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Wall hydrant cabinet

that always* delivers foam.
• Consistent admixture rate even with different unrolled

hose length
Irrespective of the operating pressure, volume flow rate
of the extinguishing water and the selected jet nozzle
Accurate maintenance of the admixture rate for all
common foaming agent concentrates, irrespective of
their viscosity

Wall hydrant cabinet

* under all operating conditions

Wall hydrant cabinet with collapsible hose

Wall hydrant cabinet with hose reel

61200 Wölfersheim. and therefore the maximum extinguishing effect. For connection to pressure-booster systems. irrespective of the unrolled hose length and operating pressure. stationary extinguishing systems (wet and dry) and to the water supply in accordance with local technical regulations for fresh water PRPE-018-1 Optionally with 20 m collapsible hose Type C-42 or 30 m hose Type S-25 on hose reel .The wall hydrant cabinet with modern admixture technology The innovative contribution to fire-fighting in buildings. industrial plants and building safety: Our wall hydrant cabinet with the FireDos admixture system for foaming agent concentrates.) Admixture rate 1% 3% Hose type Collapsible hose (F) Hose on reel (H) Material pipework Brass (MS) Stainless steel (ES) Maximum pressure 10 bar (PN 10) 16 bar (PN 16) Jet nozzle • • • Medium foam nozzle (M1) Regular jet nozzle (NS) Adjustable hollow jet nozzle for foam (HS) Example: WHS130/1-F-MS-PN10-M1 Accessories: • Base frame • Backflow preventer • Pressure reducer Installation: • Wall-mounted • Free-standing with base frame Design on the basis of DIN EN 671 Parts 1 to 3: FireDos admixing system FD130 Foam/water hand lever Designation in accordance with DIN EN 671 Rotary handle secured ex-works against unauthorised opening with a lead seal Doors to be opened by more than 180° Suction hose with suction lance and tank screw fitting Typical fire service jet nozzle of your choice (three types) 20 or 60 litre standard tank Class A or AFFF foaming agent concentrate with admixture rate 1% or 3% FireDos® GmbH Auf der Kaulbahn 6.firedos.. Guarantees consistent quality of the extinguishing www. The advantages for you: • Easy operation – water or foam can be selected by simple lever operation • Unlimited service time in comparison to a fire extinguisher • Reliable operation with all common jet nozzles from 10–130 l/min volume flow rate of the extinguishing water • Automatic adjustment to modern hollow jet nozzles with adjustable outputs and jet patterns • Automatic air bleeding – even after changing the foaming agent concentrate tank • Low pressure loss of the admixture system – resulting in long jet distances • Suitable for fire classes A and B • Does not need to be flushed out after use with foaming agent concentrate Technical data / Order code Water volume flow rate 10–130 l/min (WHS130/.. Germany Phone: +49 (0) 6036/9796-0 or e-mail: info@firedos.