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Natural resources

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Locations. People.
Performance. Projects.

Education. Leisure.
Offices. Retail. Sport.
Sustainability. Telecoms.

Airports. Ports.
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Transport. Water.

Mining and metals.

Oil and gas.
Renewable energy.

Issue 01 | 2013

In this issue

04 Business news

12 Adding airport value
Supporting airport development in Oman
and Dubai International Airport expansion.

Another step up in the US

A year since Turner & Townsends strategic expansion on the US east coast,
the New York team is 25 percent larger, and now the business is growing
again with a major step up in resources and a new base in Colorado.

05 Success in New York

08 Green building

MetLife and Tiffany & Co appointments

highlight the value of a global network
delivering world-class services wherever
clients need it.

Siemens global property portfolio sets

a new green standard.

09 Englands soccer home

13 Five years on

St Georges Park hits the target.

Heathrow Airports Terminal 5 revolutionised

major construction projects in the UK.
Now Terminal 2 is following in its footsteps.

10 Tomorrows showroom


Audis new digital showroom creates

the ultimate car buying experience.

Seaport transformation plan for Durbans

former airport site.

07 The clients view

11 Middle East milestones

15 Birmingham boost

Bharti Airtels Ashish Mehrotra shares his

experience of delivering a groundbreaking
network experience centre in India.

Dubai office supports Tiffany & Co

expansion. Waterfront masterplan takes
shape in Abu Dhabi.

Triple transport boost set to unlock

additional economic growth in the UKs
second city.

06 360 service
Indias leading telecoms business invests
in all-round customer support.


Issue 01 | February 2013

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02 inform

A new port for Durban


Natural resources
16 Beneath the surface

The bigger picture

Diamond-mining operation a first for India;

project updates from Peru and Australia.

Welcome to the first issue of inform. In a business

growing as fast as ours, it can be challenging to see
the bigger picture and on the following pages we
are pleased to share the latest news relating to our
people, projects and performance around the world.

17 New era of offshore gas

Pioneering the development of offshore
gas fields. Greater cost certainty for oil
and gas projects in Oman and Australia.

18 Testing the waters

Tax incentive boosts North Sea oil and gas.
Malaysias Petronas breathes new life into
offshore oilfield. Another UK dash for gas?

Our one business model enables us to add value

for our global clients across a range of sectors. This
synergy is certainly working in India where we have
recently won our first mining contract in the country
(page 16). We also recently celebrated the launch
of a groundbreaking network experience centre in
Manesar for telecoms giant Bharti Airtel (page 6). Their head of real estate and facilities
management, Ashish Mehrotra, explains why these are exciting times for Indias real
estate sector on page 7.
2012 was undoubtedly challenging for the industry, and we werent alone in looking for
opportunities to extend the reach of our services into both emerging and more mature
markets. Just over a year after our successful merger with New York-based Ferzan
Robbins & Associates (page 5), our US presence has been further strengthened with
the establishment of Turner & Townsend Larkspur in Denver, Colorado. Our acquisition
of conceptual estimation specialists Larkspur Associates will greatly benefit our global
clients across the mining, oil and gas sectors (page 4).
You can keep up to date with all of our news on our website or by following us on Twitter
(@turnertownsend). I hope you find inform of interest and I would be keen to hear
what you think.

Business news


Worldwide senior appointments. Latest

awards and community partnerships.

Vincent Clancy
Chief Executive Officer
Turner & Townsend


Join the team at MIPIM

Meet the team at MIPIM, and read the

latest insights into commercial performance,
hotels and auto retailing in Asia.

The View from The Shard

There are few bigger pictures than
the panorama of London that visitors
to The View from The Shard can now
enjoy from its newly opened viewing
platform. A 310m vertical city,
The Shard is the tallest building in
Western Europe, and the most visible
element of the much wider London
Bridge Quarter vision that Turner &
Townsend is helping Sellar Property
Group to deliver.

The View from The Shard

inform 03

Business news
Global reach

Another step up in the US

Turner & Townsend has acquired
Colorado-based Larkspur Associates LLC.
Larkspur has a track record of excellence
in preparing conceptual and detailed
estimates for projects in a range of
industries in the US, Canada, Mexico,
Latin America, Australia and Europe.
Their expertise has played a key part in
the planning of major projects in the oil
and gas, chemicals, power, and minerals
industries. Larkspur also provides
scheduling and cost control support
throughout a projects life cycle.

Turner & Townsend Larkspur LLC will

continue to serve clients from Denver,
Colorado (pictured), under the direction
of Larkspurs Chris Walker, Bryan Thurlow,
and Robin Feder.
Were looking forward to combining our
front-end expertise with Turner & Townsends
unparalleled programme management
pedigree, said Turner & Townsend
Larkspur LLC Director, Chris Walker.
Together we will be able to offer clients a
comprehensive solution, from conceptual
estimating to final project close-out.

The addition of Larkspur will

substantially strengthen our
offering in the US. We work with
many of the biggest players in
the mining, oil, and gas sectors
who will benefit from this
added expertise.
Turner & Townsend CEO, Vincent Clancy

The Hague doubles

strength in Netherlands
Among the latest Turner & Townsend
offices, a new base in The Hague
doubles the companys presence in the
Netherlands. Alongside an existing base
in Amsterdam, the new office strengthens
support for global clients particularly in
natural resources, but also provides a
platform for the business to expand in all
key sectors in the country.

