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Leadership Groups: Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership role Overall responsibility Preparation Action Moving on

Community keepers Bring in the practice of the • Plan for visiting the booths and • Look through booths for patterns • Prepare a plan for including all
participants and their diverse prepare your wiki space to and bring in the voices of voices into the unfolding of the
voices contain your summary people not at the workshop initiative
• Divide labor • Create a summary on the wiki
• Give a reflection of the day on
Wednesday morning

Social reporters Create collective memory of the • Prepare a plan for creating a • Capture stories through • Consider how to extend the
event contributing to a self- collective summary of the event snapshots, insights, interviews collective memory for further
representation of the community including tools needed via text, photos, video etc. and activities/events
• Review agenda for moments to present on Friday
capture stories and insights • Give a brief summary of day
before at morning session from
the perspective of the

Agenda activists Develop the learning agenda of • Discuss the role of table host • Host discussions about learning • Review and consolidate
issues and activities to move the and of facilitator of small group agenda in the café prioritized issues into learning
practice forward discussion, including note-taking • Lead conversations about types agenda
of activities and timeline for • Prioritize and plan activities on
addressing priority issues the time-line
• Summarize these conversations
on the wiki

Critical friends • Prepare for collecting feedback • Run reflection and feedback • Consolidate feedback into
Carry out ongoing reflection and from participants, including activities suggestions and
feedback to drive the self-design people who just came for the • Capture feedback on the wiki recommendations for future
morning presentations activities and events

Institutional brokers • Prepare Moodle or other online • Prepare on the wiki a table of • Plan for how the community will
Maintain the interface between spaces that will be an interface constituencies and interactions interact with stakeholders and
the workshop/community and with the wider UNITEC with them sponsors moving forward
UNITEC stakeholders community • Give a brief summary of day • Consider the role of the
before at morning sessions from institution in enabling further
the perspective of institution activities/events

Community Coordinators Workshop, UNITEC 2010

Etienne Wenger and Beverly Trayner