Licensure
Bolster, Amanda Elizabeth*
Devore, Kirk D.
Gray, Darian D.
Homack, Hannah Marie
Howerton, Emily Dawn

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Jackson, Cody James

Jarrell, Rhiannon Jean
Lee, Nathan R.
Mueller, Allysia Denise
Panza, Susan J.***
Thomas, Scott M.
Thorne, Sheryl Adams
International Affairs: Area
Abdullahi, Fardowsa M.
Barcenas, Karla J.
Fryrear, Jasmine Nicole
Hutchinson, Bria
Kessler, Myranda L.
Mack, Jamie E.
Muro, Denise Renee
Nyarko, Edith
Snyder, Allyson Rose Air Force
ROTC Commissionee
International Affairs:
International Political Economy
Marshall, Allison Nicole
Journalism: News-Editorial
Brug, Bryson E.
Evans, Suzanne
Hill, Antonio Walter
Pompey, Amelia A.
Scott, Jacob
Journalism: Public Relations and
Advertising Media
Brunelli, Miranda Autumn
Coleman, Eboni Bonee
Elkins, Michelle L.
Farmer-Waters, Alexandria
Foster, Shelby
Gregory, Jocelynn Tandy Denae
Harris, Janay Nicole
Holland, Robert
Kampfe, Makenna L.
Lee, Samantha
Macdonald, Amanda Michelle
Malonson, Sierra
Martinez, Paul A.
Mccrea, Mariah N.
Mulnix, Amanda Nicole

Ouellette, Lyndsi Michelle

Pennal, Aimee D.
Pylkka, Shelby Jean
Reuter, Dawn Marie
Reuter, Jacob M.
Rogers, Amanda Leigh
Stigall, Jennifer Kathryn
Vance, Logan R.
Journalism: Telecommunications
Brost, Hanna L.
Clem, Timothy Paul
Lehmeier, Craig Alan
Murray, Kayla Jo
Rodriguez, Jovany
Silva, Rosita M.
Sullivan, Kaitlyn Rainey

Construction begins on
Gunter Hall.

Philosophy: Ethics and Public

Leeper, Litsha Louise
Crawford, Ryan J.
Distefano, Anthony Thomas
Fujimoto, Corey James
Lalani, Rameez
Neisen, Zachary S.
Perez, Daniel J.
Rector, Jordyn V.
Political Science
Benck, Zachary
Borawski, Rexford James
Borrero, Holly Noelle
Cox, Keelin Lori
Crawford, Ryan J.
Cummings, Robert Akers
Distefano, Anthony Thomas
Johnson, Fletcher Bond
Kilimann, Zachary W.
Onorato, Amanda Nicole
Smith, Steven Alexander
Thomas, Kelsey Maria
Vaughn, Daymeon Dannel

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

February 1935
The State Teachers College
of Colorado becomes
Colorado State College of
Education, at Greeley.

Colorado State College of
Education President William
Ross acquires the 168-acre
Petrikin farm for the college,
more than doubling the size
of the campus.

Spring 2015 Commencement 25

Social Science: Community Engagement

Hernandez, Chelsea Lauren
Stone, Fallon R.
Social Science: Liberal Arts
Jakupcak, Mark A.
Pellman, Justin A.
Raimer, Lorenzo Anthony
Romero, Candise Jazmine
Social Science: Secondary Teaching,
Secondary Licensure
Crandell, Michelle A.
Law, Meaghan Therese
Lind, Allison Taylor**
Sociology: Applied Sociology
Beery, Leslie
Bridwell, Debra L.
Brookshire, Annette
Buzzard, Kayla
Dhungana, Prachi
Harris Jr., Clarence Van
Kipp, Lauren Ashley
Lacy, Patrick
Leslie, Sean Sayer
Lewis-Elliott, Mariah
Moreno, Brenda Elizabeth*
Ochoa, Gerardo
Peterson, Taylor Lynae
Phillips, Stephanie Erin
Read, Jody Marie
Rose, Genny Sue
Seibel, Maureen Elizabeth
Sepulveda, Janeen *
Smell, Adrianna Kristine
Tombleson, Shelly Lynn
Sociology: Family Studies
Bailey, Samantha Morgan
Forsting, Amanda
Hill, Katherine Marie
McCormick, Andrea Corinne
McRoberts, Rachel M.
Russell, Emily
Williams, Cymone A.
Sociology: Social Issues
Austin, Brittany Jo
Bitz, Shelby Lynn Rosalie

