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House. No. 799, Street. No. 8, Model Town Humak, Kahuta Road,
Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan
E-mail:, Mobile: +92 301 525 7995

To get a position in challenging environment of agricultural sciences or related field where I can
be committed to the work assigned, integrated with team spirit and learn new skills.

Academic Professional Qualification:

Ph.D. Agriculture, (Specialization in Plant Pathology and Disease Resistance of Vegetable
Crops) (2010-2013). Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing,
P.R. China.
M.Sc (Hons) Agriculture (Plant Pathology) (2003-2005). PMAS- University of Arid
Agriculture Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture (Plant Pathology) (1999-2003). PMAS- University of Arid
Agriculture Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Awards and Distinctions:

Awarded fully funded scholarship for Ph.D. studies in well reputed Chinese Higher
Education Institution by Chinese Scholarship Council from July, 2010-July, 2013.

Awarded travel grants for Ph.D. studies from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
in 2011 and 2014.

1. The University of Poonch, Rawalakot, AJ&K, Faculty of Agriculture,
Department of Plant Pathology. (4th Nov 2013- 3rd Nov 2014).
Worked as Assistant Professor (IPFP)
The core responsibilities were to take the regular classes and supervise the students of
Department of Plant Pathology for their research projects of undergraduate program.
Following are the subjects I taught in this University:

Molecular Plant Pathology

Beneficial Microorganisms
Methods and Techniques in Plant Pathology
Soil-borne plant pathogens and their management

2. Ministry of Food and Agriculture, National Agricultural Research Center

(NARC) Islamabad, Pakistan (July 2008 to October 2010).
Worked as Plant Pathologist.
Project entitle:
The main responsibilities include:

Established contact with international organization such as AVRDC (Taiwan), TGRC

(UC-Davis, California), PGRC (Canada), IPGR (Bulgaria), for germplasm acquisition
of all vegetables and Queensland Australia for the acquisition of propagating material of
mango and citrus to improve fruit repository in Pakistan.
Arranged trainings programs in AVRDC regional centre at Bangok, Thailand for the
public private partners to strengthen and improve vegetables hybridization program in
Arranged trainings programs for public and private partners in vegetable hybridization
program within Pakistan.
Diagnosis and curing of diseases and insect pests of summer and winter vegetables
Nursery raising and seed production of all seasons vegetables
Experience of screening disease resistant varieties, determining variability in pathogens,
management techniques for fungal, bacterial, nematode and viral diseases.
Data collection and compilation of morphological traits of vegetables, and disease
scoring for plant pathogens.
Data analysis and Report writing.

3. Crop Diseases Research Program, National Agricultural Research Center,

Islamabad, Pakistan (April 2006 to June 2008).
Worked as Research Associate.
Project entitle:
The responsibilities include:

Survey and sample collection of citrus decline orchards in Punjab, Pakistan.

Identification and characterization of microorganisms (fungi, nematodes, viruses,
bacteria and mycoplasma).
Used all plant pathological techniques for identification of microorganism and their
Assisted the students in other research projects such as Kernal Bunt disease of wheat,
citrus canker and its management.
Data collection, analysis, interpretation and report writing.

Conferences and Workshops:

Attended Sino Dutch Bioinformatics Mission on Big Data, March 17-24, 2012,
Institute of Vegetable of Flower, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing,
Attended Conference on Agricultural Food Security and Climate Change 9 th to 11th
September, 2014. The University of Poonch, Rawalakot. AJ&K.

Attended APEC Agricultural Technology Transfer Forum and 4 th China Advanced

Agricultural Technology Exhibition November, 23-25, 2011, Beijing Friendship Hotel,

Attended Workshop on TYLCV in tomato, 30th November -1st December, 2011.

Zhengdu Seed Co, Shanghai, China.

Attended and awarded certificate on successful completion of a practical training

course on vegetable seed production and diseases identification from 30 th March-3rd
April, 2009, Under PSDP funded project of Ministry of Food and Agriculture,

Attended and awarded certificate on successful completion of training program on

project management, vegetable seed production, hybridization, crossing block,
certified fruit plant nursery production and identification of diseases and their control
from 26th October-1st November, 2009, Under PSDP funded project of Ministry of Food
and Agriculture, Islamabad.

Attended and awarded certificate on successful completion of training program on

hybrid seed development and seed production from 10 th -13th May, 2009, under PSDP
funded project of Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Islamabad.

Technical Expertise:

Isolation and identification of fungal, bacterial and viral plant pathogens.

Diagnosis of plant diseases and seed production of all vegetables.
Management strategies to control plant diseases.
ELISA techniques.
DNA and RNA isolation from various plant samples.
Gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA.
RT-PCR and simple PCR techniques.
DNA molecular marker techniques (RAPD, CAPS, SSR).
Reverse transcription and cDNA synthesis.
Primer designing softwares.
Statistical analysis software (SAS and SPSS).

Computer Skills:

Microsoft office.

Internet surfing.

Language Skills:

English (Excellent Proficiency in Writing, Spoken, and Listening)

Chinese (Good Proficiency in Spoken and Listening)

Personal Synopsis:
Father Name: Sajjad Hussain Shah
Date of Birth: 11th April, 1979.
Marital Status: Married
Passport No: NZ5149891

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Abd-ur-Rehman Khalid, Syed Riaz Ali Gardezi, Muhammad Shehzad, Sayed Rashad
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Research Work:
Ph.D Agriculture thesis entitled Age-related resistance against late blight (Phytophthora
infestans) and the role of phytohormone signaling pathways in Ph-3 based resistance in
M.Sc (Hons) Agriculture thesis entitled Pathogenic Variability and Screening of Local and
Exotic Cultivars of Chickpea against Aschochyta blight (Aschochyta rabiei).
B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture written research report entitled Evaluation of 30 genotypes of wheat
against powdery mildews (Erysephe graminis).

Prof. Dr. Riaz Ali Gardezi
Chairman, Department of Plant Pathology
Faculty of Agriculture,
The University of Poonch, Rawalakot, AJ&K. Pakistan
Tel: 0092 334 507 2613
Prof. Dr. Du. Yongchen
Director General
Institute of Vegetables and Flowers,
Chinese academy of Agricultural Sciences,
No:12, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District,
Beijing, 100081, P.R China
Tel: 0086 10 82109515