A first in Oman

Uganda hub serves East Africa

A new office in Oman underpins the

companys rapid growth in the Middle
East. The new Muscat base enables the
business to extend a full range of services to
clients investing in the regions key growth
areas. These include utilities infrastructure,
airports, tourism and leisure, and
commercial and residential construction.

In a landmark move, a new Turner

& Townsend office has been
established in Kampala, Uganda.
The company opened its first
overseas office in Johannesburg
in 1982 and now operates from
seven bases across South Africa,
Botswana, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

Oman has a growing economy

and a visionary development
strategy. The new office
reinforces our long-term
commitment to the region and
were looking forward to adding
value to many other projects and
programmes here.
Oman Country Director, David Frizell

04 inform

The business has been supporting

public and private sector investors
and delivering projects in Uganda
and Tanzania since 2005.
The new Kampala office creates
a hub for the companys growing
workload across what the World
Bank described in 201011 as the
improving business environment of
the East Africa Community.

Ugandas Minister of Trade and Industry, the

Honourable Amelia Kyambadde (centre) with
Turner & Townsends Elizabeth Natukunda
(left) and Ian Donaldson, Managing Director,
Africa, at the opening of the new Turner &
Townsend office in Kampala.

Business news

New York

Turner & Townsend currently has

six offices providing a full range of
services to clients in the US, five in
Canada and one each in Brazil, Chile
and Peru. Further expansion in the
Americas is planned in 2013.

Turner & Townsend

begins the new year

MetLife crowns a great year

One of the worlds leading insurance companies, MetLife, has appointed
Turner & Townsend Ferzan Robbins to its North America project
management framework. Coming at the end of the first year of the merger
between Turner & Townsend and New York-based Ferzan, Robbins &
Associates, the appointment underlines the strategic value of this union.
With over 70 people in New York
alone, the team will continue to play
an important part in the success of the
business not only in North America,
but in many other parts of the world
too, says Peter Ferzan, co-Principal.
As part of Turner & Townsend, we
can deliver services and support here
for multinational clients, and a growing
number of existing clients, like Tiffany
& Co, can take advantage of our
global network in the Middle East,
Latin America and Asia.

Although it is early days for this

particular appointment, says John
Robbins, co-Principal of the New York
office, it demonstrates that major
clients such as MetLife, who have
a portfolio of over 1,900 properties
worldwide, appreciate the value of a
consultancy with roots here in New
York that can also give them the
same standard of dependable service
wherever in the world they need us.
The MetLife framework appointment is
the latest success in a first year that has
seen the New York office grow by 25
percent, and has fully integrated Ferzan,
Robbins & Associates into the fastexpanding Turner & Townsend business
throughout the Americas.

3,100 people
in 76 offices across
32 countries

Success in Brazil
Turner & Townsends So Paulo
office is celebrating its first
anniversary and an exceptional year
for the business throughout Latin
In the year since it was established,
the team in Brazil has grown
from four to 20 people, serving a
growing client base including Anglo
American, BP, Barclays, Chevron,
Nissan and Shell.

After the storm

Founded in New York in

1863, The Metropolitan Life
Insurance Company today
serves 90 million customers
in more than 60 countries.

New York connections lead to multinational Tiffany & Co appointment > page 11

Although not directly affected by

Hurricane Sandy last October, the
New York team is committed to
contributing to the massive rebuilding
and restoration work now underway.
The business has pledged its support
to San Francisco-based Architecture
for Humanity in their quest to realise
projects, including the creation of
new housing for the estimated 20,000
people whose homes were destroyed
by the storm. They also hope to
rebuild public school athletic facilities,
and address greater long-term
resiliency for area construction overall.

inform 05


A 360 vision of customer service

Bharti Airtel is one of the four largest mobile phone
service providers in the world, with over 259 million
customers in 20 countries throughout Asia and Africa.
At peak times the company connects six million
voice and five million data customers concurrently,
and handles over 80 billion minutes of voice and
24 petabytes of data traffic every month.

Leading Indian telecommunications
giant, Bharti Airtel, has set a world-class
benchmark with the inauguration of
its new Network Experience Centre in
Manesar, near Delhi.
The 15,000m2 earthquake-proof facility
houses one of the worlds largest LED
audio-visual walls at 335m2, allowing

Helping out at the Daya

Vihar Orphanage
The companys Mumbai
office dedicated their
volunteering days during
Turner & Townsends global
Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) Week in October to
redecorating communal spaces
at Daya Vihar Orphanage.
The team also held a number of
fundraising events to help the
orphanage buy food and clothing,
and pay school fees.

Airtel to monitor all its mobile, landline,

broadband and other telecoms services
to 200 million customers across India and
southern Asia, from this single location.
The new operations centre will enable
Bharti Airtel to provide a seamless,
best-in-class service to customers
across the region, and the flexibility to

set the pace in the introduction of new

technology such as 4G.
For Turner & Townsend, the Airtel centre has
allowed the team in India to demonstrate
a wide range of expertise in project, cost,
ICT and construction management in the
delivery of a technologically intensive and
demanding project.

New managing director for India

Mark Richards has been appointed
Managing Director for India.
Previously Kazakhstan Country
Manager, Mark takes over the
100-strong India team from Robert
Hewitt, who established the first
Turner & Townsend office in Mumbai
in 2007, and who moves back to
the UK after a bumper year for the
company in Asia which saw revenue
increase by 30 percent to 16.6m.

