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Oregon Women's Health
And Wellness Alliance

February 5, 2010
State Capitol, H 278
12 – 1 PM

I. Introductions – Full room again! 27 people attended, including Reps Tomei, Doherty,
VanOrman, Dembrow

II. February Session Bills Update

- HB 3623, Human Trafficking: James / Rep. Barton
Bill passed unanimously through House Human Services Committee and Rep. Barton
will carry it on the House floor early next week. They’ve asked it go to Sen.
Morrisette’s Human Services committee. They plan to request Gov signing ceremony.
Rep. Tomei indicated Gov is more willing to do it when requested by constituent too.

- HB 3631, Prohibition on insurance discrimination for victims of Domestic Violence: Rep.
Bill passed unanimously through House Human Services Committee and Rep.
VanOrman will carry it early next week on the House floor. They’ve requested it be
sent to Sen. Monnes Anderson Health Committee. Had good supporting testimony
from social workers (Maura), OMA, AAUW, and others

- HB 3625, Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month: Rep. Tomei
First bill passed by the House!! Carried by Rep. Tomei. Has been sent to Sen. LMA
Health Care Committee, and will have hearing on Thursday, Feb. 11

- SB 1032, BPA Ban in Children’s Products: Andrea Salinas/ OEC or Jill /Sen. Dingfelder,
Margi Hoffman
Good press conference on Thursday with lots of coalition partners speaking. Still got
done in 15-20 minutes. Great!
Hearing on Thursday, lots of strong testimony, and expect bipartisan support.
Big snag though. WIC food program formula comes in cans, likely containing BPA, so
HUGE fiscal ($19 M). Will eliminate the can provision, leaving it just baby bottles and
sippy cup types. Next up on 2/9 in Sen. Dingfelder committee
Also, Rep. Tomei has backup bill filed in House in case it’s necessary.

000. Well. Issue is funding. match) to cover the program at its current funding level until June 30th 2010. Regan Gray/Children First No stand alone bill. Looking to incorporate that age group into Healthy Kids so that funding can come through provider tax. couched as job issue for low income workers and as self-sufficiency program Will cost $16M to continue program through 09-11 biennium Rally on Tuesday. hearing scheduled for Tuesday. Rep. total for both bills)…Due to the budget shortfall neither passed.. In 2009 Sen. Rosenbaum introduced two bills. 12-1 in the Galleria.000. . Dingfelder “Unlikely alliance” of supporters-. . There currently is not a bill for the February session to address this problem. Lung Assn. After that the program is facing a shortfall of over $200.000 (ACS is does not anticipate being able to contribute anything next fiscal year) which will further reduce the number of low income women who can be screened and treated through this program. Rosenbaum The OBCCP is funded 100% by outside organizations. realtors. 2/9. Right now funding for the OBCCP comes from outside organizations. either with display and/or 1page letter of support.Breast and Cervical Cancer Program Megan/ Sen. in Sen. The number of women who are eligible for screening is over 55. about $450.000 a year – this number will drop further if we do not find money to make up the loss. focused on residential property. SB 891/892 that would have allocated general fund money into both the screening and treatment parts of this program ($8mil. The ACS reduced their funding from $200. encourage organizations to participate. if not supporting at least not opposing.000 to $40. Expect to move the bill through House Health Committee on Monday. Kotek and Sen Shields to speak. we are currently screening approx.Regan Gray / Children First Good hearing and support.000. the State does not put any money into this program.Employment Related Day Care Meghan Moyer/SEIU.000 for this fiscal year – A reduction of $160. to W&Ms SB 1025 Radon bill: Jill/Sen. Bonamici’s Consumer Protection Committee DV/SA Workplace policies – Sybil Hebb/ Oregon Law Center Continue to talk about employer training and policies surrounding domestic violence and workplace.Others? HB 3664 Medical coverage for foster kids 18-21 . with Speaker Hunt. just part of budget rehaul Going well. Debbie/Tomei will get OWHWA fact sheet ready for Tuesday .Homebuilders. two of the top contributors are Komen and the American Cancer Society. Last fall we discovered that the American Cancer Society had to reduce the amount of money they contributed to the OBCCP. 6. DHS has pieced together enough money/state match (they receive a 3:1 Fed.

SEIU (likely representation) and Home Care Commission. Good words from Kristen Leonard – I’ve been coming to these meetings for years and how wonderful it is to see such a large group and that we’re accomplishing so much. DHS. and others. get free stuff. including BOLI. First meeting will take place soon. AG.womenshealth. to determine what should be done to respond to DV workplace violence incidences. Judiciary. All in the name of “jobs” Next mtg. Dembrow Home Care Worker bill Expand workers covered under Home Care Commission to include those who work with DD clients. DV/SA has concerns with the ways it’s currently written. Things have really changed from the old days!!! Caution from Marcia Kelly – Issues always come down to funding and I’ve just sat through hours of testimony about increasing or instituting new tax credits. in House Human Services Committee with work session scheduled next week. Noon . as before.OWHWA. will ask for Gov proclamation May 9-15 as Women’s Health Week. News: Governor will convene a small HB 3618 – Rep. stakeholders working together include DD community. to register events. Feb 12. Has hearing 2/9 in Sen. Want to amend bill so that repeat DV/SA offenders can’t be included in this diversion. Good support for that amendment. National Women’s Health Week – Julie McFarlane May 9-15. Hopefully that will include legislative ideas for 2011.H278 . Also small grant funding is available. most important aspect is to get these workers included in workers’ comp program. Will post link info to the OWHWA website www. National website www. Debbie/Tomei. SB 999 – Sybil Hebb This bill makes veterans eligible for certain diversion programs instead of incarceration.