26 University of Northern Colorado

Borrero, Holly Noelle

Delancey, Kayla M.
Diaz-Bravo, Daniel
Friesner, Jennifer A.
Galindo, Jessica C.
Greenstreet, Rebecca Leigh
Jackson, Taylor Marie
Perez, Caroline I.
Perez, Jazmin Tamara
Willmarth, Lainee M.
Borga, Mariah L.
Labelson, Hannah Sylvia
McKown, Sara A.
Spanish: K-12 Teaching, K-12 Licensure
Bissett, Susan E.
Budde, Jacob Miles***
Pranger, Nicole Marie**
Soto-Marquez, Jose
Spanish: Liberal Arts
Ceh, Javier A.
Downs, Sadie A.***
Fix, Shanna Rose*
Hillier, Samantha Rose
Jurado, Alejandra
LeRoy, Christine *
Lundquist, Emily
Ordonez-Ortega, Perla K.
Selgren, Michelle T.
Turner, Brooke Rose
Vargas Ramirez, Francisco Javier
Varney, Lexie A.


Business Administration: Accounting
Alharbi, Khalid Khalaf
Arnold, Dalton D.
Casey, Christina R.*
Cenname, Hayley Suzanne
Churchill, Shea Michael
Counts, Ryan E.
Decker, Amanda
Egerton, Gina Kathryn
English, Jeremy Randall
Fadenrecht, Jessica Nicole
*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude
Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Hauschulz, Samuel ***

Hebner, Alexis M.
Henzgen, Thomas Conrad*
Hodgin, Reanna Elise
Jauregui, Angelica Maleny
Kupcho, Steven Michael
Laustrup, Morgan Christina
Lorenz, Meaghan E.
McCasky, Tyler D.
Mota, Luzemma
Neel, Jake*
Pickett, Jacob Todd
Sanchez, James E.***
Schmitt, Daulton B.***
Stephenson, John Michael***
Vandenbark, Jenna Anne**
Varela-Ortega, Erika *
Woodward, Zachary Austin
Wright, Heather Nicole
Zink, Haley K.
Business Administration:
Computer Information Systems
Adler, Garrett K.
Auyeung, Simon
Hoffer, Christopher Neil**
Kinz, Mark Roland
McDaniel, Adam S.
Neel, Jake *
Nishino, Tyler Tsutomu
Reams, Amy J.
Smooke, Samantha Bari
Weaklim, Brett
Business Administration: Finance
Arnold, Dalton D.
Barrett, Jacob William
Birney, Blaine Timothy
Bush, Benjamin Barber
Cardenas, Maria E.
Casey, Christina R.*
Counts, Ryan E.
Duncan, Sarah A.
Dunlap, Brian Patrick
Engels Jr., Joseph Peter
Ewertz, Tanner J.
Guerrero, Darian J.
Jark, Mitchell Alan
Laustrup, Morgan Christina

Lee, Stephanie Nicole

Matteson, Nathaniel James
Muns, Andrew John
Nash, Justin J.
Pawlak, Conner Thomas
Prevost, Dillon Wade
Quattromani, Jordan Kade
Morgan Medina
Shoemaker, Joseph C.
Sifuentes, Shelby Rae
Slota, Joseph George
Sutherland, Brent Samuel
Vandenbark, Jenna Anne**
Varela-Ortega, Erika *
Weeks, Michelle Brianna
Weigandt, Steven J.
Wheeler, Chase Dumont
Yamane, Ryan Norio
Ysmailov, Bektemir ***
Business Administration: General
Balderas, David Jose
Gomez, Ruby
Lujan, Nicholas R.
Mendoza, Jaylon Michael
Business Administration:
Abbott, Carissa H.
Aguirre, Karen
Baer, James Joseph
Barlock Jr., Wayne
Carrillo, Rodolfo Bryan
Castro, Katelynn R.
Cordova, Felicia Marie
Danner, Eric Christopher
Ellis, Daniel Ronald
Ellison, Tyler John
Fischer, Brian Charles
Florence, Tanner James
Henry, Robert Cecil
Herzog, Zachary F.
Hines, Stephanie Ann Air Force
ROTC Commissionee
Hosseini, Arian Baron
Jurado, Vanessa Jeanette
Keyfauver, Tanner
Layton, Chase Dea

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

February 1957
The Colorado State College
of Education at Greeley
becomes Colorado State

Greeley leader Judy Farr
brings together supporters
of the college to establish
the Colorado State
College Foundation, which
will become the UNC

May 1970
Colorado State College
becomes the University of
Northern Colorado.

