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Heart and Soul Reiki

LightWorker Series

System & Manual by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon

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Heart and Soul Reiki (LW Series)

The founder of this - and many other systems is my friend
Alasdair Bothwell Gordon from Aberdeen in Scotland, a part of
the United Kingdom. He graduated in Law and Divinity of Edinburgh University and was an ordained Minister of the Church of
Scotland and served in that capacity for 11 years. He is also
ordained by the Universal Life Church and World Reiki Ministries
but like myself - seldom use the Reverend title.
After 1998 Alasdair worked as Personal Development Tutor in
a vocational training centre for people recovering from brain
injury. His interest in NLP arose when he first undertook Life
Coach training with Kadmon Academy, London. He subsequently
completed the full Practitioner award with NLP Highland at
Aberdeen at the end of 2005. Alasdair has a life-long interest in the therapeutic uses of
hypnotism and hold a number of qualifications in that area.
Alasdair is a Registered Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a published author
of student textbooks in Scots Law. He was honoured to be elected as a Life Fellow of the World
Guild of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellors in 2008.
Alasdair has been into Reiki for a number of years and have taken attunements to many systems.
He also have channelled some attunements of his own - the Hands of Jesus being the most widely
know and translated to several languages. He is also a busy manual writer having written a lot of
manuals to the the LightWorker Series
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Heart and Soul Reiki

We all know what it means to put our heart
and soul into something. Yet it is a concept
that defies close analysis when it comes to
defining exactly what we mean.
Even in popular understanding, the heart is
more than a pump that sends blood through
the circulatory system. The heart is a
symbol of positive emotion. Valentines
cards are frequently decorated with
hearts. Cupid sends his arrows to the
heart! Someone who has suffered a great
loss or a betrayal is described as being
broken hearted.

It is, of course, fascinating to think

exactly where our emotions are seated.
We experience them physically in
different ways, not just a fast beating
heart but sometimes flushed faces,
shaking hands and butterflies in the
Whilst conventional medicine has
tended to separate physical from mental and assumed that the brain is the
only repository for feelings and memories, complementary medicine has followed the traditions of the ancient world
and seen the links between body, mind
and spirit. There have been documented
examples of patients receiving a heart
transplant and subsequently inheriting
memories or tastes from the deceased
To speak about the heart is to speak of our
emotions, feelings, loves and deepest-held
beliefs. To put ones heart into anything implies
a major commitment of ones whole being.
The soul is possibly even more difficult to
define in a few words. According to many
religious and philosophical traditions, it is the
element of being self-aware or conscious, of
being me, that is unique to each and every
human being. It has an existence that is
independent of the body and survives death.
Within these traditions, the soul is perceived
as the inner essence of the person. In many
traditions, the soul is considered to be not only
immortal but also pre-existent. Even within the
great religious traditions there are wide
variations of opinion as to what exactly happens
to the soul after death.

The purpose of offering Heart and Soul Reiki is not, however, to enter into a
philosophical or theological debate. There are others, much more gifted than me,
who can take you in that direction.
I want to depart from definitions and concentrate more on understanding. We each
know what we mean by heart and soul, even if it difficult to express these words
more exactly.

The Three Levels

Heart and Soul Reiki includes three
attunements. They can be given at
the same time and then received in
stages, or they can be given on
different days. There are no rigid
rules being imposed. It is probably
an advantage to have taken Usui
Reiki at least up to Level 2, but this
is not a precondition. Nor is it
necessary to take all three levels of
Heart and Soul Reiki.
Please use the energies and work with them in the ways that seem right to you.
That is the whole point of energy work. However, in order to pass on the Level 2
energies, I would ask that you only do so if you are attuned to Master / Teacher
This is not a self attuning system. Masters and Teachers may, if they wish charge a
fee or negotiate some other form of energy exchange.
The manual may be passed on freely to students but without modification or
alteration unless with the specific agreement of the founder.
Throughout the manual, he includes she and his / him includes her.

