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Citrix Network Manager for MetaFrame XP for Windows, Feature Release 2

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(c) 2002 Citrix Systems, Inc.
May 2002
Where to Find Documentation
System Requirements
Usage Notes, Restrictions, and Known Problems
Finding More Information
Where to Find Documentation
The Administrator's Guide for Network Manager is in an Adobe(R)
Portable Document Format (PDF) file named Network_Manager_Guide.pdf
in the \DOCS directory of this CD-ROM. To view this document,
use Adobe Acrobat(R) Reader. The Acrobat Reader is available
for free from Adobe's Web site at
System Requirements
The requirements for MetaFrame XPe servers that are to use the
SNMP agent are the same as MetaFrame XPe with the addition of
Microsoft SNMP services. Microsoft SNMP services are included
with Windows but not installed by default. See Installing the
Microsoft SNMP Service in the Network Manager Guide for
instructions on installing Microsoft SNMP services.
Network Manager supports the following SNMP management consoles:
* Tivoli NetView 6.0 for Windows NT (with Service Pack 5 or higher)
or Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 1 or higher).
* HP OpenView Network Node Manager 6.2 for Windows NT (with
Service Pack 5 or higher) or Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 1 or higher).
* CA Unicenter TNG 2.4 for Windows NT (with Service Pack 5 or higher)
or Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 1 or higher), using
either the 2D or 3D WorldView.
The Agent Common Services and Windows NT Enterprise Manager must be
installed, and the Security Management (secadmin) and trap
daemon (catrapd) agents must be active. The Distributed State
Machine (DSM), Enterprise Manager, and WorldView can be installed
on separate computers.
Usage Notes, Restrictions, and Known Problems
This section includes important last-minute information.
Object appears in Unplaced Objects (Unicenter TNG 2.4)

-----------------------------------------------------When you install the Unicenter Network Manager plug-in, an object is created in
Unplaced Objects. Do not delete this object as doing so will cause TrapDialog to
stop working.
If you prefer to move this object rather than leave it in Unplaced Objects, use
Design Mode to move the object into the correct place under the Unicenter Server
's icon in the WorldView map.
If you need to recreate the icon (for example, if you have deleted the object):
1. Uninstall the Network Manager Plug-in.
2. Discover the server and make sure that it appears in the map.
3. Install the Network Manager plug-in.
4. If required, move the object to its correct place according to the above ins
Network Map Not Updated (Unicenter TNG 2.4)
-------------------------------------------When a MetaFrame server is discovered the server is not re-classified as
a Citrix server in the TCP/IP Network map.
This does not affect the operation of the SNMP management console and
you can still drill down to the Citrix submaps from the TCP/IP Network map.
Truncated names for MetaFrame XP server farm and zone names
----------------------------------------------------------CA Unicenter may display truncated names when you use long server farm
names or zone names on MetaFrame XP servers.
This limitation comes from the inability of the Unicenter API to handle
data of over 30 bytes.
Upgrading the Unicenter plug-in from MetaFrame Feature Release 1
--------------------------------------------------------------If you have installed the Unicenter plug-in that was included with
Feature Release 1 and want to upgrade this to the Unicenter
plug-in included with Feature Release 2, you must first uninstall
the Unicenter plug-in for MetaFrame Feature Release 1.
Upgrading the Openview plug-in from Feature Release 1
----------------------------------------------------If you are using the Openview Network Manager plug-in included with MetaFrame
XP, Feature Release 1 and want to upgrade to the plug-in included with MetaFrame
XP Feature Release 2, you should uninstall the Feature Release 1 plug-in before
installing the plug-in for Feature Release 2 or both plug-ins will appear under
Add/Remove Programs.
Using Unicenter plug-in on French/Spanish Operating Systems
----------------------------------------------------------The user name "Administrator" is hard coded into the Unicenter Management
console and this can cause problems on a French or Spanish operating system.
If you are using a Unicenter management console with a French or Spanish
operating system, you can use the English version of the Network Manager plug-in
for Unicenter. However, to use the plug-in you need to set up an account called
"Administrator," which has full administrative privileges.
Enabling/Disabling the SNMP Agent from the Citrix Management Console
-------------------------------------------------------------------If you change the "Enable SNMP Agent on All Servers" setting in

the Citrix Management Console, make sure the servers are operational.
If a server is down when you change the setting, the new
configuration is not used when you restart that server.
If a server is not using the correct configuration, apply the setting
again in the Citrix Management Console and click OK.
Finding More Information
Citrix provides technical support primarily through the Citrix
Solutions Network (CSN) channel partners. Please contact your
supplier for first-line support, or use Citrix Online Technical
Support to find the nearest CSN partner.
Citrix offers Online Technical Support Services at
Online Technical Support Services include downloadable ICA
clients, Frequently Asked Questions, service packs, an Online
Knowledgebase, and interactive online support forums.
Network Manager is certified as ca smart. See the ca smart Web site
at for more information.