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Marketing Plan

1.0Executive Summary
ACS(Arora cold storage), a leading cold storage facility provider in Delhi has
decided expand in the whole of India in the next 5 years. They would like to be
represented in a store would be 50 square feet or more. It also aims to follow a
strategy of market expansion by way of going to villages which are electrified.
The displays in the store would be up for sale and also for lease. These would be
available for a select few cold storage food items.
2.0Situation Analysis
Already have a base in Delhi and want to expand in the whole of India. The
previous experience can be an asset for them. Also since it is a B2B product,
the positive WOM(word of mouth matters a lot)
2.1Market Summary
Market for frozen goods is expected to increase. This is because of two reasons.
One, there is an increase in disposable income of goods and hence they can both
afford and demand such kind of foods. Second, there is a sociological shift in
stance which allows people to consume non-vegetarian items, this essentially
means the cash registers are set to ring.
2.2 SWOT analysis
Previous experience in Delhi
Strong plan of expansion in all over India with a stipulated time
No heavy expenditure required for advertising, major selling via
sales calls and positive industry connections
Tough to expand in a country as diverse as India. Would be
hampered by way of cultures, languages and ethnicities
Leasing would be difficult to monitor all over India, would require
lots of managerial efforts
Lack of awareness in states other than Delhi can also create a
problem in negotiation of deals
Diversify the product line they want to act the intermediary of, this
helps to gain advantage over competitors
Concentric diversification into having full-fledged stores of their own
Diversifying into storage of medicines
Duplication of technology by store owners and developing their own
cheaper alternatives

2.4 product offering

Cold storage racks, either leased or sold
Intermediary for certain line of frozen foods
3.0Marketing Strategy
3.1 Objectives

First year objectives- build upon the contacts of Delhi to reach other
states of north India. The immediate target states should be
Haryana(by way of targeting Gurgaon) and Uttar Pradesh(by way of
targeting Noida)
Second year objectives- Cover rest of north India. Consistent
performance with existing buyers would be the key to expansion
Third year objective- Cover the rest of India. This can be done via
sales calls both real and virtual. For trial a few vendors can be
provided the facility for a trial period
Fourth year objective-disciplined follow up of each and every lead.
Reasons to be studied for both successful and unsuccessful ones.
This will help us to enhance our product offering
Fifth year- put the learning of the last year into action. Consolidate
relations with the buyers. Also look to expand beyond India.

3.2 Target customers

Looking to target all stores both in urban and rural set up with an area of 50
meter square(it can also set its eyes on a tie up with a chain of stores)
3.3 Positioning
Will have to position themselves as market leaders in this business as far as
Delhi is concerned. It has to be backed by sound credentials and a diverse set of
finance options to lease or sell their product making their proposition attractive
3.4 Strategies
Product- it will be offered with the feature of customization. A small
dedicated team will also look after the installation of the cold storage in
the store
Pricing- will be offered with various finance options for both sale and lease.
Other than that the company can have tie-ups with a select few banks
Promotion and marketing communication- Done majorly via sales calls and
positive word of mouth
Distribution- will have an online portal for ordering. Will provide cold
storage as and when the orders arrive. Will outsource the transportation
and warehousing when the order comes from state where the
manufacturing plant of the company is not located on a contractual basis

3.5 Marketing Research

Will have constant feedback from the store owners, this will be done by a visit by
a company personnel every 15 days to know what other firms are offering. Also
testing of competitors products in labs to keep an eye on any product innovation
5.1 Implementation
A 24x7 call centre which will help store owners to put grievances
forward. This will be outsourced
Weekly monitoring of the reports from the call centre
Intensive lab testing of the cold storages before they leave the
manufacturing plants door
5.2 Marketing Organization
Shivani Aggarwal

Chief Managing officer

Ashish Jain

Labour and Employee


Karishma Khatri

Quality manager

Looks after overall
decision making in the
Looks after the concerns
of the people working in
the organization
Oversees the inputs from
store owners