I inherit a strong client base in India and a highly motivated

team, and I am excited about working with them to develop
our business in the coming years.
Global appointments > page 19

06 inform


Ashish Mehrotra

Head of Real Estate & Facilities Management, Bharti Airtel Ltd

In a country famed for its prowess in IT and outsourced services,

Ashish Mehrotra has always been passionate about more tangible
things. A civil engineering graduate, he has worked in infrastructure
for more than 15 years. His career has taken him to projects in
the UK, Mexico, China and Dubai. Now based in Gurgaon in his
native India, he is Head of Real Estate for one of Indias leading
telecommunications companies, Bharti Airtel.

What is your main

motivation in your career?
Throughout my career, Ive
relished the challenge and reward
of producing things that people
can see and enjoy. There is no
more immediate way to improve
peoples lives than by improving the
buildings they live and work in.

What qualities does

this work demand to be
Ive worked across a range of
sectors, from hotels to IT and
now telecoms. Im convinced that,
whatever the project, wherever it
is, a few things remain constant in
real estate hard work, attention to
detail, flexibility and the desire to
deliver the best are essential traits.
Ours is a demanding and
competitive industry, and if your
skills are superficial you wont last
long. Ive always found my core
knowledge of engineering to be a
huge asset, and it has underpinned
much of my work.
Understanding the fundamentals
of a project is vital, as is a cool,
methodical brain. Management
skills are important too, but they are
best acquired through experience.

Are there any challenges

in delivering a major
infrastructure project that
are specific to India?
Real estate in India poses its own
unique set of challenges. Most
projects here involve an army of
small, niche contractors as the
large, consolidated firms so common
in the West are largely absent.
A detailed knowledge of the supply
chain is essential, as is good risk
management. Foreseeing and
preventing risk is crucial in India,
and suppliers often need extensive
stewardship to ensure they perform
as expected.
Official bureaucracy and contractors
delivery times can be unpredictable,
making an experienced and
pragmatic project manager truly
Telecoms are at the heart of Indias
impressive rate of growth, but the
countrys patchy infrastructure risks
holding back progress. Fortunately,
the drive to improve it is beginning to
bear fruit.
These are exciting times to be
involved in Indian real estate the
energy and enthusiasm are infectious
as the sector does its bit to help the
country achieve its potential. I am
proud to be part of it.

inform 07

Sustainable buildings

Siemens sets a new green standard

In March last year, the new Siemens headquarters in Moscow became the first LEED Goldcertified office building in Russia. It also won a Green Office Award at the PROEstate 2012
International Real Estate Forum in St Petersburg a clear sign of the countrys growing
commitment to sustainability. A year earlier, Siemens City in Vienna became the first office
building in Austria to win LEED Gold certification, thanks to energy-saving measures which
have reduced the buildings CO2 output by 1,000 tonnes a year.
Turner & Townsend is proud to have helped deliver Siemens sustainable goals in both
projects, and in the creation of the Siemens Crystal in London last year. A global showcase
for sustainable design and construction built on a former dockyard site in the East London
Green Enterprise District, the Crystal is a flagship project for the regeneration of the area
and embodies all the principles of urban sustainability that it is promoting. It has been
designed as an all-electric building using solar power, ground-source heating and LED
lighting. It burns no fossil fuels, recycles harvested rainwater, and provides electric vehicle
recharging points for visitors and staff.

The Crystal is on
course to achieve
LEED Platinum and
BREEAM Outstanding

Chevron aims for Green Star 4 in Cape Town

Energy giant Chevron has appointed
Turner & Townsend as principal
consultant to help achieve South
Africas Green Building Council
Green Star 4 sustainability rating
for its new head office building in
Cape Town. Located in the Century
City central business district, the
8,500m2 buildings design includes
a 200m3 sub-basement stormwater

08 inform

storage tank that will provide

enough clean water for the Chevron
building and its neighbour, and
an air-conditioning heat recovery
system that will meet all hot water
requirements. The specification
includes hi-tech glazing to prevent
solar heat gain and a digital lighting
system to optimise energy use.

The buildings design includes

a 200m3 sub-basement
stormwater storage tank
that will provide enough
clean water for the Chevron
building and its neighbour.


Global office
Two new clients have appointed Turner
& Townsend to help manage the fit-out
of new premises as part of their own
expanding global networks.
Leading US law firm, Reed Smith, is
relocating to new offices in Sowwah
Square on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabis
new purpose-built central business district.

England football centre hits the target

The English Football Associations
(FA) new 105m national football
centre is off to a royal start as the
new training base for all 24 England
football teams.
Opened by the Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge, the 330-acre parkland
centre provides a full range of stateof-the-art training and residential
facilities, including 11 full-size
outdoor pitches, an indoor pitch, a
world-class medicine, rehabilitation

The team in Moscow is project managing

the fit-out of multinational advertising
and marketing consultants Young &
Rubicams new headquarters in the
prestigious Olympic Hall Business Centre.

and performance centre, and two

hotels offering a total of 228 rooms,
managed by Hilton.
Appointed as project and cost
managers in 2010, Turner &
Townsends goal was to make
the difference to English football
by delivering St Georges Park
on time and on budget. This was
achieved, helping to create an
early celebration of the FAs 150th
anniversary in 2013.

Sport and leisure

HQ completion for
Barclays in So Paulo
Based on a successful track record of
office project delivery in North America,
Barclays has given Turner & Townsend
the opportunity to project manage the
completion of their new Latin America
head offices in So Paulo.
Taking the reins from the previous
project managers, the So Paulo
team linked the US-based project
management office team effectively
with local contractors to successfully
complete the 4,600m2 project.