Spring 2015 Commencement 27

Lieber, Garett D.
McGrath, Alison A.
McPherson, Tyler Richard
Mendez, Darian M.***
Morison, Chandler A.
Munoz Lechuga, Edith
Oakes, Alexis R.
Pepin, Alexandra
Roberts, Talon Jacquelyn
Roise, Sierra Kristine
Sawyer, Robert Joseph
Scammahorn, Janelle**
Smith, Tyler J.
Trefry, Mistie D.
Valdez, Carlos
Wegscheider, Chad Robert
Whye, Malcolm A.
Wolfe, Emily L.
Yeager, Michael
Business Administration: Marketing
Aguirre, Karen
Allen, April M.
Bistline, Whitney
Brennemann, Levi
Bukowski, Grant Jay
Carpenter, Kari Ann
Compton, Troy B.
Cook, Keith Anthony
Cook, Tyler Bradley
Cooper, Marissa Elizabeth
Drew, Michael Alexander
Durkin, Michael
Eastin, Alfred Shuji
English, Jeremy Randall
Galbate, Lauren
Gearke, Adam Paul
Gelski, Aspen
Gragg, Kristina Rae
Griffin, Kyle Devon
Grimes, Cameron John
Gross, Julia Marie***
Hammer, Christopher Michael
Hastings, Chris W.
Kiteley, Stefanie L.
Kolanowski, Alexander Steven
Neel, Rosemary Ann
Roise, Sierra Kristine
28 University of Northern Colorado

Sajbel, Megan
Travers, Taylor Jane
Vasquez, Yessenia
Ward, Kevin Harold
Webster, Calvin Copley
Software Engineering
Brooks, Zachary Thomas
Garner, Erica Rayeanne***

Athletic Training
Ashcraft, Taylor J.
Clark, Bryan M.
Curry, Alexandra Charlotte
Hibdon, Dusty E.
Kettner, Tyler S.
Kirkland, Crystal Ann
Obando, Marc Kristopher
Paul, Sarah Jean
Ratschkowsky, Jered Michael
Schilling, Leeah Catherine***
Audiology and Speech - Language Sciences
Akey, Rachel Marie
Atkin, Ashley M.***
Balkema, Jordan N.
Baxter, Mackenzie Rae
Conrad, Samantha J.
Dahlquist, Kaaryn M.
Friedly, Alexis Symone
Hickey, Kathryn M.
Hodges, Lindsey Renee
Jameson, Meredith L.***
Jarmon, Nakita Nichele
Lebrun, Bethany J.***
LeRoy, Christine*
Montgomery, Allyson D.***
Morales, Kayli Cherie
Muir, Rebecca Rae
Plummer, Sydney
Ramey, Lauren M.
Runyan, Kelly Anne
Smith, Kelly Lynn
Wolter, Casey Alexandra*
Wright, Mary E.

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Biological Sciences: Cell and

Molecular Biology
Benton, Tabitha R.
Bessett, Hannah N.
McGee, Erin Lynn
Biological Sciences: Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology
Brundage, Whitney A.
Byrne, Sean S.
Furr, Jesse Austin
Kirby, Kimberly
Murphy, Brennen A.
Pellow, Kevin P.
Peterson, Emily Jean
Skees, Megan Leeann
Taylor, Stacey K.
White, Cameron Marcis
Biological Sciences: Pre-Health
and Biomedical Science
Anderson, Kirstin Maree
Baker, Kayla Elizabeth
Benson, Emily L.**
Boren, Jason Paul
Castaneda, Ivette
Kennedy, Rana*
Lin, Annie
Miller, Andrew J.
Moorman, Devan
Otero, Paul Isaac***
Roberts, Nicole B.
Biological Sciences: Secondary
Teaching, Secondary Licensure
Baker, Alyssa Diane
Garren, Elizabeth K.
Mueller, Hannah Carlita*
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Kerr, Monica Anne
Chemistry: Chemistry
Barnett, Stefanie Danielle
Covelli, Daniel James***
Henson, Kyle Robert
Johnson, Patrick B.
Luna, Javier Alejandro
Rattanadilok Na Phuket,
Taprab, Natchanon

Yowell, Katelyn Rene

Chemistry: Forensic Science
Schiltz, Nicole Marie
Vidaurri-Hammonds, Tirzah
Chemistry: Industrial Chemistry
Pawlik, John Christopher
Chemistry: Pre-Health
Compton, Katelyn
Eickelman, Kelsey Allison***
Fujimoto, Corey James
Lang, Heather Denise
Lawler, Chelsea Amber
Redlinger, Benjamin Paul
Sanchez, Erin A.
Schleif, Melissa Kaitlyn
Temteme, Yohanes A.
Thorfinnson, Hannah Marie
Unrein, Amanda E.
Abramson, Kandice Hally***
Acott, Aeron Virginia
Andersen, Taylor R.***
Anthony, William Mark
Bailey, Andrea Lynn
Bailey, Katrina Lynn
Bellin, Ambree Christina
Blankenship Jr., Steven Frank
Ceroni, Melissa Ann
DAngelo, Jennifer
Eloe, Corey*
Gaines, Evan A.
Garske, Katie
Griebel, Adrianne Kate
Hughes, Melissa A.
Keyser, Robin L.
Kleinschmidt, Rebecca A.
Lofing, Amanda Leigh
Mayeda, Ryan
McDonald, Susan Marie
Mellen, Morgan Brooke
Neelands, Jennifer Louise
Preston, Kelley Reed*
Sells, Sydney L.
Spires, Theresa Marie
Szeto, Megan**
Trujillo, Marie E.

