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Office of the Attorney General 2§March 2014 Joshua Grainger By email fy-request4B4-d14b7deS@requests fyi Dear Mr Grainger I reterto: ‘+ your request under the Official Information Act for the titles and dates of al reports the Attomey-General has received as Minister responsible fo the Crown Law Office since the begiming of 2012; + our correspondence of § September 2012; and your subsequest complaint to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman has requested that this office release to you the tiles and dates of ll eports received by the Attorney as Minister Responsible for the Crown Law Office inthe period covered by your request. I append alist. The list does not include the dates an titles of briefings the Attomey received as Senior Law Officer. | understand the Ombudsman has contacted you about this response and I copy this response ‘ohim, Yourssincerely for . JN. Christmas Senior Advisor ce: Professor Ron Paterson ONZM Ombudsman Pre Hag 1801, Paunent Bulngs Welingon 6160, New Zeslind.Toephone 64 4517 6808 Face 64481 508