Environmental reporting
goes global
As part of Turner & Townsends
commitment to practising what
it preaches, the company has
extended its environmental reporting
The business is aiming ultimately
to measure, monitor and reduce
the carbon footprint in all its offices
across the whole Turner & Townsend
global network.

Building new islands for

the UKs busiest zoo

Scotlands new arena ready for

With 1.4 million visitors a year, Chester

Zoo is already the most popular wildlife
attraction in the UK, but it is now embarking
on the first phase of a development
programme that will elevate the 78-year-old
zoo into one of Europes largest wildlife
conservation and leisure attractions.

A long-term client, Chester Zoo turned

to Turner & Townsend for project
management and construction design
management coordination (CDMC)
advice for the complex process of
planning the development programme.
With planning secured, the company will
now help deliver the 30m Islands phase
transforming an unoccupied part of
the estate into a series of subtropical
islands to provide a natural habitat for
endangered species including Sumatran
tigers and orangutans.

Construction is ongoing for completion

in July 2013 of the 85m new events
arena that Glasgow is adding to its
highly successful Scottish Exhibition
and Conference Centre (SECC) on the
banks of the River Clyde. The Foster +
Partners-designed 12,000-seat arena is
the biggest facility of its kind in Scotland
and the only venue of this scale in the
UK built specifically for concerts and
sports events including the 2014
Commonwealth Games.

2014 Commonwealth Games

The Hydro will add yet another dimension

to the SECC, complementing the Clyde
Auditorium, also delivered by Turner &
Townsend. It is also expected to increase
the economic benefits generated by the
SECC, which currently attracts more than
1.5 million visitors a year.

inform 09


Audi pioneers the digital future

Audi set a new auto retailing benchmark with the launch of their
Digital City in London last July.
Instead of a traditional 4,000m2 showroom, Digital City offers
420m2 of interactive digital screens in a 650m2 city-centre site
that allow customers to create and experience a personalised,
virtual reality Audi from 3.5 million possible combinations of
model, engine, specification and colour.
For Turner & Townsend, the commission to provide cost and
project management and construction design management (CDM)
coordination services on this 165m project was an opportunity
to take a huge step into the future of retailing with the client.

Digital City is the prototype for 20 similar showrooms Audi plan

to establish in major cities around the world. Next stop: Beijing.

Audi Digital City is very much a

leap into what retail is set to become
in the next four to five years.
Chris Burke, Director, Turner & Townsend

Maserati fast-tracks in China

Asia sets the global pace in car sales

While car sales in Europe and the US remain sluggish, sales in China, India, Indonesia,
and Thailand have gained pace. In 2009, China overtook the US to become the worlds
largest automotive market and has continued to grow ever since.

One of the worlds leading supercar

brands is rolling out a network of
new retail facilities in China and has
appointed Turner & Townsend to
manage the programme over the
next two years.

Despite a recent drop in global car sales, the overall outlook for the automotive sector
remains positive. Sales of new vehicles are expected to reach 96 million by 2016, up from
78 million vehicles in 2012, according to automotive consultancy Urban Science. Sixty per
cent of this growth is forecast to come from Asia including 30 percent from China alone.

Italian-made Maseratis plans

for China highlight the growing
importance of the countrys spending
power to the global economy.

With extensive global experience of supporting many of the worlds leading car manufacturers,
both in manufacturing development and retailing, Turner & Townsend has published a report
outlining the key issues for success in car retailing in the new booming markets of Asia.

Turner & Townsends team in China

will be responsible for managing
the concept design, monitoring
each individual retail project, and
optimising the clients value from
the supply chain.

Insight: Auto retailing in Asia > page 20

10 inform


Tiffany & Co
develops their
global presence

Middle East

The iconic US-based global jewellers,

Tiffany & Co, has appointed Turner &
Townsend to the cost management
framework for the development of
its stores in the Middle East, Eastern
Europe and emerging markets.
Turner & Townsend will deliver cost
management services and contractual
advice from its Dubai office.

We are honoured to be
assisting Tiffany & Co
with the expansion of their
brand across emerging
markets. Communication
with the clients core team
is always a vital factor in
a global programme like
this, and the support of our
colleagues in New York
gives us an exceptional
advantage in that dimension
of our service.
Alan Talabani
UAE Country Manager, Turner & Townsend

Zayed Sports City hits the Heights

The first step is complete in the
transformation of Zayed Sports City
(ZSC) into a world-class mixed-use
destination on Abu Dhabis waterfront.
Turner & Townsend was appointed in
2008 as cost managers for the project
by Capitala, a joint venture between
Mubadala, the leading business
development and investment company
in Abu Dhabi, and CapitaLand, one of
Asias largest real estate companies.
The business has also provided a
commercial masterplan for ZSC and will
monitor site-wide infrastructure planning
throughout the development process.
Designed by award-winning architects,
Alsop, Rihan Heights is the first phase of
the project to be completed, delivering

five luxury residential towers featuring

854 apartments and 14 villas on the
sites perimeter. Residents will enjoy
breathtaking views of the waterfront and
the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Abu Dhabis expat offices

The Architecture and Planning
Group (APG) has appointed Turner
& Townsend as pre-contract cost
managers on a portfolio of highprofile residential and retail projects
in Abu Dhabi. The APG portfolio
includes the 132m Saraya Tower,
and the citys first develop-to-lease
commercial office building aimed at
the professional expatriate market.