Level 1 Attunement Dealing with the Past

What happened to the enthusiasm that we used to have? It is easy to lose the
idealism of youth. We tend to live in a cynical age in which people seem to take
great delight in rubbishing one another. A glance at the popular press or television
confirms this. And when people rubbish one another, by implication they rubbish
Do you find it hard to maintain your enthusiasm even towards tasks that your head
tells you are useful and laudable? You want to put your heart and soul into
something but you feel held back.
First question is to ask yourself if you actually kno w what is causing the blockage.
Never mind the logical and cognitive processes at the moment. Use your intuition.
If you are accustomed to meditating, this may be a great help. In the western
world, we have got ourselves into the habit of not listening to our own inner voice or
always giving it second place to reason and logic. You want to know if your heart
really is in this task, relationship or opportunity.
If your heart is not in it, think very carefully before moving further.

If your heart is in it, but there still seems to be a block, it may be a deeper matter.
It may your self confidence or self esteem. It may be that little voice from the
past telling you all the things you cannot do. Now is the time to release whoever
first imposed these limitations on you. Let them go, with your blessing. People do
the best they can and whether it was parent, teacher or other authority figure,
they almost certainly believed they were doing the right thing at the time or
perhaps they were just having a bad day. You do not have to bear them an ongoing
grudge but neither do you need to keep buying into what they said.

One of the most important factors the great world religions share is the worth of
the individual. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, Gods people are the apple of his
eye. In the Christian tradition, even the hairs of our head are numbered.
Now, go back in time to something that you
know you put your heart and soul into in the
past. It need not be earth shattering, but
it was important to you at the time. Go
back into these feelings and re-experience
them. Then see, in your minds eye, a small
speck on the horizon. It is gradually moving
nearer. It looks like a golden cloak. It
comes nearer and gentle wraps itself round
you. The sensation is very pleasant and
comforting, like a warm blanket. You feel
the reviving power and your enthusiasm
begins to rise.
Stay in that place for as long as you want, then thank the cloak for the power and
comfort it has brought. The cloak will gently leave and disappear behind you.
For some people, receiving Level 1 is all that is required.

Level 2 Attunement Using Level 1 with Others

This is practitioner Level, allowing the recipient to guide a client through the simple
process. Level 2 should be passed by a teacher who is attuned to Master / Teacher
level in Heart and Soul Reiki.
If passed person-to-person, I recommend that the teacher stands behind the
recipient and place his hands lightly on his shoulders and then, similar to level 1:
invite the recipient to identify what may be holding him back
invite him to send forgiveness and release to people from the past who may
have given negative messages
take him through the routine of the cloak visualisation.
The attunement is over usually in a few minutes.
If the attunement is taken at a distance, the recipient should sit comfortably in a
chair and affirm, either mentally or out loud, that he is ready to receive the
attunement from [name of Master].

Level 3 Attunement Master / Teacher

This level is only necessary if the recipient
intends to pass Level 2 to others. Someone
who holds Level 2 is already a practitioner
and able to pass Level 1.
There are no specific instructions. If the
attunement is in person, I recommend that
the Master place his hands on the recipients
shoulders (as for Level 2) and simply invite
him to receive Heart and Soul Reiki to the
level of Master and Teacher.
The attunement is over usually in a few
If the attunement is taken at a distance, sit
comfortably in a chair and affirm, either
mentally or out loud, that you are ready to
receive the attunement to the level of
Master and Teacher from [name of Teacher].
Disclaimer: All complementary and alternative therapies should be used with
common sense. None of the procedures described above is meant to be a substitute
for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or care from your medical practitioner. If
you are currently taking medication or undergoing any other treatment prescribed
by a medical doctor or psychiatrist, please do not stop taking or using it without
your doctors specific advice and direction. If you have any concerns regarding your
medical condition or the suitability of any alternative or complementary therapy for
your condition, please speak with your doctor first. No responsibility is accepted
for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of
any information contained in the manual. It is assumed that anyone requesting this
attunement is at least 18 years of age and, by making such a request is deemed to
have warranted accordingly.
Alasdair Bothwell Gordon
Aberdeen, Scotland (UK)
Copyright Alasdair B. Gordon 2008