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

The UNC football team wins
the NCAA Division II national

The UNC basketball team
wins the Big Sky conference

Spring 2015 Commencement 29

Vicks, Virginie Carol

White, Toni Jo
Winder, Melissa Ann
Wise, Jessica Marie
Wood, Kristen Leann**
Yang, Helene
Earth Sciences: Environmental
Carstens, Jake W.
Griggs, Emma Christine
Earth Sciences: Geology
Dubbs, Shawn C.
Fitzsimmons, Ryan
Hart, Grady
Heesacker, Alice Eugenia
Malkey, Scott David
Stewart, Thor R.
Earth Sciences: Meteorology
Clark, Joshua Matthew
Foy, Phillip Joseph Air Force ROTC Cadet
Earth Sciences: Secondary Teaching,
Secondary Licensure
Al-Daghestani, Jamal Eddeen**
Human Services
Abdullahi, Fardowsa M.
Abraha, Illen Berhane
Alaniz, Moriah Mary
Alemayehu, Frehiwot H.
Alvarado, DeAndra Danielle
Anderson, Leah
Arguello, Karley Marie
Billinger, Breanna Jo
Brice, Megan A.
Brost, Hanna L.
Cooper, Ashley Nicole
DeHerrera, Dayna L.**
Enriquez, Monica Elianet
Grady, Isaiah M.
Greeley, Sarah Marie
Haile, Meron N.
Harris, Krystina Marie
Harris, Morgen Rose
Hershberger, Shaylinn P.
Johnson, Jasmine Rae
Lempka, Cassandra Rae
Luers, Jessica Michelle

30 University of Northern Colorado

Maddocks, Rose Marie

Martin, Jenna C.
Martinez, Lindsay Lee
Merle, Rebecca R.*
Meza Martinez, Mariana
Montes Carrera, Ivon
Murphy, Jami Ciera
Ngandu, Feza
Ohrablo, Bailee C.
Pina-Green, Martha Michelle
Rubeck, Taylor L.
Salgado, Bernadette
Schwandt, Kelly Kathleen
Shaffer, Dana Frances
Smith, Kaitlyn Mackenzie
Sponsler, Olga Sanchez
Thomas, Chelsie G.
Thomas, Gretchen Joan
Vasquez, Sylvia Katie
Walker, Denise K.
Wanty, Erin R.
Warburton, Ashley N.
Ward, Jodi Marie
Wisehart, Michelle Anne
Zeidler, Gabrielle R.
Mathematics: Applied Mathematical Sciences
Baller, Johnna Lynn***
Brinckerhoff, Kristin Jade
Davis, Dustin M. Army ROTC Commissionee
Worth, David
Mathematics: Liberal Arts
Anderson, Donovan A.*
DeJong, Julie A.
Fisher, Lindsey
Huth, Elizabeth C.
Khantichotiboriboon, Aritsara
Luengwattanachod, Natchuda
Myrant, Catrina Lee
Nueangmee, Panyawan
Schwartz, Jeremiah**
Sitthi, Sarocha
Vining, Deanna A.
Mathematics: Secondary Teaching,
Secondary Licensure
Finnegan, Molly E.***
Gillies, Audrey H.
*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude
Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Goss, Sarah Cathleen***

Harrison, Colby
Hawker, Courtney Danielle***
Johnson, Kayla Marie
Johnson, Keith Alan
Nothnagel-Smith, Alexandra
Penberthy, William John
Potter, Molly K.
Vegter, Mackenzie Anne
Welle, Patrick
Weydert, Jessica R.
Wyckoff, Melissa S.***
Alexander, Karen Ann
Allen, Haley
Alpeter, Jennifer Mae
Angell, Anna Marie
Archer, Caterina JoAnne
Barnes, Amiel
Beukelman, Stephanie Joy**
Boyle, Emily Christine
Braschler, Katie Marie***
Brodecky, Anita
Brower, Emily A.***
Clark, Casey ***
Cortez, Carlota Vizmanos
Davis, Amygrace**
Davis, Corinna Lee
Dressor, Torey Fawn*
Dunn, Seth Jordan**
Dunton, Christine Michelle
Erenberger, Shannen Marie***
Esch, Allison E.***
Feldman, Trisha Louise***
Fix, Shanna Rose*
France, Paisley
Gardzinski, Laurel Michelle**
Gault, Martha Flye Plumer
Goetz, William Tucker
Gordley, Jacey D.
Griner, Pamela Kay
Harrison, Kristen ***
Hatungimana, Renath
Herrera Hintz, Jessica Lee***
Higgins, Courtney Lynn
Hinker, Rachel Noel***