Top marks for Abu Dhabi school

Work is nearing completion on a
major phase of development for the
British School Al Khubairat in Abu
Dhabi. The project is a 10,000m2 new
primary school building including
18 classrooms and specialist teaching
facilities, library, auditorium, ICT
suites, sports hall, drama studio
and two indoor swimming pools.
Outdoors, the development adds new
sports facilities and social areas.

The school was founded in 1968 on

land donated by the then ruler of Abu
Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Zayed
bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It now provides
a world-class education for nearly
1,800 students, and in 2011 became
the first school in Abu Dhabi to be
inspected under the UK Governments
Standards for British Schools
Overseas, achieving the highest
possible score in all categories.

inform 11


New concourse for Dubai

As part of the continuing development
of Dubai International Airport (DIA)
into one of the largest and busiest
passenger hubs in the world, Dubai
Aviation City Corporation has begun
construction of a new, 150,000m2
concourse that will add 16 new
boarding gates to the airports capacity.
As of November, DIA was the 11th
largest passenger airport in the world,
serving over 51 million passengers. The
new concourse is part of an expansion
plan targeting capacity for 90 million
passengers by 2018.

Located in one of the airports busiest

areas, the fast-track project includes
connecting the new concourse to DIAs
existing Terminal 1, a new APM station
and remodelling, and poses significant
challenges in minimising disruption for
passenger and freight traffic.
Turner & Townsend cost managers,
serving as part of an integrated,
international project delivery team,
will draw on considerable airport
development experience to ensure
successful delivery within precise
budget constraints.


Terminal 2
The busiest international passenger
airport in the world, Heathrow is
continuing to expand and improve its
capacity and passenger experience
with the 2.5bn redevelopment of
Terminal 2 (T2).
Due to open for passengers in
mid-2014, Heathrow Airport Limiteds
(HAL) seven-year T2 programme will
create a new terminal for the STAR
Alliance group of international airlines
and provide an estimated 20 million
passengers with an exceptional
quality of experience.
Replacing T2 is part of a wider,
4.8bn airport development
programme as HAL continues to
invest in enhancing Heathrows status
as one of the worlds leading airports.
Turner & Townsend has been closely
involved in many major programmes
and projects for Heathrow Airport,
including full managed service
provision (MSP) on four of the six
T2 replacement sub-programmes, to
ensure the world-class programme
controls that the client delivery team
is committed to achieving.

Turner & Townsends contribution:

Adding more value in Oman

The recently established Muscat office is already serving as a base for a growing
team of consultants supporting major infrastructure projects in Oman.
The team has recently been awarded the programme management contract
to support the delivery of all operational, security and IT networks in the
development of Muscat International and Salalah airports.
Turner & Townsend cost managers are also providing value engineering and
management services for the delivery of the first phase of Muscats ambitious
wastewater infrastructure upgrade programme.

12 inform

The company is running integrated,

multidisciplinary teams delivering a
range of programme, cost and project
management services to help deliver
the Terminal 2 (T2) project on time
and within budget.
Like Terminal 5, the new T2 has allowed
Turner & Townsend to introduce a
number of innovations such as skills
passports and an integrated technical
competence framework, which make a
significant difference to the efficiency
and value achieved on a major
investment programme of this scale
and complexity.


T5 five years on
One of the largest and most spectacular of the many major projects that Turner &
Townsend has helped deliver for Heathrow Airport will be five years old this March.
Opened on 27 March 2008, Terminal
5 (T5) was designed and developed
to provide British Airways with a
dedicated, state-of-the-art hub at
Heathrow. In 2011, T5 served 23.9
million passengers on 184,616
flights, and in May 2012 won the
Worlds Best Airport Terminal award
at the World Airport Awards, based
on a Skytrax survey of over 12
million air travellers at 388 airports
Despite the complexity of the T5
programme and the challenges of
executing it in the middle of one
of the worlds busiest airports,
the stunning Richard Rogers-

designed terminal was delivered on

time and within budget. This was
an unprecedented achievement
for a project of this scale in the
UK, credited in large part to the
determination of the client to
take a unique new approach to
the traditional client-contractor
Turner & Townsend is proud to have
helped formulate and implement
the T5 Agreement that transformed
this programme into a triumph of
collaboration and teamwork and a
brilliant demonstration of successful
innovation in major infrastructure
design and construction.

Triumph of collaboration
Cost: 4.2bn
Duration: 20 years including
the longest planning inquiry
in the UK
Construction commenced:
September 2002
Opened: 27 March 2008
Total people involved in the
delivery of T5: 60,000
T5 is the largest free-standing
structure in the UK

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Train protection for Queensland

Queensland Rail has enlisted Turner & Townsend to develop the capital cost plans for
inclusion in the business case for upgrading their entire Automatic Train Protection
(ATP) network to European Train Control System Level 2. This step up in ATP capability
would increase Queensland Rails capacity to carry more trains and passengers on their
existing network, as well as improving the safety and reliability of the service.
If the upgrade is implemented, it could provide a signalling operational model for other
rail services in Australia to follow. This is a first commission from Queensland Rail for the
business, but it follows the successful completion of the business case for the Cross
River Rail project in Brisbane for the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

360 view

Rail focus
The first issue of 360 view
features a detailed focus on
rail: funding options for local
authorities, global best practice
in costing rail programmes,
and five ways to keep cities
moving while transforming their
transport systems.

