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*Social networking website used to connect and share with

audiences online. Connecting and sharing are important to
successfully engage with audiences online.

Quick facts about Facebook users

74% of online adults use social networking sites

o 71% use Facebook
936 million daily active users on average as of March 2015
1.44 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2015
46% are over 45 years+
22% 35-44 years
57% users have college or university education
Facebook users are more trusting, have closer relationships and get
more support from their social ties on Facebook
Facebook users are used to GETTING more than GIVING
Women make more status updates and contribute more content on
Facebook than men
o Women make 21 Facebook status updates vs. men making 6 in a
one-month period
There is little evidence of Facebook fatigue
o Length of time on Facebook is not associated with decline in
Facebook activity
o The more time someone has used Facebook, the more frequently
they engage with others on Facebook

*Information from:

How to create a photo album on Facebook

Click the Add Photos button in the upper right corner of the screen
Select picture(s) you would like to add
Write a title for the album in the Untitled Album field in the upper left
corner of screen
o Short and descriptive title
Click Select Photos to Upload

How to create an event on Facebook

Click Events in the left menu of the Facebook homepage
Click Create in the top right
Fill in the event details
o Name, details, location, time, title
Click Create

How to post a photo on Facebook

Go to the album you would like to add photos to
Select Add Photos in the top right
Select the image files you would like to upload
o Add caption under each photo before uploading
o Short caption, describing the photos to Facebook users who may
not understand the context of the photo

How to post a status update on Facebook

Click Update Status on your News Feed OR Status on your Timeline
(Homeward Bound Pets Facebook page)
Click box to beging writing
Hit Post when you are ready to submit status for all to see

How to post a video on Facebook

Click Photo/Video at the top of the Homeward Bound Pets Timeline

Click Upload Photos/Video
Choose file you would like to add
Write short description of video
Hit Post when you are ready to submit

How to tag other organizations/people on Facebook

Using the @ symbol followed by the organizations handle (name) will
allow you to tag that user directly. They will be notified that you have
tagged them.

How to promote your page/post

Go to post youve created and select Boost Post in lower-right corner
Choose audience and budget based on how many people you would
like to reach and how long you would like to boost post
Select Boost Post

You can boost any status, photos and videos you post on your
Facebook page
When you boost a post, it will appear higher in News Feeds to
increase the chances of your target audience seeing the post
o If you dont boost your post, people will still see it! Boosting
posts simply increases likelihood of people seeing post

Use a Call to Action
o i.e. Help Homeward Bound Pets save lives. Donate today!
Use a great hook
o Answer the question Whats in it for me? Make the post
relevant to users with a message that will encourage them to

o i.e. Every dollar counts. Do your part to help Homeward Bound

Pets save the lives of animals throughout Yamhill County and
become a Homeward Bound Pets special donors circle

Add photos or videos to make the message stand out visually

Ask users to share your message on their own Facebook pages
Try new things to test results! If something doesnt work the first time,
try something new and compare your audiences engagement
Link for more information on boosting posts:

Facebook analytics/page insights

Analytics/page insights provide Homeward Bound Pets with data that
can help your organization identify engagement and help you make
strategic social-media decisions
To find it
o Click Insights at the top of your Page
Here you can view metrics about your Page by clicking the different
sections at the top of the page (i.e. Likes, Reach, etc.)

How to use Facebook Insights to improve your Page

Insights can help you understand how people are engaging with your
You can view metrics about your Pages performance, see which types
of post receive the most engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares, etc.)
and see data about when your audience is most active on Facebook

o Look at each post within the last week to see which ones have
received the most likes, comments and shares

o Use this information to figure out which types of posts receive

the most engagement (do posts with photos or videos receive
more engagement? What about when you include a link to the
Homeward Bound Pets website?)

Link for more information on analytics:

Facebook best practices for nonprofits

1. Have an eye-catching cover photo and profile picture. Visually
appealing photos and designs can draw in your audience and increase
the chances of people liking your page
2. Photos pictures frequently with posts. Posts with photos typically
receive the most engagement when compared to stand-along posts or
posts with links and videos. Feel free to use videos and links when
applicable, but when in doubt, go with a photo!
3. Pin to Top popular updates. To raise awareness about a particular
event or topic, select the Pin to Top option in the right-hand corner of
your post under the arrow.
4. Have multiple admins for your page. This will help Homeward
Bound Pets from losing access to its page, as well as encourage
multiple admins to post regularly on the page.
5. Add Facebook events as they happen throughout the year. This
will raise awareness among your target audience about the events,
increasing the chances of people attending. When fans Join an event,

they are notified about the event the day of to act as an additional
reminder to attend.
6. Like other organizations status updates: Flattery goes a long way
on Facebook. Liking other organizations posts will help make them
notice Homeward Bound Pets, increasing the chances of users
following Homeward Bound Pets.
Every other day take a few minutes to like 5-8 posts posted by
other organizations you follow
7. Share at least 3-4 times a week: To gain followers, Homeward
Bound Pets must be active on Instagram. If possible, feel free to post
more often!
8. Respond to comments/questions from users. Sometimes people
will post on status updates with either questions or comments about
the content youve shared. Make sure to respond in a thoughtful way to
show Homeward Bound Pets cares about its audience.
9. Get personal: show the behind-the-scenes experiences of Homeward
Bound Pets with followers. This will help your target audience feel more
connected to the organization and part of the HBP community online
and offline
Follow other organizations: Follow other nonprofits, shelters,
local businesses and even personal accounts to grow your online
Show the impact Homeward Bound Pets has: Show through
photos and descriptive captions WHY people should care about
Homeward Bound Pets (i.e. photos of animals finding their Forever
Highlight the volunteer aspect of HBP: Volunteers play a
large role in running and maintaining Homeward Bound Pets. Post
photos of volunteers working at the shelter, during a fundraiser or
playing with animals to thank your volunteers while showing how
valued they are
Have fun! Facebook is a creative social media platform with a
ton of potential for Homeward Bound Pets. If you ever feel
overwhelmed, just remember: its just a photo!

Facebook best practices for raising donations

1. Promote fundraising events: When Homeward Bound Pets is
involved in a fundraiser, create an event on Facebook! Encourage
followers to either attend the event or give them other options of ways
to give back (i.e. donating online)
2. Thank your donors: Be sure to ALWAYS ask for permission before
posting donors names online. This is a great way to show Homeward
Bound Pets gratitude while also showing the need for donations to
keep the organization running

Organizations to follow on Facebook for inspiration:

1. TED -
a. Short, descriptive captions with engaging content
a. Wonderful profiles of people around the world with engaging
hooks (sentences that get users to keep reading and/or click
the link they have attached)
3. NPR -
a. Informative and witty posts
4. Oregon Humane Society -
a. Oregon Humane Societys social-media campaigns encourage
others to engage with them online by asking questions and
posting useful information with adorable animal pictures
5. Humane Society of the United States
a. This organization posts relevant content and has several great
contest ideas
6. World Wildlife Fund -
a. WWF takes national holidays to promote its photos and

7. St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital

a. Profiles of children and engaging status updates make this
page fun to read
8. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
a. ASPCA asks engaging questions, shares relevant content and
responds to its followers online
9. PetCo Foundation -
a. PetCo uses relevant hashtags, shares informative content and
posts engaging videos and photos