Hisam, Alison Ramona

Holte, Diana *
Ininns, John **
Jackson, Amy Deann***
Jewell, Ashley Nicole***
Johnson, Kate
Jones, Katherine G.
Kirk, Nadine S.*
Knudsen, Katie Anne
Kubikova, Jitka ***
LaGarde, Czarina Joyce
Lasala, Joseph M.**
Lelm, Victor David
Lencioni, Emilia Chapman*
Lewis, Danette Amanda*
Lordemann, Brittney *
Lowen, Arlinda Michelle
Lynch, Katelyn M.
Mansfield, Leah Louise***
Matthews, Frances Aurora
McDonald, Sonia Rasson
McNamara, Kathleen Ceili***
Messer, Kendall C.***
Metzger, Molly Michele***
Mills, Brooke P.***
Nafziger, Erica Jane-Kelly
Naumburg, Maria Fernanda***
Netzer, Kristen Espy
Ortiz, Rachel***
Parker, Scott
Parsons, Natasha Nichole***
Passmore, Kayleigh Jayne*
Pepin, Sarah Cathryn
Perrine, Bonita I.
Petersen, Katelyn Emily
Richard, Elizabeth M.
Ritter, Julia A.
Roberts, Ariana S.***
Rubenstein, Kadie***
Ruiter, Karlie Sara***
Sabin, Marissa L.*
Sager, Heather ***
Salts-Halcomb, Bridget Ann***
Schieffelin, Molly Belle**
Schuchard, Kathryn M.***
Skoff, Sara Wynn
Stamp, Christina L.***
Staszewski, Anna E.

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

UNC celebrates its 125 year

Spring 2015 Commencement 31

Svoboda, Catherine Leigh***

Tarma, Kelly
Torbeck, Alisha*
Tucker, Nicole Chelsea***
Van Amerongen, Amy R.**
Vasquez, Teresa
Westerhold, Erika Michelle
White, Kayleigh Nicole***
Wicke, Michelle N.
Williamsen, Alexandra Janae
Wilson, Christine Simone
Witwer, Jeannine Dawn
Wolfe, Latosha Lynn***
Young, Jade B.***

Whitson, Blaine Andrew*

Wicker, Anna Catherine
Willingham, Vanessa Kay

Aguirre, Brittany Y.
Beeman, Terri Lynn
Borunda, Perla M.
Brown, Julya A.
Carter, Josie Lynn
Clay, Allison Whitney
Cowan, Jessica
Davidson, Hannah M.
Dethlefs, Amy M.
Dorcey, Hannah N.
Forney, Luke
Forsythe, Veronica Lynn
Fulkerson, Julie Diann
Geiger, Heidi Jo
Heerdt, Jacob
Iorg, Stefani M.
Johnson, Katherine Ruth
Jones, Katherine G.
Mabrey, Penny E.
Matthews, Olivia Mary
McGann, Patrick Cullen
Mihaly, Alyssa M.*
Molina, Ashley Priscilla
Nadow, Kylie Nicole**
Papish, Kiera Lee
Reed, Lauren ***
Romano, Carlie Nicole*
Schuch, Kayla M.
Seidling, Sierra L.
Tillman, Melissa L.
Walters, Brittany Nichole
Whitley, Rachel M.

Physics: Liberal Arts

Schwartz, Jeremiah**

32 University of Northern Colorado

Physics: Astronomy
Higgins, Sean Gerard
Physics: Engineering Physics
Bekkali, Amber Sofia
Ismay, Lee Thomas
Paton, Michael Patrick
Rogers, Casey Dane**
Smith, Tyler
Stringert, Graham J.
Wood, John Alexander

Physics: Mathematical Physics

Anderson, Donovan A.*
Wadle, Josh T.
Weigle, Derek Arthur*
Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality
Capaldo-Smith, Maria Lisa
Carroll, Meaghan E.
Carson, Ryan
Contreras, Jasmine Monet
Copeland, Kimberly Anne
DeBartolomeis, Macy
Dufault, Julianne Caroline
Duffy, Mikayla E.
Floyd, Mackenzie E.
Gonzalez, Amada
Gregg, Rebecca Marie**
Guzman, Vanessa Dyanne
Hobbs, Alexandra L.
Hugues, Rebecca L.
Keirns, Margaret Jean
Kutt, Katelyn Marie
Laws, Conor S.***
Mcclendon, Shayna J.
McHenry, Molly Joan
Morean, Ashley Lynn
Newton, Kaley Michelle
Noonan, Aubrey L.
Pershing, Rachel E.
Reyes, Jarod M.
Schaler, Annelise
*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude
Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Shaw, Peter Mark