Planning a new port for Durban

The South African Governments
logistics company responsible
for the countrys port, rail and
pipeline infrastructure, Transnet, is
undertaking a feasibility study for the
development of a new port on the site
of the former Durban International

With a team of project professionals

currently also helping Transnet
deliver their new 540km, multi-fuel
Durban-Johannesburg pipeline, Turner
& Townsends risk management
specialists are now establishing a full
range of risk management processes
for the client.

Known as the Durban Dig-Out Project,

the ZAR75bn (US$6.8bn) scheme is
part of the eight-year first phase of a
25-year programme to enhance the
logistics corridor between Durban
and Johannesburg.

This includes a programme of

training that will enable members
of the Transnet Capital Projects
team to carry out risk management
procedures in the future.

Publications > page 20

Risk management award > page 19

RSA puts health and

education first
As part of the Governments commitment
to improving the delivery and value of
infrastructure development throughout
South Africa, Turner & Townsend has been
providing technical assistance to Phase III
of the Infrastructure Delivery Improvement
Programme of the National Treasury.
The appointment reflects the South
African Governments focus on health
and education as the cornerstone of their
commitment to improving living standards.
It also extends a client relationship that now
spans more than eight years.

Decoding the DNA of major infrastructure programmes

Lack of control

A survey of UK organisations with an annual spend of 450m or more on infrastructure

programmes reveals the effectiveness of their delivery in six key areas and identifies
sector wide themes for change. To find out how to commission a DNA survey on
your organisation, please contact:

Safeguarding efficient and effective

delivery was revealed as the area
of greatest weakness among the
organisations surveyed.

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A triple transport boost for the UKs second city

Birmingham Airport, Birmingham City
Council and Centro have appointed
Turner & Townsend as project and
cost managers for a trio of major
infrastructure projects key to the
economic growth of the UKs second
largest city.
Air | The 30m extension of Birmingham
Airports runway to allow long-haul
flights is on plan for completion in
2014. The new runway and associated
developments are expected to enable
the UKs second largest regional airport
to substantially increase passenger
numbers from the present 9.6 million a
year, with a potential to add three or four
percent to regional economic growth.

Road | Birmingham City Council is

undertaking a major diversion of the A45
road corridor near to Birmingham Airport.
The 30m new road will significantly
improve safe access to the city along this
strategic route and allow improvements
to adjacent transport infrastructure to
be carried out. Work is underway and is
progressing towards completion in the
summer of 2013.
As with all major commissions of this
kind, success in managing projects
that could seriously disrupt the ongoing
use of the airport and the road system
requires a complex matrix of stakeholder
coordination, precise planning and contract
administration, and commercial control.

Achieving a prompt start to works on

both projects is the first major landmark
in a schedule that aims for completion
on time and within budget in 2014.
Urban rail | With plans now active for
the new High Speed 2 (HS2) rail link
between London and Birmingham,
Midland Metro operator Centro has
appointed Turner & Townsend to project
manage the initial planning for a circa
25m twin-track extension connecting to
the proposed HS2 hub, and also a new
12m extension to their metro system in
nearby Wolverhampton. Both projects will
be carried out in close collaboration with
local authorities and developers to help
boost regeneration areas in both cities.

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Natural resources

Expanding Antamina

Antamina expansion
Value: US$1.5bn
Production increase: 38%

Working at an altitude of 4,300m up in the

Andes creates some unusual problems, but
it has been a privilege to be part of the team
delivering this project

Daily ore production target:

130,000 metric tonnes

Ingrid Demaria, Associate Director, Turner & Townsend Chile

One of the largest mining operations by

volume in the world, the Antamina mine in
Peru has completed a US$1.5bn expansion
programme that will increase its processing
capacity from an average of 94,000 to
130,000 metric tonnes of ore a day.
Under the ownership of four leading
global mining companies BHP Billiton,
Xstrata, Teck and Mitsubishi Corporation
Antamina has become one of Perus
biggest producers of fine copper and zinc.

In 2008 the estimated mineral reserves

at Antamina were revised upward by
77 percent, prompting the expansion
investment and extension of the life of
the mine from 2023 to 2029.
A global service provider to both BHP
Billiton and Xstrata, Turner & Townsend
supported the Antamina expansion
programme with a 25-strong team of
contracts, claims and procurement
management specialists.


Defining the costs of diamond mining

Global mining giant Rio Tinto is carrying out a pre-feasibility study into
the development of a new diamond-mining operation 500km south east
of Delhi in India. Discovered by Rio Tinto during exploration of the Madhya
Pradesh region in 2004, the Order of Magnitude Study, completed in
October 2008, determined the Bunder deposit to contain 27.4 million carats.
Under a global master services arrangement with Rio Tinto, consultants
are currently helping to estimate the capital costs of developing the
Bunder diamond project Turner & Townsends first appointment in the
mining sector on the Indian subcontinent.

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Working in a challenging environment

4,300m above sea level, the team used
Turner & Townsends offices in Lima
and Santiago as hubs to manage the
procurement for the full range of new
ore-processing facilities, and the
additional power supply required for the
38 percent increase in operations they
will allow.

Anglo American Coal

Anglo Americans Metallurgical Coal
business has commissioned Turner &
Townsend to carry out a cost review
on its AU$1.7bn Grosvenor project in
Queensland, Australia.
The Grosvenor project will enable
Anglo American to extract an
estimated five million tonnes of
metallurgical coal per annum over
27 years. Consultants carried out
a detailed review of the spent,
committed and estimated forecast
project costs, identified potential
cost reductions, undertook a
benchmark review of risk provisions
and analysed escalation calculations
to produce a revised forecast final
cost for the project.

