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, May 4, 1972

Daily Northwestern



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leading to dormitory wings, by the start of the 21st century food and household objects, And since the rearing of one sressing showers because with 3 separate room containchildren usually is a group they consume less water than ing a variety of exercise effort. "Commune nurseries bathtubs. Rugs will be replaced equipment made popular by will be built where each of the partially by tilt and-or man- national campaigns for physical adults, male and female, will made, soil-prooi or easily health. work with all of the commune cleaned materials. Or, the children one day a week." This living room may retain its room would be attached to an feeling of luxury with the rug Fashions Expert outdoor play area replacing seating One large room for meetings, Sanitizers built into a central recrpation, group therapy and vacuum cleaner will make To Address Tea the like will be furnished cleaning relatively s i m p l e , WILD ROSE - The Wild Rose sparsely but it will at least be Draperies will be eliminated Women's Club will honor senior carpeted since "space, mate- since one-way windows will girls and their mothers at a tea, ials and group interaction needs regulate the amount of light ar^O^m^Tuesdav^Mav'e^at will make floor sitting impor- entering a room and in addition the Mt Morris Holden Lutheran tant." be an efficient source of solar rhurrW The kitchen will have to be heat. " : , ... ,. „ Guest speaker W1U be Mrs large also to accommodate Computer - |/i programmed de- p01I " — ° — ~~w...»»»w\.«.»». vuuij/uici vgi cuiiiucu irei r r»!ol/ TJf 0 W<n n l large numbers in meal prepara- livery of groceries and other s eak ,.n '^ n J f' 7*. tion and cleanup. The dining goods will decrease dependence serve P ' § °" fashions. Mrs. Diek room, furnished with picnict>i«iip- nn ,,,, „„;. d as fashion consultant at on tha the fQm family car. ^ And type tables and benches, will prepared foods that lessen meal Gimbels Store in Milwaukee for have few decorations. preparation and the increase in 25 years. Bedrooms in the dormitory the number of restaurants may bilProgram chairman is Mrs. SyKalke and Mrs R wings will be for individual result in smaller or dispersed vedt - °ger Kjentis in couples because "group sex is kitchens. The dining room may charge of refreshments. rare. »-" " But preferences will be go away altogether. montc for "gang, rather than indivi- Ultimately, the three foresee Failure to Yield dual showers and lavatories." a "self sufficient home" with These "family" or communal its own power source, with all None Injured In Results in Fine groups "will push the rest of waste being recycled into usable society to greater ecological Highway Mishap WAUTOMA -Donna Danner, -^sibiityf" hey say^ aUt m fm Church Auxiliary WAUTOMA — No injuries y "t'EfS ° f' in -Pathe S acourt ? Ecology Md youth of $48.50 ^ this week ,ues ^ w - current de.emph asize were reported in a car-semi of Municipal Justice Aubrey material ods m ..^J to fc Supports Project truck accident at 6:10 p.m. Dignan for failure to yield the reflected in home of minimal Tuesday, at the intersection of right of way resulting in an acci- size for family needs and these ^Highways A innya M 21 ajlu and 73, two miles de ?*L TT » ,« «r • homes will therefore be sparse- 6:30 p.m. mass and meeting of east ofwamoma Wautoma John Hartman, 19 Wisconsin , ^^ or wffl hav(f non_ Our Lady of the Lake Catholic According to Waushara Couna P d S pa d a fine f 5, 0 c « ' » "Pf?* on furniture (multi-purpose modu- Church Auxiliary was held Mon- ty authorities, a car driven by r v $38.50. Bruce Johnson, 20, i ar an:M» day, followed by a potluck dinJereledKlimke, 23, Rt. 2, had Plymouth, forfeited $28.50 for an '" ner. st at the They see the individual home b rs made do°PP intersection, then Auxiliary mem e unlawful U turn and Cart

NEW YORK (UPI)-Conventional houses are on the way out. By the year 2,000 experts suggest, the house you live in now will oe as antique as the bustle or the front parlor. The trend to communal living will bring changes in house design the likes of which the traditionalist never dreamed. "The upper middle-class family's wealth and mobility have set the .standard of house design to date, but the longhaired culture is making itself heard," report three experts in the field of housing and marketing. They are Mary Jo Weale, assistant professor of housing and interior design, James Croake, associate professsor of home and family life, and W. Bruce Weale. professor of marketing, ail at Florida State University. They see the possibility of large central meeting rooms

Big Changes in Design Of Houses Is Forecast