Skrdlant, Leslie A.
Tschida, Taylor Ann
Wilson, Austin Price
Wright, Benjamin D.
Yost, Sarah Maria
Sport and Exercise Science: Exercise Science
Abbott, Carissa H.
Abrahamson, Andrew J.
Aguirre, Brittany Y.
Balagna, Michael Thomas
Barela, Nalissa Renee
Bergman, Sharayah L.
Boese, Brenna M.
Brady, Baylee A.
Burke, Kellie Elizabeth
Burton II, Richard Edward
Carlson, Jordan Louis
Carman, Taylor Marie
Cler, Jennifer
Cooley, Amanda Carolyn**
Crites, Gerald D.
Curry, Alexandra Charlotte
Davis, Shae Lynn
Dee, Ryan B.
Donohue, Leah Marie
Emanuelson, Erica
Escher, Blaine Athony
Facinelli, Ryan Raymond
Figueroa, Rita Irene
Forward II, Marcus L.
Foster, Colten Thomas**
Gackle, Ryan M.
Gatewood, Christopher Justin
Gomez, Gabriella Laura
Gomez, Sarah Sprague
Gordon, Sherri
Grabanski, Kelsey Jade
Green, Morgan Whitney
Greenstein, Dillon Michael
Gregg, Rebecca Marie**
Hansen, Kathleen Antonia
Heerdt, Jacob
Hohmann, Joseph William
Hudson, Nicole L.
Jasso, Desarey Margarita
Johnson, Taylor I.
*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude
Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Jones-Hershinow, Carlie Rebekah

Kelly, Bryson Manning
Knigge, Kate
Lalonde, Amanda Rochelle***
Lee, Matthew W.
Lehmann, Amanda Lee*
Leidholt, John Tyler
Lind, Hilary
Lopez, Lazaro R.
Loughnan, Jordan Michael
Maira, Ashli N.
Mallon, Lindsay Ann
Meis, Jesse Michael
Moffatt, Sarah Jacqueline
Nagel, Amanda
Neurohr, Elyssa Hayley
Nichols, Aaron Michael
Ogurek, Jacob Stephan
OSullivan, James David
Padilla, Marcus Allen
Parson, Laura D.
Parton, David L.
Perdomo, Tommy L.
Pougnet, Brandon M.
Prochazka, Arianne Lynne
Ratliffe, Andre J. Army ROTC Commissionee
Robinson, Shanelle D.
Rogers, Thomas John
Sanchez, Cassandra N.
Schaefer, Chelsea Elise
Schleiger, Kazmarae Brynn
Smith, Dana M.
Stewart, Cameron W.
Svihovec, Tevin N.
Tallon, Isabeau Justine
Theune, Lauren V.
Thomas, Simms Anthony
Tracy, Ryan Scott
Trujillo-Bini, Joseph Elijah
Van Deudekom, Amber Janelle
Van Tine, Joshua Mark
Vaughn, Brandon Tyler
Vigil, Katie A.
Voight, Steven Patrick
Wahe, Katelynn N.
Walker, Jaqueal Demontrell
Walton, Chad
Williams, Korey RaShad
Spring 2015 Commencement 33

Yoshimura, Kristen R.
Yuhas, Morgan R.**
Zen, Melinda S.
Zuniga, Samuel R
Sport and Exercise Science: Physical Education
K-12, K-12 Licensure
Blankenship, Gage
Cassel, Andrew J.
Fillmore, Zachary J.
LaGuire, Carli**
Rodriguez, Derek A.
Stumpf, Corey M.
Sport and Exercise Science: Physical Education
Liberal Studies
Bushta, Curtis H.
Humphries, Michael
Olson, Cooper Wayne
Quedenfeld, Michael E.
Weed, Kevin Thomas

Art and Design: Art
Brus, Cate Marie
Cranwell, Erich M.
Crawford, Amy Michelle
Grimes, Cameron John
Hamman, Kendra A.
Harper, Lena
Koval, Olivia M.
Mai, Katelynn G.
Sanchez, Catalina Teresa
Sauer, Geoffrey L.
Art and Design: Art History
Copeland, Frederick Ian*
Dinkel, Chelsea N.
Art and Design: Art K-12 Teaching,
K-12 Licensure
Anaya-Tinajero, Jorge
Connolly, Amber B.
Davila, Lissabel
Englehart, Catelyn Brynn
Moltzan, Duane D.**
Mueller, Kimberly Hope**
Nevarez, Enrique Alejandro
34 University of Northern Colorado