Natural resources

New era for offshore LNG production

Growing global demand for natural gas
is pushing the industry to assess the
development of remote offshore fields,
once considered impractical to develop.
With a global network of more than 350
professionals supported by ten natural
resources hubs worldwide, Turner &
Townsends energy experts continue
their commitment to delivering pre- and
post-final investment decision (FID)
project and contract services consultancy
along the entire LNG value chain,
including LNG liquefaction plants, gas
processing facilities, tanks, pipelines,
loading terminals, receiving terminals,
regasification plants, as well as required
civils and infrastructure. They have also
successfully expanded the companys
offshore activities into Floating Liquefied
Natural Gas (FLNG).
The team has amassed considerable
pre-FID project and contract services
experience in the development of the

worlds first proposed FLNG vessels,

the technology which allows access to
offshore gas fields that would otherwise
be too costly or difficult to develop. LNG
production on a floating, ship-based
platform offers a cost-effective alternative
for developing major gas reservoirs and
our services have included cost estimating,
schedule development, risk services, cost
engineering, contract management and
quantities development, measurement
and verification, as well as consultancy
services including benchmarking.
Offshore liquefaction of natural gas,
FLNG, is becoming the next technological
breakthrough for monetising remote,
offshore natural gas resources.
It is estimated that over 30 percent of the
worlds natural gas reserves are located in
offshore fields.
Turner & Townsend has served key players
in the LNG industry, including: Apache, BG
Group, BHP Billiton, Chevron, ExxonMobil,
GDF Suez, INPEX, Shell and Woodside.

Oil and gas

Scouting in Oman
Omans national oil and gas exploration and production company,
Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), is responsible for more than
70 percent of the countrys crude oil production and almost all of its
natural gas supply.
PDO has recently accepted the recommendations of a scouting study
undertaken by Turner & Townsend to identify a new estimating
system that will give the company greater cost certainty in its project
engineering and capital investment.
The study also demonstrates to the client that cost predictability
depends as much on the quality of the cost database and the people
using it as it does on the estimating system itself.

Cost control for INPEX

on Darwin LNG facility
In Australia and Asia, QuanTTum is being
used to provide quantity verification
services to INPEX in support of the
Ichthys LNG Project.
Turner & Townsend has been appointed to
support INPEX with post-contract quantity
surveying services for the development
of the multibillion dollar Ichthys LNG
processing facility in Darwin. The scope
includes progress and quantity verification
of the fabrication and installation works
including in excess of 200 modules for
the LNG plant, currently being fabricated
in Asia, as well as the construction works,
located in Darwin. The Darwin facility will
be one of the biggest gas processing
developments in the world.
The Ichthys LNG Project is a joint venture
between INPEX group companies, major
partner TOTAL group companies and
the Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas,
Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric Power and
Toho Gas. Gas from the Ichthys Field,
in the Browse Basin off the coast of
Western Australia, will undergo preliminary
processing offshore to remove water
and raw liquids, including condensate.
The gas will then be exported to onshore
processing facilities in Darwin via an
889km subsea pipeline. The Ichthys LNG
Project is expected to produce 8.4 million
tonnes of LNG and 1.6 million tonnes of
LPG per annum, and approximately
100,000 barrels of condensate per
day at peak.


has been developed by Turner

& Townsend to help clients
combat the three main causes of
cost escalation in major capital
investment programmes scope
creep, brief and final design
disparity, and poor coordination
between design disciplines.
QuanTTum connects to a live 3D
Building Information Model of
the project to monitor the cost
implications of design changes
and reflect those changes in
estimates, bills of quantities and
contract administration.

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Natural resources

Malaysias Petronas
breathes new life into
Samarang field

Tax incentive boost for

North Sea oil and gas

Petronas Carigali, a subsidiary of

Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas),
the National Oil Company of Malaysia, is
planning to carry out the redevelopment
of their existing Samarang offshore
oilfield in the South China Sea off the
coast of Sabah, East Malaysia. Ageing
infrastructure and declining production
have led to the selection of gravityassisted simultaneous water and gas
injection to extend the life of the field.

Tax incentives for the UKs oil and gas sector are giving the North Sea a new lease of life,
both in greenfield and brownfield interest. Turner & Townsends team in Aberdeen has
been providing several clients, including CNR, Total, Talisman Energy, TAQA, EnQuest,
Centrica and EON, with assurance services, reviewing the capital estimates prepared to
capture additional reserves or extend life of field of existing facilities. The teams role is
to provide an assurance review and report on our clients estimate for the purposes of
enabling the UK Government to approve tax relief to operators on qualifying brownfield
developments in the UK North Sea.

Turner & Townsends energy team has

been appointed by Petronas Carigali to
provide support during the redevelopment
phase, including cost estimating, bills of
quantities, preparation for engineering,
procurement, construction, installation
and commissioning (EPCIC) tendering,
contract strategy support during the
pre-investment decision phases, and
contract management on the clients
behalf during the two-year planned
execution phase.

Gas has emerged from the wings to play a surprisingly big

role in the diverse mix proposed by the Energy Bill. Theres
every chance that the UK will see a second dash for gas as
gas is cast as the least controversial, quickest to build and
most reliable stop-gap source of power.
Mike Pigott, UK power sector director, shares his reaction
to the UK Governments Energy Bill announcement in November.