Nistler, Todd Stanley**

Suarez, Kelsea Brook
Young, Vanessa Anne
Art and Design: Visual Communication Design
Armstrong, Halley J.
Barney, Summer Gayle
Boyd, Jonathan Kendal
Copeland, Frederick Ian*
Dee, Ryan B.
Dougherty, Brandon P.
Eden, Dave Anthony
Foy, Lindsey Christine
Guzman, Kenedi J.***
Jabour, Celia Joyce
Johnson, Laurin Nicole
Kim, Diana Eun Hye
Nakamura, Melissa Liane
Nicholson, Jordan Joseph
Romero, Joelle A.*
Sullivan, Thomas Arthur
Music: Business
Duran, Lilli P.
Grossman, Christopher Lawrence
Knock, Dustin Daniel
McNulty, Emily L.
Music: Composition
Evans, Abigail Christine***
Music: Instrumental Performance
Davis, Justin A.
Evans, Abigail Christine***
Handgen, Catherine M.***
Hickox, Alisa J.***
Javarone, Emily Margaret***
Peck, Landon Thomas***
Schairer, Joshua G.
Thorne, Brittany E.
Titus, Neal Duncan
Music: Jazz Studies Instrumental
Cozzi, Daryl Alfred
Hunt, Jenna Marie**
Parrish, Benjamin W.**
Rasmussen, Garet R.
Whitehead, Andrew

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Music: Liberal Arts

Brewer, Kara A.
Duchen, Natalie Michelle
Ferguson, Helena Rachael*
Griffin, Kyle A.*
Haro, Anthony Valentino
Music: Vocal Performance
Gustafson, Rachel Marie
Hoster, Rachel A.
Ortiz, Molly Terese
Music Education: Instrumental Music K-12,
K-12 Licensure
Elens, Sarah Ann**
Good, Jeffrey Grant***
Handgen, Catherine M.***
Rafferty, Matt C.
Vilanova, Susan Alexandra
Walter, Stephen Michael
Wiles, Carolee K.
Music Education: Vocal, Piano, and General
Music K-12, K-12 Licensure
Leake, Emma Hughes**
McKenzie, Susan J.
Yeldell, Stacie E.*
Musical Theatre
Corcoran, Jacob John
Dutmer, Jacob J.
Fuller, Allison Jeanne
Johnson, Emily Ann
Kincaid, Jessica Lynn
Lanning, Alexandra Aldcroft
Light, Jeremiah Edgar***
McKusick, Kristin
Perez, Andrew Robert*
Ruetz, Shauni Rosaria**
Shaffer, Brittany C.***
Sheehan, Conor J.
Taliaferro, Joshua Archer
Wilson, Adriane Leigh**
Wise, Jennifer Jean

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Theatre Arts: Secondary Teaching,

Secondary Licensure
Bott, Alycia Rene
Brath, Thomas Nelson
Cummings, Alexandra C.***
Ely, Skylar Russel
Hulett, Taylor V.
Theatre Arts
Alpers, Luke Edmund
Alverson, Sarah Jane
Bell, Austin Edwin
Belt, Blair Alizabeth
Berghoff, Christopher D.
Briqueleur, Dasha Ann
Burnett, Sienna Meadow
Cournoyer, Megan Marie**
Fischer, Matthew D.
Foote, Katherine Elizabeth*
Fries, Douglas J.*
Garneau, Desiree D.
Haberman, Nicole Renae
Hanna, Alexander Edward
Heffernan, Margaret A.
Jensen, David Calvin***
Kittelman, Lauren Anne
Kjeldsen, Katrine R.
Lederer, Charles Arthur Pearl
Light, Jeremiah Edgar***
Mann, Gabrielle M.**
McCleskey, Chelsey Caitlin
McLinden, Darian Victor
Meyer, Matthew L.
Montoya, Krista Marie
Olivares, Wendy
Parson, Alec*
Qualey, Emily Marie
Simon, Andrew Marc
Taggart, Zachary K.
Tripam, Matthew William
Van Leeuwen, Landon Z.
Whitten, Devin Ashley

Spring 2015 Commencement 35

Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Bender, Bethany
Chacon, Samantha Ann
Fahrenbruch, Melissa Jo
Florence, Justin*
Kowalski, Lauren
Magnetti, Joseph Peter
Petersen, Tori S.
Salmans, Sontasia Kaylee
Schenck, Deanna E.***
Schmidt, Geoff Barton
Skees, Megan Leeann
Tornow, Bradley Christopher
Wiggins, Kristan Marie*

36 University of Northern Colorado

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Honors Program

Anderson, Donovan A.
Physics: Mathematical Physics
Mathematics: Liberal Arts
Honors Thesis: Gelelectrophroesis and Locating
Quantum Dimers
Advisor: Ruwang Sung
Anderson, Kirstin Maree
Biological Sciences: Pre-Health and Biomedical
Honors Thesis: Relationships and Communication
between Physicians and Refugee Patients
Advisor: Jill Bezyak
Byars, Amanda Marie
English: Secondary Teaching
Honors Thesis: Accessing Poetry in a Global Age: An
Applied Pedagogical Assessment
Honors Advisors: Jeraldine Kraver and Lisa
Cooper, Nicole D.
Communication Studies: Human Communication
Honors Thesis: Relationship between Communication
Conflict Knowledge, Gender Roles, and College
Student Domestic Violence
Advisor: Melissa Donley
Downs, Sadie A.
English: Liberal Arts
Spanish: Liberal Arts
Honors Thesis: The Role of Adults in Young Adult
Dystopian Fiction
Advisor: Margaret Berg
Eickelman, Kelsey Allison
Foreign Language: French Liberal Arts
Chemistry: Pre-Health
Honors Thesis: Synthesis of dibenz[c,h]acridines as
potential G-quadruplex ligands
Advisor: Michael Mosher

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Harvey, Sara Lynn

English: Liberal Arts
Honors Thesis: Feminism in the Hunger Games
Advisor: Kristin Bovaird-Abbo
Hodges, Lindsey Renee
Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences
Honors Thesis: Creativities Effect on Communication
Disorders: Increasing the Expressive and Receptive
Communication Skills of Preschool Aged Children
with Delayed Language Development through
Creative Expression
Advisor: Lynne Jackowiak
Jones, Lindsay Elizabeth
Interdisciplinary Studies: Elementary Teaching
Honors Thesis: Oral Traditions in the Yucatan
Advisor: Deborah Romero
Jones-Hershinow, Carlie Rebekah
Sport and Exercise Science: Exercise Science
Honors Thesis: Recovery Ability after Perturbation
in Relation to Core and Lower Extremity Strength
Advisor: Jeremy Smith
Kennedy, Rana
Biological Sciences: Pre-Health and Biomedical
Honors Thesis: The Role of zfh-1 in Epithelial to
Mesenchymal transition
Advisor: Judith Leatherman
Leake, Emma Hughes
Music Education: Vocal, Piano, and General
Music K-12
Honors Thesis: Teaching Cultural Music in the
Advisor: Janice Dickensheets

Spring 2015 Commencement 37

Miller, Meghan Ann

English: Liberal Arts
Honors Thesis: Writers in the Wild: A Stylistic Study
of Major Nature Writers in the English Literary
Advisor: Lahcen Ezzaher
Mueller, Hannah Carlita
Biological Sciences: Secondary Teaching
Honors Thesis: Secondary Science Pre-teachers
Understanding of English as a Second Language
(ESL) student and accommodations
Honors Advisor: Rob Reinsvold

Rubbico, Zachary S.
English: Secondary Teaching
Honors Thesis: Graphic Novels in the Classroom
Advisor: Jeraldine Kraver
Sanchez, Erin A.
Chemistry: Pre-Health
Honors Thesis: Undergraduate Students Experience
with Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Advisor: Susan Hutchinson

Muro, Denise Renee

English: Liberal Arts
International Affairs: Area Studies
Honors Thesis: Attitudes and Perceptions about the
English Language
Advisor: Whitney Duncan
Neel, Jake
Business Administration: Accounting
Business Administration: Computer Information
Honors Thesis: Modifying Internal Revenue Code
25B to Encourage Household Retirement Savings,
Stabilize Long-Term OASDI Finances, and Improve
the Political Environment Entailing Social Security
Advisor: Janel Greiman
Price, Nicki R.
Interdisciplinary Studies: Elementary Teaching
Music Education
Honors Thesis: Reaching and Teaching Children
with ADHD in a Public Mainstream Elementary
Advisor: Kim Creasy

38 University of Northern Colorado

*Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude ***Summa Cum Laude

Presidents Leadership Program Honors Program

Board of Trustees

Richard Monfort, Chairman, Greeley

Paul Washington, Vice Chairman, Denver
Anthony Salazar, Denver
Kevin Ahern, Denver
Christine Scanlan, Dillon
S. Kato Crews, Monument
Kelly Johnson, Parker
R. Vishwanathan Vish Iyer, Faculty Trustee
Julie DeJong, Student Trustee

Spring 2015 Commencement 39