Renewable energy

Testing the waters for offshore wind energy

The UKs goal to produce 30 percent of
its energy from renewable sources by
2020 has taken another step forward
with the construction of a new offshore
wind power demonstration site, three
nautical miles off the UKs north-east
The 24m project was commissioned by
the National Renewable Energy Centre
(Narec) as a testbed and centre of
excellence for wind energy technology.

Construction of the projects first stage

is now complete a tripod platform built
in water 37 metres deep. Capped by a
meteorological mast that reaches 103
metres above sea level, it will provide
essential data on wind conditions and
be the focal point of the proposed Blyth
Offshore Wind Demonstration Site. The
site includes 15 test stations around the
platform that will be leased to turbine
manufacturers and utility companies to
test the performance of next-generation
offshore wind turbine prototypes.

Our challenge was to bring

together some very different
sector disciplines, and to
assemble a team with expertise
in both onshore and offshore
projects.We led the project
from the design and contract
negotiation phase, through
to onshore fabrication and
offshore installation. The
result is a highly advanced
platform that is tough enough
to withstand the worst the
North Sea can throw at it. Its
successful installation is a great
tribute to the manner in which a
diverse team pulled together to
deliver for our client.
John Laverick, Project Director,
Turner & Townsend

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Business news
Risk manager of the year
Turner & Townsend risk
management services in Africa are
led by Gordon Howes, this years
recipient of the Risk Manager of the
Year Award from the South African
Institute of Risk Management.


Chris Anstead,
director, relocates to
Brisbane to support
continuing growth in
Australia. Chris has
already been involved
in major commissions
including Anglo
Americans Grosvenor
cost review (page 16).

British Expertise awards shortlist

The business has been shortlisted for
a prestigious British Expertise award
for success in international markets.

Turner & Townsend is

ranked 135 in The Sunday
Times Top Track 250 of
the UKs top-performing
mid-market companies.
Business Consultancy of the Year
The success of the Turner & Townsend
Northern Ireland team has been
rewarded by their recognition as Ulster
TVs Business Consultancy of the Year.

Sharing a way to work it out

Twelve young adults not in

employment, education or
training were recently offered
the chance to see what working
in the Turner & Townsend
London office is like. The visit
was an opportunity for the cost
management team to support
the Work it out programme
initiated by UK charity,
Tomorrows People, helping to
transform young lives.

Former UK contract services director

Richard Chamberlain has transferred
to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Richard has
extensive experience of working
throughout the Middle East and
specialises in claims consultancy,
expert witness and facilitation.

New joiners
Russell Bates joins the UK team in
London as director for delay analysis,
bringing a wealth of experience on
projects such as the Channel Tunnel
and the Millennium Dome.
Robert Cleaver, director, UK, joins
to lead the cost management team in
Bristol. With experience in residential
developments and major defence
projects, Robert will continue to grow
the business in South West England
and Wales.
Ben Hughes
joins the UK
contract services
team as a director
from the UKs Ministry
of Justice, where he
specialised in major

Derek Landman takes the helm in

Zimbabwe as regional director, sharing
his extensive experience in the delivery
of hospitality, infrastructure and mining
projects across southern Africa.
Iain Leyden has been appointed
country manager for Poland. A
specialist in mixed-use, commercial,
retail and industrial projects, Iain will
continue to grow the business in this
dynamic market.
Steve McKay, director, Malaysia,
specialises in hotels, retail, mixeduse, high-rise and airports project
David MacDonald, director, asset and
facilities management, rejoins the UK
business after 11 years to spearhead
the development of the facilities
management team.
Asset efficiency expert, Nevin
Sood, returns to the UK business
as a director to enhance its total life
expenditure service offering.
Robert Worsham
joins the New York
office as a director.
A former project
architect, Robert
specialises in office
towers, corporate
interiors and

Turner & Townsend has

welcomed nearly100
new graduates globally
in the last 12 months.

Helping Mater Hospitals combat addiction

Supporting the Dutch Cancer Society

Having helped to deliver a dedicated Adolescent Drug and

Alcohol Withdrawal Service (ADAWS) facility for Queenslands
Mater Hospitals in 2010, the Turner & Townsend team in
Australia has now entered into a three-year partnership
with Mater Foundation to help fund their Artspace relapse
prevention programme. The partnership adds a new dimension
to Turner & Townsends 20-year relationship with Mater.

Turner & Townsend is partnering with the Dutch

Cancer Society (DCS), including direct funding,
fundraising, staff awareness and volunteering.
The DCS is the leading cancer research foundation
in the Netherlands, promoting public awareness
and providing patient support.

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MIPIM 2013
12-15 March
Palais des Festivals - Cannes, France
Turner & Townsend will be attending MIPIM, Europes
largest real estate summit. To arrange a meeting or
for more information about our breakfast seminar
please email:

Commercial heights breakfast seminar, 14 March

With an increasing portfolio of high-rise projects across the
world, Turner & Townsend will share its expertise in tall buildings.
The session will showcase Western Europes tallest building,
The Shard, through the eyes of project manager Robert Deatker.

The latest research and insight articles published by Turner & Townsend
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Commercial performance
The second Turner & Townsend report on
commercial performance on major projects
and programmes in the UK reveals that:


of the
organisations surveyed
do not believe they have a
robust definition of value in
their capital programmes.

For more information about any of the articles in

this issue please email: